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Improving Employability Skills- Travelodge Hotel

University: London School of Business and Finance

  • Unit No: 16
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 18 / Words 4594
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: EMSK5012
  • Downloads: 842
Organization Selected : Travelodge Hotel


While performing a certain job skill that a worker is seeking for, most organisation's employer will seek for the wants to have some generic skills which is referred as the employability skills. Soft skill or employability skills can widely defined as the combination of competencies or skills which can assist one in getting, retaining and achieving their desired work. These refer to the beliefs, attitudes, behaviour and unique individual qualities which enable a person to adapt and learn, achieve and set goals for attaining the determined goals. Depending on profession and career sector, one have to selected work, where they need to set abilities, knowledge and skills required to perform in the job (Wilton, 2012). Travelodge Hotel is private company which perform in the hospitality industry of United Kingdom. It has been enlisted as the third largest hotel chain in the entire industry. The major purposes of the performed report is to assess one's own performance and set of responsibilities within a working organisation along with improving transferable and interpersonal skills of an individual which can assist in resolving the work based issues and communicate at various levels. It will evaluate working dynamics and develop problem solving strategies.

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1.1 Set of own responsibilities and performance objectives

This is significant for a worker to determine some basic standard of duties by their own as per demand of job specification to accomplish the certain objectives set in the company. This also assist a worker to assess and accept numerous challenges which carry out process of practices. Working as an HR manager in Travelodge, there are distinct set of responsibilities, needed to performed to attain those set objectives (Verran, 2010). Here are mentioned some of those responsibilities:

Own Responsibilities:

  • Performance Management & Appraisal: HR is accountable for evaluating employee performance, enhance through training and development and evaluate regular responses to appraise basis of it.
  • Employee Relation Management: As being HR, it is my responsibility to perform activities to maintain disciplines that can aid company to work better.
  • Motivational work programs: Manager need to schedule a program to provide employee motivation to meet their standard objectives.
  • Employee Development: I am responsible for conducting hiring and training programs for emphasise new worker performance.
  • Set Guidelines: Deliver guidelines, instructions and suggestions to entire worker of Travelodge (Riebe and et. al., 2010).
  • Resolve Issues affecting performance: HR is responsible to resolve and identifying team member issues along with admin management.

Performance Objectives:

  • Effective Communication: Communication play vital role in accomplishing performance objectives so this is fundamental for one have good communication skills.
  • Management of ER: Proper knowledge of worker relationship management and create an healthy bond among all.
  • Emplacement Laws: Undertake employment laws in guidelines that directs and indicates worker performance in efficient manner.
  • Encouragement: Team members motivate to attain goals in form of delivering sessions of training and rewarding to get better work performance.

1.2 Own effectiveness against defined objectives

The staff member's working performance as well as its effectiveness has vital role in performing Travelodge Hotel due to the profitability and development of organisation i.e. associated with their worker. The main aim of hotel is to emphasise the worker engagement and engage staff as a team (Rao, 2014). For this, entire team will perform effectively and can lead to better firm's objectives on certain period of time.

Self responsibilities of Job and quality:

  • This is fundamental that manager should deliver worker job security as well as defend them. From this, employee can get safer workplace and performance properly.
  • Manager chose applicants for certain work roles in Travelodge according their abilities, knowledge, qualification and skills etc. This is essential that the worker performance should set company's criteria.
  • In organisation, there should be quality measurement framework utilisation so that worker can performance systematically as well as organisation can set the quality of worker at workplace.

Managing Job:

  • Authorities and other delegation activities as well as work to employee on the grounds of performing level (Pârvu, Ipate and Mitran, 2014).
  • This is fundamental for enterprise to maintain as well as control systematic and effective workload manner.

Maintenance Society Safety:

  • This is essential that Travelodge Hotel should evolve as well as inform in regard of healthy social environment.
  • Manager is liable for following the ethics and norms of society at business operations time.

According to Travelodge Hotel's manager, there should be many capabilities and abilities so this can maintain the operations of business in efficient manner. In the sited hotel, there are some certain qualities of manager discussed as below:

  • Employability skills.
  • Effective communication.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Capabilities of management.

1.3 Recommendations for improvement

Human resource division functions are paramount for worker of an enterprise so as Travelodge. Whenever one find the improvement scope in certain area, through the implementation of suggestion, one can conveniently attain it. These suggestions can lead to development to individuals (Panagiotakopoulos, 2012). Hence, this is also fundamental for me to improve my basic skills in order to achieve those roles and duties that I perform in Travelodge Hotel. Here are mentioned some of the improvement areas and provided suggestions mentioned under:

  • I need to develop my problem solving abilities in order to create more opportunities among the organisation through creating better working environment. It can also assist me in accomplishing entire members of staff in attaining set objectives.
  • Time management is one of the essential aspects which I need to manage and admin in order to perform any activity in more efficient and effective manner. This has ability to emphasise the performed outcome through implementing process at certain time.
  • This is paramount to have effective patience level as this is essential to deal with numerous clients and consumer in Travelodge Hotel to meet the outcome (Muhamad, 2012).

1.4 Motivational techniques can be used to improve quality of performance

For gaining more productivity out of performed work, the organisation can optimise different stimulation methods, From the worker satisfaction level at job, this can assist in achieving the work efficiency to organisation along with attaining the standard target. Travelodge Hotel utilise different techniques which are mentioned as below:

Development Programs:Since evolution is fundamental to develop the worker's quality, I need to organise proper seminars and events session in order to manage the outcome. It can assist in emphasising worker skills and knowledge in efficient manner.

Incentives: It is the type of motivation which is liked by worker of each organisation. So, through providing monetary motivation such as incentives, bonus etc. Travelodge Hotel can enable their worker more satisfaction in regard of achieving their performance criteria in ideal way.

Setting goals:If the company shapes their views and goals accordingly, they can achieve their business objectives and persuade their perception as well as work in more effective manner (Mishra, 2014). So, I have determined to manage employee communicating their vision coherently.

Felicitations and Award: It is a type of non-monetary awarding technique that is liked by worker of each company. As per this method, the worker is provided motivation through giving them better performance credit in organisation. This act like a strong worker motivation as their performance is recognised for their continuous rewarding records again and again.

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2.1 Solutions related to work based issues

It is impossible to create a working environment where each worker's personalities, expectations and roles perform accurately together without any disputes within the organisation. In last few years, learning at workplace has identified in policy of UK government debates as a paramount component of lifelong learning and continuous professional development. There are numerous types of issues which clash and restrain the growth of working organisation so as Travelodge Hotel. Manager of the hotel is liable for ensuring that there are no internal issues between the members of staff of association. These are different sort of issues that emerge in the enterprise also known as work based issue (Kulkarni and Chachadi, 2014). The major disputes generate within the working environment and structure of organisation which are needed to be resolve within certain period of time. Each worker should perform their duties and role appropriately. Sometime company face the issues of authorities delegation clash cause of less interaction and misinterpretation. This influence the decision-making procedure badly to the large extent. In regard of this, it is fundamental for hotel manager to manage and develop authority line in suitable manner. It is required to manage proper communication channel which should be effective and accurate.

The other issues that is needed to incorporate by Travelodge Hotel i.e. less employee retention within the organisation. Various organisation associated issues and factors are leading more issues among worker. From the recent culture of organisation, worker are not satiate with the hotel as well as are attracted toward better opportunities, This can be resolved through continuous response and brainstorming activities from worker. The hotel can refrain their member of staff at workplace for long time period through assistance of financial and non-monetary techniques of motivation.

The other issue is management which is lacking the administration traits within the organisation. The organisation lack of employee engagement in the process of decision making which demotivate worker (Ju, Zhang and Pacha, 2012). This is essential for manager to include worker at the execution of plans and policies at workplace. This is essential for manager to execute better solution and more employee involvement practices within the working environment. Manager is liable to create effective management for which he should be more goal-centric. This can increase the productivity of operations and emphasise the outcome of each performed activity.

Above are summoned the major issues or disputes which Travelodge Hotel is facing that are restraining their growth and development within the working organisation.

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2.2 Appropriate manner and styles at different levels



Senior Travelodge manager

Date : 21st May, 2018

This is fundamental that hotel require to enhance their communication level for eaching different organisational level effectively and control the operations to lead entire activities. In a company, this is essential that communication should be effective and proper at each and every working level. There are different Travelodge Hotel level, such as lower, middle and high level. In case of higher level, the executive and officials should adopt the effective interaction inform of formal reports, annual documents and records and meeting. This is the duty of higher management is to set the threats and opportunities of hotel with the assistance of various tools such as video conferencing, mails, newsletters etc. In the middle level, manager interact their worker with the formal document assistance in the written form such as spreadsheet, letters, memos etc. As this, this is manager's duty to prepare a proper wirtten document to implement the work at workplace accurately. Communication follow the hierarchy format while performing any duties and responsibilities at working organisation. Employer provide proper guidelines and instructions to worker through information method of communication such as direct communication etc.

There are numerous methods used for the communication at working organisation as per the demand of organisation and interaction with the members. Here are mentioned some of those techniques discussed beneath:

  • Verbal Communication: this include use of words and sound to communicate. Such as public speaking, interpersonal communication etc.
  • Written Communication:Communicating message and information in written format for e.g. emails etc.
  • Non-verbal Communication:This use symbol and signs for interacting with individuals such as sign language etc.





To management,

Communication can be defined as a process through which two and more individual communicate and exchange data and information. This is assisting in improving more understanding between managers and staff members in order to make management perform effectively and better for attaining hotel target. This is essential which help in managing the execution of communication procedyre at working environment in disciplined manner. If the interaction among worker will be enhance then this can lead to better consideration. It can help in increasing profitability and goodwill of enterprise in regard of sustaining among strong competition.

Here are mentioned some measures of communication to manage members of staff in more possible manner:

  • to read.
  • To speak
  • to write
  • to listen appropriately

2.3 Time management strategies

Time management can be referred as the process of planning and coordinating how to eliminate time of certain activities to achieve objectives. Good management of time can enable work accomplishment in smarter and better manner helping to meet higher level of objectives. This is effective and fundamental procedure which is required in each and every organisation. Through the assistance of worker performing in the company, business operation can be attained with certain defined time (Jones, Torezani and Luca, 2012). Manager of organisation is accountable for setting the schedule of time of each and every business activities. If worker will act as per the requirement of task and time, then this can assist Travelodge in achieving objectives within certain time period. Management framework is assisting in regard of emphasising benefits and evolution of Travelodge Hotel. This can help in utilising some efficient strategies associated to the time management in regard of emergence of organisation. Here are discussed some time management strategies that manager of a company can implement for achieving business objectives:

  • Scheduling: There must be some certain time table that needed to be managed through the organisation. As per the schedule, entire practices of organisation should be conducted for few days in systematic manner.
  • Systematize: In order to perform the business operations in systematic manner is fundamental for operating business activities in significant manner. Travelodge Hotel should track and document each and every practice of management in regard of achieving business objectives in significant manner (Haasler, 2013).
  • Breaks: This is often fundamental to create time gaps between the activities and work. It can assist in making the operation functioning more convenient to accomplish the business objectives in more significant manner.

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3.1 Roles of people play in team and work together to accomplish shared goals

Team can be defined as a group or unit who consider the certain meaning of action in order to achieve specific purpose. The principles of performing together as a unit should be underpin how they operate their business. Workers of organisation perform together as a team in regard of accomplishing the practices in disciplined manner in order to emphasise their interest. Here are specified some of he goals which are mentioned as below:

  • Implementer role: The team members play vital role as an implementer as they are liable for implementing activities, politics and certain action in practice.
  • Monitor Role:This refer to the team who play major role in monitoring the Travelodge activities. In this, the manager track the business associated operations along with their team member to achieve outcome.
  • Completer:These individuals should make certain whether the activities and tasks which are provided or assigned to the members of team should be accomplished at the certain time period (Dhiman, 2012).
  • Shaper Role:These team individuals are likely made to deal with challenges and shapes the team according to the required format. These manage positive attitude in regard of attaining the determined element in effective manner.
  • Coordinator Role:This is essential as the staff members perform as a team with proper coordination. The individual stimulate their members of team to perform with better manner.

In regard of performing the activities accurately, this is fundamental for worker to perform as a unit. The team working techniques adopted by Travelodge assist them in achieving their set standards of objectives and goals in more significant manner.

3.2 Team dynamics

Team dynamics can be defined as the psychological, unconscious forces which influence the team performance and direct their behaviour of members. This refer to those forces which influence the team performance level within a certain time period working as a unit. This can be negative or positive as per the consumer requirement and demand (Deeley, 2014). These are often created through nature of team work along with their personalities within their groups, their performance relationship with other individuals. Such dynamics are generally influence better as this assist in improving entire team performance as well as best out of members of team. When change incur and this influence as disputes can lead to negative dynamics of team. This can impact over profitability and development of company which can influence organisation's goodwill. In regard of this, manager is liable to control and manage team dynamic in efficient manner which should not be influencing negative attribute and behaviour of unit. This is the duty of team leader to influence and decrease the team dynamics in regard of managing workplace accordingly. It can be developed through the assistance of positive behaviour and systematic functioning of operation in effective way. In regard of this, manager is liable to deliver proper worker guidelines so that operations can be performed efficiently (de Guzman and Choi, 2013). This can help in creasing the stimulation and inspiration level among worker.

3.3 Alternative ways to finish tasks and achieve team goals

Each organisation aims over the accomplishment of their objectives in effective and systematic manner. Through the assistance of organisation, organisation can sustaining in competitive business market for a longer period of time. In this addition, Travelodge Hotel need to utilise suitable and appropriate method and techniques in company to form better team to operate the business activities and operations accordingly. Along with it, members of staff to perform together in regard of achieving a common target and objectives, this is required for manager to implement effective system of management between them. In order to perform the tasks, staff members can also opt various approaches for reaching the suitable outcome (Panagiotakopoulos, 2012).

Team work can assist in emphasising the profitability and evolution of Hotel on the grounds of consumer demands and need. Here are discussed some sources for attaining operations of business:

  • Teams: This is fundamental that manager should create effective team and determine aim through which they can accomplish their target in certain time frame.
  • JobRotation: As per this, worker of Travelodge Hotel make certain the alternation their practices and work so from this, they can conveniently reach to some criteria in proper and systematic manner.

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4.1 Methods and tools for developing solutions

The major problem that is faced by Travelodge Hotel is staff member's performance. Beside this, a company have to cope with with many issues which is the duty of manager to resolve in most suitable manner. The disputes associated with company influence the business performance in negative way (Pârvu, Ipate and Mitran, 2014). In regard of this, this is essential for manager to set the issues to come up with best possible solution in significant manner. Beside this, Travelodge organisation utilise the effective techniques and tools in regard of solving issues in more efficient manner. The issues and problems influence organisation's development negatively. Here are mentioned some of usage discussed here:

  • Mathematics: This is effective development technique for effective isolation that can be used for Travelodge Hotel in Algorithm manner. This is an effective method utilised by organisation at their workplace.
  • Heuristics: This is beneficial tools associated with experience level of members of staff. This can be carried out through learning techniques and discovering cause of proper implementation of technique.

On the grounds of these effective methods, teams of Travelodge Hotel can seek probable outcome of issues. This can assist in satisfactory solution from implementing techniques at workforce (Rao, 2014).

4.2 Appropriate strategies for resolving issues of labour turnover

There are numerous issues and problem in Travelodge Hotel that manager should be resolving resolving through seeking the suitable solutions. Here are discussed some effective measures which are performed in regard of understanding the worker consequences linked with job satisfaction provided as below:

Training: It assist worker in increasing their worker knowledge, performance level and skills. From this, the firm can perform better deal with any sort of situation or issues. It can aid members of staff for refocusing and aiming over certain achievement and objectives.

DeliveringOpportunitiesofGrowth: This is fundamental for organisation to conduct certain activities and workshops for members of staff in regard of emphasising their level of understanding for attaining goals of company.

Mentoring: This is integrated with the response associated to the target that provide the company structure for the healthy and better relationship within the organisation. This is helpful for retention and development of staff members of organisation. Often, staff member mentoring refer to the place which individual who does not contain more experience in comparison to other individual (Riebe and et. al., 2010). So, manager need to create equal experience among workplace to motivate worker.

Promotion: Through the assistance of this, stimulation among worker can be emphasised and can assist in resolving issues. From this, members of staff can achieve their objectives with the help of this.

4.3 Potential impact on business of executing strategy

A business strategy is being developed in order to achieve positive and negative outcome in more effective way. If a working organisation communicate among employee and manager, this can be easier to achieve the standard outcome out of executed strategies. Main focus of enterprise is to emphasise enterprise's performance along with other worker. The Travelodge Hotel spend their most deal time with external components who influence their business and its environment. This is fundamental for enterprise to adopt more proactive approach. In order to achieve the required outcome, it is essential for enterprise to opt more effective techniques and strategies that can evolve in positive business influences. After opting entire associated effective strategies, this is essential to resolve issues that can lead to dissatisfaction will be:

  • Attending Guests:The management process for members of staff will be enhancing their potentially and reduce the consumer dissatisfaction level among customer. From attending consumer, this can lead in positive manner which can also generate the effective consumer appraisal which will be assisting in term of motivation increment level among staff members (Verran, 2010).
  • Handling Work: Through deliver proper training and development, members of staff should improve new business working perspective associated with the tasks and activities. This can help in adopting wide skills of thinking in relation to handling some condition among staff members.
  • New Start-ups: In order to promote members of staff, this staff member will encourage level of motivation as well as deliver more support based on worker for opening new process linked with services and duties to consumer.

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It can affirm from the defined notions that employability skills can widely defined as the combination of competencies or skills which can assist one in getting, retaining and achieving their desired work. This is significant for a worker to determine some basic standard of duties by their own as per demand of job specification to accomplish the certain objectives set in the company. Working as an HR manager in Travelodge, there are distinct set of responsibilities, needed to performed to attain those set objectives. The staff member's working performance as well as its effectiveness has vital role in performing work. This is also fundamental to improve my basic skills in order to achieve those roles and duties. There are numerous types of issues which clash and restrain the growth of working organisation. From the recent culture of organisation, worker are not satiate with the hotel as well as are attracted toward better opportunities. Time management can be referred as the process of planning and coordinating how to eliminate time of certain activities to achieve objectives. Team can be defined as a group or unit who consider the certain meaning of action in order to achieve specific purpose. The major problem that is faced by organisation's staff member performance.


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