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Management Information System (MIS) for Hospitality and Tourism Sector: Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

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Question :

Being a large organisation Hyatt hotels and Resorts a report is proposed to understand the management information system used within the organisation in which the role and importance of MIS are elaborated. The management information system is significantly playing a vital role in the hospitality industry in taking bookings and provide appropriate privacy measures to their guests. MIS system provides a unique feature of providing personalised services to guest which could be helpful for the organisation to align their business objectives.

  • Indicating the role of MIS for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and its working within an organisation.
  • Examining the importance of MIS for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts in order to attain business objectives in a clear manner.
  • Giving an explanation in terms of recognising the impact of MIS in business functions of Hyatt Hotels and Resorts.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hyatt Hotels and Resorts


The management information system is the computer based system which provides the managers with such tools which helps in organising, evaluating and efficiently managing the departments of the organisation. It includes the software which provides with the past, present and predictable information which in turn helps in people management, decision making, project management applications and many other so that each department can function effectively. Ever since the tourism sector has rapidly grown, it is important for the hotels to make a big place in market and this can be done by eliminating the manual system as it leads towards erroneous management and adopt the computerised system so that efficient management can be ensured. The management information system can help in serving all the needs of a hotel effectively. The organisation chosen for this report is Park Hyatt Hotel which is situated in Sydney. It is a five star luxury hotel which offers accommodation, food and beverage and recreational activities to its customers.


Overview of Hotel

Hyatt hotels and Resorts is a hospitality company which manages and franchises the luxury and the business resort, hotels and vacation property. The Park Hyatt hotel is situated in Sydney where the Sydney Opera House is clearly visible. The location helps in exploring the vibrant rocks village. It is filled with the cobbled lane ways, art galleries, cafes, museums and the luxury stores. The hotel offers number of services to its customers which includes leisure and business services. Leisure services includes rooms, food and beverage, internet access, fitness centre, spa, pool and many other and the business service includes printing, fax service, photocopying, work stations and many other.

Park Hyatt Hotel
(Illustration 1: Park Hyatt Hotel, Sydney, 2021)

Management Information system (MIS) in hospitality and tourism sector

MIS refers to the computer based system which provides the managers of the organisation with the tool which helps to evaluate, organise and manage the departments within the company. It provides the present, past and predictable information which can be accessed by soft wares and hard wares. As tourism industry is growing all around the world, the hotels are rapidly working. Manual system cannot help the hotels to work efficiently so they must adopt the computer based system so that they can manage their working efficiently. This industry is made up of three components which involves attraction, accommodation and transport sector. The important part of hotels are reservations as it serves commercial goal of the company. The front officer manager is responsible with this task so it must take decisions about reservations which is supported by the computer based system. The main objective of the management information system is to design and implement the processes, procedures and the routines which helps in providing the detailed report in the accurate, timely and consistent manner. For instance, In Park Hyatt hotel, the application of the management information system helps in easy reservations so that easy check out and check in records are maintained. As Park Hyatt has a facility of E Concierge, it helps in making the personalised stay for the customers which involves dinner reservations, arrangement of transportation and the request for personal touch through online service.

Role of Management Information System (MIS) in tourism sector

The use of the MIS is focused on many areas which helps the tourism industry to manage their working efficiently. In context to Park Hyatt Hotel, the role of management information system is discussed below-

  • Decision making process- The companies can use the MIS for their decision making as the output of the management information system is generally available in reports which is used by the organisation in their decision making. The Park Hyatt hotel uses the MIS for their future decisions as it helps in keeping the record of the past and present data and also supports in preparing the strategies for the future endeavour.
  • Organisation of wide information- As tourism sector is customer based, there are a lot of information which are required by this sector so that they can manage their customers. The Park Hyatt hotel uses the MIS so that it can ensure that the strategically and updated information is gathered and kept by the hotel in its data and reports. It involves the taste, preference, experience and information of the customers so that it can manage their functions accordingly and serve the customers according to their preference which ultimately built the loyalty base for the customers.
  • Managerial control and the analysis- As MIS provides the companies with the consolidated information and the data, the MIS gives the insight about the managerial process of the company. The manager of the Park Hyatt hotel have a better control on the managerial process and activities so that a coordination built between the departments and their functions are controlled efficiently.
  • Computerised system- As MIS is a computer based system, it enables the tourism sector to give effective and swift service to the customers. The Park Hyatt hotel have the real time information of the customers which helps them to cater with the needs of the customers in an effective and prompt way.

Importance of MIS for the hospitality and tourism sector

  • Decision making- MIS keeps the information safe and recorded for real time use, the companies can utilise it for taking right decisions by evaluating the correct information. As Park Hyatt is focused on offering the services like accommodation and food and beverage, the management information system enables the organisation to provide with such information which helps in decision making process of the management. It also facilitates the hotel to achieve their goals in an effective manner. As the decision making process is not restricted to any particular level, for the globalised hotel like park Hyatt, the management information system supports all levels of management so that they can conduct their business operations in an effective manner.
  • Grabbing opportunities and facing challenges- The MIS also helps the Park Hyatt to identify and address their weakness by using their strength by evaluating the information like employee performance, sales report, revenue report and many other. Moreover the availability of the reports helps the hotel to grab the opportunities at right time so that the hotel can take competitive advantage in an efficient manner. The properly managed reports also helps in identifying the emerging challenges so that company can get prepared to tackle them. The tourism sector has many hurdles to manage their customers as the switching power of the customers is very high, it is important for the hotel to grab such opportunities in real time so that customers can be retained easily.
  • Customer retention- The availability of the information also support the Park Hyatt hotel to handle the customers as the updated information and data is available regarding their taste and preference so that the company can perform the direct marketing and other promotional activities at right time in order to attract new customers and retain the existing one.

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Impact of Management Information System in tourism

The main aim of the tourism industry is to attract as many customers as it wants as it is a customer focused industry. The management information system have a great impact on the tourism sector. In relation to the Park Hyatt hotel, the impact of MIS on the hotel is illustrated below-

  • By using the management information system, the organisation can provide excellent service to its customers as MIS helps in storing the data and information of the customers in a precise manner which involves taste, preference, needs and expectations of the customers. The MIS can support Park Hyatt hotel in giving services to the customers according to their needs. For instance, it has initiated E Concierge which provides personalised service to the customers so that they can get best experience with the hotel.
  • The customers get the options to choose from various tourism and travel option which can make their stay at the hotels smooth. The Park Hyatt hotel can attract the customers by giving them travel options and packages which suits their leisure or business. For instance, the customers can now make bookings online and choose the room of their choice in Park Hyatt hotel. This helps it attracting the retaining the customers for long run.
  • The MIS helps in eliminating the ineffectiveness and delays in managing and handling the customers as it provide the updated report to the hotel with the customer needs. The Park Hyatt hotel manages the customers in an effective manner by providing them personalised service according to their needs. It is done through the management information system which in turn offer the customers with their choice of service.
  • The information and communication technology have revolutionised the travel strategies and plans. The customers can get the real reviews and information regarding the hotels and restaurant in one click which makes their experience better. The Park Hyatt hotel allows the customers make their travel plans easily by choosing the best. Nowadays customers do not rely on family or friends review, rather they choose online reviews to choose their travel package and stay. The hotel effectively used the management information system to attract the customers as they provide best experience to their customers which in return places excellent review on the online sites.

Management information system in Park Hyatt Hotel

As reservation is the most important part of hotel system, one of the management information system of Park Hyatt is the computerised reservation system. There are mainly two types of customers, individual and group. The hotels mainly concentrate on group customers as they give more business to hotels. The front office managers are responsible to take decisions about the reservation which is supported by computerised system. This system helps in making the decisions as the management information system provide many tools to take effective decisions. But this system cannot be used independently, rather it also requires accounting system and the management information system so that the needs of the hotel is served effectively.

The computer reservation system is the computerised system which is used to retrieve and store the information and also conduct the transactions which are related to air travels, hotels or activities. The online hotel reservations are the popular method for booking the hotel rooms. The travellers use the computers to book online rooms by using the online security which protect the privacy and financial information of the customers. The Park Hyatt is a luxury hotel which offer online reservation booking system to its customers so that they can make their travel arrangements at last minutes too. This system have a unique feature to personalised the services according to the availability so that best experience is given to the

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