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Organizational Behaviour - BBC

University: ITCM College London

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: TNA67
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Question :

Strategic Manager with Lloyds bank have been given a responsibility to produce an environmental analysis and at the same time form a strategic growth plan for the organisation through consideration of internal and external tools of analysis. 

  • Analysis of macro-environmental factors to identify their impact and influence on operations on Lloyds Bank.
  • Conducting an assessment of the internal environment and the capabilities of the business.
  • Evaluation and application of outcomes of Porter’s Five Forces to the undertaken sector.
  • Application of theories, models, and concepts to determine the strategic direction which is available to Lloyds Bank.
Answer :
Organization Selected : BBC


Organizational Behaviour is a study that defines the way in which people interact within group or business. This study is normally applied in an attempt to make organization more effective and efficient. It is a scientific approach that is mainly concerned with predicting, understanding and influencing behaviour of individual in organizational setting. According to Davis, “OB is the application and study of knowledge about how employees act in within the company”. Basically it is a human tool for human benefit only(Al-Zu’bi, 2010). It can also be defined as organization of individual’s behaviour in respect to physical resources and means so as to accomplish the desired goals and objectives of the company. The chosen entity for this report is British Public Service (BBC) Broadcaster which is the world’s oldest national broadcasting company that deals in providing current affair and news to general public. This report talks about the impact of culture, politics and power on team and individual performance, various motivational theories, team effectiveness and philosophies of organizational behaviour.


An organization can be defined as a setup where employees collectively work together for a common objective. It is important for personnel to work cooperatively with others co-workers and deliver their best in the achieving defined target within the stipulated time frame. Every firm has certain beliefs and principles that form their culture and its culture decide the way in which workers interact amongst themselves with other external parties. The culture of every business concern print from one another. It is important for the employees to adjust well the culture and policies of respective firm.

Handy's cultural typology: The theory was given by Charles Handy in 1999. He states that organizations are identical to countries, each is having its own unique culture belief, expectation and common values. However these are tend to change passage of time therefore forms are required to change their culture accordingly. Handy's define the class of culture into 4 main categories that are discussed below:

Power culture: Handy define power culture as a spider web which means all important person who takes decision on the behalf of whole company sit in the center or middle. There are certain companies wherepower remain with few people and only they are authorized to take all major decisions. They enjoy special privilege at workplace. In such type of culture subordinates are left with no other option instead of following the instruction given by superior. Moreover employees are not having any right or Liberty to express their views and share idea on an open forum. They just have to follow and do exactly what their superior says. There are some individuals in BBC who hold such kind of power. Their employees are normally judged on the basis of their achievement instead of their performance.

Role culture: Under this culture, roles and responsibilities are delegated to workers on the basis of their skills, interest, qualification and specialization to extract best out of them. Every person is accountable for doing something great and this culture promotes willingness of people to accept challenges (Ali, 2010).. Staff members of BBC are well aware their roles and responsibility which enables them to achieve task in a cost effective and timely manner. In addition to that power comes with responsibility in such type of work culture.

Task culture: Companies where teams are formed in order to achieve define targets how solve critical issues follow the task culture. Under this, individuals with common specializations and interests comes together and work as a team it generally consist of 5 to 6 members. Each team member contributes equally and tries to accomplish the task in most innovative and creative manner. This type of culture is very popular in BBC as they believe that with right mix of skills, personalities, leadership and competencies a team can become highly productive which ultimately leads to increase the profitability ratio of BBC.

Person culture:Under this type of culture workers feel that they more important than their company. Individuals are more concerned about their own thinking about organization and its success. The organization under this type of culture generally take a step back and eventually suffers. Employees comes to workplace only for the sake of money. They are rarely loyal towards the company and never takes decision in their favor. One should always recall that company comes first and everything else comes later.

In BBC approximately 35000 employees are currently working. They mainly emphasize on revamping its culture and policies that we can extract best from their workers and in return provide benefits to them which values their contribution or work. They also focuses on delayering of management i.e. minimizing hierarchy level. For example, BBC have reduced the number of superior manager by 40% so as to create better working environment for the staff members. Moreover great stress on promoting transparent communication among employees so that they can freely discuss their views and opinions. In addition to that they also provide open in safe working environment, healthier management visibility, breakdown of complex process into simpler one that ultimately leads to maximize overall productivity and efficiency of their work force. In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their employees they have arranged various training programs for them to grow and develop their skill which is going to ultimately benefits them both at personal and professional level.

M1 Influence of culture, politics and power on behaviour of team and individual

Politics, culture and power all are known the most significant element of every business organisation (Coccia and Rolfo, 2013). This not only determine the structure of carry out business activities but at the same time affect behaviour and action of individuals and team work in enterprise.

Impact of culture

Positive culture: Strong and effective organisation culture increase effectiveness of communication process as this ensure establishment of right communication channels. All this help firm in achieve its set business goals and objectives. Further this bring coordination among various business functions.

Negative culture: Variances in cultural values of workers results in negative work environment at workplace. All this increase employee's turnover and affect their productivity.

Impact of power:

Positive impact: Enterprise in which power is use in a right way results in motivate workers and support them in perform well.

Negative impact: Wrong use of power decrease morale of workers and reduce firm's profits.

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