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Evaluation of Unequal Aboriginal Health Access


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Unequal Aboriginal Health Access In Australia


There is a presence of huge variations in the quality of public health care that is provided to native residents of any nation.There has been an under usage of service in some nations while others have been overusing it. Moreover, most of the nations have faced an unequal distribution of health and related services. This can be said as some members of community have got a proper access to health while others are unable to receive even the basic kind of health system.

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Research Objectives

The primary objective of the present research endeavor is to determine how best to improve health access and health outcomes for aboriginal populations in Australia. In order to do so, there has been formulation of many secondary research objectives, which are as follows;

  • To identify the predominant causes of the inequality in health access and outcomes for aboriginal populations in Australia.
  • To promote solutions for improving access and outcomes experienced by aboriginal populations within the context of Australian public health.
  • To create actionable recommendations that will help to bridge these gaps.

Research Question

The research questions in any study helps in providing valuable answers to issues. The questions are considered as that part of study around which entire topic is made to revolve. There has been a formulation of many overarching research questions on the basis of identified aims and objectives for the research study. These are as follows;

  1. What are the causes behind inequality in health access for aboriginal populations in Australia?
  2. What solutions can be used to improve access and outcomes experienced by aboriginal populations in terms of Australian public health?


The quality of public healthcare is typically diverse as there is a wide array of economic and sociological factors that directly implicate that there is a tendency towards some form of inequality in every national healthcare system (Mohajer and Earnest, 2009). The reasons are often associated with ethnic disparity, socio-economic hierarchy and geographical disadvantage.


The potential significance of the study is to bring improvement in the overall access to health provided to native aboriginal population of Australia. This is followed by further development of strategies to improve the overall access of health care. The study will definitely play a key role to improve the overall health status of Australian aboriginal population (Down and, 2010).

The research study is this significant for many individuals. It may provide valuable input to;

  1. The academicians and research scholars who are repairing a PhD thesis on the related topic. The research will assist in helping them develop a deep understanding towards the health care system of Australia. 
  2. To thinkers for which the present research will provide a novel sight towards development of ideas and techniques.

Research Methods

The methodology that will be employed to address the research objective is qualitative in nature. This is essential as the research study is aimed at aimed at improving both the access and outcomes experienced by aboriginal populations within the context of Australian public health.

The qualitative methods will this help in promoting a number of solutions so as to bridge these troublesome gaps. The primary instrument for data-collection will be a survey which will be designed keeping in mind the primary research question which will be tested through a pilot experiment (Kothari, 2004).

Incentives for participation :To aid in the facilitation of respondents to take part in the research study, the need is to offer incentives for participation so that they get ready to complete the question sets and related measures of evaluation (Daniel and Sam, 2011).

  • Research Setting :The research setting would be the local region of Australia and will depend substantially on outreach efforts through use of selected public and government sponsored agencies as well as with the help of public health outlets and aboriginal advocacy groups.
  • Sample size :Respondents will be drawn from the local aboriginal population by courting voluntary, private and anonymous participation in the experiment. The sample size selected for the present study happens to be 50 local aboriginal populations that have been residing in Australia.
  • Exclusion criteria :The concept of exclusion criteria is basically utilized to find out whether an individual should participate in a research study or should be excluded completely from the systematic review (Daniel and Sam, 2011).
  • Intervention instrumentation :There will be a utilization of existing instrument that have been pilot tested prior to their implementation in the research study. 
  • Questionnaire (Self-report measures) :There will be an administration of a self-administered questionnaire to all respondent so as to investigate the very aim of topic which happens to be determining how best to improve health access and health outcomes for aboriginal populations in Australia.
  • Data analysis :The present research study deals with the use of qualitative methods. Hence, the data analysis will also be done a qualitative manner by making use of thematic analysis technique (Dey, 2002).

Ethical Issues

The term ethics is defined as applying the basic ethical principles towards topic involving scientific research (Brannen and Moss, 2012). Utmost care will be taken to perform present study on aboriginal population of Australia in an ethical manner.

A special care has been taken to follow the legal norms and related laws. The principles are as follows;

  • Respect – The aspect of confidentiality of the aboriginal population to be included as participants will be maintained throughout the study.
  • Justice - This area of any research study entails for providing equal selection to the participants.

Facilities And Resources

The funding of the PhD report will be given by the University. It will also provide all the facilities and resources which are required for completion of this study. The following areas are taken care of throughout the entire duration of report. 

  • The costs involved in completion of research study would be budgeted accordingly. 
  • Access to campus facilities after the working hours will be provided. 
  • There will also a provision of the necessary library support.

Data Storage

The data that has been collected from respondent by use of survey questionnaire sessions will be collected in audio tapes and prepared summary notes. These would further be stored in the locked research room of University campus. The access to the data will only be in hands of researcher, research assistants and the concerned supervisors.


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