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Measures for proper Management- Imperial Hotel

University: University of Bedfordshire

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Course Code: BMSK5006
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Organization Selected : Imperial Hotel


Management is wide term in it and play important role in day to day life of individual person and also in organisation. If there is no proper management in enterprise then flow of business will not be smooth and easy as well failure in achieving goals and objectives of company. In simple term it can be said that manager have to overseeing and supervising of business operations (Abe,2010). It also includes every department such as marketing, finance, human resource and accounting. Major role in management of enterprise play by manager and leader without both of them goals and objectives cannot be accomplished in better manner.

This report is based on Imperial Hotel of London which have 500 bedroom, conference facility of 1000 people capacity, leisure centre with swimming pool, 3 bars and 4 restaurants, along with this 12 conference rooms. Imperial hotel is part of 4 star chain and they are operating 25 more hotels is United Kingdom.

They are most popular and famous international brand chain. Major problem facing by them is leader and manager both are not working in proper manner. Which result in customer satisfaction and market image of Hotel. Because of this employees turnover ration is increasing and guest are not happy with products and services. Several solutions and measures taken by new manager in hotel are explained below. Thus, it will results in improvement in current working of company.

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Analysis of the individual problem

Imperial Hotel of London is one of the popular international brand chain of hotel which is operating more than 25 hotels in united Kingdom. The same hotel is situated in the heart of London whose main motive is to provide high quality of products and services to their international guest as well also to satisfy different requirement. They are providing numerous services such as more then 500 bed rooms, conference facility with capacity of 1000 individuals,having 3 bars and 4 restaurants as well 12 conference room with facility of swimming so their guest can spend leisure time (Albert and Beatty, 2014). Their is large number of staff working in imperial hotel for treating customers in better manner and also for satisfying their different requirement. Six head of Division are working in the given company such as food and beverages, Housekeeping, Guest services and Concierge, HR & training , front house and reception. In all these divisions more than 450 personnels are working out of which 300 are on full time duty and rest are on part time (Alvesson and Willmott,2012). For remaining work like laundry and cleaning contract is made from outsiders to provide these services.

Peter Farnsworth is the general manager of Imperial hotel he noticed that there are huge issues or problems are present at workplace. After doing survey of every division in company they noticed that major issue is about inefficient previous staff members such as head of the department and other supervisory staff. Their improper control and monitor create mess in hotel and decrease capability of providing functions effectively. Major consequences which is faced by the same hotel is high employees turnover ratio, ineffective leadership, disappoint customers and decrement in sales figures.

It is examine by general manager after doing research that supervisors are not properly monitoring the work in hotel such as housekeeping, cooking, reception services, safety measures and several other also which is not satisfying customers. No proper quality food and services is providing to the guest of hotel. Large number of harmful impact are given birth by hotel such as decrease in brand image, profitability, reduce customer loyalty, reduced market position etc. Customers are like main assets of every organisation which assist to increase their profitability and achieve their targets (Anderson and et. al., 2015). Because of these problems customers are not satisfied with the services of hotel which automatically decrease their retention power of their existing customers. Customers suffering with the issues related to quality of food, increased time of waiting at reception, cleaning in rooms, less supportive behaviour of managers and so on.

Thus, it has been observed that, issues of coordination ad communication is also occurring in all the sections of Imperial Hotel. All such problems results in wastage of available resources and funds. When there is ineffective leadership and no proper management which demotivate staff members and result in 80% of the employees are leaving Hotel per year.

Theory of leadership and management in context of effective management and control

when an organisation is implementing leadership theories main motive behind this is to enhance productivity and quality of their offerings. Basically manager of every organisation need to implement two theories in their working so that effective strategies and policies formed for improving functioning of overall departments. As per the given case of imperial hotel of London it has been identified that they are not providing proper services to customers because of their ineffective control. This results decreasing rating scales of same hotel as well reduce their capability of attracting large number of customers. Major reason of these problem is previous head of department and supervisory staff.

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Management theories gives general rules and regulation related to managing overall activities of Imperial Hotel (Boswell and O'Kane,2011). These theories provides guidance to manager and leader of business to link overall activities in such manner so they can achieve goals and objectives, motivation and encouragement to employees, so they can do functions in proper manner with maintaining standard. There are several theories which can be applied by manager of respective Hotel some of them is given below:-

  • Contingency theory-This theory says that manager should have to chose better decision according to the situation at work place because one thing always not fit for all methods. For Imperial hotel it is important to implement this theory for improving participation of staff in different functions. Apart from this it also provide opportunity related to high motivation of old staff members who are largely involved.
  • Classical theory-concept of classical theory is to create systematic structure of Imperial Hotel which must be followed by everyone working or by all the departments. According to this theory organisation is consider as machine and employees working in it are different components or parts. Classical theory provide opportunity related to the effective monitoring activities and performance of entire staff as well can guide them for achieving their task. As per this theory it is the responsibility of HOD and other supervisory staff to provide safe, secure and healthy working environment to their staff members (Damron,2013). It contributes their huge efforts in forming effective team which have good communication skills. So that overall working of enterprise can improve and they can provide better services.
  • Human relation theory :- Main aim of forming this theory is to deal with human behaviour factor which assist in motivation and leadership of every personnel of Imperial Hotel. Human relation theory assist in enhancing skills and knowledge of staff member for improving their productivity. Thus management of given hotel have to give special attention to all the members, motivate them to participate more and more, have to give several more benefits as per their working or performance. For this they can use several other motivation approaches which guide employees to provide high quality of work.
  • Bureaucratic management theory by Max Weber :- He was the German sociologist Max Weber who was first to use the term Bureaucracy (Runge,2011). It is described as an organizational structure that is characterized by set of rules and procedures, standardised processes, division of labour and responsibilities and impersonal interaction of employees among them. Selection and promotion occurs on the basis of technical qualifications. He found different characteristics of bureaucracy. These are given below as:There are five principles of bureaucratic management approach.

These are discussed in detailed as:

  • Task Specialization-Each and every employee is responsible for what he or she does the best and known exactly what is expected from him or her. Therefore, the division of on the basis of specialization make benefit to the organization.
  • Hierarchical authority-The hierarchical authority is also termed as chain of command. It should constructive in a way that related information flows effectively from top to bottom.
  • Career oriented-Experts are selected on the basis of expertise. This helps in deployment of right people in the right position and using the minimum resources. In the bureaucracy, it is possible to build the career on the basis of experience and expertise.
  • Uniformity-By maintaining the rules and regulations in an organization. It is easy to get the uniformity in the employees and their supervisor.
  • Selection-All the employees are selected on the basis of technical skills and competences which have been acquired by training, education and experience(Kim and Jvm, 2012).

Proposal to solve such management problems

As per the given case, it has been observed that major problem through which Imperial Hotel is going on are inadequate management and leadership by the previous HOD and supervisory staff (Haddow,Bullock and Coppola,2013). This gives direct impact on overall working of the same hotel and lack of monitoring in several others departments are also their such as reception, kitchen, housekeeping, cleaning and so on. All such these things bringing huge problems in Imperial Hotel such as high labour turnover ratio, low customers satisfaction, disappointing sales performance. It is noticed by manager that in last one year 80% of the staff leave job because of ineffective management. During that particular year grading of hotel is 64% which is low compare to the average of 74%. The negative impacts which are acknowledged by the management department of Imperial hotel are given below:

  • Drop-off their profitability
  • Decrease the capability of attracting the large number of customers
  • Harm their brand image and goodwill in market place
  • Cut down their competitive position in market area.

All these situation taken in positive manner by new general manager of Imperial hotel. They select new staff member who are highly qualified with experienced in same hospitality industry. As well they will appoint new HOD and supervisory staff who have good communication and leadership, management skills and can manage overall working in better manner. To come out from these situation new general manager form several strategies which includes lead by instance, Good supportive management and development of cross division communication and coordination, review monitoring process and IT support. Effectualness of all these strategies in respect of management problem is given below:

  • Review monitoring procedures and IT support-For maintaining effective control in company it is important to review their monitoring process and modify it as per the requirement (Hislop,2013). This assist in identifying issues involved at work place and for this provide proper solution for improvement in their solution.
  • Good supportive management-It is the duty of leader and manager in organisation to provide proper support to all the staff member. So they can compete their work in better manner which assist in achieving goals and objective of Imperial Hotel. This provide opportunity of maintaining good relation between staff member.
  • Development of communication and collaboration between cross-department-It is effectual solution which assist in controlling the staff members and enhancing their involvement towards their functions (Kern,2014). Like communication and collaboration aids to build efficacious group and positive working environment. This contributes in effective satisfaction of the various demands of guest and betterment of quality of their present offerings.

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From the above assignment it has been summarised that, there are several issues through which Imperial Hotel is going on because of lack in management and control. Employees of the same hotel is not performing their work in better manner. Due to this huge impact made on working as well business of Hotel like reducing their profitability and market image. For coming out to this situation several management theories are implemented such as bureaucratic management theory. Another solutions which are adopted by the management of hotel are lead by instance, good communication and coordination etc.

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