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Business IT- JS Supermarket


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Information Technology has improved working pattern of business organisation as it helps in implementing business transaction. It refers to the usage of computer with advance technology in order to perform operational activities of company like storing information, retrieve information and other essential data of company (Jeston, 2014). This report is based of JS Supermarket which deals in retail industry. Under this report usage of IT systems in different organisational functions will be discussed. Further, it also discusses about flexible and reliable IT systems which are developed according to the requirement organisation. Additionally, it talks about different IT systems which support value added change within organisation. At last, recommendation of practical IT systems solutions are going to be presented for organisational scenario.


1.1 Analyse the Use of IT Systems with Different Functions of Organisation

Information technology is directly related to business organisations as it helps in simplifying work with its advance technology. It has been analysed that now a days business organisation are using latest software, applications, mode of communication etc. in order to perform their plan according to the requirement of companies objectives. In relation to JS Supermarket, it can be said that manager of this company is required to train its existing working so that their work could be executed effectively. It has been analysed that JS supermarket is basically dealing in tobacco, beverages, food, etc in their retail stores. In this regard, there are various of usage of IT systems which will be help for different organisational functions. As a result, after getting appropriate training to employees regarding IT systems will simplify their business activities and also helps them in achieving their targeted goals and objectives in less period of time. Different usage of IT systems in main core functions of JS Supermarket are described as below:

Human resource: Human resource department of an organisation is considered as major function which mainly manage working staff of the company. Mainly, this department provides trainings and development sessions, managing payroll, resolves conflicts of working staff, fulfil vacant position with recruitment, leave management and various other employees related work in an organisation (Eason, 2014). In relation to JS Supermarket, the company can adopt Human resource management system which is a IT software especially designed for HR department. Main role of this software is to manage leave of employees, calculation of salary, record details of employees personal as well as professional, record work of employees, performance management, Keeps records of salary details of working staff etc. It can be said that usage of this technology in this department will be helpful for HR department as they will be able to perform their work in effective manner with less efforts.

Marketing: It refers to the activity which is mainly used to interact with customers in order to aware them about products and services which are offered by organisation. In relation to JS Supermarket, marketing team of this retail store can adopt IT systems while making planning for advertising activities, evaluating work of promotional campaigns conducted by this company.

In this regard, marketing team of this company can easily use information technology systems for recording details of each and every activity, evaluating planned budget with the actual expenses which seen after it completion (Elbashir and et. al., 2013). Along with this, IT systems in this function also helps in developing relationship with customers as well.

Finance: Finance department in every organisation monitors usage of financial resources within the company in order to maintain profitability of company. This department tries to utilise financial resources in best effective way so that business activities of all the departments can be executed with positive outcome. In context to JS Supermarket, the company can use finance related software for managing flow of funds and cash in the company. These software automatically calculate financial calculations which also helps in taking decision related to finance. As a result, by using IT systems in Finance department, JS supermarket can easily maintain record of budget of company. Along with this, it also helps in managing balance sheet of JS Supermarket as well.

 As per the above specified usage of IT systems in different organisational functions of JS Supermarket, it can be said that after getting appropriate training workforce of this company can easily execute their operational activities in effective manner (Willard, 2012). As per evaluation, it has been observed that by using IT systems in all operational function these department can achieve their targeted goals and objectives in less period of time. This will result, in achievement of quick goals of the company which will maximise its profitability ratio.

1.2 Explain how IT Systems Contribute to the Achievement of Objectives in a Specific Organisational Context

Information technology systems are considered as an essential part of business organisation which can be seen as need and want of company. IT systems have simplified work of employees which belongs to different different departments as per their respective goals and objectives. It has been analysed that if JS Supermarket is using different IT systems then it will be easier for its working staff to implement their strategies which are especially designed to maximise profitability of the company. It can be said that by using IT systems in marketing department the company can easily communicate to its customers regarding existing as well as new products and services (Scarborough, 2016). This will be helpful in increasing their interest towards these products and as a result, it will also contribute in enhancement of sales of JS Supermarket.

In addition to this, it can be said that with the usage of IT systems in business function an organisation can easily expand its activities at international. It has been observed that JS Supermarket should make some investments in order to enhance sales as well as profitability of supermarket store. Along with this, IT systems can also be used for measuring satisfaction level of customers. This can be done by taking feedback from customers on their every result which be helpful in identifying which product is not liked by customers and why. As a result, products can be modified on the basis of feedback of customers and also contribute in increasing number of satisfied customers for JS Supermarket.


2.1 Analyse the Different ways IT systems store and process data for knowledge management, customer relationship management, data management and communication management

Process and Store Data for Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is an understanding of set of various information and ways in which that information could be utilise to made useful support to any specific task. Knowledge management system is a collection plans, procedures, software, database and services which is used to store and share data and utilise them for organisation functions (Bibi, Katsaros and Bozanis, 2012). In JS supermarket IT system provide them various benefits which includes, consumer relationship management, store their financial data and use different websites for marketing and selling their products and services. It is necessary for JS supermarket to store information related to products and services they sell to their consumers in order to take proper feedback and solve any query. It is fastest method to store and posses various data and use them in accurate manner. IT system helps company to make easy access to their information.

Data Management

It is an practise which aim towards maintaining data and fulfil information cycle requirements (Data Management, 2018). IT system benefits company to meet their overall needs. By using this company can able to manage their data in effective manner. In context with this, IT manager of JS supermarket can secure their data and can tackle problems related to manage huge amount of information.

Customer Relationship Management

It is an approach to manage organisation interaction with existing and potential consumers. Effective consumers relation leads company towards high sustainability, profitability and loyalty. In context with this, JS supermarket can use effective CRM system to use various technological tools like different social media sites to promote their products.

Communication Management

Communication is an effective tool in every business organisation in order to fulfil overall needs of company. IT system helps firms to make efficient planning, organising , executing and monitoring of its functions. With help of this system company can create smooth communication process between all their departments.


Evaluate how IT Systems can be used to Support value added change for Improving Business Operations, Performance and Sustainability

With help of IT system business can continuously improve its efficiencies of operations to achieve profitability. IT system can provide exact information to JS supermarket relating to correct amount of stock in stores so that costumers always what they want. Whereas, Capital One financial solutions can implement effective software system in their Corporation (Röglinger, Pöppelbuß and Becker, 2012). Which benefits them to maintain their budget system, income and liability report and funds management system to work efficiently and maximise their profits in order to ensure sustainability. IT system applications provide company to take advantage to software to store their data in proper financial system. While, with the help of IT system Sabre Airlines Solutions can manage their airlines systems which includes activities relating to directly serving their air passengers, check-in. On-site retail, catering facilities, baggage- handling and much more. Hence, IT system benefits various organisations to enhance their working system in smooth way (Collis and Hussey, 2013). It can help them to take more competitive advantages in marketplace and perform their business for long- term.


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Benefits of IT System

As IT system benefits user to provide relative information which they need in order to perform any task effectively. It reduces overburden of paper work and helps in providing appropriate data. This framework of IT system facilitates growth and make communication process instant which results in quick delivery of company important informations. With implementation of these IT software systems in their company helps them to reduce geographical and cultural boundaries. IT system protect security system of company through which they can function their routine work easily. This system provide company to store their large amount of data and allow them to access anytime. It helps executive management to make effective decisions.

With help of this system business firms can easily view various changes prevailing in global markets and faster their company functions according to them.In order to enhance IT system effectiveness company can add more amount of data to take more accurate decisions and utilise informations to make new effective ideas. Therefore, IT system can prove very helpful to above mentioned companies in order to enhance their level of production and helps them to increase satisfaction level of their consumers (Davenport, Barth and Bean, 2012). It also benefits them to increase performance of their employees and helps them to reduce irrelevant burden of work.


IT systems solution for organisational scenario to cover the business related issues

In today's business environment without Information Technology, a company cannot operate its functions appropriately. By bringing effective technology in each and every sector, an enterprise gain advantage to connect all departments with each other. This would help in conveying information to individuals and divisions in given time so that necessary actions can be taken accordingly. Along with this, it also aid industries to identify demand of potential customers by developing relationship for long period of time. Through this process, management of an organisation can offer products and services as per preference of customers in order to gain their retention. To analyse the effectiveness of IT solution for resolving business related issues, three sectors are taken as example. It includes JS Supermarket which deals in retail sector, Sabre Airline Solution of airline industry and Capital One Financial Corporation in banking field. Some major business issues of these three sectors are generally associated with security and storage (Dunning, 2013). As intense competition and rise of criminal activities directly impact on business data where confidential information are stored. Concept of these issues with IT related solutions are elaborated in following manner:-

Retail Industry

It includes those industries which sell products or services of other companies in marketplace on different-different price rates. They either use offline or online procedure of distribution channels to sell commodities. For example: JS Supermarket which offers a wide range of food related items, beverages and other on affordable rates. It generally use online channels to distribute its products where potential customers can put their orders. But this technique various issues under organisation where management have to store large amount of data in secured manner. Along with this, employees face problems to access data of particular customer due to cloud storage. Therefore, to store confidential information of number of consumers and secure business data from rivalries and cybercriminals, this company acts in following manner:-

Security- When a company offer online services for selling its products, then the biggest challenge it faces is associated with data security (Boons and Lüdeke-Freund, 2013). Therefore, to overcome from this threat,managers of JS Supermarket has adopted application of cryptography technique. This would help in preventing business from leakage of confidential information of customer's data in appropriate manner. Along with this, it also provide e-wallet technique where customers can pay directly to avail services more securely.

Cloud storage- Storing large amount of data related to private information of customers, accessing data of particular one and securing the same etc. are some main issues which generally face by retailers when offer online services. All such problems are related with data redundancy therefore, to resolve this issue, IT expert of JS Supermarket suggest to implement cloud computing technology. This would help in storing large amount of data properly and give advantage to workers to access information more easily.

Airline Industry

Technology and innovation play a main role in conducting business of airline industries.Both are considered the main driving factor for making improvement of operational activities and enhance its effectiveness as well. By introducing best technology within business, airline sectors gain advantage to provide various services to passengers. It includes reservation, transportation, import their parcels, luggage and more. In context with Sabre Airline Solutions,this organisation of UK provides services related to online reservation to customers. Its major operational activities are based on internet applications therefore, threat related to leakage of data and security are the main issues for this company. To reduce occurrence of such kind of issues, this airline industry act in following way:-

Security- It is the most concerned issue which are faced by airline industry now a days, due to increase of criminal attacks. Hackers and cybercriminals are always monitored to reveal private information of customers related to finance (Ullah and Lai, 2013). They can use it for personal intention and terrorists activities. Therefore, to prevent business data and personal information of passengers, Sabre Airline Industry use Block-chain Technology. It helps in providing solutions related to financial transactions within business and store private information of passengers more appropriately.

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In order to resolve the problem, company can use some software and also hire the expert which can secure or protect the data or information from hacking.

Cloud storage- As today people mostly use online services for reservation therefore, they put their personal information on websites on airline industries. To store data and information of large amount of customers, seems to really a major challenge for organisations. Therefore, using cloud technology, Sabre Airline Industry helps in storing data for long purpose properly.

Banking Industry

This sector is majorly devoted its business to hold financial assets of people and other organisations in appropriate and secure manner. In context with Capital One Financial Corporation, it gives financial related solutions to customers. It includes credit, bank loan and savings on high rates etc. With advancement of technology, financial transactions are mostly done through internet and other online applications. Therefore, banking sectors face major threats related to prevent customer's data from hackers and cybercriminals.

Security- Finance sectors face major issues related to security as they hold assets and private information of thousands of customers. Therefore, any carelessness in business activities directly gives advantage to cyber attackers. Along with this, other issues like money laundering, due diligence, terrorists financing etc. cause due to inappropriate usage of finance (Schmitt‐Grohé and Uribe, 2012). Thus, to overcome from all such issues, managers of Capital One Financial Corporation have implemented mobile and digital banking technologies, automated financial service employees etc.

Cloud Storage-  Store private information of customers, business related data and more, cloud computing technology is considered as best technique. It give advancement to organisations of all sector including banking industries to keep confidential properly for long run profitability.

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From this assignment, it has been summarised that without usage of IT techniques, any company cannot operate its business efficiently. With usage of various techniques like communication channels, distributive system, database management and more, organisations can conduct their functions easily. They can make interaction with potential customers appropriately and provide services on time by the use of technology. Apart from this, cloud computing technology, cryptography, encryption and decryption etc. are some IT solutions that help businesses in storing information and data securely.


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