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Human Resources Management and its impact in whirlpool

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Question :
  • Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations is the framework  that requires to achieve goals and objectives. Evaluate employee knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for HR professionals.
  • There are factors which work for enhancement of Individuals, Teams and Organisations. Explain the factors to be considered when applying and evaluating inclusive learning and development to generate sustainable business performance in the Whirlpool company.
  • Implement knowledge and understanding to the ways in which high-performance working (HPW) contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage.
  • Explain ways in which performance management, collaborative working and effective communication can support high-performance culture and commitment in the Whirlpool company.


Answer :
Organization Selected : Whirlpool


Human resources in any organization play a very big role. This study describes about skills, knowledge, and experience required in employees. The study also provides information about individual learning and organizational learning and its impact on the organization. Whirlpool is a big name in centennial equipment provider, this study based upon a case where high authority working in north America find curial employee skill requirements and Working environment. The study helped in getting the idea about human management practice done by whirlpool.

P1 Employee knowledge, skill and behaviour

Employee skill knowledge and behaviour has major impact on organisation, because these factor give shape to organisation culture and environment. It also decides quality of work, creativity, efficiency. Following are some much required skills and behaviour required by Whirlpool's HR.

Technical knowledge

Whirlpool is a big name in offering innovative technological electronic equipment to its customer. So employee must have background of education like graduate, diploma and authorised license acquired in electrical subject. Employee must know testing currents, repairing old devices, coding, mechanical skills, circuit optimisation skills, IOT experience, digital analogue skills etc. He must be good at maths and physics. Apart from that employee must have legal knowledge about wages and hour, employee benefit, equal pay Act, Americans with disabilities Act so that he can safe his interest as well as co- worker's interest.

Leadership skill

Leadership skill like empathy, support, mutual accountability, control management , decision making c ability, delegation and empowerment help an employee to manage his team effectively. Whirlpool works allot works in team so leadership skill must be there in employee.

Communication skill

Employee has strong verbal and written communication skill not only for face to face conversation even he must be able to communicate through using internet like video conference call etc. communication not all about speaking, he should be good and empathic listener. Employee also have knowledge of communicate and understand in technical reports and instructions.

Risk taker and self managed learning skill

There are so many situations can occur while perform some activity on machine that need some extra effort and risk practice, so it is expected from employee that he handle risky situation carefully. He must not try to avoid such kind of task. In addition, he also has self managed learning quality which means apart from formal training program he put his personal effort in learning from his daily experiences.

Personal and relation management skills

Whirlpool want its employee know how to handle himself in tough situation where time management and huge patience required because working on complex machine give so much stress. Apart from this he should know how to manage confit and issue with team and other stakeholders. Confidentiality of employee must be taken into consideration by H.R because it will break the trust between employee and him, if H.R ignore the Confidentiality requirement than Employee will not share any problem and information regarding organisation in the future.

Creativity and innovation

This is a very important element that a person who want to join whirlpool should have. An employee should know what can be done so that it can increase product innovation and better customer service satisfaction so that whirlpool's market share increases and it can get more competitors advantage.(Potnuru. and Sahoo, 2016)


Whirlpool allot teams at initial level so that employee can learn from experience collogues and share knowledge with other. Employee who is high self concern and selfish can not sustain in team. So employee also have team making quality like supporting, sharing, caring etc.

– Skill audits by whirlpool HR -

For conducting skills audit of whirlpool employee, human resources can go for 360 degree review, focus group review, assessment by subject matte and self assessment of competence by employee with validation by leader. First HR manager evaluate the feasibility of skill audit technique he is going to do like 360 or focus and so on, he must check get approval from finance department and higher authority.. He analyses all the data which is gather and devolved new job skill requirement based upon research. HR adds current deficiency in skill as part of training and development plan and required skill for job seeker. (Costa. And et.al., 2015.)

Hence, in the context of Whirlpool, for carry out activities effectually HR manager must have following aspects:


  • Planning & Organizing 
  • Analytical skills
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal skills (communication, leadership, teamwork & development)
  • IT or computer skills


  • About laws and legislation related to human resource management
  • About Recruitment & selection process
  •  Training & development aspects
  • Performance appraisal and grievance handling 


  • Motivator
  • Passionate
  • Positive attitude and emphasis on Team-work

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P2 Analysis of personal audit

In whirlpool crisis north regional staff set a required skill for technical team, because whirlpool is so much depend on this team for future technical changes it wants to bring in its product and service. Human resource department conduct behavioural and skill audit for team. Whirlpool wants more innovation for future technology provide to customer before its competitors. So HR department conduct skill audit for “electrical team” which contribute direct in product innovation. Outcome of audit is given below, on the basis of which HR plan to take corrective action as soon as possible and HR also make professional development plan based upon .weakness of employee and team for formulation future hirings' skill requirements. if an organisation do not conduct skill audit programme than training and development programme become ineffective and give less benefit than expected. (Sessa and London, 2015)

Strength of team and employees

Whirlpool electrical team is overall technical fit for their job apart from few employees. Team also able to handle serious technical issue. All the team members are very much keen of machine which help them to maintain their self motivation. Team member look for innovation and creativity. Employee and team members personally attached. The Latest technical changes it adopted by self managed learning by the employee. High level of experience and competency give strength team to compete their complex project on time with maintained quality. Team also take risk whenever required for better performance. Employees are aware about industry trend and customer expectation which can be seen in their work. Technical communication is performed by them very smoothly.(Salas.and et.al., 2017)

Weakness of team

H.R of whirlpool find that their electrical team has so many problems which affect team function currently and if this problem will continue than company may face problem even regarding for their future idea and thinking. They have lack of clarity about companies future plan and even some employee are not able to recognise their job role clearly. So many interpersonal conflicts are happing regarding because of lack of trust and mutual understanding. Some employee do not technical competencies and time management skill which affect overall productivity of team.. Team know how to tackle machines but they do not know how to present their idea and stagiest in front of higher authority. Team. Commination skills with clients are bad. Employees even have lack trust and self growth objective rather than team growth.(Nilsen, Emmerling. and Fieselman, 2018)


What I will do to achievement this

What would be my hurdle in achieving my goal

What will be my success criteria

Target and review duration.

Planning and organizational skills

Team member are poor in planning and organisation that can be improve by giving case study reading.

Scheduling task is major hurdle

Feedback from seniors

2 months

Commination skill

Provide classed for soft commination

Previous Education background

Feedback from customer and clients

1.5 month

Team working

 Informal event conduct like party and tour for building relation

Time and cost

Improved relation and less conflict in future

3 month

Personal audit of whirlpool H.R

Whirlpool H.R have poor of listening and empathy skill which affect its interpersonal relation with other employees , he is unable to understand and solve problem of Whirlpool's employee, this lead to frustration and employee high turnover ratio, although H.R have nice academic background.

PDP plan for whirlpool H.R


What I will do to achievement this

What would be my hurdle in achieving my goal

What will be my success criteria

Target and review duration

Improve listening and empathic skill

Increase social awareness knowledge of H.R by using real life case studies.

Personality of HR and his background.

Improved interpersonal relation with employees and positive feedback from employees

3 month.

Barrier of PDP

  • If an individual have lack of basic knowledge, weak education background, inadequate skill, mental struggles like poor self confidence, low emotional intelligence, in such CDP can not give effective outcome by short term training and development session.
  • Employee takes these sessions as time wasting activity when organisation decide to go with on job training because employee want to finish their work as they have deadlines.
  • Senior employee do not accept training session as a positive activity because of their ego.
  • Inaccurate information and wrong perception also affect it for instance if an employee done something wrong once, but manager make perception for that employee as poor employee and design a CDP for it, in such case training was not required as these was just a mistake not a habit.
  • Lack of resources like money, equipment , place can affect the carrier development plan for instance company know that marketing team urgently need training session but it is not necessary that it has enough money for it because of poor sale or adverse economic condition.
  • Availability of time affect a team hugely because marketing team has so many projects , so it is hard to team to attend the sessions.

Whirlpool is one of the leading electronic essentials' provider company for a log time because company has enough finance to acquire the latest technology changes in market. Company try to put all the technical changes before its competitors to grab the market share and competitor advantage. Company facilitate carrier development programme to its employee in from of training and development for every technological changes take place. It boosts the morale, employee confidence, performance and employee engagement. A motivated employee actively participate in innovation. Innovation help whirlpool again to compete from its competitor and sustain market share and sale of company.

There are four types of leaning style according to David Kolb leaning model are as follows that HR of Whirlpool can follow-

Concrete Learning: This is the first stage of learning which states that Human Resource Manager learn from getting experiencing. Such as field work, lab session etc. In this a HR cannot learn by reading or watching any particular things.

Reflective Observation: This is the second stage of the kolb learning cycle where Human Resource Manager consciously reflect back on that experience. Human Resource Manager discuss various question at this stage to clear the confusions.

Abstract Conceptualization: This is the stage where individual start attempting the learning in the previous stage. Learner put his/her knowledge into action.

Active Experimentation: This is the last stage where Human Resource Manager consider how they are going to put what they have learnt into practice. At this stage, Human Resource Manager plan for future improvement by refining the current knowledge, skills and experience.


Need to work on it.

Not totally sure


P3 difference between individual learning and organisational leaning


Individual learning is focused on personal growth and improvements, increases competence. This is a learning process in which individual first find its learning and objective and choose to learn method with his own.


Organisational learning is learning effort of an organisation due to changes in changes working environment, competition policies, new technology and innovation. Organisational learning is also influenced by changes in organisation culture and individual learning.

In individual process an individual start to learning to smooth new or try to improve on skills which he most useful for conduct a particular work or handle situation. For instance an employee who has to deal with client regularly, feel interpersonal skill and communication skill demands improvement, as he is poor in them. An individual who work in technical department than his learning need would be new computer language and adopt the latest software knowledge which help him in designing of electric equipments.(Mone, M. and London, 2018)

In organisation leaning whirlpool learn form his employee when organisation receive any information from employee and this information further shared with other employees. For example an individual working in production department learn by his daily experience about how to minimise errors by implementing a particular trick, and he shares this trick or idea with whirlpool's higher authority and with collogues. If organisation labelled his personal trick or idea as organisation's standard process which has to follow in production activity. Then it will become whirlpool learning . Organisation will use this idea in future also help in minimise operational cost by reduce error

An individual put his personal effort like experience, capability, skills, knowledge and self teaching resource to lean new thing. Employee do not need outside motivation to make himself fit

Organisation implement training and development program for its employee on the basis of suggestion received by individual learning. In organisational learning whirlpool has to give motivation to other employee to make themselves competence according to organisation need and for make organisation fit for competitive advantage.

If individual do not learn from their own daily experience it will become so tough for them in sustain and employee can not grow more because he is unable to do anything. Organisation learning help Whirlpool in making training and development plan for its employee. Organisation who ignore the importance of organisation learning will face problem in handling external environmental issues.

Difference between training and development-

Training is more focus on increase skill and knowledge that will help in a particular job.

Development focuses on enhance behavioural skill this process include all the behavioural aspect of growth of individual as well as organisation.

Training is conducted for short period for acquire a particular skill. For example training of doing work on particular machine or learn new computer language. Training on communication skills etc.

Development is a long term process where efforts are made to change an individual behaviour for future career growth. For instance whirlpool conduct development programme to its production for reduce interpersonal conflicts. Employee get personalise development programme like stress management activities and time management guidance.(De Jong. and et.al., 2016)

Training can give by supervisor and leader of the employee under which he is performing his job. Training programme is tactical in nature, sometimes it does not require too much planning at strategic level.

Development programme demand manager to provide its guidance and support, because development programme is more about human behaviour. Development program are planned by high authorise of whirlpool. This is a strategic kind of activities

P4 Need of learning for sustainable business performance-

Learning is very critical element which is essential not only for organisation even for employee too. For sustainable business performance an organisation must learn from its employee and employee must learn from business environment. Self managed learning help employee to find it leaning objective by him own and adopt leaning sources as per his strength and weakness. It boosts employee creativity and confidence which eventually can be seen in increase participation in organisation, employee become more productive and efficient. When employee give its effort to employee organisation get benefited as new and innovative idea, quick decision making, less operational cost which help organisation to make quality of its service and product according to market. Organisation learning help to make training and development plan suggest by employee who actually doing work on product. There are many times when whirlpool ask employee about what technical updated knowledge they want to make this product best, accordingly whirlpool conduct training programme which help organisation as less wastage, employee also do not fear of new technology. Organisational leaning also help in achieving its vision and mission statement. Both individual learning and training minimise the supervision efforts, employee can handle some situation with his own experience and efforts. Organisational leaning increase morale of employee as they find valued for instance- whirlpool's marketing manager suggest it to make a washing machine which need less water, for south African countries because of inadequate water supply.. Whirlpool not make washing machine with less water use even it put this suggestion in its CSR policy,it increases the morale of manager as well as profit to company.(Sessa. and London, 2015)

Whirlpool can use kobls learning cycle in organisation. According to kolbs an individual learning starts learn new things with his own experience. Employee get concrete experience by getting information, watching and observation, after that he review and make comparison of current situation with his experience that called reflective observation. Abstract conceptualisation means make conclusion what he gets from this experience and in active experience he makes this new learning as his habit. Benefit of kobs cycle is an employee start learning by himself, he also gets to know more about himself, his problem solving skills and tie management, which also enhance his confidence for future. Whirlpool must use this model because this model have the highest chance to get outcome rather than other models, because an individual use his capacity, he has full autonomy in taking decision regarding his improvement.(Nilsen, Emmerling. and Fieselman, 2018)

P5 Benefit of high performance working-

High performance working set of activities choose by an organisation for create positive working environment in it. High performance work not only include activities it also includes change in organisational culture which impact employee performance.. High performance work Patrice can be as change in leadership environment, give fair remuneration to employee, monetary and non monetary benefit to employee and his family like free tour and visits, training and development program as per the need of employee, team effectiveness and building efforts, implement the best code of conduct, motivation, balancing employees work like and personal life, quick complaint handling, clearly define job role, open communication, share future plan with employee also ask them to give their suggestions etc(Albrecht. and et.al., 2015)

HPW and employee engagement-

High performance working environment is positive vibes to employees. When an employee find that organisational take care of them , then they also feel attached and they try to give their 100 percent in the form of give new idea, creativity, minimise human error, increased sense of accountability and responsibility. For instance whirlpool share its vision and mission with its employee so that they can align their capability and skills which help whirlpool to achieve its vision. Whirlpool ask to give suggestion for new product planning so that more idea can be gathers. When employee see that organisation take their suggestion ,they also feel valued and they also contribute their best in developing the new product.(Anitha, 2014)

HPW and competitor advantage- motivated and engaged employee not only give creative idea, they also help in taking competitors advantages. Employee use their self managed learning in each function and activity of organisation which eventually result as quick decision making, less wastage and better quality of work all this employee offer also reduce operational cost. Less operational cost can reflect in price to customer. Apart from that company get competitor advantage in quality of product as well as it also increase goodwill and reputation of organisation. For instance- supportive leadership style of whirlpool allow some autonomy to employee in decision making. When an employee see any fault in machine , he will not go to leader and ask what to do now, he has autonomy to correct that if he knows how to fix it. It leads to less wastage. Happy employee attract the best talent in industry. People want to join whirlpool, which also grab much talent people from its competitor. Innovative product increase whirlpool market share. (Mone. and London, 2018)

HPW and employee commitment-

Whirlpool employee have high brand loyalty because whirlpool take care about its employee. It provides training and development to employees for their career growth. Which enhance mutual trust and understanding between whirlpool and its employee. A committed employee not only take care of organisation resources even it personally put his effort in making the best industrial relation of organisation with others like interpersonal relation with collogue and supplier and other stakeholder will also improve. Employee handle whirlpool's customer as their person client. These are some example of employee's commitment level with whirlpool.(Albrecht. and et.al., 2015)

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P6 Approaches to performance management

There are a number of approaches to Performance Management that are being used by the HR to evaluate the performance of an employee in Whirlpool. This is done on different basis by assessing that, whether the efforts made by the employee does actually worth in the growth of Whirlpool or not. The reason is very simple, each and every employee has a special place in the company for doing any respective piece of work assigned to him either fully or partially. So, in some or the other way, that particular employee is playing a very crucial role in the backbone of company. Now, business owners of Whirlpool are usually using some measures to assess the contribution of that employee in the growth of firm.

This performance appraisal refers to evaluating the employee performance and providing them with the valuable feedback and also to create a positive effect on their future performance. Following are the different approaches that helps in evaluation of employee performance. Each approach is having a different feature.

Result approach

in result approach an organisation check performance on the basis of performance result. This approaches comprise four parameters on which employee performance is evaluated like financial, learning& growth, customer and operational performance. It focuses on make employee more productive. For instance HR Whirlpool evlate performance of market team employee by gather and analyse its total sale amount in one month, getting feedback from employee on pointer scale from 1 to 10 rating, operational performance can be check as how many times employee made mistake and errors. After finishing up the training session HR himself give rating on scale, about improvement.

Advantage of Result approach:

  • This approach is very easy to get accurate performance about an employee because HR use data gathered in HRIM software of each employee
  • it is widely acceptable and time saving management system.

Disadvantage of Result Approaches

  • Performance can not be measure in quantity, for a customer service and product oriented company quality of performance is more important than quality.
  • · High chance to manipulate and change the employee performance data for favouritism.

Comparative approach of measuring performance

In this approach company give raking to its employee by compare him with co worker, who also is doing the same job in same duration. Employee is categorised in high performance, average and low performance employee. Organisation boost its higher performer by giving him reward, even some time it also increases the salary of the individual.

Advantage of comparative approaches

  • · Ii induce competitor spirit in employees.
  • · Productivity can be increase easily as employee know that if he contributes more, he will get more.
  • · This approaches is best for small organisation having fewer people working in it.

Disadvantage of comparative approaches

  • · it can cause of jealousy, politics and unhealthy competition.
  • · Every person has different quality within, so it is not right ethically to judge a person like this.

Attribute approaches of performance management

In this approach an organisation set some fix parameter upon which an employee has to proof himself. These specifications are innovation, problem solving skills, communication and teamwork.

Advantage of attribute approach

  • · Employee can increase its skill in these pentameter as he knows that his performance will be judged only on these fixed points.

Disadvantage of attributes

  • These attributes are set by other person not by negotiation between organisation and employee(as MBO), it shows that this approach does not involve any subjectivity in it.

In the MNC like Whirlpool, Behavioural approach of measuring performance is being used. The employee's working over here are being judged on the basis of Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale. Here, the performance of employee is being evaluated on basis of his/her mood, attitude at work place, face expressions, attitude and behaviour with the colleague.

The commitment of employee's on the work place depends on their attitude towards the work. HR of Whirlpool is hiring candidates on the basis of their ability to perform any task. Talking on part of Performance Management Approach, HR of Whirlpool is using the Behavioural Approach Of Measuring Performance. In this case, the HR is observing the performance from each point, in respect of behaviour of employee towards the work, behaviour with the colleagues and peer group and also the mood of employee at the time of work. In this case, it is also observed that, what the behaviour of employee is when any sort of extra-curricular activity is being held by the HR for increasing the performance and with the motive of social gathering with other employees(Mone. and London , 2018)

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From the above study it can be concluded that HR is the most essential part of business unit. Individual is responsible for managing operations of organization and managing people in the firm. Personal development plan helps in improving the lacking points and raising skills of person. Behavior approach is most significant method to measure performance of employees. By this way company can look upon specific attitude of person towards brand and can take necessary action to make them positive towards brand. HR manager has to motivate staff in order to make them loyal that may help in improving their commitment and raising their work based performance significantly.


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