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Different Types of Technologies and Topologies in LAN

University: Royal Holloway

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  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Course Code: ITC540
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Table of Content

Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Explain the impact of LAN technologies which is available in the market.
  • Design LAN infrastructures and provide description of the topology used.
  • Critically evaluate your network components and design, including securities and applications.
  • Evaluate the performance of your network proposing solution in order to enhance network performance in relation to server’s traffic.
Answer :


Local area network is a design that help for connecting one node to another by suing cable, devices etc. This report will discuss about the different types of technologies and topologies which useful for managing the connection between the networks. This report will also analyse traffic intensive services of network performance and Quality of Services (QoS) furthermore, it also discusses about the hierarchical network model that help for improve on reliability and security performance.


Different technologies/topologies available in the market, establishing the most appropriate and suitable technology

Local area network is the type of device that connect with different areas and places such as organization. It is usually comprised the computer system, peripheral devices are linked together to the local server of Organization. There are different type of topologies and technologies applicable in the network. This topology is based on the logical manner to connect the computer's system in the form of network architecture. Devices are mainly connected with one node to another by using the cables. There are different topologies discuss in followings:

  • Bus topology- This topology is connected with the line or cable in which all the hardware devices share the single communication. Sometimes, bus topology may occur problem and issue when many hosts sending the data from one node to another at the same time. This topology can used the CD and CSMA technology or recognize to solve the problem regarding the bus master (Law, 2017). This is the simplest form of networking. A failure device is not affect the another devices but the failure of share communication line impact on the functionality of devices.

local network

  • Star topology- In this topology, all the devices are connected with the central part which is known as hub device. This connection is based on the point to point connection between the hub and hosts. The hub device can be followings:
  1. Repeater and hub
  2. Router and gateway
  3. Bridge and switch

star topology 1

  • Ring topology- In this topology, each and every host machine connect with the two different machines and creating circular network design in proper manner. In this network, one host is communicate with the another and send the message to host. All data can be travel in proper manner and also connect one or more host in their existing network or structure (Lysenko, and, 2017).

local network3

  • Mesh topology- This topology is creating a hybrid network when all host are connected with the different hosts. This topology is also known as point to point connection between each and every host.


The most appropriate and suitable technology and topology-

According to my opinion, Star topology is the best topology for network design because all the devices are connected to central node. It is the active network to manage the connection between the one or two nodes. Central node performs different operations to control the data transmit in proper manner. Star topology use point to point communication for managing the entire singles in proper manner (Boccardi and, 2014).

Analyse traffic intensive services of network performance and Quality of Services (QoS)

Network traffic is the important component in the communication process where large amount of data moving across a network from one point to another. Network traffic is the important component in the local area network system to measure the traffic network traffic simulation and control. In this way, Network engineer is planning to use the network traffics to provide the quality of service in the particular network system. This network traffic can be divided into the different ways (Chin, Fan and Haines, 2014).

  • Non real time traffic
  • Latency sensitive traffic
  • Busy or heavy traffic
  • Interactive traffic

According to analysis, network traffic provide the benefits for the organization discuss in given below:

  • Network engineering- It helps for providing the different level of network that allows managing the need and requirement of organization. Network engineering is concept that establishes the own network for sharing the information from one place to another.
  • Identifying network bottlenecks- It is required for applications and user to consumer the high or large amount of bandwidth (Comer, 2018). This is the main part of network traffic to consumer data and provide the facilities to increase the speed and their frequency in effective manner. Network engineer use the different approach to provide the solution for increasing the efficiency of local area network (Ma, Song and Li, 2018).
  • Network security- Large amount of data transit form one place to another create risk regarding the attacks. Network engineer is providing the report and preventing the network in proper manner. This is the bets facilities to manage the entire business in proper manner.

Quality of services is the measurement and description of the entire performance of services such as computer network and cloud computing services etc. Quality of service is part of network that help for providing the high quality of speed in the network system. Quality of service providing the offers to improve the efficiency and performance in the form of different technical terms that can be interpreted (Mc Namara, 2017). It is based on the measurement factor that identify the quality of network. This is the bad indicator in the network system.

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Evaluate Local Area Network concerns and make recommendations showing how a hierarchical network model can improve on security, reliability and performance.

Local area network is a based on the computer network that connect with the different hardware with limited areas and places. This technology can used the Ethernet and Wi-Fi techniques that help for managing the communication between different nodes (adel and, 2017). This network uses the hierarchical model because it can improve the security and performance, reliability in the LAN. The design pattern of hierarchical model is applicable in the large industry and organization because this design adopts the scalable, cost efficient and reliable intern connected network.


In Figure: 5, A hierarchical network design is dividing into different layers where each and very layer performs different operations and functions. This operation maintains the overall performance in proper manner. Network engineer helps for design the proper architecture to use the specific software, and hardware devices that performs role in the network layers. Hierarchical architecture is applied in both the local area network and wide area network (Ghosh and, 2014).

Network engineer is typical design hierarchical LAN including the three important layers:

  • Access layer- This layer provide the specific work group and user access to manage the entire network in proper manner.
  • Distribution Layer- This layer will help to use the specific policies which is based on the connection and also control the coordination between the core layers and access.
  • Core Layer- This layer provide the fast transportation services among the distribution switches in the organization campus.

Benefits of Hierarchical network- 

Hierarchical network design is the simplest design that implement by using cables and hardware devices that allows creating logical structure in effective manner. There are some important benefit or advantages of hierarchical network design (Sapari and, 2018).

  • Traffic multiplexing- It is an efficient idea that many user use the network traffic to travel the same network by using cables and routing devices. This network design start the traffic and divided into different small multiplex to reach their destination in proper ways.
  • Cost-saving equipment- Hierarchical network design can be save the cost of devices in the organisation because it can reduce the amount of devices and equipment needed for the deign and establishment (Law, 2017).
  • Security- Hierarchical network design provides the best security aspect and also allows controlling unwanted traffic in the network. It can automatically block the list of malicious traffic because it affects the performance and speed of networking.

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Design network infrastructure requirement

Topology- Network topology is the best management system in the computer networking that involves different nodes that connect from one device to another. This physical topology is applicable in the network to provide the actual layout of various workstations.

For developing the network design, it is required for organization to use the star topology because it is central computer system and server that connect to all the work station which directly connected to each other (Lee and, 2014). In this topology, All traffic emanates form hub in the star. The central server control all the nodes that attached in the structure. Central hub is generally fast and responsible for managing the all traffic in the nodes.

Network / Hardware Devices - Networking device is the main part of local area network because this physical devices useful for communication process where the devices are interacted with another node to transmit the signals from one part to another.

  • Switches- It is a network device that connect to another computer network with the help of packet switching to receive, process the signals. This device has multiple port bridge uses for addressing the process in hardware. Some switches also applicable for the purpose of data processing in the network layer (Aurzada and, 2014).
  • Routers- A router is a type of network device that help for forwarding the data packet between the networks and computer system. Router provides the direction of function of the internet. It is also read the address of network in the form of the packet and identifying the destination.
  • Cables- Cables are used to connect one hardware devices to another and also other computers to share information through scanners, printers etc.

Technology: Computer networking is basically used the different technology for establishing an effective Local area network for the purpose of organization. There are different types of technologies applicable in network design.

  • IP address - Internet protocol address is technique in network system that each and every devices has own label connected to the network system. This address provides the unique identification and particular location of LAN. Local area network is used this IP address in their hardware devices that contain unique numbers (Lysenko and, 2018).
  • Subnet Ids, IP - Subnet ID is basically used the router to identify their best path between different sub-networks. It is the small segmentation of Subnets that provide the flexibility in the organization to create point to point link between the devices.
  • Broadcast Ids - This id is basically used the nodes that transfer packet to another device and delivers to other nodes particular subnet (Ma, Song and Li, 2018).
  • S T P- The main function of the spanning tree algorithm to help for cutting the loop and create link between the network bridges. It is also operates the two different layers such as open system interconnection model etc.

Evaluate the Design network and its components- 

A local area network is the basically based on the network that cover local areas and sharing information from one network to another. This LAN may includes various types of components that help for establishing the set up in proper manner. The software can deal with the different word processor and maintain the services form high end custom programs (McNamara ,2017). There are different types of local area network that support to create an effective network in effective ways.

  • Network Workstation- All the user in the local area network work together and also sharing the resources that's why, it is required individual computer system and work station to access the network. This computer's system are connected with the local area network and it is the most effective deigning part of LAN when all the workstation are connected with each other.
  • Interface cards and Drivers- It is main components of local area network where this provide the best way connect the computer to LAN (OjhaMisra and Raghuwanshi, 2015). NIC is mainly two types : WI-Fi and Ethernet connection. This is useful to meet the requirement and need of organization.
  • Operating System- It is a crucial part of network system that help for track all the devices in the LAN. Operating system is managed the functionality of local area network and operates the network because the ability to run the network.

Purpose to secure your network, quality of Service needs and redundancy etc.

Local area network is playing important role in the entire Information technology industry because it provides the security and privacy. Each and every organization has requires this network to mange their business operations in effective ways. LAN is high quality network and high speed to perform different task in quick. This network has to be network redundancy and it is the simplest concept that help for managing the connection between the server and client (Wollschlaeger, Sauter and Jasperneite, 2017).

Network redundancy provides the facilities where the single node or point if failure, it cannot affect the other network and the main connection is working properly. Local area network is secure, redundancy and quality that provide the best services in the organization that's why, mots of IT companies used this network to protect their data and information.

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Users & Scalability: Able to support device growth, able to support addition ofcommunication devices, Availability and security

Communication devices are used connect with the other hardware system such as printers, electronic device, computers and fax machine etc. These devices are effective and transfer the data from one node to another. It also provides the security and security in proper manner (Sapari and, 2018). These comminations devices are available in the network to support to increase the efficiency and pe

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