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Managing Customer Experience in McDonald

University: Harvard University

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3600
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BIZ104
  • Downloads: 702
Organization Selected : McDonald restaurant


Customer experience is collection of process that an organisation uses to oversee, organise and also track communication among firm and consumers throughout consumer life cycle. Its main aim is to optimise the interactions from perspective of consumers as well as enhance their loyalty. In order to manage better consumer experience, firm requires to develop better customer- centric strategy that helps in encompasses all kinds of interactions (Alexander, 2013). This present report is based on McDonald restaurant. It provides the fast food services to consumers and it is specialised in selling burgers. Under this mention report will be discussion about importance and value of wants, preferences and needs of target consumer's groups for service industry. Consumers touch- points throughout experience of consumer develop better business opportunities will be mention in this.

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P1 Value and importance of understanding the needs, wants and preferences of target customer groups

Customers are the main part of the organisation and it is a responsibility of firm to understand their needs and demands in a proper manner and also satisfy them. Before produce, it is necessary for firm to understand wants and needs of consumers and also try to fulfil them. The main focus of the McDonald company is on fulfilling demands of consumers by providing the healthy food products to consumers in an effective manner. It is essential of an organisation to understand target market as well as needs of customers in order to promote products which are promoted by McDonald restaurant and it will be helpful in take the better strategic decisions. Consumers needs are the things which they need, expects and wants in service or goods (Ariffin and Maghzi, 2012). In context to this, customer's segmentation can be made after identifying their demands, needs and expectations in target market. It will be helpful in better product development as well as execution.

In regards to provide the better consumer experience, it is important for McDonald restaurant to determine or understand needs, preferences and wants of consumers through conducting research. After analysing demands and needs of consumers, restaurant can segment market group to divide the different customer's groups on the basis of their preferences, beatitudes and behaviours. If firm will provide better quality of services to people, then it will be helpful in develop the positive relationship among the organisation and consumers. It will be helpful in develop the positive impact on operations and activities of company. For determine or understand the needs and wants of consumers, firm prepare questionnaire of different kinds of customers with their various needs. By knowing the needs and wants of consumers, restaurant can satisfy them in an effective manner (C. Harris and Daunt, 2013). The different types of consumers and their needs are mention below as above:

Customer Type

Needs, Wants and Preferences

Business person

  • Wi-Fi!
  • Mobile telephone charging points
  • Meeting rooms


  • Local food
  • Happy changing facilities
  • Terrible customer service


  • Quality food
  • Loud pop music
  • Luxurious food


These are the different types of consumers and their needs are different from the each other. In context to Business person, the most important need and preference is mobile telephone charging points because without the mobile phones they can not communicate with the other person about the business (Gyung Kim and S. Mattila, 2013). Mobile and telephone are the important source of communication in business. On the other hand, in case of holidaymaker, most necessary thing is changing facilities. They travel from one place to another place for experience new things and also like the changing environment. In context to teenagers, quality food is most necessary because they like the different taste and also various kinds of food items.

P2 Different factors that drive and influence customer engagement of different target customer groups

Customer engagement refers to business communication connection among company and external stakeholders by different correspondence channels. It can be interaction, reaction, consumer experience or effect that can be taken place offline and online. The customer engagement is connection among the brand and consumers. More engaged consumers purchase more, promote and demonstrate loyalty (Komunda and Osarenkhoe, 2012). The customer engagement strategy of McDonald restaurant is to offer high quality of consumer experience.

Customer satisfaction is a main element to engage different consumers towards the restaurant. If the consumers are satisfied from services and products then it is helpful in engage them towards services of firm. McDonald engage consumers through online and offline sources in order to attract new consumers and retain existing. With the help of using different social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, McDonald restaurant connect with large number of consumers and also provide information about the new services to them.


P3 Customer experience map

It is process for visually and strategically taking out or mapping interactions and experiences of customer for particular brand. It includes all points starting from point of contact to last stage of interaction. It is also called customer journey mapping which is most favourite tool used by all companies for taking feedback of consumer for particular products or brands. It helps in creating new ideas, solving issues and others (Peppers and Rogers, 2016). McDonald's also use this approach for improvement of products and services through various ways which is described below:


When customer want to eat outside they searches different website. All the relevant information should be provided in website so that consumer can take quick decision for visiting that venue. McDonald's has also its own website for the user. It should contain very warm and welcoming messages.


This is the most easy way to take response of consumers. McDonald's take number of all visitors who visit their restaurant and take their feedback through phone calls. Also they convey message for coupons and discounts to attract customers.

Review Sites

It plays an important role for the customer. Before visiting any good places they review sites and rating and accordingly make plan. They good rating attracts more consumers and increase goodwill of that venues. McDonald's rating is high because of service and product.

Restaurant Environment

The restaurant environment should be very pleasant and cool for the visitors. The good surround attracts large number of customer (Pynnönen, Hallikas and Ritala, 2012). So company need to take feedback regarding ambience and improve accordingly if required.

Text Messages

The visited customer frequently receive message through text. It includes coupon , vouchers, discounts message. It also help in company's goodwill and image at market. It shows care of corporation towards their customers.

Restaurant Staff

It means every restaurant should have polite nature and good staff for working. The behaviour of their worker influence to visit place by customers. McDonald's possess high quality and good team for attracting large number of consumers.


Through e-mails also company provide information to others. It can related with feedback form filling, coupons, discounts. In today's scenario most of business prefer this experience map.

Restaurant Management

It means managing restaurant through profession. The associates, graduate, bachelor, are offered to do management of restaurant. These people have various responsibilities such as administration, back & front office management. There should be proper manager for such industry. It also plays effective role for experience of consumer (Schmitz and Ganesan, 2014).

Paper Mail

In this consumer experience map, the messages are mailed through paper. McDonald's also use this journey to provide all relevant information's to individual. It is the easiest way of taking feedback and correcting it if necessary.

P4 Customer touch-points throughout the customer experience create business opportunities

Touchpoint can be explained as a way in which customer can be communicate with business whether it can be through website, application, person- to- person etc. When customers will be in contact with touchpoints then it provides them better opportunity to compare their priorities of business and also develop opinion.

For an example- Customer may be analyse business through online ads, ratings, by seeing reviews etc. These all are the main touchpoints of the business.

By seeing all the touch points, consumers see that they will come in contact of company or not. In context to determine the consumer's touchpoint, McDonald restaurant offers facilities before, during and after buy (Tolpa, 2012). Before the purchase of food items, McDonald restaurant provides all information regarding services, process and food items by word- of- mouth, social media, text marketing etc. At the time of purchasing, consumers can search all information on website of firm, phone, store etc. After the sales, McDonald restaurant give the facilities concerned with billing, online help centres, emails and many others. The touch- point of consumers is concerned with up selling, acknowledging and encouraging return of consumers. Under this, some of the stages are included mention below:

“Waiter makes eye-contact with the customer” - Under this, it is necessary that waiter should try to eye contact with consumers because it helps in enhance their experience in a better manner. Waiter should try to make the consumers feel more comfortable that helps in attract the customers towards services of restaurant.

Waiter: Good afternoon, sir.

Customer: Good afternoon.

Waiter: Sir, Do you need anything?

Customer: I want to take meal, bring me Chicken Burger, French Fries, Coke.

Waiter: Wait a moment, sir. I am serving your order.

Customer: How much pound I have to pay.

Waiter: Only £10, Sir.

Waiter: Thank you, Sir.

Customer: Thank you.

It is a proper conversation between Waiter and Customers that is necessary and this conversation explain the experience of customer in Restaurant. From the services and food items of McDonald's restaurant, consumer is happy and also its experience is also good. Better quality of services and hygienic food items are helpful in enhancing development and productivity of firm with in set period of time.


P5 Digital technology is employed in managing the customer experience

Digital technology plays an important role in this modern era. The firms use digitalisation to connect with large number of people as well as communicate with them in a better manner. It helps in develop the new value in models of business, consumer experience and internal capabilities that help in support its operations. By using the digital technology, McDonald's provides all details to consumers about the services and products so that they can aware about it. It is helpful in provide the competitive advantage to it. It helps in provide the better experience to consumer because through this they take the quick services. Are you having tough time writing your law dissertation? It's time for you to try our Law Dissertation Help from experts.

Customer relationship management refers to an approach to manage interaction of company with existing as well as potential consumers. It uses the analysis of data about history of consumers with firm in order to make improvement the relationships with consumers specially focus on retention of consumers as well as enhancing sales and growth.

There is a workshop conducted by company and different questions are included related to this mention below:

  • Name of the company making the presentation
    McDonald restaurant is making presentation.
  • Name of the person who made the presentation
    Julian Hook is a person that made presentation
  • Name of the software programme that they demonstrated
    Opera is a software programme that firm can be demonstrated

Key elements of their programme

The main key elements which should be necessary in this programme are open table, book table, book rooms from different websites, reservation systems, EPOS system, Housekeeping etc.

  • Some of their current customers
    The name of the current consumers are IHG (Intercontinental hotel Group), Travelodge, Hilton International.
  • How long have they been in business
    From year 1955.
  • Company see these programmes developing in the future
    The McDonald's company see the developing in future so that it can enhance its growth as well as development activities in future.

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P6 Customer Service Strategies

It is defined as a most significant part of an organisation plan. It means those strategies which make customer happy and satisfied. Here service industry should apply all those plans and strategies for consumers. McDonald's uses following strategies which are described below:

Giving employee excellent product

The company should provide products and services to customer. It helps in gaining profits and creating goodwill of firm ( Wong and Dioko, 2013). Here, McDonald's tries their best to provide excellent goods to their user. Even the consumers should be able to call and ask an enquiry required to them.

Building relationship for customer service

It is the duty and responsibility of firm to listen problems of users and accordingly provide service. It creates loyalty towards organisation. McDonald's build healthy relationship with consumer by providing service to them and fulfilling need and demand.

Resolve customer issues

The issues and problems of customer should be solved at first priority. This can be solved through calls, live chat at website, feedback form. The customer service representation or executive is present in every company for matter solving.

Deliver on your promise

The timely delivery of food and quality product creates customer trust for corporation. They should be delivered for what they have paid. The consumer don't like fake promises. McDonald's always do real delivery promises with their customers.

P7 Customer service strategies create and develop the customer experience

Customer Audit Trail, Critical Observations:

Name of hospitality business visited:

McDonald's Restaurant

Date and time of visit:

15th November, 2018

Ambience and First Impressions:

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

I observed music and sound system very good.

The space was limited where many customer have to wait outside.

I would provide more space so that consumer don't have to wait outside.

Signage, Tariff Boards, Labelling, etc.:

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Fire exit and on entry way.

Proper tariff was not available in McDonald's for consumer to know about prices.

I prefer availability of tariff everywhere so problem could not arises.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

The price of burger is economic.

The services charge is very high which is not valuable as price paid.

I would provide value for money to customers.

Range of Products:

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

McDonald's restaurant provides Wi-Fi facility, good chairs for setting.

Sometimes, due to more customer entrance makes restaurant dirty.

I should focus more on cleaning restaurant by employing more staff for cleaning.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

The behaviour of staff is good with customers.

There are some unskilled staff who does not deliver good services.

I will hire skilled staff to provide quality services to consumers and provide training to unskilled to improve themselves.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Service is delivered in timely and quick basis.

As there is self service at McDonald's which is not good.

I will improve this by hiring more staff at restaurant to avoid self service concept.

Supplementary Items:

Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

The staff at McDonald's provide quick services to their customer and meeting their needs and wants.

McDonald's don't provide complimentary or sweet to visitors.

I will provide sweet or welcome drink to customer for refreshing.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good ?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

McDonald's accept credit cards and cash.

McDonald's does not accept online payment for home delivery.

I will provide online payment facility for home delivery.


It has been concluded from above mention report that it is necessary to provide the better consumer experience to consumers so that they can be retain for long period of time. McDonald provide the fast food items on the basis of needs and preferences of consumers in a better manner. Under this mention report will be discuss about importance and value of needs, preferences and wants of the target consumer groups. There has been discuss about the consumer service strategies in the service industry.

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