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Behavioural Management Principles- Hilton Hotel and Holiday Inn

University: UKCBC College London

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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
Question :

With the help of this report understanding of behavioral management principles and managerial potential is developed considering various managerial roles and responsibilities with the help of various questions:

  • To analyse various principles and practices of management behavior
  • To assess the potential of a prospective manager
  • Develop an understanding of the potential managerial skills
  • Development of career development plan for employment
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hilton Hotel and Holiday Inn


Various functions are perform by an enterprise for achieve its set goals and to survive in business environment. Manager of every enterprise play a big and significant role which support entity in better satisfy the needs of its customers (Beck, Demirgüç-Kunt and Levine, 2010) . For perform a role of manager, an individual require to have some specific skills so he can formulate effective strategies for business and can guide employees. Various leadership and management styles are there that use by managers to encourage staff members so entity can achieve its objective and goal. It is very important that an individual should have effective communication and motivation skills to perform a role of manager. It help in create and maintain good relation with employees and support in manage various business operations. Manager require to first identify and analyse all management styles before choose a one to work with. Hilton a international brand that offer various type of resorts and hotel services in more than 80 countries is taken in this report for study. Major styles of management and different characteristics of leadership is all given in this. Process of communication follow in Hilton is also detailed. In addition to this, managerial decisions taken to achieve set objectives is also mentioned in this.


1.1 Various management styles

Management style refers to the specific way opt by managers to carry out business activities for achieve set goal. This indicate the way they take decision, the way they exercise authority and the way they plan and organise business activities (Desimone, 2011) (Godefroid, Levin and Molnar, 2012). Various styles of management ate there which can be use by an entity such as participative, authoritative, affiliative and Free-rein. Every style of management has its own features and is use by manager as per the situation exist in environment. Holiday Inn and Hilton are the two major big brands in hotel industry as these provide excellent services to its clients. Large number of employees work in these hotels for serve customers in adequate manner and to better satisfy their needs. Both hotels use a different style of management to manage business operation and to guide employees. Management style adopt by these hotels to serve its customers can be better understood by the following table:

Hilton: Participative management style

Holiday Inn: Authoritative management style

This is one of the most effective style of management. It is use by Hilton to guide and manage the activities to its employees. One of the main feature of this management style is that it encourage participation of employees in decision making process. Under this opinions and views of workers is collected for take major business decision. Employees are encouraged to tell about the issues and problems faced by them at workplace and after that manager do efforts to solve the same so employees can work effectively. All this enhance employee's morale and boost up the process of business growth.

This is another style of management. It is use by Holiday Inn for monitor and manage the activities of its employees. Staff members are not encourage to take part in decision making process and all decisions are taken by top management. Major benefit of this management style is that its save both time and cost of firm but at the same time this decrease employee's morale.

1.2 Leadership characteristics

Leadership refers to the process of use skills to encourage or motivate employees to work well at workplace to maximise their contribution in organisation's success. Further this help in develop effective teams at workplace for ensure effective execution of business activities (Hogan and et. al., 2010). Overall, this is refers to the ability to lead a team, individuals or more than two groups. For perform a role of leader in an effective manner, individuals require to have good communication skills, problem solving skill, decision making ability, listening power and many more. This help manager in create and maintain good relations with workers which increase effectiveness of business operations.

Both Holiday Inn and Hilton are the two major and most popular brands in hospitality industry as these provide effective services to all its customers. Large number of employees do various efforts to serve customers in effective manner. Skilled leaders are require to guide employees and to guide them to work well. It is very important that to carry out the process of leadership in an effective manner an individual require to have some specific qualities as given in the following points:

  • Communication skills: This is known as one of the most important skill which should be there in an individual for perform any kind of role at workplace. Leaders of both Holiday Inn and Hilton require to posses this skill for perform their role. One of the main feature is that it help in help in make the employees aware about their specific roles and responsibilities so they can perform in adequate manner. Further this ensure completion of business activities in time which help in satisfy the needs of customers.
  • Creativity and innovation: A leader require to be innovative or should be the one who encourage creativity at workplace (Luthans and et. al., 2010). Innovation support firm in offer something new and better to its customers which help in satisfy their needs and keep them for a long time period. Further when leader encourage employees to think creatively them it help in fund better solution of problem and ensure optimum utilisation of available funds and resources.
  • Team orientation: This aspect reveal the skill of build and maintain effective teams at workplace. One of the main benefit of team working is that it enhance skills of employees and ensure utilisation of all resources and funds (Griffin, 2013). It is very essential for leader to encourage workers to work in team as this enhance efficiency. Further, when staff members work in an team then it help in provide solution to customers which results in customer's satisfaction.

These are the specific skills that require to be there in leaders of both Holiday Inn and Hilton. Styles adopt by the leaders of these hotel is given in the following points:

Style of leadership adopt by Hilton:

Autocratic and action oriented are the two major styles of leadership use by the management of Hilton. This support manager in guide employees which enhance their productivity:

  • Action oriented leadership style: Under this style of leadership, leader remain responsible for every action take by employee and is liable to lead all members (Duffy, 2013). One of the main feature of this leadership style is that it support employees in understand the preferences of consumers and help in offer them services as per their specific requirements.

Autocratic leadership style: This is one of the most popular style of leadership. In this all decision are taken by the leaders himself and team members remain responsible to obey and follow the decisions. It is time and cost saving style of leadership. Team members are not involve in decision making process which reduce effectiveness of this 

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