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CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People | 50+ Questions + Answer Writing Techniques

06 Aug 2021 2670 8 minutes
Chcdiv001 Assessment Answers

CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People | 50+ Questions + Answer Writing Techniques

The diploma & certificate courses related to CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People require students to complete an assessment for the community services. It helps students to understand the work culture and prepare them to work with diverse people. This writing task helps the assessor to observe the knowledge & abilities of every child with the practical role-plays & case studies analysis.

The experts at Global Assignment Help have always supported the students struggling in their academic writing tasks. Our professionals provide chcdiv001 assessment answers as per the guidelines & rules given by the university.

Let's study the chcdiv001 assessment & know the various types that students require to know for assessment completion.

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CHCDIV001 Assessment: A Learner's Guide

Students chcdiv001 answers are the factors that help the assessor to analyze the skills & knowledge of the students regarding working with diverse people. Our nursing assignment writers provide information related to various questions that can provide ease to the students to work with diverse people in their future careers.

You will require to answer the three types of assessments in the chcdiv001 unit. This blog is a chcdiv001 learner guide that will support you to write better answers in all the scenarios. The first assessment is a role-play task, the second is a question-answers writing unit, and the third is a case study analysis task.

Let's understand all in brief so that you can understand how to provide better chcdiv001 assessment answers for these complex questions.

Assessment 1: Workplace Observation Scenarios

The first task for which you require to provide chcdiv001 assessment answers is to role play in front of your assessor. You have to practice the various assignments and react as per the norms and information.

You have to provide a reflective journal/log of 500 to 800 words that will include the data related to the primary topic proposed by your assessor. Then, you have to participate in a role-play and react as per your knowledge & critical thinking.

Here are the various samples from the experts of our nursing assignment writing serviceIt can help you understand the different factors & task requirements.

Part A- Reflective Journal

Part B- Reflective Journal

Now, you know how & what kind of workplace scenarios will be included in the chcdiv001 work with diverse people assessment. Now, let's move to the questions & answers task. Below are some examples of questions that will help you understand what kind of problems you will face while writing your chcdiv001 assessment answers.

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Assessment 2: 10+ Sample Questions for Research Project

Here are the various sample questions shared by the 'do my assignmentexperts. It will help you to understand the types of questions you will face in your chcdiv001 assessment.

  1. What factors contribute to the formation of the culture internally and externally? List at least three.
  1. What are the legislations that relate to the issues surrounding cultural differences? Describe any three.
  1. Why should you value & respect the cultural identity and differences of your clients and colleagues? Mention any two (2) reasons.
  1. Write a 100 words description of the discrimination legislation given below.
  • Age Discrimination Act, 2004
  • Disability Discrimination Act, 1992
  • Racial Discrimination Act, 1975
  • Sex Discrimination Act, 1984
  1. Mention any five (5) rights people have under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that affect disability support services.
  1. How to review & modify work practices in a workplace for workers with different languages? State any two (2) methods.
  1. How will you maintain respect for cultural differences while communicating with clients and their families? Mention any three (3) ways.
  1. How will you describe the three (3) known causes of discrimination in disability support or aged care environment?
  1. What factors or areas of cultural differences influence work practices? List at least five (5).
  1. What are the social, political, and economic issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in 100-200 words?

Above are 10 sample questions by the professionals that can be helpful to draft better chcdiv001 assessment answers. Hope, these chcdiv001 assessment example problems will help you understand how you need to prepare for answers. 

Now, let's have a look at the case study analysis tasks.

Assessment 3: 3 Case Study Examples

Below are some examples of chcdiv001 case studies that will help you to understand how to best chcdiv001 assessment answers analyzing various complex situations. You will need to observe & provide answers for the questions asked related to the scenarios. Here are the 3 case study examples shared by the nursing assignment writers to guide you.

  • Case Study 1: Mark

Case Study 1

  • CASE STUDY 2: Ms. Darlo Chao

Case Study 2

  • CASE STUDY 3: Ana Sharna

Case Study 3

Above are the 3 examples of case studies that you need to analyze and answer the various related questions with critical thinking.

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