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Principles of Complementary Therapies

University: Mont Rose College

  • Unit No: 18
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 15 / Words 3701
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: H/601/1635
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Question :

This means the complementary therapies which is made as groups in diagnostic with all therapeutic disciplines that are used together with all the conventional medicine. Kindly do answer the learning outcomes mentioned below:

  • Explain principles behind all complementary therapies with their current Usage.
  • What is the evaluation of systems made for regulating all use of complementary therapies.
Answer :


The term complementary therapies can be termed out as group of diagnostic and therapeutic disciplines which all used together with conventional medicine. It is combined and integrated with conventional medical treatment and it can be called as integrative medicine (Lindquist, Track and Snyder, 2018). The main aim of this therapy is to treat the whole person not just disease. It can help to individual in order to bring improvement in health and quality in life.

The present report is based on a case scenario as Mrs Ruth Simmons is a right-handed, 65-year-old women, who is diagnosed with left anterior occlusive cerebral vascular accident (CVA). Moreover, she is also taking medication of Hormone replacement. Thus, the main object behind understanding the role of complementary therapies in health and social care is to determine the effectiveness of maintaining health and well-being of an individual. The assignment will provide the differed range of complementary therapies, principles and its advantages and disadvantages associated with it. In addition to this, it will be inclusive of role of complementary therapies and its evaluation for regulating the use of complementary therapies. It is helpful in terms to sustaining and well being in life.

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1.1 Description on various complementary therapies and its treatments available for service users like Mrs Ruth's Simmons to address the problem of speech and morality

The complementary therapies are useful to deal with conventional medical treatments which has been prescribed by doctor. It is helpful in order to improve the quality of life. These therapies are useful to cope with side effects. In the present case, Ruth Simmons is a right-handed, 65-year-old women, who is diagnosed with left anterior occlusive cerebral vascular accident (CVA) and she is also taking medication of Hormone replacement. In this, CVA can cause sudden death to the person and it happens due to lack of oxygen when blood starts to the brain and its impaired by the blockage to the brain (Wang, Zhao and 2017). Thus, there are alternative stroke treatment and it has been discussed in below contexts as are-

Thus, there are various kinds of complementary therapies that can be used in terms to address the problem of speech and morality as are-

Acupuncture- In this, western medical acupuncture is based on the medical knowledge and current based medicine. This kind of technique works as to inserting sterile needles into certain trigger points just below skin. This works as stimulates the nerves and cause the release of natural chemicals to body which may give the feeling of well-being. In the case flow immunity level in an individual this is an effective physical therapy (Baydoun and Barton, 2018). Every theory is effective as it provides some beneficial factors to cope with the symptoms of the factor causing illness or complications. It is effective in order to cope up with things as are-

  • It is helpful in terms to relive fatigue.
  • Effective in reduction in vomiting.

Aroma therapy- In this, use of oils which has been extracted from the plants can be called as the aroma therapy. It processes with the use of herb and plant extracts. It is relaxing and one of the most enjoyable experience, in the case of Mrs Ruth Simmons It is effective therapy as it helps to generate blood flow.

Art therapy- This is also effective therapy in terms to letting go off typical situations. With help of painting, drawing, sculpting will be helpful in terms to discussed in group or counselling. It is one of the effective mind body therapy.

Yoga- In this, Yoga involves the positioning in differed ways and it is also helpful in curing breathing exercise. Thus, use of gentle stretches, movements, medication will be helpful in order to improvise the blood flow in body.

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1.2 Description on advantages and disadvantages of complementary therapies which can be used for service users like Mrs Ruth Simmons

In this, Alternative therapy and medicine, holistic therapy and traditional medicine are some approach which will be useful in terms to deal with contemporary therapy. Incorporating with alternative therapies will be helpful in terms to improvise wellness for improving and maintaining physical and mental well-being. In addition to this, some natural ingredients mixes with ingredients as drugs can create the situation as sceptical and hesitant to try natural treatments (Baatsch and, 2017). There are some advantages and disadvantages in relation to contemporary therapies and it has been discussed in below context as are-

Advantages of contemporary therapies as are-

  • Holistic approaches is helpful to regain the balance between mind and body. It puts its major consideration over helping the pinpoint the root cause. To maintain the overall wellness for long term the contemporary therapies empowers as to taking care of mind and body.
  • It is done with the help of using of natural therapies involving using of natural ingredients. Te yoga can be done without the need of special equipments. It is flexible or it can be done at anywhere or at any place.
  • By the using of herbs and foods will be helpful in terms to control the disease so that cerebral vascular accident can able to get cope up. Moreover, issues in relation to anxiety and depression will cure by taking therapeutic massage and it also beneficial in terms to relive muscle and joint pain (Liao and, 2017).

Disadvantages of Contemporary therapies-

  • The one of the most common disadvantage of contemporary therapies is that it is time taking process. Thus, the disease cannot get heal instantly. At the time of nagging headache it is importance to get cope up. In this case, practitioner will not recommend complementary therapy for emergency situations.
  • There are some herbal remedies which gets interact with the prescription drugs. In this case there are some natural therapies which may have contra indication for existing condition.
  • At the time of undergoing with any of treatment as contemporary therapies it is essential to have the professional advise with regards to Incorporate alternative therapies.

In this way, it can be said that medical practitioners as conventional are becoming more open to have the use of complementary therapies as supportive treatments. It is essential to make the informed decision before adoption of treatment. Thus, Mrs Ruth Simmons is suffering from cerebral vascular accident and also taking medication of hormone replacements (Liu and, 2017). To generate the blood flow effectively it is essential to have the use of supportive treatments as contemporary therapies.

1.3 Explain various factors influencing to complementary therapies on locally and nationwide with the help of three factors

In this case, it can be said that the use of complementary and alternative disease are being widespread. There are many factors which affects the complementary therapies, some of them are explaining in below context as are-

  1. Physical factors- In this, it can be said that many people will face various of physical issues as pain and mobility problems. There are some patients who uses to think as to have orthodox medicine so that they can easily get the relief from pain. This kind of medication as are paracetamol and Iboprofen. In addition to this, there are some people who has issues with the medication so that they prefer other alternatives as are massage and acupuncture.
  2. Culture factors- In this, it can be said that the each country is having its own culture barriers which is also works as to impacting the understanding in relation to medication. It will be factor which influence the individuals that whether they must have or not have the use of certain form of health treatments. This factor may create the issue as domestic consumer may wrongly apply their own medical concepts and issues in terms to have understanding to imported tradition medicine (M Zarshenas, Zargaran and Blaschke, 2017). It may lead to resulting the issues as misunderstanding and having subsequent misuses.
  3. Social factors- The social factor may be inclusive of physical condition of the health in which people born, work, play and learn. Thus, people gets largely influenced by the surrounding and peers opinion. The customs, lifestyles and values to the society are characterized by particular society or group. It can be also inclusive of the factor as working conditions, poverty drugs and social supports.


2.1 Define the role of complementary therapies in relation to orthodox treatments as per the case scenario of Mrs Ruth Simmons

There are number individuals who are living with the diagnosis with the harsh disease. In this case, Ruth Simmons is a right-handed, 65-year-old women, who is diagnosed with left anterior occlusive cerebral vascular accident and she is also taking the medication for Hormonal replacements. Due to this kind of diagnosis people may suffer from the spiritual, social and psychological trauma in relation to their illness and harsh impact on their lives. Furthermore, it can be said that conventional medication cannot be expected to meet the full range of its complex needs. In this it can be said that the addition of the complementary approaches to the orthodox medicine can be helpful in terms to reliving of the symptom burden. This kind of this can also be helpful in relation to development of the ability to get cope with their illness and provide quality life to the people.

2.2 Description on the evaluation of people attitude towards complementary therapies as per case of Mrs Ruth Simmons

The main aim of this study is to investigate the attitude towards complementary and alternative medicine and to evaluate the relation between people and its contemporary therapies. The object of complementary therapies is to balance person in manner as physically, mentally and emotionally (Tseng and et,al., 2017.). Thus, complementary medicine is helpful to relieve symptoms, ease treatments of the side effects and improve the quality of life. The researcher came to know that these therapies are useful to provide effective treatment plan so that disease can able to get cured easily. With the help of complementary therapies the quality care to patients can be provided. Moreover, health professionals should provide effective care which also can address the spiritual, physical and psychological needs of an individual. There are number herbal therapies which helps to provide effective massage therapy to an individual so that he is able to get cope up with their disease, in the present case, Mrs, Simmons was also diagnosed with cerebral vascular accident and she also needs treatment and therapies so that blood can generate and chance of having stroke can be reduced.

2.3 Assessing the psychological effects of complementary therapies to service users like Mrs Ruth Simmons

Complementary therapies are useful in terms to provide effective care to an individual who is suffering from depression and its provide the way of dealing with it. This kind of therapies are helpful in order to puts its major consideration over self development of person. The main aim of this therapy is to provide the quality treatment to an individual. These therapies are helpful in terms to provide effective mental health care to the professionals. In the present case of Mrs Ruth Simmons, she is lady who is suffering from cerebral vascular accident and it creates the issues in relation to blood stroke and it creates the harsh impact on the well-being of an individual (Lindquist, Track and Snyder, 2018). In addition to this, Psychological treatment is the kind of healing process which takes place between the two or more person. The best Psychological treatment is that which provides effective care so that health condition of an individual can get improved. It is the process which refer as development of human being in terms to cognitive, emotional, intellectual and its improves the overall functioning of an individual. It is systematic process in with regards to have overall development among individual.

2.4 Comparing the contraindications between orthodox and complementary therapies

Contraindications is considered as the situation that can make the whole process inadvisable. For every single treatment, there are some small chances of risk as well. Therefore, contraindications help in gaining the idea of same. For every single therapy, contraindications can vary (Lindquist, Tracy and Snyder, 2018). Different contraindications have been associated with orthodox and complementary therapies. One of a major risk factor that can occur in case of orthodox and complementary medicines is that in these, practitioners make use of drugs and medications so that the person can get some relief. So, in case of heavy dosage etc., there are possibilities that it can act fatal to the person and its body functions. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that a proper risk assessment can be done in order to prevent any major complication or issue.


3.1 Analysis of reliability and validity of information sources

Information sources from where one can be able to get an idea that what can be the complication that can arise of some specific symptoms. The fact that is to be ensured here is that the sources must be reliable enough that so that whatsoever the information that has been gained from it should be true. Therefore, the information gained must be truthful, then only, it can be considered as valid and reliable. Any source can be classified reliable and valid that can help in providing a range of data or information that can be used for further purposes. There are various complementary therapies that can be termed effective if being involved by Mrs Simmons. Some well known examples of complementary therapies include providing massages, acupuncture, aroma therapy, yoga and many more. So, as according to the situation of the case, Mrs Simmons has been diagnosed with left anterior occlusive cerebral vascular accident (CVA).

Along with this, she was also suffering from hypertension and for coping with its symptoms, she was used to taking diuretics. So, with the involvement of some complementary therapies, she could have dealt easily with hypertension and other issues she is going through. As yoga is a popular complementary therapy that can actually help Mrs Simmons to get relief from some of its symptoms, so it can be termed as an effective option that can provide help to Mrs Simmons. She was also taking medicines for replacement of hormone, so with the help of acupuncture or yoga, she can receive a balanced set of hormones so that it cannot affect negative on her bodily functions. There are various symptoms of stroke as well that throws a very negative impact on some functions of the body (Brami, Bao and Deng, 2016). So, some other examples of complementary therapies include massages, intake of herbal medications etc. It is because these can actually help Mrs Simmons to cope with the symptoms of stroke. Therefore, all these complementary therapies can be considered as effective enough that can be involved by Mrs Simmons in order to deal with various factors associated with left anterior occlusive cerebral vascular accident.

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3.2 Evaluating evidences consisting advantages of complementary therapies

For sustaining health and well being of Mrs Simmons, various factors that are associated with complementary therapies can be referred. There are various complementary therapies and every single therapy has some beneficial factors that can be used in order to provide some sort of relief to Mrs Simmons. Different complementary therapies include proper nutritional amount, chelation therapies, aroma therapy, herbal medications and many more. Mrs Simmons was dealing with hypertension. So, an involvement of a proper amount of diet which is rich in nutrition and is balanced can prove as an effective option for her. It will help her in a managed and balanced behavior of all bodily functions. So, it can also further help Mrs Simmons to cope with hypertension and its various symptoms.

There are some supplements also that can be used for controlling effects of stroke. So, the involvement of these supplements and medications can actually help Mrs Simmons. It is important and effective because this can lead to a sustainability and well being of her bodily so that she can be able enough to cope with different body functions, whether they act normal or not. So, for the factors that are not effective nor normal, these can be dealt and improved with the involvement of any of these complementary therapies such as proper diet full of nutrition, intake of herbal medications etc. Music therapy is also considered as one of the effective complementary therapies that can be involved by Mrs Simmons and this can actually help her to deal with issues associated with hypertension. It is because one of a very common and basic symptom of stroke is that the person goes through depression or hyper tension. So, the same happened with Mrs Simmons as well. Therefore, with the help of music therapy, it can be expected that Mrs Simmons will stay less anxious, feared and can stay quite normal to basic and routine activities of life.

3.3 Recommendations for complementary therapies

Some evidences that were gathered as complementary therapies for Mrs Simmons can be quite modified so that it can be provided to her in a way so that she can feel all improvements as soon as possible. An example of this can be considered as the fact that for replacing hormone, she was used to taking medication, estrogen. So, rather than taking the replacement medication, she can also make involvement of complementary therapies such as yoga etc. It is because yoga can actually help Mrs Simmons in getting a balance between different hormones of body. So, yoga or even herbal medications can be considered as a better option for Mrs Simmons. Therefore, it will also help in preventing her from any sort of side effects (Roe, Visovatti and Barton, 2016). So, Mrs Simmons can ensure to replace her medication with that of yoga or herbal medication so that they can be even able to achieve a success rate greater than that of before. Also, the dietitian should also ensure to provide her a balanced diet so that it can help her to stay fit. Therefore, she can be able to deal with symptoms like depression etc. This will however help Mrs Simmons to get a decreased rate of hypertension as well. It is because stroke has two basic symptoms, hypertension and depression. Therefore, the replacement of complementary therapies as in diet and yoga can prove helpful enough for Mrs Simmons.


4.1 Evaluating the effectiveness of regulations and other factors for using complementary therapies

For using complementary therapies, there are some laws that have been developed and implemented by the government of UK. According to the laws and policies, treatment procedure by the will of patient has been restricted. So, practitioners can take the decision because it is obvious that they are experienced and thus, can resolve the issue to a larger extent. The fact that is to be ensured here is that the practitioners should be registered because one cannot afford any type of mistake in terms of providing care and support to a person. Whether it is in any terms such as dentistry, osteopaths etc., the practitioners should be well designated so that a proper care and support can be provided to the person suffering. So, it can be considered as an efficient factor because the patient might think that which treatment can be easily for them and for that, they can even compromise as well but a practitioner will seem comfort along with the fact that it should be appropriate for the patient so that they can get better. So, it can be classified that there is a huge importance of regulation at the time of making involvement of complementary therapies.

4.2 Recommendations for improving regulatory systems for use of complementary therapies

There is a higher rate of effectiveness in the regulatory systems of complementary therapies but some factors can be involved for making improvements. As one of an efficient factor of these regulations is that without having proper medical qualifications, the candidates cannot start practicing (Deng, Cassileth and Kaasa, 2015). It is because if they are not qualified properly, then there are higher possibilities that some fatal can be caused. As according to some studies, it has been observed that in some health care centers, students are given major responsibilities. Although by this way, they can learn but without medical qualification, it can cause major issues. Therefore, a proper monitoring of these factors can be done.

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It can be concluded from the report that there are enormous number of complementary therapies that can be adopted by Mrs Simmons in order to get some relief from the symptoms she was facing such as problems with mobility, speech etc. There are various factors that affects these therapies, so these can be considered while implementing a few of them to Mrs Simmons. For different treatments, such as orthodox etc., the involvement of different complementary theories can differ but each one acts effective enough. Different advantages of these therapies have been discussed in the report along with some factors that can be improved while using these complementary therapies for Mrs Simmons.

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