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Social Issues in healthcare

Table of Content



There are many social issues related to the health care department which are needed to be carefully analysed. The health care department is greatly affected by the cultural technological,and social environment. There is a need to change the attitude towards the health care department as it is a very important sector for the economy. The issues arise due to the   gender inequality poverty in the society racialism and other discrimination on different grounds. In  this report the strength and weaknesses of the the health care department will be discussed and how those weaknesses can be overcome by keeping particular perspective.


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1.Social Issue in healthcare

The health issues refer to the current situation of the health care department. These are issues which are related to the discrimination done in the services given to the different groups society by the health care department. Media plays an important role in informing the general public about what is going in the health care department by giving knowledge about the changes that are taking in it. Poor face the problem as due to poverty in the society they can not afford to take expensive treatments as compared to those who are rich. This result into betterment in the overall health of the society but the health of poor is not improving in the same ratio. This is a challenge for the policy makers to make such policy from which even the poor gets the same  benefit. Another issue in the health sector is related to the discrimination done on the basis of gender and the sexuality. Females are paid less than the males  even when same work is done by both. This is done because females are considered week in comparison to males and that they do less work in caparison to men's. In U.K. Study was done and it was observed that people belonging to the minorities are given less health care facilities in comparison to whites. According to this study in  diseases  like cancer heart problems mental problems more health care of the whites are taken. Even the babies who born in the poor families are given no care even if they prone to get  chronic diseases and also because of the gender discrimination female life expectancy is very less in comparison to men's. Women's   are abused by men's and also violence against female also results into the long and short term health issues for women's Though later health care surveys were conducted by the government for the people belonging to minorities groups and the collected data  was then analysed by the health professionals. Survey created awareness about the heath problems which was faced by the minorities. Also the general public got to know about health inequalities  issues that are prevailing in U.K  through the social media, health care websites. After knowing about the inequality  that is taking place in the health sector minority groups were created at different areas to create awareness against such issue by asking government to work for their betterment by protesting and making pressure on the government.

2.Sociological Perspective:

Sociology in the health care department tells about how interaction between health and society take place. There are different major sociological perspective which can provide detail understanding of the health and care. Before studying the perspective it is important to know what is health. It is a complete well being of an individual(physically and mentally) not just being disease free. Sociological perceptive emphasis that an individual is healthy when he is in the healthy environment and is mentally stable. There are various  sociological perspective to health and care like functionalism symbolic intersectionalism feminism and conflict theory. Different theories emphasis on different issues that are present in the society or the challenge that are faced by the society in the health sector. The conflict theory emphasis on the struggle which is done by the different groups of the societies. Discrimination on the basis of caste,gender,religion minority and status is done by the health care departments. This encourages poor health among a specific group of the society even when the overall health status of the country is improving. Poor people  are not given the same facilities as they can not afford to pay the high fees of the doctors and charges of the expensive treatments. The theory said that people with money are are benefited with the advancement in the medical as they can pay easily even to the expensive treatments. Health care treatments related to the heart , cancer or like diseases are very expensive and can not be afforded by the poor and therefore they are left with their problems resulting into in crease in the death rate of poor (Gadanidis and Geiger ,2010). Capitalism is observed in the health care department as they decide how the system will work and the minorities are dominated by the subordinate group. Also the living conditions of poor people is not good. They live in unhealthy environment,have poor diets, and get infectious disease more frequently. As they are less educated and ignored by the subordinates no action is taken against improving their living conditions. By improving their living conditions  half of their health related issues can be solved. Except than the discrimination done on the basis of financial status different groups are discriminated on sexism basis also. Females are discriminated and given less importance  and are dominated by the males of the society. There is no country in this whole world where both the gender is treated equal. Women's are mostly allotted the task which involves more of personal care or hygiene of the patients considering women's week. On the other for the operational related activities or the management work males are appointed considering them more capable of taking important decisions than compared to women's. The pay scale of males is also kept high in comparison to women's in the health care jobs. In the medical field there are more male doctors even in the department of gynaecologist where ladies are uncomfortable visiting the male doctors. This is because women are consider more suitable for the care taking jobs like nursing,cleaning,and therefore the ratio of female is more in comparison to males in these department. Although females have more stress while they are on work. They come from home after doing their household duties and than continue to work whole day in the hospital and than goes back and again continues her duty of being a daughter wife or mother. There is more society pressure on females like they are judged on how they are dressed,when are they returning back to home etc. Therefore even if female wish to earn more by doing night duties of nurse in the hospitals many of them would not do it only because the society will than  start questioning her. These various conflicts should be resolved in order to improve the overall health situation of the country. For this government should  interfere more in the health sectors and see that everyone is treated equally. Surveys should be done by the health care departments about the health conditions of minority in order to create awareness among everyone. Poor people should be provided with knowledge about how they can improve their working conditions and maintain hygiene in their residents. This can be done by demonstrating message giving plays in their societies or through other promotional programmes(Swartz2012). Facilities like health insurance bi-ma etc. should be given at low price to the poor people so that they get attracted towards them and take benefit out of it. Also free education should be given to the poor children so that they can contribute to the society when they grow up and also work for the betterment of their own minority group. Not only the minorities but also the doctors are needed to be motivated to work for those who need their services more. It can be done by showing the adverse effects of discrimination done by them with the minority groups that how they have to suffer because they are being ignored by the doctors. Doctors should treat their patients as their responsibility as  it is that profession in which patient consider doctor as their god and do not expect their god to ignore them just because they are poor. These issues can be solved to a great extent if discrimination on the basis of gender is removed  from the society. If females are given equal importance than they can also contribute in improving the health issues in the country. Placements in the health sector should not be done on gender basis but on the basis of the intelligence of the individual. Everyone should be paid equally for the same work profile as it will encourage women's to participate more and work harder. This will promote equality and everyone will get the fair chance to prove himself/herself. Also awareness among the society should also be created that. Strict laws should be made against women abuse so that the health women's health is protected and they can be saved against various diseases.

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3. SWOT Analysis of Conflict Theory:

Strength: The conflict theory helped much in understanding the present conditions of the health care system specially the challenges faced by the minorities and females. The theory shows how the society is ruled by the superiors and how they contiue to the same without realising the adverse effects of it. It is very difficult to actually understand the problems faced by the minority or females until they were not highlighted in the conflict theory. This theory tells how people of different groups suffer due to the practice of discrimination in the society and how no one is concerned for their betterment. Conflict theory brought awareness about the problems faced by female in the society though no one has any control over their gender and suggested how their condition can be improved(Bottomore2010). The theory also suggested that how the government is insensitive for the minorities. The government gets assistance from rich people in society and therefore it is more concern for their betterment in order to get continuous financial assistance.

Weakness: Though the conflict theory helped so much in understanding the sociological perspective of health and care it fails to give supportive reason why people work together and do not complain. People know that they are underpaid still they don't stop going even when they are not forced to go. The theory fails to explain why the minority don't want to  take any action against the discrimination done to them. Why they just follow the past trends of getting suppressed by the superior and do not work for their own betterment. This theory fails to give the supportive reasons behind the tolerance of  discrimination that is done to them. The study of the conflict theory is done only at the macro level avoiding the facts of same society at micro level. There is need to know the reasons as only then actions can be taken in there favour.

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From the above report it can be concluded that there is a need to bring change in the existing health and care system. There is so much of injustice done with different segments of society on the grounds of caste gender racism. Measures should be taken in order to protect them from being exploit by the superiors. Education should be provided to the poor people and actions should be taken to bring equality in the society so that the overall health of the country can be improved. There is a need to bring awareness among the poor people about the importance of  raising the living standards in order to get respect in the society.


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