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Development of Personal and Professional Skills


The development of personal and professional skills is the key to achieve the individual or organizational objectives. There are so many challenges in the way to achieve the goals, the learning about the factors which are helpful to clear those challenges, are also the part of this development process. M&S which is a retail company in the UK, the person who is working on the manager profile in this company have to manage their personal and professional skills that can help him to deliver a better service to the organisation to achieve their desired objectives(Avalos, 2011). In this report the benefits of self managed learning approaches and the life long learning approaches are discussed. The evaluation of the skills and competencies are also outlined which are against the standard and objectives of the organization. Further the opportunities and plan for the personal and professional development.


1.1 Approaches to self-managed learning

The self managed learning is defined as the process in which the person have to learn the thing by their own. There are some approaches that a manager in M&S can adopt:

  • Seminars and conference: From the seminar and conferences a person can learn so many things, its allows the people to stand on and speak about something and spread their knowledge between others who wants to learn those things. The confidence factor is also developed in the conferences as they do speak in front of so many people to present something also the skills of presentation can be developed.
  • Social networks: The social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumbler and so many others, they all can be the medium to learn so many things. People used to spent time on such social networking site, they shares their knowledge and interact with the people through chatting and all which can be a better source to learn(Sutherland, Howard and Markauskaite, 2010).
  • Internet: Internet is a medium which is used by each and every individual in the all over the world. People can search there desired data through the Google which is a largest search engine in the world. The people can also access the internet to get the data which could be helpful to understand the working of their workplace.

There are some more approaches that linked to the self-managed learning which are personal strategies, current needs of the individual and also future needs

1.2 Lifelong learning to be encouraged in context of personal and professional

Lifelong learning is a great thing in order to develop the things in an individual that is used by him in personal and professional both life. The schedule that is adopted by an individual in her daily routine, has to be proper, which can help him to manage its time for personal and professional tasks and also gives the reason to their daily life. Participation in such activities that are introduced in a group, is also a good approach of lifelong learning.
Individuals have read and learned so many things from the different sources, if he has shared those things to others, that can also give a better outcome. The courses that are so long but useful in future can be adopted for lifelong leaning(Thomas and Beauchamp, 2011). These courses are soft skills, English improvement, practical work, communication with customers and so on. The individuals of same profession can share and exchange their knowledge with each other. This conversation can develop their personal and professional skills.

1.3 Individual and organizational benefits of self-managed learning

To meet the objectives the M&S company has hired the employees who have skills with so much of potential as leadership skills, time management skills and those skills which are required to achieve the organisation's objectives. There are so many benefits an organisation can have from the self- managed learning and lifelong learning. The adaptability is increased in the individual which means the changes can be adapted by the one who are going through the self manages learning.
The new technologies and trends usually come to the market so a person will be aware of such things. The issue which is related to money can come with the individual or the organization, will be also adapted. The topics which are compelling their life, they can explore them and its an opportunity for the lifelong learners(Ertmer and Ottenbreit-Leftwich, 2010). After this learning process the body and mental stress can be so low and the individual can enjoy the company of its family and the other events in its life.


2.1 Current Skills and competencies against the professional standards and organisational objectives

To get the objectives of an organisation like M&S which is a retail company. Basically the firm provides the clothing, food products and home products and has so many stores in UK and international thus they want so much of employment for their store. The staff should be skilled and for the employees that are already exist, the organisation makes the effort to organise training and development program. There SMART theory is preferred by the M&S in its system which is abbreviated as specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. The writing and communication skills should be so good in the employees of the M&S, the organization's objectives can be possible if the employees will have these skills.
Personal skills are also required in the employees of such organization. The expectations of the organisation can be met with some good had writing of the employee, also they should have the better listening ability to better listening of the instructions of the management. The quality of listening is so important for an employee because he works as per the instructions of company regarding their various operations(Dabbagh and Kitsantas, 2012). The employee should have the team spirit which allows it to work in a team and share their ideas and skills with other team members.

2.2 Own development needs and required activities

The employees who know how to manage the time, must needed in the Mark& Spencer. It is required with the timer management skills to manage the time for different work within the working hours of the organization. It should have the leadership skills as if the employee is working on the manager post so he should have the ability to charge their team members thus they have to work as per the objectives of the company. The information technology is an important factor in the retail industry, so the employee should have the better communication skills and he should know about the latest communication techniques that are being used in the system. These skills can be developed by attending the training and sessions for developing the aspects of personality.
There are some strategies which can be helpful to enhance the personal skills of an individual who is working in that retail company. News papers reading can be a good thing to increase the knowledge of an individual. Its is also so helpful to skills development that are related to communication(Johnson and et.al., 2012). The PEST(political, economical, social and technological) analysis is a external environmental audit which can be a medium for personal development.

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2.3 Development opportunities to meet the current and future needs

If I am working in a Mark&Spencer as a manager the current needs depended on the personal and professional development of me, the employee has know about my own level on which I am working because now I have the adaptability to stand in any situation what is given to me. Now the culture of the workplace suits me and I can work with more durability. But I want to get improvement in some skills like decision making, communication skills, management of time, leadership skills and to build and maintain a relationship.
My personal development have to be maintained in a way that I can understand the things around me. There are so many skills which should be appropriate in an employee to make successful career in the coming year. I believe in future I need to upgrade myself so many features such as leadership quality, planning with proper strategy, my commitment should inpire the people, any kind of change could be managed by me, the employees of organisation has to be developed, my personal life should be balanced with professional one.

2.4 Plan for personal and professional development based on the needs

In every side of life either it is personal or professional, planning is so essential to be anything or to make anything. As per my objectives I can draw a layout with the requirements. The plan is so helpful to make sure about the prospective of future. The every single thing should be included in the plan, the sensitive one and the insensitive also. If I am working is M&S, then I must have a plan as per the company's requirements, which can be fruitful for the future development of the organization. In each stage of life modification is very important and also the modern technologies and knowledge about the new theory must required to achieve the desired objectives of organization(Dolea, Stormont and Braichet, 2010). The SWOT analysis has its focus on the strengths in me, weaknesses which can affect my performance, opportunities that I can get in the future and threats which can make an impact on the strategy of the organisation. It is the reflection of such needs and on the basis of those needs the plan has to be made.


3.1 Process of development plan: 

In their as firstly management will identify the internal manpower weakness and than select employees for their improvement. Moreover, discussion with top management to take permission about the conducting above sated programs and also established short tern objectives. Al last evaluated and implemented all these plan.
requisites of development plan
Development plan is a essential of the any organisation for meet their future needs and goals accomplishments. Development plan is a way to develop their skills and knowledge about their products. Development is necessary for the meeting new demands. There are various activities which is essential for development:

  • Training: Training is most essential for all employees where training is provide proper knowledge about the skills and working practise. Training is a way to improving their skill and knowledge. Training aid to develop their individual skills and knowledge.
  • Workshop & seminar : Workshop & seminar will be help to interacting with each other employees. Training and workshop are conducting for the improvement their performance. Seminar are help to increasing confidence towards their works(Dolea, Stormont and Braichet, 2010). Training and workshop both are the development tool which are conducting for the improving their knowledge and it will be helpful to increasing organisational performance.

3.2 Document development activities

As per the above state development I have monitored my progress report where t can be necessary to develop with the help of action plan I evaluate my performance ability where I ca improved it. Firstly I compare my past performance with present performance. So In that case I made regarding the changes enquired to fulfil my objectives. With the help of swot analysis I recognise my strength and weakness. Where I can improved my skills all these terms which are concluded with the context of SWOT analysis . As sated above discussion I improve my decision making power and communication skills . It can be useful for goal accomplishment. With the help of all these activities I can also improve my presentation skills, writing skills. Where it can be helpful to me for future consequences. Writing skills are help me to provide proper information in written form and communicate all over the employees. I have attend coaching training and workshops which help me to overcome my problems. With the help of some seminars and workshop I improve my knowledge and skills towards my performance level. I also improve my decision making problems where I take better strategic decision for the company.

3.3 Critical reflection of my own learning

Presently I am working as a manger of M&S company where I deal with various task at a time . To become a competitive advantage I can improve my skills so it would be helpful for achieving organisational goal . I am good in many things like I have a managing skills towards my work. I properly managed my work as according to the time. And I also managed whole organisational working methods and practices which they all are used. I stay cam with my work and I use to to a participative nature in work. Where I helping to other one's with there work. I overcome my weakness with the help of training session and workshops which can b e help to improving my skills and knowledge so that I can achieve my desired goals(Mann, 2011). Even I started reading article and books where it can be aid to develop my writing and communication skill. I also improve my decision making process where I took strategic decision for the company to create a competitive advantages over the other companies.

3.4 Development plan based on feedback and evaluation

On the basis of above development plan I have received some feedback from my trainer regarding my improvement. As, I have attended coaching to improve my writing skills at this point my trainer said I am doing well and learning well. And with the help of some training session I have got positive feedbacks. It build up my confidence and willingness towards my words. There are the updated development plan:


 Ways of developments

Source of  Feedback

Aims & objectives


Decision making skill




writing skills



management skills

Generate Proper information about current market and customer needs.


Reading proper books, articles and blogs.


Generate information about the management studies and working practices.



From higher authority





From trainer of respected training institute.



From higher authorises.

To take better decision for the organisation goal accomplishment.




Improvement in writing skills where It can help to communicate  proper information in Wright manner.


Management skills are help to provide effectiveness in management and help to increasing performance level in an organisation, and it can be build better work force environment.

 With the help of some training program decision making skill has improving well.




With the help of reading books and article still improving writing skills.




With the help of some management studies properly gained knowledge about the management practices.


4.1 Solutions to work-based problems

In an organisation there are various problems will occur. Work based problems are affected to business performance level there I some big problems there I identify one big problem which is related to team management . In an organisation such teams are not managed properly and also they are not performing well in team work. manager have so many problems related to employees their work so that they want to some improvement in workforce situations. There are various solution overcome their problems:

  • Identify the issues: In an organisation firstly identify the issues and list out the possible solutions.
  • Motivations: Most of the time motivation increase their workforce confidence and performance level in towards employees(Maister, 2012). Motivations are help to increasing their performance and moral in workforce. So that they can build proper workforce environment .
  • Rewards and Compensation: Providing proper rewards and compensation are also increase team performance and workforce efficiency in their organisational level. Rewards and compensation plan are help to create a healthy environment and also build equality in an organisation towards there employees.

These all techniques are helpful to reducing workplace problems and improving organisational environment. It can be assistance for develop their team performance which is helpful to improving organisational productivity.

4.2 Styles of communication

The business communication is basically done in two ways, one is oral and the another one is written. The oral communication can be seen between the subordinates of the organization. In Mark& Spencer they do conduct so many meetings of their authority members or the other team members, the process of interview is also a type of oral communication. The oral communication is done horizontally ion the organization, the employee have the general conversation, which is also a horizontal communication and they should have the respect for each level of employment. For example Grapevine is an informal business communication.
There is one more approach to communicate with the higher authority of the organization. When some official information has to be circulate in the organization, the written communication is the only way. The company have its agenda, different reports, different manuals for the customers and employees(Hung and Yuen, 2010). These all have done in the written style of communication. This communication is processed vertically, from top level of organization to bottom.

4.3 Strategies for effective time management

Time management strategies are the way to managed work as per the time . Time management is essential for any working practices. With the help of time management employee had to improve in their working efficiency and laid to increasing their performance level. Effectiveness of time management is help to balanced their professional life and social life. There are various time management strategies which are help to managed their work efficiency and also time management strategies are help me to manage time as per according to work distribution. There are the strategies which are help to managed time :
Work based priorities: In this strategies set some priorities is helpful to reducing work load. In this strategy complete those task once which are more important(Hong, 2010). Work based priorities are made for reducing work load . In this point person set work distribution as according to time where it is help to completing work n time and prioritisation of work is laid to reducing workload and that is more important to increasing their work performance and boost working efficiency. This is the one of the best time management strategy where organisation improve work efficiency.


By this report we have concluded that there are so many approaches for self-managed learning and individual can also have the benefits as they have adopted them. There is also a discussion on the personal and professional skills and a reflection on my own skills and needs has also explained in this report. The needs for the personal and professional development and the respective opportunities are also described. The various activities regarding the development plan are so very essential. A critical reflection of my own learning have a outline in this summary. In the end communication styles and the strategies for effective time management is mentioned.


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