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Improving Customer Experience- Marriott Hotel

University: University College London

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 15 / Words 3724
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MOD0004056
  • Downloads: 482
Organization Selected : Marriott Hotel


Hospitality industry is basically dependent on providing the customer service at it best. This industry focuses in the needs and requirements of customers and making the better customer experience. This industry has the aim that if the customer is not satisfied with the services that are provided by the organisation then it will never come back to the hotel again. This will hamper the brand loyalty of the company. For the purpose of study the hotel taken is Marriott group which has its branches all over the world. The hotel is 61 years old and was founded in year 1957. Headquarter of the hotel is situated in Bethesda, Maryland, United states. It has 566 hotels world wide. This report lays emphasis on the factors that and preferences of the target customers. So as to build new opportunity for organisation a road map will be defined. Also the impact of digital economy will be discussed that helps in making customer satisfied by services that are provided by hotel.

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P1 Importance of understanding the needs, wants and preferences of target customers group for a hospitality industry.

The target customer are defined as the targeted customer of the organisation for which the company wants to operate. Mainly the target customer for Marriott hotels are the business groups and the tourists who have arrived in the city to travel (Barnes, Blake and Pinder 2012). This hotel also organises some events for the business groups such as conference and business parties. For fulfilling the needs and wants of these targetted customer's hotel has made various policies and procedures. The needs and wants of their guests includes:

Different customers has different needs and they want hotel to fulfil their needs. Needs are defined as the requirement of the human to satisfy its desires. As the hotels primary customer are the tourists who come to visit the country their needs need to be fulfilled as desired by them. These visitors need the ambience and a healthy atmosphere so that they are able to find themselves feel like home. The food that is served to them should be according to their preference and the way that food is served in their country. If these needs are not fulfilled by the company then it will hamper the profitability and will also impact the brand loyalty. Hence the customer satisfaction should be priority of organisation.

Wants are the opportunities that is available to the guests of the hotel. These are the demands that any individual desire and wants to get completed. As the clients of Marriott group are mainly the traveller and the businessman they should keep in mind the wants that they desire. When the wants of the customer are fulfilled then time for fulfilling the preference comes. Priority of customer is called preference (Bowen, 2015). The preference of the clients are food and the ambience where they want to stay. They check that if the hotel is providing the sufficient services and the facilities to the clients.

The need of guests in the hotel is that they are provided with the healthy food. The want of the customer is that they want the intimate environment which will help them to feel comfortable while they stay in the hotel. As the customer preference for the company are business group people they should prefer giving them a royal feeling (). When business group is organising meetings in the hotel then the demand for Wi-Fi, sockets, projectors should be fulfilled so that they are able to meet the guests desires. These are the basic needs of the consumers so that they are able to maintain their loyal customer's.

Marriott group should make the policies so that they are able to complete their customers needs and desires. This way they will be able to build good relationship among the employees. This will also help the hotel to maintain the brand image. Satisfying the needs and preference of the customer will help them to attract the targeted customers.

P2 Different factors that drive and influence customer engagement of different target customer groups within hospitality sector.

Customer engagement in this sector is influenced by different factors. Marriott group aims to get these factors fulfilled so that they are able to influence the consumers way of thinking towards their hotel. Business class people and the tourist that comes to stay in the hotel has various factors to determine the stay in the company.

The tourist who have come to stay in the hotel wants that the environment that will make them feel like they are living in their home town. The facilities provided by the company are the basic factors that affects the customer engagement (Dennick, 2014). If the Marriott hotel focuses on the factor that provide best facility to then it will lead them to win the market sentiments. The hotel should focus on providing best quality of food to their guests and the hygiene level should be up to mark. The hotel should have the accommodation facility so that they are able to provide visitors the way to Rome around the city. If the needs are not satisfied by hotel then it will create dissatisfaction among the guests.

The business person as they are the main target of the hotel should be tackled in a royal way so that they are able to maintain them and provide them a better service from that they expect. As the business group wants that their meetings and conference are done in peaceful environment so that they are able to communicate with their employees effectively. Apart from the above factors Marriott should focus on providing the facilities such as Wi-Fi in the premises, sockets so that they are able to connect the wires to electricity. The quality of food that is top be provided to the business group is the major factor that influence the decision of the guests. So hotels should focus on providing the best facilities to their guests so that they are able to maintain them.

By taking these into consideration the hotels can improve the service that are provided by them. This will help the hotel in providing the service up to mark so that best customer experience can be made.


P3 Creation of customer experience map for Marriott.

The factors that will lead to customer experience enhancement can be mapped by Marriott hotel are discussed below:

Website: This is the main point where the customer meets with the hotel. Therefore the website should be designed in the proper manner that it gives the reader a sufficient and a well organised way of doing the task (Frow and Payne, 2017). The website should provide them the proper photos of rooms and the cuisines that will be served to them. The menu should be according to the preference of the guests. Hotel should maintain a IT department for maintenance of the websites. The websites should be developed with the help of professionals so as to make it attractive.

Review sites: The website should provide the tab that shows the reviews that are given by the guests who have visited the hotel. This will help the targeted customers to check the positive review that are provided by the clients and will make them to chose the hotel. If the company wants to provide better service to the customers than they have to make their website attractive. These reviews will help the company in finding the way that will make them improve the services of the company. Therefore the company should focus on improving the reviews for managing customer experience.

Telephone: It is the main aspect of customer experience path. In this guest will call hotel to get information about the hotel and may book its reservation at that time only. The customer will call the hotel only when it is satisfied of its service (Johnston and Kong, 2013). This steps comes after the website view of the hotel. Guest will require information about the price, quality of food and the reservation timing for the hotel. Client may confirm the booking that has been placed through website of the company. The hotel should recruit the staff that is capable of communicating in the best way with the clients. The attender should provide them desired information as asked by the guest on phone.

Restaurant staff: Staff of hotels plays one of the main role which helps the hotel to maintain the brand image. As the behaviour of staff is one of the key aspect while deciding about booking the hotel. Restaurant staff should be polite while dealing with the clients and should listen to the words said by them carefully. Staff of the restaurant should be well educated and should be able to communicate with the guests in proper manner. Staff should work in way that they are able to impress the guests. The behaviour of staff plays an important role through which the hotel is able to attract their loyal clients.

P4 How customer touch points throughout customer experience creates business experience.

Touch-points as defined are the interactions between the hotel and the guests which influence the decision making of the employees. These are the points that helps the clients to find ways through which they can interact between the staff of the hotels. These points helps in making the customer experience better and will allow the hotel to create the opportunity so that they are able to achieve its objectives (Mascarenhas, Kesavan, and Bernacchi, 2015). Some touch point that influence the customer experience are:

Website of the company: It is the first point that links the customer and the hotels. Through this client of the hotel gets to know about the facilities and the services that are offered by the company. Hotel lists the menu on the website of the company. So the information that is put on the website should be accurate and true. So that when the guest comes to hotel for stay or for food then they does not feel that they are fooled. As this is the first point through which the customer comes to meet the hotel, this affects the decision that he takes. If this touchpoint has a positive feedback then it will lead them to attract the customers and will help them to increase their profitability.

Telephone: This another touch point that links the customer way of decision making while planning to visit the hotel. In this the conversation between the customer and the hotel is mediated with the help of Telephone (Morrison and Crane, 2014). In this point of view customer call for the information about the booking to be made and facilities that they would be provided with while their visit. If the client is dissatisfied by the telephone call then it will lead them to make their decision in negative way for the hotel.

Restaurant staff: It includes the point that is the most important while making the touchpoint with the clients. As the decision of the client regarding visiting the hotel again depends on the behaviour of staff. The staff should behave properly with the customers and should listen to their demand. If the staff is not behaving properly with their clients than it will lead the customer to be dissatisfied. Hence the hotel should focus mainly on enhancing communication skills and the behaviour of the employee's working there. The staff should not stand ideal in front of visitors. They should use the greeting terms while communicating with the customer's.

Restaurant management: The management of Hotel should be effective so that they are able to take good decisions and are able to implement them in the operation of the hotel. The services that are demanded by the clients should be provided on time. The quality of food should be up to mark and should met with the clients requirements. It will help in enhancing the customer experience and will also help the hotel in grabing the opportunities that are created so that they will be able to achieve the desired goals and the profits.


P5. Examine digital technology which employed in managing the customer experience within the service sector, providing specific examples of customer relationship management.

Customer relationship management (CRM): It is defined as the theory of management which deals in improving the relationship among the customer and the hotel. So that proper service is provided to the client. CRM helps hotel to adopt better techniques to tackle the work through the use of technology (Payne, Storbacka, and Frow, 2014). Customers data is collected and stored in the computers. In the Marriott group they use the technique so that the data of customer is stored in the spreadsheet, the needs and want of the customer is stored there so that when the customer visits the hotel again then their preference is remembered. This also helps the hotel in improving the customer satisfaction and deriving the health goals. So the process and the questions that will help the hotel to collect the data is divided as follows:

  • Disclose the name of the hotel who is making the presentation.
    The name of the hotel is Hyatt group of hotels.
  • Name of the person who made the presentation.
    Macro Pierre, the person who made presentation.
  • Name of the current customers of the group.
    The restaurant that they have are the main customer of this group, Hilton international hotel and many more.
  • How long they are into this sector.
    The hotel is doing the business in this sector since September 27, 1957

These developing plans are future of the business.

This type of programmes helps the hotel to maintain their functioning, incorporation with the guests identifying the opportunities and examining the feedback.

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P6 Customer service strategies in Marriott hotel.

Marriott group of hotels adopts the policies and the strategies that are made by the managers of the hotel so that they are able to achieve the organisational goals and can improve customer satisfaction. Some of the factors that help in improving the customer satisfaction are:

Follow up after booking: The hotel should start to provide the service when the booking has been placed by the client. The hotels main focus should be knowing the requirement and the preferences of the guests. This will help hotel in facilitating the services as per the requirement of the client (Peppers and Rogers, 2016). Which will finally encourage satisfaction among the customer because of which the loyalty among the customer will increase.

Fulfilling the technology requirement: The hotel should focus on providing the customers free access to the technology that are basic and common such as Wi-Fi, online ordering of the food and making the payment online. This will help the client to do the work efficiently and more accurately. When the hotel is providing free access to the Wi-Fi the they should provide the proper security so that the data is not lost.

Trained employees: The employees of the hotel should be trained in a way that they are able to know the mind of the clients before they ask for the thing (Storbacka, Strandvik, and Grönroos, 2013). The employees should learn from the past practices so that they are able to provide better service to them. Since client's needs are different the employees should be trained accordingly. If you need assignment services at cheap price, then buy assignment from our us now!

P7. Demonstrate customer service strategies which create and develop the customer experience I the way that meets the needs of the customers and required business standards.

Customer Audit Trail, Critical Observations:

Name of hospitality business visited:

Marriott group

Date and time of visit:

29th November, 2018

Ambience of the Hotel

The positive things that the organisation has.

The negative things that the organisation has.

The changes that I prefer.

The peripheral of Hotel was extraordinary as I pass in and the first experience was worthy.

As the employee were not available on the help desk which will demotivate the customers.

The change should be made and strict rules and regulations should be implemented.

Price Sheets, Classification, etc.

The positive things that the organisation has.

The negative things that the organisation has.

The changes that I prefer.

The team of emergency response and the fire exit hoarding.

The path that directs the customer and provide the way is not available in hotel

Proper sign boards should be inserted so that customers are directed to the way.


The positive things that the organisation has.

The negative things that the organisation has.

The changes that I prefer.

Prices of the rooms and the facilities are cheap compared to other hotels.

The hotel has some areas where the prices are more and is very expensive.

The extra cost of should be made favourable and should be decreased.

Range of Products:

The positive things that the organisation has.

The negative things that the organisation has.

The changes that I prefer.

The Wi-Fi facilities and the quality of the food item is very good.

Water in swimming pool is not chlorine and the plant that cleans the water is not installed.

One person should be recruited to improve and clean the pool side so that cleanliness is there.


The positive things that the organisation has.

The negative things that the organisation has.

The changes that I prefer.

The hotel is having good educated and supportive employees.

Some department needs specific employees.

The employees should be recruited in the areas where there is shortage of staff.


The positive things that the organisation has.

The negative things that the organisation has.

The changes that I prefer.

The food that is ordered should be delivered in time.

The time taken in the laundry service by the hotel is very high.

The task of the hotel should be managed in proper way so that the customer is satisfied and the experience of the customer is enhanced.

Supplementary Items:

The positive things that the organisation has.

The negative things that the organisation has.

The changes that I prefer.

The parking facility of the hotel is beat and is benchmarked.

The way of welcoming is not up to mark.

The hotel should work on the way of welcoming the customers so that they can improve the experience of the customer.


This report concludes that the customer experience can be improved so that the brand loyalty is maintained. The Marriott hotel should try to improve the services that are necessary for its customers. Proper training to the staff should be provided for doing this. This report concludes the expectation of the customers and the ways that can be satisfied. Also the impact of technology in maintaining customer relationship and effects are also emphasised.

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