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Diversity of Hospitality Industry- Hotel Hilton

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Organization Selected : Hotel Hilton


In modern world, hospitality industry plays necessary part which benefits every nation to gain adequate revenue for economy. These are various firms such as restaurant, hotel, pubs, catering and so on which contributes large amount to improve economic state of country. Present report is based on Hilton Hotel which is famous and largest firm which provides different facilities that is luxury room and services to visitors and guests. Various accommodation such as clean room and other kinds of facilities such as restaurant are given by hotel to satisfy customers and make their experience wonderful (Barber, Deale and Goodman, 2011). Structure of current scale, scope and diversity of hospitality is specified in assignment. Different organisation structure which are used by hospitality sector in according to goals and objectives. Management conducts staffing activities and handle issues which influence hospitality firm. Future trends and development are predicted and their impacts on business to conduct operations in proficient manner.

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1.1 Analysis of structure of current scale, scope and diversity of hospitality industry

In UK, hospitality sector is graded as largest segment which influence society and culture of nation in positive manner. There are large number of manpower employed in such firms to deliver quality items and facilities to clients. Accommodation, pub, bars, food, beverage, club and many other things are provided by hospitality sector. These are various services provided by firm to attract large number of people and fulfil their demands and requirements.

Scope: Hospitality is big aspect defines various business organisation which executes operations to deliver appropriate facilities to tourists and travellers (Hertog, Gallouj and Segers, 2011). Hospitality industry includes companies which provide variety of products and services in respect to needs and wants of people. Food, gaming, transportation, health, safety, accommodation, beverage, entertainment and security are services provides by firms to grab attention of large number of visitors.

In modern time period, each and every person have interest and desire to spend vacation in exploring new places and get different experience by visiting new city or country. This increases scope and opportunities for hospitality industry to conduct business activities and deliver appropriate items and facilities to tourists. Apart from this, advantage government to develop economic conditions and enhance employment chances for people.

Scale: Hospitality industry comprises restaurant, caters, event management, entertainment, club, bar, gaming and pubs. These are different forms of firms which provide facilities to deliver adequate things and facilities to visitors and travellers. This help government and hospitality sector firms to gain adequate amount of revenue for enhancing conditions of economy. We also provide assignment help UK online

Hospitality sector main purpose is to generate large amount of profit for making contribution in social welfare. Besides this, economic situation are enhanced to improve conditions of economy by increasing employment opportunities. This help people to indulge them in job in respect to their skills and abilities; thereby earn adequate money for maintaining standards and livelihood.

Diversity: Diversity is an aspect which determine that hospitality industry require to provide different facilities in respect to visitors and target customers. Organisation have people which varies with each other in regard to religion, caste and other background tactics. For this, management responsibility is to provide duties and construct appropriate framework to make employees function effectively. Both men and women require to get equality and work in according to their abilities and skills (Boella and Goss-Turner, 2013). Hilton Hotel provide different types of rooms and designed packages in respect to target large number of people.

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1.2 Organizational structure of different hospitality industries

Each and every corporation have scope, size and structure which varies with each other in according to availability of resources and objectives. Organisation structure is tactic which determines business activities which require to be executed to deliver appropriate things and services in market. Administration of hospitality sector firms divide members and distribute them into various departments so that operations are conducted effectively. Top personnel frame communication channel that are used to provide information to subordinates about tasks and targets required to be achieved by them. Thus, these are various type of organisation structure which are used by hospitality industries are stated below:

Divisional structure: This form of organisation structure is used by firms which are executing operations at large scale and have outlets established in different nations. Management require to utilise resources that is funds, material and manpower so that appropriate items and services are provided to customers. Hilton Hotel uses divisional organisation structure which help administration to manage business and branches in various countries. This help seniors to have large market reach and customer base which benefit firm to enhance sales and profitability.

Functional structure: Human resource, finance, operation, R&D, marketing and sales are various department which are formulated by top personnel. This help Bartlett Mitchell which is a catering firm execute business operations in effective manner and deliver quality products and facilities to people. Variety of food items are provided to people in according to their taste and preference. Administration divide members and provide duties and tasks to staff in according to their skills and abilities.

Matrix structure: This organisation structure determine that management have various projects to be executed to accomplish goals and objectives. Skilled and competent people from each department are selected and given duties to conduct activities to complete assignment within defined time. Management of Paultons park uses matrix organisation structure to execute different projects and provide appropriate facilities to public. Various new programmes are launched to attract large number of visitors (Brotherton, 2012).

1.3 Assessing the role of hospitality related organisations and professional bodies

Travel (air, rail, coach and auto), lodging (hotel), restaurant, recreation (gaming and park) are various forms of firms established in hospitality sector of UK. These are organisation which provide variety of items and services in respect to taste and preference of people; thereby enhance conditions of economy. Government frame legislations and laws to regulate and coordinate functioning of hospitality industry are stated beneath:

British Hospitality Association: This professional body is a private organisation which is related with restaurant, hotel and catering firms. Their main aim is to design framework which provide appropriate benefits for development of hospitality sector. Policies in respect to taxation, employment and sustainability of this industry is formulated to direct firms in desired manner. Education programmes are constructed to inform people and members about opportunities in this segment. By making individuals aware about skills and capabilities required to execute operations and deliver appropriate services to visitors. Media is adequate tool used to spread information in market about existence of company and its facilities.

Institute of hospitality: This association was established by professional bodies to provide appropriate conditions and environment to management of hospitality sector. This industry have various forms of firms that is restaurant, hotel and catering. Different benefits and help are given to individuals which have desire to become manager. Aim of institute is to conduct appropriate classes to provide learning to people. Skills and abilities are improved to make them capable to handle things properly and function effectively.

British institute of Inn keeping: BII is a professional association which provides registration to firms which are established in hospitality sector (Hertog, Gallouj and Segers, 2011). To regulate and manage companies, license is given to make them execute operations and deliver appropriate things and facilities to visitors. Programmes are started and various events and intellectual services to overcome problems and issues faced by people.

British Beer and Pub Association: This organization was constituted by regulatory bodies to provide adequate framework and benchmarks to beer and pub sector. For safe and secure execution of operations, it is essential that management design system and implement appropriate tools and technologies. Campaigning is conducted for building interest of beer brewers by giving them effective facilities and services.

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Task 2

2.1 Assess the staffing requirements of different hospitality businesses

Every organisation require to have adequate manpower, so that business activities are executed properly and appropriate items and services are delivered to public. Staffing is tactic which help firms to organise and mange business activities to be conducted smoothly. Hospitality sector comprises essential role in benefiting and enhancing economic conditions. To provide quality things and facilities to travellers and visitors, it is necessary that subordinates are skilled and competent (Chen and Shen, 2012). Food service and housekeeping are various posts that require to have adequate staff to deliver appropriate things and services to visitors.

Training and development programmes such as sessions, seminars, meeting and conference are executed by management to enhance skills and abilities of members. Hilton Hotel require to have staff which are specialist and have capability to provide quality things to clients. It is necessary that each department that is production, marketing and sales have appropriate subordinates to deliver adequate facilities to people. Employees skills and knowledge determine services given to guests, as they directly communicate with customers. This impacts on image and reputation of firm in market in respect to other hotels. Along this, attractiveness also depend upon goodwill of company and reviews of people in website.

2.2 Roles, responsibility and qualification requirement of hospitality staff

Hospitality sector require to have adequate manpower to execute operations in effective manner. Subordinates plays essential role to maintain and regulate functioning of system. Management selects and recruit applicants in respect to skills and abilities, so that candidates are able to execute activities in proficie

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