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Hospitality Operations


Hospitality operation management defines the management of hotel which provide better guest experiences to their customers. Multi facilities are have to provide by every hotels to people. Hotel needs to reduce their cost and improve customer providing services in order to earn more profits and attract large number of people. Performance of front office is plays an important role in every hotel. Front office is responsible to provide all related information to their customer which people want know about. The present report is based on city centre hotel which offer varieties of services to people. It provide better quality of food and best hospitality services. It have to frame menu related plans which beneficial for them to meet their target and goals and objective. It has attractive front office department and maintain housekeeping services in order to maintain cleanliness in hotel. City centre hotel is an 3 star hotel, they want to upgrade their hotel in order to become it 5 star hotel. Old hotel consists only 100 rooms, one coffee bar. On the other hand, new hotel consists 200 rooms, mini suits and executive floor (Law and et.al ., 2013).

Assignment 1

Rooms division, facilities and security department.

City centre hotel needs to maintain their rooms division department in order to allot rooms to their customer. The activity of allotment of rooms is depends on the demand and needs of their customers. Further rooms division manager is responsible for housekeeping and front office department. As city centre hotel is a global brand hotel which provide varieties of facilities. They need to recruit best person for handling overall operations of the organization. Leaders and managers are responsible to opted cost management strategies for attaining desired goals and objectives. Leaders and managers are responsible to divide rooms according to the needs of their customer. They have to offer best quality of services in each and every room. Rooms division manage is responsible for effective leadership and operation of entire rooms division department (Myung, McClaren and Li, 2012). This department consist following factors which are as aligned below:

  • Financial responsibilities which are related with rooms division. It is the responsibility of managers and leaders which it effectively handle by them.
  • Higher authorities are responsible to meet customer satisfaction objective. Hotel have to provide netter quality of goods and services in order to attract their targeted audiences and meet their expectations (P. Crick and Spencer, 2011).
  • People who agree to take room in hotel and in that for time then they become guest for the hotel. So that, hotel have to meet guest satisfaction target.
  • They have to offer luxurious services to their customers which provide full satisfaction to them.
  • Hotel have to maintain relationship with their customer and build trust among them.
  • Also organization is responsible to maintain secure and safety environment in hotel for people in which they can easily survive and spent more time.
  • Rooms division department include various other functions such as front office, house keeping, security and much more.
  • Every hotel have to build trust among people by develop safe and secure environment within premises (Pegg, Patterson and Gariddo, 2012).

Hotels have to maintain good environment in which people can easily stay. Leaders and managers are responsible to motivate their subordinates inn order to meet corporate goals and objectives. They are able to maintain standard of rooms and improve management of city centre hotel. Rooms division manager is responsible to manage overall operations of the organization. They have to manage performance of hotel in international market which attract large number of people. Also rooms division is responsible for economic centre of hotel and budget of hotel as well. They have to provide best customer services which is the first as well as last impression in front people. Cost management strategies are opted by organization in order to minimising the cost and maximising the profits and revenues. Through this people can easily survive in international market (Sigala, Christou and Gretzel, 2012). Effective cost management plans are helpful for companies to meet their long as well as short term target.

Facilities stands for extra benefits to people in order to raise standard of hotel and build trust among people. Hotel is responsible to maintain good and safety environment within premises which maintain performance of organization. They needs to frame some plans and strategies related to food providing services, security and other services. Some various types of facilities which provided by city centre hotel to their customers are as aligned below:

  • Hotel offer varieties of food stuff according to the taste and needs of their customers.
  • Free Wi-Fi or internet on which people spent more time.
  • Luxurious services in order to meet satisfaction of people and fulfil their demand.
  • Hotel provide party hall to their customer in which they can organize party.
  • Offer mini fridge in every hotel along with higher quality of TV and AC
  • Maintain safe and secure environment in hotel in which people can easily spend time (Wadongo and et.al ., 2010).

Hotels are responsible to maintain safe and secure environment with in hotel. Whenever customer are check-in in the hotel then they are responsible for health and maintenance of people. Some security factors which hotel is needs to follow them are as follows:

  • Hotel have set CCTV camera for proper security of their customer. Cameras are help to identify hidden mistakes and conflicts which are arises with in premises.
  • Automatic locking systems are opted by these hotels for maintain proper security with in organization

Key Operational Issues Affecting Front Desk

Front desk or front office or reception can be define as a face of any organization. It is a first place a outsider, guest, business person visits and interact with a staff. The prime duty of a front desk is to answer every possible question that is putted to her in relevance of the company. In hotel industry the work of front desk can be categorise as taking reservations through phone and mails. He/she has also to deal with complaints and problems by customers. He/she has to be very polite calm and fluent in language regardless of a behaviour of a visitor. Front desk have many areas of work to assist the day to day of business they are working for, such as fixing appointments, filling various type of forms, keeping records of various activities in hotel, and many other office works for the sake of running an organization (Zhang, Joglekar and Verma, 2012).

Most of the people enjoy staying in hotels and look forward to the various facilities provided by the same. Hotel industry consist of services comprises of accommodation to travellers. It operates 24 hours a day and moves towards providing best satisfaction to their ultimate customers. People at front desk have to be very attentive and should be up to date about the running issues in hotel. For example, if there are issues in kitchen regarding delivery of order and customer is misbehaving with you pointlessly, he/she have to solve the issue in a very calm manner but sometimes what goes wrong at front desk which adversely affect their performance is handling so many issues at a time, as all things have to be managed properly. The best way to handle such issues is to listen the customer properly and answer them appropriately and apologise for the inconvenience they had to face because of hotel fault.

The largest number of people are engaged in the department of housekeeping which is the important part of every hotel. Around more then 50% employees are working in this department. The managers and leaders are responsible to maintain overall operation of organization. In the department people have to improve their leadership skills and try to motivate their subordinates. Motivated employees are help organization to meet their corporate goals and objectives. The main importance of this department is that it maintain clean and safe environment in hotel premises. Housekeeper is responsible to check rooms on the daily basis.

Rooms must be clean which attract large number of people. In order to maintain safe environment hotel have to frame plans and strategies. This step is beneficial for organization in order to met their long term and short term goals. Some responsibilities of housekeeper are as aligned below:

  • They have to safety equipment and improve their leadership skills.
  • They needs to motivate their employees in order to attain corporate goals and objectives.
  • They have to provide better customer services to their customers and meet their satisfaction level with offer best services.
  • They have to clean guest room in a timely and effective manner. Also public areas are clean by them and in order to maintain their performance in international market.

Also they have to keeping records of their work performance.

  • They need to maintain financial records and improve performance of company.
  • They to follow guidelines which are in the interest of hotel and their members.
  • The main importance of housekeeping is conducting guest surveys which are helpful for them.
  • The housekeeper responsible to conduct room's inspection on the daily basis. Regular view of maintenance books are beneficial.
  • They have to recruit best people for hotels in order to complete task in a timely and efficient manner.

In every hotel or every type of organization operational issues are created which having impact on the overall operations of the premises. Operational issues are created when performance are not conducting well. Various types of challenges are faced by this department to meet their goals and objectives. Lots of operational issues are having bad impact on the performance of company.

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