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UNIT 35 Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations - Whirlpool

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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  1. Whirlpool is a Multinational manufacturer of home appliances, situated in the United Kingdom. What are the skills, knowledge and behaviour of the HR professional which helps to gain competitive advantage?
  2. Examine the different methods and approaches used to sustain performance of the organisation.
  3. Analyse the ways through which performance management, effective working and communication can support the positive culture within an organisation.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Whirlpool


There are three major elements in a business organisation which are individual, team and  company itself. Developing an individual will lead to development of members of teams and will eventually lead to development of entire organisation. This development helps in increasing profitability and productivity of a firm. Team building is also important to conduct business activities in proper way by maintain collaboration among team members. Whirlpool is the chosen organisation for this particular report (Amabile, 2012). It is a popular multinational company which mainly deals in electronic segment. This report includes knowledge, skills and behaviour required by an employee to be an effective HR manager and a personal audit plan which will help in analysing the strengths and weaknesses of an employee. A comparison between individual learning and organisational learning along with training and development is given. Moreover contribution of high  performance working to employee engagement and competitive advantage is mentioned.


P1 Professional knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required by HR Professional.

The major concern area of each small and large organisation of business  is to manage their business operations in an  effective manner so that they can increase their growth  and success at market place. Personnel manager is treated  as a crucial part  which has a huge control on overall business activity of the firm. The potential obligation of HR professional is to manage and sustain workforces in order to execute all business operations effectively. In the professional for HR various activities are involved like recruitment, staffing, development, training, compensation and performance appraisal is included. As a large business organisation the HR manager of Whirlpool is concern on implementing effective manpower in respect to execute all business activities in the manner of attaining desired objectives (Ford, 2014). There are various professional skills, knowledge and behaviour that are required to be developed by HR of Whirlpool, that are stated as below:

HR professional require to have following knowledge which are explained as below:

Training and development Techniques: This refers as the primary requirement for a manager needs to have, as the HR professional of Whirlpool needs to have appropriate knowledge about the tools and techniques of training and development so that proper knowledge can be provided to their significant workforces. Training and development is an essential process which plays effective role in providing significant knowledge and working ability to the new as well as old employees, so that organisational activities can be implemented in appropriate manner.

Contract Law: This is also an essential knowledge base which is required for the HR professional to develop for the smooth functioning of organisational operations. For the purpose of maintaining the multiple functions of a large business organisation, the HR Professional of Whirlpool needs to have significant knowledge about the government laws and legislations that are created by government bodies (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). Along with this a professional also needs to have appropriate knowledge about contract laws, fairness of business functions, employment law, transparency law etc. In respect to addressing the issue that are caused by the less knowledge of government laws and policies.

HR professional require to have following skills which are described beneath:

Communication skills: This is fundamental ability which HR professional need to have for oversees and guide workers to lead exercises in capable way. In Whirlpool, HR manager have great collaboration abilities which characterize that they provide data and information to individuals about the targets and aims which are require to be attained by them for reaching at the stage of potential profit. Along with this, they additionally give them guidance and direction to individuals to influence them to perform undertakings viably and convey quality electronic things to individuals.

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Problem solving ability: The HR Professional of Whirlpool needs to implement good relationship with their employees so that it is easy for them to provide solution for their issues and conflicts. For attaining appropriate solutions employees feel motivate to be worked in more professional manner. This create value for management to retain employees for long run of business operations.

HR professional require to possess appropriate behaviour to manage workforce are stated below:

Ethics: HR expert of Whirlpool require  to giving positive workplace to subordinates. Along with this, they even plan code of ethics to coordinate individuals and influence them to perform exercises in significant way. This likewise assist them with overcoming issues between colleagues and persuade them to perform undertakings viably. Organization faces conflicts in regards to brand image and working of group for which HR manager require to make straightforwardness in framework by giving data to individuals about obligations that require to be performed.

Confidentiality: HR Manager of an organisation needs to keep the personal data and information confidential in nature and the personal activities of Whirlpool needs to confidential, so any kind of miss conduct will not be taken place.

Hence, administration of Whirlpool considers all change and adjustments that were required for upgrading organizations execution and market position. HR manager of Whirlpool have led research which state enhancement in work procedures of firm with help of changes that were made in framework and business activities (Huang, 2014). They moved their worry to operational issues. Meeting were composed at interim of three to five months to settle on fitting choices and use their time by offering significance to profitable activities. Along this, workers needs and requirements are given esteem which assist administration with having committed staff which execute exercises successfully. With help of off-site meeting, unrivalled recognize key issues and overcome them convenient. Consequently, this assistance organization to keep up company's brand image for being driving electronic organization.

P2 Analyse personal skills audit to develop a professional development plan.

Each individual has some own skills and ability to work in a professional manner. The concept of personal skill audit helps HR Manager to analyse their skills, knowledge and behaviour which HR needs to posses to have appropriate human resource to implement all business operations in effective manner (Hirst and et. al., 2011). Whirlpool operates their business operations at global level and it is essential for the firm or its management to have appropriate skills, knowledge and behaviour like communication skills, problem solving skills, conflict management skills etc.           

Professional Development plan: It is a method by which a person formulate goals, strategies and results for training and learning .Thus, these are objectives to improve communication skills and other abilities for enhancing their skills and knowledge that are associated by me in appropriate manner.

Professional Development Plan 

Requirements Personal Audit Gap Remedial action and strategy Deadlines for remedial action
  • Contract Law
  • Training and development



The HR professional needs to improve the knowledge regarding contract law with reference to analyzing different company laws and legislations that are effective for proper execution of business operation. HR Professional also required for develops their training and development knowledge as to rendering effective knowledge and working criteria to execute their assigned role in effective manner. The knowledge regarding company law is enhanced through attending multiple short law courses in respect to take appropriate legislative action for organisational benefits. The training and development knowledge can be enhanced through attending various training and development seminars and practical sessions. 1 Month
  • Communication
  • Problem solving



I have got effective communication skills by which proper information and details regarding organisational operations are provided to the employees by me. Problem and issues are uncertain in nature which is essential for me to resolve in effective manner for retaining employees for long run of business activities. Study about HR professional concepts and theories to expect various means and methods to solve conflicts and make members work in team properly. On going 1 Week.
  • Ethics
  • Confidentiality



The proper maintenance of ethics and confidentiality is essential for a HR Professional in respect to conducting business activities in effective manner. Ethical behaviour can be enhanced through gaining knowledge from higher authority of firm or attaining idea through reading books in which business ethics are mentioned. on going

Along with this, professional development plan causes individual to asses strength and weaknesses to use opportunities and increment in their career. For this, learning projects and advancement sessions to enhance aptitudes and information in as indicated by new and higher employment position. Consequently, individuals can conquer their weaknesses and improve capacities to lead exercises in innovative and creative manner.

Strength: Whirlpool is large business organization which assists me with learning new things and increment abilities to perform exercises in viable way. Along this, I additionally gain information to work in powerful culture that is organization require to work in as per economic situations. This advantages me to improve by capacities and plan imaginative and innovative thoughts for advancement of organisation.

 Weaknesses: I even have certain issues which are connected with changes in framework that is cutting edge innovations are actualized to give inventive items to purchasers. Along with this, I need to go to constant learning projects to make up gradation in my abilities and information. This is a time and cost consuming tools, which influence on basic leadership and decision making exercises.


P3 Difference between organisation and individual learning, training and development

In today’s business environment competition is so high at market place and for maintaining organisational position within the market place, it is essential for firm to provide training and learning session in respect to developing their personal as well as professional skills (Levi, 2015). As a large well reputed company whirlpool is operating its business operation in dynamic environment. The major role of HR Professional is to make appropriate changes in organisational system b implementing advance tools and technologies within the work place as to attaining significant growth within market place.

Individual learning: It is allude to process which is directed by individual to learn and upgrade information. This assistance individual to plan imaginative and innovative thoughts which are utilized to execute work in profitable way. For this, online and offline training session and learning classes are embraced by individual to enhance their capacities to execute organisational operations in successful way.

Organisational Learning: This idea characterize that organization require to have talented and skilled individuals which can lead work and achieve objectives and targets inside characterized day and age. HR expert and better need than have capacity to guide individuals and urge them to perform undertakings in capable way. Other than this, representatives require to have specialized learning and capacities to execute exercises and finish targets opportune.

In regards of Whirlpool, as a large business organisation Whirlpool has their operations at multiple geographical areas (McCormack, Manley and Titchen, 2013). The major obligation of HR manager is to retain employees for long run of business operations and employee retention helps the firm in saving extra cost of hiring new employees.

Consequently, training and development  programs is created by HR expert of Whirlpool to upgrade capacities of representatives and make them able to perform exercises in better way. Along with this, staff people likewise gain knowledge and skills to execute creative thoughts in firm to make quality electronic items and with cutting edge traits and highlights in as per needs and wants of individuals.

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Differentiate between organisation learning and individual learning:

Basis Organisation learning Individual learning
Definition This strategy characterize that HR professional require to have skilful individuals to lead exercises adequately. For this, training and development sessions are led to upgrade abilities and learning of staff. It is a process which is connected with the proper execution of the tool of performance in order to recognize capacities of employees. This assistance helps them to give learning and data to individual about obligations and assignments to influence them to perform exercises viably.
Purpose HR professional targets to enhance capacities of representatives so they can work with most recent advancements and tactic tools to produce innovative and creative products (O'leary, Mortensen and Woolley, 2011). An individual’s major motive is to work in association and improve their aptitudes that are based on problem solving, specialized learning to moving forward towards professional growth.


Training Development
Training is consist to be the effective process which is allude to upgrading specialized and mechanical abilities and information of individuals. This assistance HR professional to lead business exercises viably and make staff work with cutting edge innovations. Improvement is long haul movement which involves exercises that are directed by HR expert to upgrade hypothetical and calculated learning of representatives to have finish in arrangement about administration ideas and framework process.

P4 Analyse need for continuous learning and professional development for sustainability

Continuous learning is refers as a process in which an individual require to enhance abilities, skills and knowledge to lead organisational activities in compelling way. The compelling activities of the Whirlpool are implemented within dynamic business environment in which HR manager requires to executing business exercises in effective and innovative way. For this, HR professional requires to lead training and development process to upgrade capacities of individuals and make them able to build imaginative and inventive thoughts for improvement of organisational system. In this way, HR expert and subordinates can build up their expert aptitudes, professional skills, ability and knowledge  to execute work in capable way and achieve targets opportunities (Pinjani and Palvia, 2013).

In the business context of Whirlpool which is a well reputed and multination company and operates its business operations globally through its outlets. For this, HR professional need skilled and talented  individuals which can perform tasks and convey quality electronic items to purchasers to continue position and high competitive edge in market. Constant learning and professional development are both basic strategies which has a huge impact on the business or its activities. These are two strategies which encourage HR manager to lead training and development sessions to upgrade information and aptitudes of staff to implement improvements in electronic things and give high-tech featured products to individuals. Along this, as Whirlpool is universal firm which conducts operations all over the globe and provide effective learning process to individuals to function in organization, accordingly recognize new strategies and systems.

Honey and Mumford learning styles

This style was implemented by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford in 1986. Rather then asking people directly on method of their learn they prepare a questionnaire that inquiry about the tendency of general behaviour of people. The four learning styles used under this are mentioned below.

Activists: It includes those people who do the tasks and learn. The activities of learning under this can be brainstorming, problem solving, puzzles, role plays and may more.

Theorists: The learners under this process need ideas, models and truths with a particular ending objective so that they can participate in process of learning. The activities of learning under this are stories, background information, applying concepts theoretically and many more.

Pragmatists:  The learners under this learning style have potential  to practice their learning in their daily routine. They usually experiment with new ideas and experiences and to see their result is their mode of action.  They learn better by taking time to give a thought on the method to be used for applying their learning in reality, problem solving, case studies and discussion.

Reflectors: The person under this learning learn by visualising and considering the things happening. Pair discussions, feedback from others, coaching, interviews and many more is been liked by learners.

Barriers to CPD

  • Inappropriate knowledge of goals: When the person do not know what goals does needs to achieve in his life can be a barrier for personal development as when a person do not have a adequate knowledge about goals one cannot do its process of development.
  • Lack of resources: If a person do not have proper finances than one cannot take classes for their training and development which can be a disadvantage for process of development. As taking regular classes for development is not possible for without money.


P5 HPW contribution to employee engagement and competitive advantage

High performance working considered as an appropriate practice and it is completely held by HR professionals for enhancing association operations in regard to conditions attaining high brand reach in market. For this, top level management of the firm is responsible to have appropriate work in respect to adequate management of organisational activities. Along with   this, HR manager needs to provide appropriate information to their workers to give them effective capability and focuses to conduct all operations in systematic way. For this, preparation and advancement are directed by HR to enhance aptitudes and learning of staff individuals to influence them to perform assignments viably and achieve focuses inside characterized time.

These are different exercises of HPW or high performance which helps HR expert of Whirlpool to enhance employees performance and establish competitive edge is determined as below: Human Resource Practices: It is fundamental that HR manager needs to have talented and skilful individuals to execute business exercises successfully and achieve objectives and goals inside determined period (Seibert, Wang and Courtright, 2011). For this, HR expert of Whirlpool lead recruitment, staffing, training and advancement, execution evaluation. This assistance them to have skilled subordinates which direct exercises in imaginative and innovative way. Along with this, they even give quality electronic things to purchasers to keep up organization's position and notoriety in market.

Team building: It is basic strategy of HPW which characterize that HR manager to develop and establish good relations with workers to influence them to perform assignments successfully. It is critical that in Whirlpool, individuals are categorised into group for execution of exercises in better way. This likewise assists organization with delivering quality and great element electronic products to buyers.

Performance appraisal and rewards: High performance working is directed by HR professionals of Whirlpool to recognize abilities of representatives in regard to their work and results. Monetary and non monetary rewards are given to staff individuals to encourage them and motivate to perform organisational operational adequately and convey quality items to purchasers.

High performance working is defines as an effective process which helps HR manager of Whirlpool to have suitable skilled and talented people to execute business tasks adequately. Along with this, organization is additionally ready to provide quality electronic products and administrations to customers to support its position and brand esteem (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). Whirlpool is a highly reputed multinational firm which have number of outlets all over the globe and also having talented staff to lead exercises and convey effective and efficient products to their buyers. It is fundamental that in association, vital changes are made in framework to direct business exercises successfully and in as indicated by economic situations.

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Higher Performance working will lead to higher performance of employees by lowering down  costs. Company provides training to employees which will improve their performance and increase their efficiency of working. Increase in level of performance will also lead to an increase in productivity and profits of a firm.  A highly skilled and effective employees can be treated as a competitive advantage for a firm.


P6 Different approaches to performance management used by HR professional

Performance management or administration is refers as a movement which is led by HR manager to build up their abilities and learning and of subordinates to upgrade efficiency and execution of association. For this, HR manager build and keep up record of representatives to have satisfactory workforce in firm. Along this, they even direct execution examination to look at execution of staff to recognize their abilities. Hence, positive workplace is given to representatives to make them work in capable way (Day and et. al., 2014). HR manager of Whirlpool detail enlistment plan which characterize data about set of working responsibilities and aptitudes required by individuals. Along this, they even give rules and heading to staff to accomplish objectives and destinations inside characterized due date. After this, execution screen exercises are directed by HR to lead instructional meetings to enhance abilities and information of subordinates. These are different methodologies which are utilized by HR expert of Whirlpool are expressed underneath:

Collaborative working: This explains as the process of partnership or joint working which help HR expert to use assets proficiently. For this, workers are given obligations and disseminated in group to influence them to perform undertakings successfully and finish targetseffectively. In this, HR manager of Whirlpool keep up relations with staff to make them work with one another. This assistance them to facilitate the efforts of subordinates and employees to convey quality electronic products to their regular buyers.  Along this they even requires to address clashes and issues between colleagues by giving them proper arrangements and suggestion. Team work motivation is also helpful in increasing performance of employees as  when people will work in a team their efficiency will increase and they will create a healthy working environment within organisation. It will also boost morale of employees will lead to improvement of performance  of employees and organisation.

Behavioural Approach: This strategy characterize that HR manager of Whirlpool require to develop effective and friendly relations with representatives and employees to recognize issues and wake up them to perform errands in capable way (Fuggetta and Di Nitto, 2014).

 For this, moral codes are figured by them to give rules and controls to individuals to influence them to perform undertakings in group and beaten odds of contentions.

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From the above given analysis it has been concluded that it is essential for each small as well as large business enterprises to provide effective training and development session to their significant employees in respect to enhancing the working ability of their work forces as to conduct business operations in effective manner. The growth and success of an organisation is based on its ability to continuous expansion of business or increase the collective and individual capabilities of its human resource. It is essential for each business organisation to develop individuals skills, knowledge and working capabilities in respect to attaining higher growth and success at market place.


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