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Supply chain design and control

Supply chain is one of the critical organisational elements of any manufacturing unit. The planning, designing effective control of supply chain is of utmost significance to the achievement of the organisations. For a topic within this area, Please see the suggestions for Engineering Dissertation Topics below

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  • What does “Legality” mean in reference to supply chain design?
  • Supply chain management: An analysis of manufacturing firms in UK.
  • How the supply chain differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B environment.

Inventory Management

  • Inventory management is the backbone of supply chain management: True or False?
  • The influence of information technology in inventory management.
  • JIT Inventory Management: Adaptation in UK.

Production Scheduling

  • Toyota production scheduling techniques: A case analysis in UK.
  • Production scheduling in steel industry: A case study on Mittal Steel.
  • Impact of IT on production scheduling techniques.

Product Development

  • Product development, a look inside the process.
  • Product mix and New Product Development strategies.
  • Product development strategy: case study on BMW.

Design of Services

  • Design of services in e-business.
  • Design and implementation of e-commerce web services.
  • Its not product, its not service, and its solution: a new trend.

Dynamic Pricing

  • Dynamic pricing: case study on airlines industry.
  • Dynamic pricing in the service industry: a case analysis of an organisation in the UK.

Industrial Risk Management

  • Risk management in the construction industry: a case study analysis in the UK.
  • Impact of information technology on industrial risk management
  • Industrial risk management in rural part of the UK.


  • Is the rise of intermodal international logistics affecting the operations of manufacturing companies?
  • Logistic industry and corporate social responsibility: A closer look.
  • Value chain strategy of the logistic industry in the UK.

Manufacturing and Supply-Chain Strategy

  • Manufacturing strategy: A look inside.
  • Manufacturing strategy: Pharmaceutical industry.

Total quality management

  • Evolution of quality: First fifty issues of production and operations management.
  • Total Quality Management and customer satisfaction in homebuilding.
  • TQM: Theory and the practical implementation in the UK.

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