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How to Make the Narrative Essay Standout Using Three Act Structure

22 Nov 2019 1922 7 minutes
 Narrative Essay

How to Make the Narrative Essay Standout Using Three Act Structure

How are you Mr Storyteller? We hope well. Wondering why have we called you "Storyteller"?  The reason is, no one can frame stories better than a student. You have a story about almost everything on the planet, ranging from not completing the assignments on time to being late for the classes. Even when you do not have any real story, you come up with false ones. But, you know what, presenting the stories as an excuse is a lot easier than writing one for the essay. And, this is the reason due to which many of your counterparts seek essay writing service from us. Like them, you also want to make your write-up standout from the rest, right? Well, accomplishing this objective is possible only when you present the narrative, i.e, story perfectly. We know doing this seems tough at the first instance, but, in reality, it is the easiest thing to do on the planet. Yes, you head it correct. This can be done easily. All you need is the knowledge of the best way to structure the narratives.

Now, do not open your favourite Google for knowing what the best method is. Why? Well, this is because we will acquaint you with the same through this blog. According to our essay help experts, the simplest and amazing way to present the narratives is the three-act structure. Confused what it is? Do not be. Here we will have a small talk about this technique to clear your confusion.

Three Act Structure: What It Is?

The three-act structure is a format used by famous novelists and scriptwriters, across the globe, to present the stories or narratives effectively. You must be wondering where and how it originated, right? Well, the curious creatures, it was first used by a famous writer, named Syd Field, in his classic novel, Screenplay. And, you know what, it left the readers spellbound.

You also want the same to happen with the professor, right? If yes, then give the next segment of this blog careful reading. Why? Because here we will explain the elements of the three-act structure.

Components of the Three Act Structure to Write Narratives

Stop multitasking and concentrate only on this write-up. Why? Well, this is so because, if you lose your concentration even a bit, then you will not be able to comprehend and use the three-act structure to write grade-worthy narrative essays. Therefore, you must keep your focus intact and not let any distractions hamper your attention while going through the following points.

  The Set-Up: Have you ever seen a movie? Well, we know you must have seen many movies. In every movie, first, all the characters are introduced. Why do you think this happens? Well, this is so because, knowing about the characters from the beginning, helps you connect with them and the story better. Therefore, the set up is the first element of the three-act structure. According to it, while composing the essay, you should begin with the backdrop of the theme and a brief introduction of all the characters involved in your narrative.

  The confrontation: What happens after the movie's characters are introduced and brief information about them is provided? Well, then the story progresses forward and comes to the main plot. Now, the character faces a tough problem that he must solve to save himself and the world. What have the movie-makers done? They have used the second element of the three-act structure, known as, confrontation. Similarly, while writing the narrative essay, you should explain the central problems faced by your characters and how they come up with their solutions.

  The Resolution or Payoff: Have you ever seen a movie without ending? We do not think so. Wondering why? Well, this is so because, all the stories have endings, no matter sad or happy. And, when a story ends, it always teaches us something. Do you know what is this called? It is known as, the resolution or payoff. Here you are required to conclude the essay. While doing so, describe what have you learned from the story and how has it transformed you as a person. Further, you also need to explain why do you think it is important for the others, including the professor, to know about the narrative.

Now, after knowing about the best method to write narrative essays, can you compose it perfectly? We hope yes. But, to make sure that you get the grade of your dreams, we have a surprise in the store. Pondering what? Well, here we are sharing some fabulous essay writing tips, formulated by our academic writing professionals or you can also use our free essay writer program regarding your narrative essay perfect. These tips will help you use the three-act structure effortlessly and write an amazing document. Therefore, go through them carefully.

The Ultimate Tips to Compose Narrative Essays

  •   Avoid complex words and phrases
  •   Write the document in the first person
  •   Introduce it in an exciting manner
  •   Make it a point to edit and proofread the essay
  •   Be creative while writing the narratives

We hope, after knowing the ultimate technique to structure the essay and tips to write it, you must be feeling confident enough to get an A+. But, if your views are different or you require any other assistance to compose the document, then feel free to contact us for the best essay writing services. Our academic writers will be pleased to assist and guide you in the right direction.

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