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Introduction to CHCDIV002 ABTSI Cultural Safety Course: Assessment Answers

24 Apr 2021 2705 11 minutes
CHCDIV002 Assessment Answers

Introduction to CHCDIV002 ABTSI Cultural Safety Course: Assessment Answers

If you are a student pursuing CHCDIV002 promote aboriginal and torres strait islander cultural safety course, then you must be well aware of the fact that there are still some tribes that are unnoticed in the eyes of many people. Without knowing about the tribe, understanding their requirements, issues, or challenges they face in the society is far behind.

In order to study these tribes, many assessments are also given to the students to help with the in-depth study. Since, for the nursing students, treatment is given to every individual belonging to diverse groups equally. The minimal information on these tribes, it becomes difficult for the students to provide effective CHCDIV002 assessment answers to their professor.

However, this blog will take you to the journey of this course and help you understand the same in a detailed manner in further sections.

Introduction to CHCDIV002 Assessments

The nursing students study this course of CHCDIV002 promote aboriginal and/ torres strait islander cultural safety to make the people aware of the aboriginal group. In various countries, people belonging to this group are still treated differently or even neglected. But in the case of healthcare, people are treated equally, irrespective of the fact that they belong to a diverse society.

The reason why nursing students study this course is to get educated and develop effective skills to understand them and be able to come up with adequate solutions to solve their problem.

Having said that, this course plays a major role in the awareness of this group. Since nursing is all about the practical approach, many students, when they get any academic tasks look for online assignment help to get rid of their stress of completion and submission. This helps in getting their assignment done in time which results in scoring higher grades.

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5 Types of CHCDIV002 Assessment Answers for Students

It is very clear from the above section that this course is important to create an awareness in the society regarding these diverse societies and also that they should not be neglected for any irrelevant reasons or myths.

In this section, we will learn about the five types of CHCDIV002 assessment answers given to the students, which are essential to study this course. They are:

  1. Cultural Competence: Diverse cultural groups have different communication as well as ethics; in order to learn the same cultural competence is introduced, which helps with the ability to understand, interact and communicate with people belonging to this group. This will ensure to fill in the gap of cultural differences to a certain extent.
  2. Cultural Identity and Bias: Cultural biases can be related to the society an individual is raised in. As they learn their own culture, this brings them to interpret the incorrect actions or situations of the individual belonging to a diverse group. This helps in eliminating such biases, which can hurt the feelings or sentiments of people from diverse society.
  3. Identifying the Aboriginal and/Torres Strait Islander Culture: CHCDIV002 assessment answers helps in identifying the aboriginal and torres strait islander with the help of methods and techniques incorporated in the document. This helps the students in understanding the core of this culture.
  4. Reality-check of Aboriginal and/Torres Strait Islander Culture: With the understanding of the culture and creating awareness of the same, it is also important for the students to know their stories to know more about the culture. It will help in knowing the issues and challenges faced by the people belonging to this society.
  5. Incorporation Within the Workplace: Working with diverse people is still a challenge at many workplaces, which makes the people from diverse groups away from mixing up with the other societies- the reason why students get to learn from this course, the challenges these people of diverse group face. To create awareness, having an in-depth knowledge of the same is very important.

The above are the types of assessments given to the students of CHCDIV002 Promote Aboriginal and/Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety course to get an insight into these diverse societies that are still ignored in this modern era.

Having said that, the students learning this course are given assignments to showcase their understanding of the aboriginal and torres strait islander culture to create the right awareness. Furthermore, the following section consists of the most frequently asked questions in the CHCDIV002 assessment answers of the students.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions in CHCDIV002 Assessments Answers

In this particular section, you will learn different questions that are generally asked in the CHCDIV002 assessment answers of the students. A quick glance might help you provide the right solution to your assignment problems. These are:

What legislation relates to cultural safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander?

There is an (Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection) ATSIHP Act, 1984 for the protection of cultural safety for aboriginal and torres strait islander. This helps in protecting the areas and objects that denote the people belonging to Aboriginal culture.

How can we improve cultural safety in the classroom?

With the help of posters, books, education, or audio materials, students can be educated by using these modes to create an awareness in the classroom to avoid any such practices of neglecting the people of diverse groups.

What are the 5 Principles of Cultural Safety?

The five principles are:

  • Consider your own implementation
  • Lessen the power of distinguishing between yourself and the clients
  • Make effective communication with the clients
  • Follow decolonization
  • Be respectful with diverse group people to not hurt their sentiments

Does promoting diverse societies Impact the Cultural Safety?

To get self awareness of the diverse societies which helps in understanding the nature and scope of their culture, this course is specially for the people involved in the health care sector to ensure the well-being of these people as well.

What is the main Aim of Cultural Safety in Childcare?

In order to provide safe, secure and positive environment in the upbringing of the child. This will ensure proper growth and good behaviour towards other cultures.

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Do you think it is necessary to Promote Aboriginal cultural safety in schools?

This will help in building awareness in the youth and hence deliver it to the others. These can be started at an early age only where the mindset of the students is not rigid at all and have a sense of understanding to withstand these decisions of ignoring diverse groups.

The above are the most frequently asked questions from the students when given an assignment on CHCDIV002 Promote Aboriginal and/Torres Strait Islander Cultural Safety. But in case of any problem, then get the answer of who can help you with this assessment in the further section.

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Who Can Help with CHCDIV002 Assessment Answers?

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Having said that, assignment plays a major role for the student in getting passed in the course, the reason why they look for professional assistance looking for online assignment help. This will ensure the completion of the document with the expert's knowledge and submission of the same within the deadline for scoring well in his overall performance.

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