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Banqueting Management - Service On A Plate

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Question :

The scenario of this report is based on Catering company known as “Service On A Plate” that provide catering services to events organisation, local Contracts, large organisation and so on. The manager of the firm wants to do a research upon the overall conference and banqueting sector by considering:

  • Identify the influence of different factors over the development of conference and banqueting industry as well as its size and scope.
  • Examine the performance review techniques within “Service On a Plate” as well as operational issues related to conference and banqueting industry.
  • Evaluated suitability of different factors relevant to conference and banqueting industry such as menu planning, food production system, planning practices of an off-site conference etc.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Service on a Plate


Conference and banquet is an industry which provides hall facilities for business meetings, seminars and many other things. In the UK, there are many opportunities for this industry as it contributes towards economic growth(Davis, and Further, it provides hotels, restaurants and seminar hall services to those who afford these types of facilities. Present report is focused on Service On A Plate Company. It provides catering services, banquets and conferences for its customers and also give many more services to them. Firstly, this report covers size and scope of conference and banqueting industry in the UK. Further, it covers performance and quality review techniques used by the conference and banqueting industry. Lastly, it also includes key menu planning considerations for conference and banqueting events.


1.1 Discussion about size and scope of conference and banqueting industry in the UK

In UK, there is most essential thing to attract the investors is to invest in banquet and conference hospitality industry is the scope and size of this particular sector. The size and scope of the conference and banquet industry are fully dependent on factors like ownership style, their orientation level and the service level of this industry which is provided to their customers. Conference industry provides a Large Meeting Hall and Conference Hall for seminar facility to their customers for making goodwill so that more customer can attract(aremen, 2016). There are a company, Service On A Plate they provide meeting area, catering services and food facility for those people who attend the seminar and meetings. UK is one of largest economically developed nations and there are many facilities regarding this industry. In the UK, there are so many companies conducting and organizing world’s largest conference because this country is economically strong. There are too much area for grown up the conference and banquet industry in their nation.

This industry comes under one of the largest growing industry. The scope of this type of industry depends on the other relative industry like bar, restaurant, food and beverages, etc. In this industry, there are above 46000 guest houses and hotels that cover approximately 130000 premises. There are 1.5 million people connected with this directly and indirectly(Kosmieja, 2016). This is a specialized sector and so, there are many opportunities for their people and it is a big sector. In this sector, there are three types of sizes are available for conference and banquet. These are small, medium and large. These sizes are divided according to the number of people or guests presented at a particular time. The number of meetings and conferences is occurred at a given time frame is depends on square size of the industry. Small size conferences have number of people approximately 500. In medium size conferences, there are 600-1000 members attending the seminar. For large size conference which is continuing for 5-6 days and in this category there are more than three to four thousand people.

1.2 Analyzing factors that have influenced the development of this industry

In the development of conference and banquet in hospitality industry, there are several factors that have a strong influence on this sector. These factors should be considered by this industry. There are so many factors like environmental, socio-cultural considerations, specific protocols, speech making, political, subsidised provision, free meals, the economy, budget targets, technological, lighting, sound systems, specialist equipment etc. These factors can influenced this industry(McCallaghan, 2015). In these, there are several factors like accommodation services, innovative decision support system, entertainment and amusements facilities, etc.

In the external factors, economic factor influence are generated by the condition of country, GDP growth are the major parameter for this.

  • Environmental: There are many resources that must be used effectively and efficiently.

Socio-cultural and technological factors will affect more.

  • Technology: this factor plays an important role in development. Introduction of semi-automatic and automatic machines, mechanical power, productivity and morale contribute a lot towards development. Although UK is being developed country and technology support to increase in industrialization there.

In other factors like lighting, sound system, specialist equipment also have an impact to hospitality industry and on the company. Service on a Plate organization basically provide catering services for an event and there are also some factors which effect the development on its growth.

  • Governmental: in this factor such type of things can be included liaison with police, licensing laws, traffic and crowd control(Park, S. and, 2016). These factors should frame and implement such policies which affect investments, savings and flow of capital from one sector to another. Some organizations receive protection and incentives are given to the growth in view of national interest.


2.1 Assessment of the key strategic and operational issues involved in effective management of Service On A Plate Company

In assessment of the strategic and operational issues which is includes in better effective management of this company, for this process firstly we need to keep distinct operational and strategic planning clearly. These words are directly linked with decision making process. It should be designed to support and inform effective management of strategies to improve the performance of company. Strategic issues simply refer as a formally and systematic process for deciding new plans so that an organization can take new plans. Further, operational is also known as tactical issue and it is for short term, in detailed plan made by the management to achieve desired goals and target(Rahimi, 2017). These are involved in scheduling and systematic determination of initial activities required for objectives of strategies and operational planning.

Strategic issues: There are some strategic issues involved in conducting management activities. These have effect on the organization. For this reason of barriers there are high gaps between maintenance personnel and top management at strategic level. It is an essential thing is to build maintenance because it is utilized in making better environment. It has an impact on the planning to apply building performance and maintenance operation process.

Operational issues : this type of issue also comes for develop the effective management work and it is face in this company(Rahimi, 2017). In these aspects, there are many issues like information related, internet facility etc. For this purpose there are several strategies are included for standard service providence. It supports to accommodations with many services like night club, shops, car parking zones and other rooms for extra facility providence to the guest.

These are some major issue regarding operations and for strategy making that are come in front of the management of Service On A Plate. They need to solve these for effective management and growth of the company.

2.2 Performance and quality review techniques used by the Conference and banqueting industry.

There are different techniques for checking performance and quality which are used in this industry. For reviewing the performance of employees, it should be checking about their presentation and work efficiency. Also, analyse the number of customers and keep this information for future growth(Yang, 2016). This helps in company to attract new customers and visitors toward the organization. There are some techniques for reducing the number of omissions and errors. These are Six Sigma, total quality management and Kaizen principles. All those will help in problems that will arise in the management system and arrangements. They also use training and development of employee method for those employees who newly appointed in the organization. In this company there are some more issues come in between the service providing to their customers. Quality of food and numbers of items are example of this issue. This can be solve by management and adequate staff of the organization.

There are conducting catering business so that management should work accordingly about their issues. They can provide necessary arrangements for making the business ambience and they should work as per the customer preferences in the decoration. For production and supply chain they control and monitor their approaches. In hospitality industry there are the performance of a company is fully dependent on the success of the business meetings and conference. A successful conference required active human resource participation and they also support to the management for better work So that the service provider company in these segment will have increased success in future times. Their clients also involve in discussion of quality and performance of the conference and review techniques of it. They create proper vision and make team excellence for growth towards the success of that conference. There is a different thing also comes that is useful for growth in the company that is location. This thing support to this industry at high rate and gathering of persons depends on location of the conference. In advance, evaluation technique may be conclude in feedback from the person who participated, hotel staff members and agency itself.

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Task 3

3.1 The suitability of a range of food production systems and styles and food and beverage service styles for Service On A Plate company.

It is an important thing that is right menu in proper arrangement attract lots of customers so this method should be follow by every company. In this context this is the best ever suggestion for service on a plate. It must be apply by this organisation and food which is provided, should have the perfect combination of non vegetarian and vegetarian. This food is serve according to the occasion, festival and customer's preferences. If customers are satisfied then they promote organization themselves at their level. Company also checking the quality of food which they serve and it is considered that food is organic(Seal, 2017). There are some factors by which management can affect in process of food selection, in production system and menu. These are level of event and program, contract type and different combinations that will describe in the best menu option. Many types of food service provide in a company of hospitality industry. This organization can follow some methods as according their customer preferences :-

Bar Menu – this type of service provides for drinks and many bars and restaurants follow this method for hard and soft drinks. These are too much useful in usually this organization.

Room Services – this service mostly provide for those people who preferred as eating food in privately and according to their choice company must provide this service. For this purpose organization give facility for eating in their occupied room.

Catering Services – it is mostly provides in a specific program or for an event. There are food made only for consumption be getting there logistic service.

Ala Carte – as per the customer order this food service is provided to them.

Buffet Menu Service – it is the specific service and it only provided for selected food as per the contract which is made earlier.

3.2 Discussing factors to consider when organizing an off site events of conference and banquet.

A company want to organise off site event, there are so many factors which are considerable.

  1. 1. Type of Event – for any off site event organising first thing is come about type of event. There are many events of conference like shareholders meetings, press conferences, formal meetings and board meetings. These events occupy different type of spaces.
  2. 2. Number of Attendees – the second major considerable thing is finding numbers of attenders so that facilities and services are according to them.
  3. 3. Location – it is an important thing to determine where the meeting will be held. Area and public transportation must be required and taking a little time to consider the attendees.
  4. 4. Budget – it is also an essential thing to cover in off site event organising. It is compulsory that make a detailed list of all possible expenses like office services, rent of equipments, staffing needs, beverage expenses and many other things cover in that list.
  5. Venue Policies – this is also a measurable factor because it is read by everyone who attend that conference's rules and policies.

3.3 The key menu planning considerations for such events.

For planning of menus, it is considered that this is according to the preferences of clients and this menu is fresh and safe in all aspects. The customer eats this food happily, they will give more establishment and this will increase the profit of the company. In menu planning there are a standard process which must be follow. This process is starting from choosing the food, components, ingredients and list them according to their prices. This process is most important and it should be done only by an experienced person or authorised person. These persons can be included in this process Chef, Food and Beverage manager or controller and waiters. In case of this type of industry first impression is most important thing and it is considerable by everyone so take this point as compulsory. After this, design of menu is come and it must be carefully completed. Clients who take our services, they told about it to their relatives and friends so this is one of an important thing and by using this a company increase their sales and goodwill. Therefore, maintaining the quality of service and food some important factors are considerable :

Skilled Employee – all employees of that particular company should be skilled and staff able to do the whole work related to their clients expectations. Company should provide better training facility to them.

Presentation of Food – this is the best way to attract more customers by food presentation method. People are more satisfied from fresh and delicious food which serve as dish.

Nutrition – it is an important thing that every thing which is served, should be nutritious and it is also a legal requirement.

4.1 The ergonomic considerations for Service On A Plate.

Ergonomic is considered as work science and it is focused on making new things that are user friendly and comfortable for everyone in utilization. In other words it is an essential thing and use for making user fit the product. It is describing as understanding of human and other factors interaction. It has responsibility of design and evolution of every product, system and services.


From the above study, it can be concluded that conference and banquet industry is vast and there are so many companies. In this context, a company Service On A Plate is operates its business and earn profit. There are some important points covered in this report related to this organization and states that how they work and also referred about their services like catering. This industry has many opportunities for growth and for development. There are stating economy condition, political and technological environment in UK and this company survive its business at increasing rate.

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