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Nursing Clinical Reasoning Cycle Examples

University: University of Adelaide

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Question :

The article tends to undertake the details regarding the clinical reasoning cycle which is the process by which nurses tends to collect words, process for the information, plan and execute interventions by evaluating outcomes and reflecting for the learning process. It also leads to undertake the clinical judgement, problem solving, decision making and critical thinking as it is the process that tends to offer the leads for the series of linked clinical encounters.

  • What are the suitable stages of clinical reasoning cycle?
  • What are the specific skills which are required for the clinical reasoning nursing?
  • What are the factors which are undertaken while developing treatment plan?
Answer :

Nursing clinical reasoning tends to undertake the process for the suitable steps that leads to walk for the healthcare professionals, nurses and physicians by the systematic manner by undertaking logical considerations. It leads to allow suitable management plan of patient by considering the healthcare professionals through the suitable series of systematic manner, in order to lead for the final decision which is best for the specific situation of patient. In regard of this, the clinical reasoning cycle tends to undertake eight steps for the significant process for having the accurate assessment for the health factor and status of patient. For this, the suitable phases of the process is discussed by considering the specific example of new born baby which is admitted to the NICU for the neonatal jaundice.

Adapted and reproduced by kind permission of elsevier

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  • Collection of information: It leads to undertake the medical history of patient by representing the complaints for the current treatment of plan, current vital sign and result of investigations. For this, people tends to identify the prominent findings by effectively using the developed knowledge of pathology, culture, ethics and pharmacology in order to develop clues and consider suitable information.
  • Processing gathered information: It include the core skills of the clinical reasoning cycle by which the data of patient is described for the current health status in terms of pathophysiological and pharmacological pattern. It also leads to represent the suitable details that tends to determine the significant potential result which is possible for the decisions which are developed.
  • Identify the issue: In this, the suitable and solid information process tends to determine the abilities and reason behind the current state of patient.
  • Establish goals: It leads to determine the treatment objectives for the prominent situation of patient that tends to develop treatment plans that should not be open-ended for the time oriented goals. Besides this, it leads to take decisions for the desired result.
  • Take action: This factor tends to effectively execute the actions which are taken for the suitable steps that are required in order to meet the treatment objectives of patient. It tends to undertake the suitable members for the clinical reasoning cycle in the healthcare team that can be updated regarding the treatment goals for the specific patient.
  • Evaluation: This step leads to undertake the effectiveness for the suitable course of action which are taken by the individual. Moreover, it leads to determine the readjustment and continue for the line of action.
  • Reflection: This step leads to fortifies the skills by reflecting for the new things which are being learned regarding the case in different manner that helps in achieving better result and tends to neglect similar occurrences for the upcoming period of time.

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Moreover, the clinical reasoning also tends to undertake the act for the significant caring for the moment of data which is collected undertaking the suitable performance of learner and also make choices of the judgement. In regard of this, the judgement is understood for the flexible and discriminative manner by considering the ability which is being recognised for the suitable aspect while considering the clinical situation, interpreting and offering the significant response appropriately. In regard of this, learners also tends to use effective critical thinking in order to make judgement by considering the significant set of skills which are being learned and consider the attitude which is important for the overall development of clinical reasoning.

In relation with this, the suitable skills are required and also classified in three categories including cognitive skills, behavioural skills and mental habits. It also tends to undertake the suitable development of prominent skills which is complex for the growth and development of learner's clinical reasoning. It leads to understand the significant process of thinking and decision making by integrating the effective practices for clinical for the healthcare consumers. Hence, the clinical reasoning in nursing is quite complex and dynamic for the mental procedure as it tends to occur the suitable identification of the overall situation by demanding for the effective care of nursing in order to have prominent selection of actions which are important for effective care in terms of reaching to the effective health results undertaking the prominent responsibilities of nursing.

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Besides this, clinical reasoning cycle is the important function for the healthcare by considering the effective performance of the professional factor which is being depend on the various factors in order to have significant result which is not good for the thinking skills. Therefore, it is quite efficient for the healthcare by having effective dependency on the prominent analysis of the clinical data by having suitable quality of decisions which are being involved by considering the risk factor and suitable benefits for the diagnostic treatments and tests.

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