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Managing Professional Development in Tesco

University: University College London

  • Unit No: 2
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3400
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BUSS 1060
  • Downloads: 720
Organization Selected : Tesco Company

Manage Personal and Professional Development

AC1.1: Comparison of sources of in-formation on professional development trends and their validity

Number of ways that are crucial can be analysed regarding innovation and new products.

Effectiveness of business and its direction are looked as a part of work setting. Firm activities are managed by developed skills efficiently. Being the manager of Tesco, I am an expert in the technological field and have learned many innovative ideas (Sukriket, 2018). I am quite keen and enthusiastic to impart changes in working and professional style of this firm. In order to maintain professional and personal development, effective learning is one of the best process. Various advancements are taking place which are directly affecting working style of professionals. Additionally, these so sources are as described below:

  1. Professional bodies: It is a kind of non-profit organization which prefer its interest publicly or in a particular profession. It maintains a legitimate practice of the occupation. For academic disciplines these bodies act as learned societies (Betts, Kapushion and Carey, 2016). Their validity goes with the legal requirement which gain primary formal entry to professional practice with licence. Individuals are provided training with special sessions and have idea of preparing and conveying things properly. They usually prescribe compulsory code of conduct and a discretionary for their members. These bodies practice political power on behalf of their membership. Some professional bodies are British Council, Association of Corporate Treasures etc.
  2. Professional Networks: It helps in providing social network to individuals and put major emphasize on relationship and interaction of business nature which also includes non-business and personal interactions (Axelrod, Naso and Rosenberg, 2018). It is mainly used to maintain professional contacts. Through this, all networks are maintained properly so that they can be in easily touch with their contacts. They help in promoting professional network services and relieve individuals from stress. It has various types of services like integrating media plan, allowing access to all and online usage of professional networks. For example Society for New Communications Research (SNCR) choose correct medium and deliver message to the targeted group properly.
  3. Trade Associations: It is type of business, sector association and is also known as industry trade group that formulates specified industry. It is basically focussed on collaboration between the organizations and participates in public activities like education, political donations, advertising and publishing (Blanton and Kegley, 2016). In case of any conflict all issues of legal assessment are covered under Competition Act 1998. CMA8 allows references for investigation or assessment to approach legal powers for trade associations.
  4. Organisation employee development: This department works as providing information of employees to organisation. Individual's well-developed training help in personal and professional development. Employees should be taught to own their career development. One-size fits learning program and highly structures sessions should be conducted. They should know to control and self-direct their future (Bjerke and Renger, 2017). Learning options should be flexible in nature. They should be highly involved in learning activities and ready to access with people. More creativity and thought process is required to train a segment of workers.
  5. Training organisation: It provides training to key personnels in order to achieve goals of organization.
  6. Internet: It is a global source of spreading information and communicating with professionals.

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AC 1.2: Identify developments and trends that affect the need for professional development

Marketing trends of professionals are not supposed to keep on priority by administration rules and regulations. Internet and technology are moving faster. For example Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are part of daily life of public relations. Increasing use of electronic devices and their progress has affected professional development. Connection through online solutions has opened up the environment and internet speed has facilitated its development. Due to high speed of internet avenues can be developed professionally (Bolden, 2016). Live streaming demonstrations and high quality videos are able to present and visualize more work in depth. Smoother experience and learning can be made possible through quicker speed of computers. Another factor that has influence Tesco is Market Competition. It occurs when individuals and multiple businesses involve in competing of selling goods and services in marketplace. It can be imperfect or perfect competition. Perfect competition occurs when number of business or businesses possess no power. Its competitors are indistinguishable to consumers and all services and goods are offered to competitors by sellers. But competition is necessary for successful economy of any country. Here seller goes with price cutting on products and customers select cheaper product products. Large number of initiatives taken by government are implemented and causes confusion with this development.

Many trends have taken over in marketing industry like direct mail, social media, QR codes, SEO intensifies need requirement of professional development. In school professional development is fundamental with extensive variety of individuals. Correspondence should be proficient, yet agreeable and solicitations are thoroughly considered. Law affects professional intelligence. For successful legal business expert guidance is necessary (Burton and Lawrence, 2017). Governments regarding businesses are classified into four categories like international trade, bureaucratic, taxes, employee relation. Up and down in taxes impart positive or negative effect on professional development. It is mainly based on amount of money earned by business. Competition is helpful regarding management of overall working of individuals. Market changes are adopted by Tesco to manage profitability. From competitors to innovations all are covered in market changes and fresh information on customers, market and potential customers can benefit organisation. Information can be acquired through local trade associations, authorities, commercial publishers of market reports and government statistics. Customer relationship should be taken into advantage to increase develop professional development.

Existing customers may expand and there could be new arrival of customers which can be considered as useful commodity. Professionals have to be careful and attend them properly so that they may repeat their visit and increase business. New entrants of competitors can create difficulty to existing firms. Thus, ideas have to be selected to innovate business and understand competitors (David, 2016). Diversifying of business is also included in professional development when demands of products and services shrink and experts advise and technical skills are already available. Niche market could be underserved by alternative strategy. Many strategies can help in increasing sales of products. All needs of customers should be potentially fulfilled by professionals and proper communication should be maintained between them to gain profit (Getz and Page, 2016). Rise in price can help in increase in profit margin but it may further slow down sales as customers prefer low price products.

AC 2.1: Evaluate the advantages of professional and personal development

Activities which are performed in professional development are very useful to understand their job role. Benefits of personal development are self-awareness, increase in motivation, greater resilience, improved effectiveness and focus. Some examples of professional development includes accountancy and budgeting, health and safety, IT training, legoffering and promote these options. By promoting these options workers feel that organisation care for them and for their career. They get interested in working with firms for long term. Every employee wants them to should be recognised and no one like to feel like missing good and professional skills of their job (Lindlof and Taylor, 2017). Thus, confidence is build up by providing professional training opportunities to staff. They gain new skill sets and certificates and helps them to build credibility. These are like tools for employees which train leaders for future. Instead, going outside organization they can build long career within the same firm. Master skills are provided through professional development programs to employees which help to shape future leader's development. Another important benefit of professional development is breaking up monotony and re-energizing of company's staff. New perspectives and skills are provided through periodic professional development sessions. This results in new approaches of how providing jobs.


With help of developing professional skills an individual can capable to accomplish desire goals. It will help to put major focus on those strategies which will be useful to lead successfully in the future.

Staff also learn new and innovative ideas from others in training process and other professionals share their experiences (Moore, 2017). Thus, these factors lead to more efficiencies and improved work performance of knowledge and expertise. Situation of business and financial needs are based on market variables and shift constantly (Lacireno-Paquet, Morgan and Mello, 2014). Financial data permits identifying specific trends and manage business funds which is one of the advantage of professional development. Thus, costing handles finances of business, revision and attention, power of managers, availability of money and planning of financial data and funds to develop new strategies. Accountability forces every employee in business to have proper financial control and avoid frauds in business.

Personal Development includes self-awareness which includes beliefs, values and a particular purpose to pursue. It s a kind of fundamental step to make proper decision making. A sense of direction is developed which reduces workload and improves quality of work. Clarity of work comes with personal development. This may lead to effectiveness and focus is improved. It helps in removing distraction and helps in enjoying each task as employee can improve its own work done and activities and projects can be made easier. All tasks with little or no value are apparent. Mostly employees choose unhappiness with uncertainty. Employees value their work and greater confidence is developed along with interpersonal skills that can cope up with them eventually. Thus, positive attitude make them calm and composite which in turn determine the best course of action. Damage is also reduced which is caused by negative experience. These features are key factors personal development. It is more about commitment, investing in greater resource and putting efforts so that results are measurable.

Professional Development helps in increasing retention of employees by promoting professional development alternatives. They are minimizing costs for activities like training and can stand out from other.

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AC 2.2: Explain the selected types of development actions

Development actions are of different types which can be described on the basis of individual's skill and business activities. Business programs could be identified through methods illustrated below:

Training Courses:

Individual develops his skill and identifies his personal weakness with the help of training courses. Individuals perform activities in an efficient manner. It helps to become a learner more expert in his field. When workforce training is done then it results in increase in revenue, production and profits and decreases wastes, costs and inefficiencies. It also leads to compliance with rules and regulations (Noordegraaf, 2016). More satisfied and happier workforce is developed which results in reduction cost on boarding. For this various steps have to be undertaken as it not so simple. Firstly a transparent business objective is identified which can support training programs. Secondly, tasks are determined for workers and performed. Then, training sessions are organized that help them to learn their activities. Finally, learning characteristics of workers are focussed to make training more effective.


Business coaching is fundamental to all leaders. It is an ability to develop skills in other employees. These skills include employee development, efficient working, good communication and many more. Coaching can be done through internally. Tangible information is given by managers to improve quality which impact its efforts and provide direct reports (Petrick, 2017). This can be done by holding occasional meetings and providing reviews. Like this, coaching can be effectively performed by understanding its specific actions and its main purpose. It focuses on another person's learning skills and helps in giving directions rather than telling. All over coaching emphasizes on broad thinking, effectiveness and identifies strengths and development needs. Coaching can be done in various categories like building relationship, providing proper assessment, challenging assumptions and thinking, supporting and encouraging and finally driving results. It is simpler from the person whom any other person knows. Effective boundaries of trust are build up by clear development objectives and learning. Moreover, thinking and listening are important parts of coaching.

These features allow employee's to discover their perspectives emotions without judgement.It helps in recognizing their successes and making progress towards their goals. Coaches help employees in identifying their specific behaviour and set meaningful steps to clarify milestones of their life (Spencer and Johnson, 2017). These measures help them to account and hold success


Through mentoring nest relations are set up between youth and mentors.

It indicates improvement in career outcomes of individuals. More significant effect is seen through informal mentoring rather than formal mentoring. In this a person is more knowledgable and experienced. Mentors should be able to develop his skills so that he is capable of rendering sufficient information and overall training to strengthen another.

It has been effective for youth who have pre-existing difficulties or who have height level of environmental risk. Main mentoring programs are not capable of handling demands of youth. It has moreover made enhancement in skills of individuals.

Thus, coaching is more useful for individuals as it leads to proper efficiency and develops learning power in them.

AC 2.3: Identify current and future knowledge, skills and experience that are used for skill gap analysis

There is possibility of finding actual gap between plans as well as actual activities by identifying skills of personnels.This includes characterizing learning abilities that require

Current and future skills and knowledge various steps that develops skill gap analysis. These include identification of skills needed for the entire team or individual. Then their skills are examined and measured properly. It is done through group discussions, questionnaire, interviews and online assessment (Theaker, 2017). Then results are assessed on the information collected. These outcomes are compared and differences are measured. Skills are identified by taking note of obvious or large gap. Insight of surveys doesn't matter. Open mind should be there as interpretation is varied every time. Finally, a skill development plan is created with innovative ideas to address skill gaps. It includes things that has to be implemented and objectives should realistic that can be achieved on time.

Other than this being manager of Tesco, current and future skills, experience and knowledge require building relationships, time-management and improving relationships with co-workers which leads to development in knowledge of company that includes competitors too. These factors are crucial for success of organization. Good-sense of time management is necessary because employee is too much involved in a particular task that he forgets to set deadlines and keeping eye on time given (Wagner, 2014). Thus, all types of activities are not accomplished on time. Improving and building relationship with co-workers is also important on workplace as it leads to proper communication between then them. For a successful business stable relationships amongst departments and good communication style is mandatory. Latter factor helps in sharing of new and innovative ideas among employees and make business objectives more clear.

Future and current professional development also include training in SEO, learning and social media marketing which results in working of all together of workers and thus leads to success of organisation. Manager should cover apprenticeship which is very useful skill in the field of marketing. Learning for online social media is very important as all customers prefer to do online shopping (Watson, 2018). It is a big factor to get complete knowledge of it. Moreover, personal development gives opportunity achieve goals massively and in a faster way. A peer network is developed beyond Head Office of Tesco which in coming months can offer chance to understand organisation and its products more properly and widely.

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AC 3.1: Explain the way of setting SMART objectives i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound

Objectives should be properly set by leaders and managers and thus processed by the team. Specific and measurable goals leads to success of organisation and thus motivate its employees. Objectives set should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound):

  • Specific: Goals of the firm should outlined and specifically described in detail. They should be well-defined and focussed. Action verbs should be used like 'apply', 'change', determine', identify' etc. these verbs inspire employees moving towards their objectives. Specific objectives can be ' Why is this important for firm?' or 'Is the outcome clear'?. A detailed list has to be there about the goal. It should include 'who', 'what', when', 'where' and 'why' questions (Zawacki-Richter and Anderson, eds). The reason of the goals should be cleared up.
  • Measurable: This enables employee to understand that the goal has been achieved or not. So measurement is plays a vital role in after specifying objectives. It is derived from a particular process, method or system and thus after measuring objectives behaviour is tracked or recorded and action is focussed. It indicates the level of progress. Metrics should be there for the determination of objectives. It provides a way to measure success and make objectives more tangible. Some milestones have to be accomplished for specific tasks.
  • Achievable: This term emphasizes on the importance of objectives of organisation. All the techniques required are discussed to achieve them and new skills are developed and changing attitudes are focused (Witt, Kutner and Cooper, 2015) Team mainly focuses on how goals have to attained on right time. All tools and techniques are applied and if there is deficiency in resources then alternative measures are taken by leaders. This factor involves the success of objectives. All team members are concentrated at this and cleared up. No confusion is created related to any task between employees.
  • Realistic: It focuses on real business goals with broader perspectives. For example products launched should satisfy consumer needs and must fulfil business goals. For its accomplishment it should be real and relevant. It should quickly fit with long term business plans. Goals should be in reach of owner and leaders and managers can commit easily to these plans. They have to be consistent in nature. They should not become like a dream.
  • Time-bound: Objectives of organisation should have a deadline so that all employees can achieve them on the correct time. Time includes starting and targeting time. This makes employees urgent to do any task or activity and they are bound to do it. Chances lack for success if realistic timing is not defined. It is imperative to provide a targetted date. Sense of urgency is generated in the minds of team members through time bound. For example. If any objectives needs three months then it is necessary to declare what has to be achieved in first one and half month (Sharp and, 2017). Thus, time limit decides the completion of task

Therefore, SMART goals provide new ideas and goals are specific goals are achieved by creating a document. It provides more chances of establishing objectives in better ways.

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