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Catering and Banquet Management

University: Icon College of Technology and Management

  • Unit No: 11
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

The scenario of this report discusses Conference and Banqueting Management practices in the context of industry attractiveness and business opportunities. In this regard, targeted organisation of the respective organisation can consider:

  • State the size and scope of Conference and Banqueting sector as well as identify influence of potential factors over the development practices.
  • Identify strategic or operational issues related to specified industry as well as quality and performance review techniques for given scenario.
  • Explain the practices related to food production system and identify factors that needs to consider while organizing off-site conference.
  • Describe menu planning practices within Conference and Banqueting industry.
Answer :
Organization Selected : IKEA


The report provides an insight about the hospitality and conference sectors which are existing in UK market and the report has provided various details so that the readers get to know about the working of the hospitality sector. The different issues like the key strategic issues, development factors, food and catering facilities and various ergonomic considerations are being discussed.

Task 1

1.1 Size and Scope

The hospitality industry in UK is made up of two sectors which are conference and banqueting. The conference group includes the spaces which are available in UK for the organization of the official events and other formal activities. The banquet activities are those which are specially concentrate on the special family occasions and functions which have to be celebrated. Both the sectors have an interesting scope of diversification and this is considered as the fastest growing industry in the world. The industry commenced its operations long back in the 19th century and these banqueting and the conferencing industry has come under the evenest industry. These two industries deal with the events like the community and outdoor evenest, festivals, cultural events, business meetings, exhibitions, charity and fundraising sessions, sports events and many more. More than 46000 resorts and hotels exist in UK which offer the services of banquet and conference across the nation. They also attract many clients from the fringe market and many tourists also make use of the services (Fletcher, 2018). The market of this sector generates sales of more than 40 billion pounds. This is also the third largest sector and this also generates a lot of employment opportunities. The scope of this sector is also huge. A lot of workforce is needed to manage such a sector. The size of the conferences which are held in such places range from small to large. The annual turnover of the industry has increased multiple times. The companies generally keep on holding many conferences due to which they make use of the services of these industries.

AC 1.2 Development factors

Many factors have been responsible for the development and support of the industries in the UK market and the services which are many and they can be bets understood by studying the components through Pestle analysis.

Social factors: The UK country is very rich in the historical evenest and the propel desire to read and see the overall firsthand experiences and this away many conferences and events are held to host the special programmers and meetings.

Economic factors: The growth of the economy often leaves an impact on the individuals and the businesses. They create reason for the celebrate the achievements and the successes and this is done by conducting events (Eventbrite UK Blog, 2018). UK economy has grown over the years and this ha eventually led to the development of the new industry and this way this is promoting these two banquet and conferencing industry

Political factors: This is represented by the power possessed by them. The political powers have over the years have tried to make the policies for the promotion of the trade and even the immigration policies promote the industry and have helped the growth of the sectors.

Technological factors: The growth or the changes taking place in the technology is also causing a lot of impact this industry. Many of the corporates and the individuals are increasingly getting aware and they want the banquets and the halls to be technically very high. The development of technology has been created a virtual world to help people to use conferences as new medium of doing business. Even the contribution of internet can’t be undermined in the growth of this industry and even the industry keeps on making use of this technology for doing development.

Environmental factors: The environmental conditions in which the Government of UK have changed their outlook and with the growth of such industries there is a need to do adequate control and monitoring so that sustainable growth can be made.

Legal factors: Then the growth of the industry is also influenced by the laws which has an influence on the activities of the organizers. Many of the factors actually makes the process very lengthy and even the creativity of the event managements gets hurt.

Task 2

2.1 Operational and strategic issues

The existing downturn in the globe has caused a tremendous effect on the activities which are related to the events originations. The individuals are considering the quality and price so that they are bale to earn more profits. So this all has increased the level of competition among the companies. So many of the operational strategies have to be considered so that more customers can be added to the clients list by the companies (Ryan, 2016).

Packaging and pricing: Due to increased level of competition, it becomes important to know about the competitors and also the prices at which they’re offering the services and even the ex- employee may be used to get the information about the competitors. Even the companies must create the flexibility level in the designing of the conference halls and the banquets. The cultures of the people expected to visit have to be considered and the adornment and the designing of the halls by adding the cultural touch to the events.

Discounts: Then more discounts can be offered those who make frequent bookings at the halls and this would help in attracting more customers. The people may be offered some kind of free booking after doing the consecutive bookings at their places.

Hygiene, safety and health regulations: The industry has to follow many of the regulations as such a standardization would help the companies. This would help the professional people to developed more faith on the industry. They can also provide training facilities to their employees as this would increase the level of hygienic and safety in the organizations. This has to be done keeping in mind the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Licensing laws: The likening in such industry is guaranteed by the local regulatory body of UK. So no kind of disruption must take place in the work and the organizations must obtain them.

2.2 Review techniques

The quality and the performance review is used for improving the future and ongoing events at the organizations. AT present an organization is planning to host a conference which would accommodate about 2000 people and as the number of high so many steps have to be taken so that better performance can be done at the organization.

Drink and food review: This is the most vital ingredient of nay event as the requirements of the food and drinks of the guest are planned in this. Some of the guests may have specific choices and some may even prefer diet food, so these options would be offered to the customers so that needs of all the customers may be fulfilled.

Review of budget: The budget has to be set for the entire event organization. This would make the planning process of the event easy. It is also important to set the approximate budget for each of the component in the main budget so that the cross checking of each item can be easily done.

Dress code review: To make the event relay successful, each of the step has to be performed with due care in the mind. Some of the concepts like using a dress code which would match to the background decoration may have the ability to leave a positive impact on the minds of the people and this would also encourage them to keep coming back to such evenest. So a dress code is chosen for all the main people so that the profile of the company can be presented in a proper way.

Entertainment review: The events have to be done with a touch of entertainment and they form the very essential parts of any banquet (Mair, 2012). So the entertainment options would be clearly selected and chosen as per the experience and the tastes of the customers expected. The age group of the guest would be considered while selecting the entertainment choices.

Decoration: The decorations would be done accordingly which suits the event and all the things would do in accordance to each other.

Table plan review: Many of the important personalities are expected to be present at the event so necessary arrangements have to be made to make them sit and even arrangements have to made for those who want to enjoy the event while seating themselves. The prices of the tickets for them would be obviously high and the tables and the chairs selected would be such that they would be able to serve the aim for which the event is being held.

Review of transport: This is also vital as many guests would be expected to reach the place of the event using various transport options. The planning has to be done for the disabled people so that they may face no problem in getting from one place to another.

Classroom activity

3.1 Food production systems

The food service system is the main factor which is considered while seeing that the event management program would be successful or not. The success of the event is dependent upon the quality of the catering and food services and the food must include the variety for the people belonging to various cultures. All the steps in relation to the food have to be planned properly so that no halt or quality issues are faced later. The food which is to be served must be healthy and fresh so that hygienic factor is always kept in mind. The food must be accompanied with the required frank and beverage services so that the guests remain happy (, 2018).

The food production systems and the styles of the services of beverages have to be carefully evaluated as this may vary according to the size of the conferences. The bigger the conferences need more option for gala dinner arrangements and small conferences would be fulfilled by the small food services. The conference must have a certain banquet system and the beverages like coffee and tea must be served. In the summer season an option could be added related to the soft drinks. Then other considerations regarding the food have to be considered as all the legal companies have to be met for makings sure that no problem occur in the future.

3.2 Off site conference

Some of the factors which have to be kept in mind while planning an off-site conference for banquet arrangement:

Use of skilled manpower: The conference facilities must be able to make use of the services of the skilled manpower. This is important for making sure that the events are conducted in the best manner possible as only people can make an event successful.

Climatic conditions: The climatic conditions where the conference is planned must not be too hot or too cold place. The temperature or the climate has to be checked before selected the place as the visitors must not face nay problem while making sue of the place. This must suit to the conditions and Even the necessary decoration can also be done at this place.

Presence of resources: Then many other resources have to be considered like the budget, the pace must be affordable, the access to the place can be easily done using transportation, the arrangements regarding the food and the beverages. The offsite must have the availability of various resources which may help if smooth implementation of the conferences and such resources include the internet, electricity, water supplies and much more (Lai and Li, 2014).

Transportation: The area must have required access to the transportation facilities so that people may not face connectivity issues. This area cut be within reach of people and this is important point to make sure that the event is successful.

Entertainment: Then the place must be able to provide entertainment options to all the guests of the conference. The expected number of the attendees have to be checked before planning the event and all the factors like layout, decorations and other arrangements have to made for the entertainment of guests.

3.3 Key menu planning conferencing

The key menu planning considerations have to be considered before going for the banqueting and conference events and these are vital to the success of any event (British Hospitality Association, 2018). The menu consists of various parts which includes the main course, drinks and desserts. the management can make use of various approaches for the food and the beverages industry and this planning is important as it drives the image, theme, concept and the quality of the service provided. The menu options can be provided to the people using options like management contracting, Franchisees, outsourcing. The main considerations are as follows:

Requirements of the customers: The needs of the customers have to be considered while planning the menu. The menu has to be wide so that maximum options could be made available to the customers.

Recent trends: the changing trends of the market have to be considered and they must be added to the food offered to the customers.

Nutritional balance: As people are increasingly getting are conscious so the offerings of the food must be such that people must get the nutritious food and the food at the same time has to be fresh and healthy. The hygienic factor of the food is the most important thing.

Production capacity and the service potential: Then along with the quality of the food, the production capacity of the food and the services which helps in catering of the food must match each other. This has to be proper to make sure that all are able to get an access to the food items. Any problem on the service peart may have the potential to rupture the entire process.

Budget and feasibility: Then various feasibility checks must be conducted so that the last minute problem must not occurred. This must also be able to fulfill the aspects of the budget. All the requirements have to be planned in accordance to the budget. The availability of the ingredients is also important so that production of the food can be take place easily. Even all the points must be discussed with the host of the events as that his opinions can be also be considered. Then decisions have to take for deciding about the services like self-services or table services would be used which again is dependent upon many factors.

4.1 Ergonomic consideration for a given conference or banquet

The ergonomics factors are related to the efficiency of the people who are working at the company. This basically means how the cost could be kept low for any meeting. The consideration of various aspects is considered in this like the flow capacity, space, seating arrangements and many more factors. Then besides that many other things have to be managed. This has to be done in accordance to the environmental factors and relating to the customer requirements. No harm must be caused to the environment. The considerations also deal with the providing the convenient and the flexible meeting places and this may include the consideration of the factors like:

  • Room configuration
  • Lighting arrangements
  • Temperature control
  • Technology arrangements
  • Per function space size
  • Other amenities
  • Ventilation and air conditions provisions
  • Computer aided design packages
  • Demands of the floor

So these considerations have to be considered for the arrangement of the meetings.


The report presents a comprehensive insight about the how the banqueting and the conference industry works and many other factors are also considered. This industry has gained momentum and to make sure that all the facilities are managed in proper way, this needs proper planning and things to be considered.

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