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Managers and leaders are the key personnel for any organization as they are responsible for carrying out multiple tasks at the same time. They are highly proficient and efficient in their work and have the ability to work under pressure. Managers and leaders provide proper direction to employees for performing their duties and give necessary guidance wherever required. They play an important role in motivating and inspiring employees so they can function well in their tasks (Aziz and Salleh, 2011). They also recruit eligible candidates for their organization which can maximize the profits. This assignment will focus on different management styles, leadership characteristics, and evaluation of different communication processes in the Hospitality sector. Assessment of various management skill, performance, personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are covered. How to lead a team and achieving goals and objectives of the company and justification of managerial decisions made to support the achievement of agreed goals. It will also cover how personal skills support career development.

Task 1

1.1 Comparison between distinct management styles

Saba Hotel and Resorts is an outstanding and global company that is known for its hospitality services all round the world. They have chains of hotels and resorts around 550 in different parts of the world. As Saba Hotels and Resorts are providing different types of customer services, they face tough competition from their competitors. One such example is the Marriott Hotel and Resorts (Dung and Florea, 2012). They also have hundreds of hotels and resorts all around the world and give a tough fights to Saba. They both have become powerful brands because of their continuous efforts and hard work. They both follow different management styles in order to run their operations effectively.  Following is the comparison between different management styles:

Marriott hotel

Saba hotel

They have a democratic and participative approach.

They believe in teamwork and include staff members to work together.

It allows the participation of employees.

They take care of their employees as well as their customers.

Follow unity of command.

Uses the concept of authority.

Follow proper organizational hierarchy.

Management by walking around.

Training and motivation.

They have a democratic approach.

They believe in delegating responsibilities to concerned personnel.

They take advice from their staff before implementing any decision.

They have a great staff and with high stability.

Employees are fully satisfied.

An employee takes initiative in various activities.

Esprit de Corps.

Commitment to service and quality.

From the above scenario, it is clear that both companies follow different management styles. Saba and Marriott Hotel and Resorts have unique ways to perform their activities and focus on two things and they are employee and customer satisfaction.

1.2 Leadership characteristics in two organization

Saba and Marriott Hotel and Resorts follow different leadership styles and it can change according to the situations. It is necessary for managers and superiors to manage their activities and guide employees in a proper manner (James Sunday Kehinde, 2012). Leadership qualities are a must to run hotels in a competitive world. Both hotels should follow appropriate leadership styles which can enhance the productivity of the company as well as make employees comfortable working in the organisation. There are many types of leadership styles like autocratic, democratic, transformational, Laissez-Faire style, Professional leadership. These styles lead to proper management and timely work done by staff and employees. It also ensures discipline within the hotel and proper decorum. Both hotels have different ways of working and have distinguished procedures to perform certain tasks and leadership styles greatly impact the work done by them. Following is the leadership style followed in Saba and Marriott Hotel and Resorts:

Marriott hotel

Saba hotel

Democratic Leadership style.

Authoritative leadership.

Professional leadership.

Transformational leader.

Democratic leadership style.

Transformational leadership

Laissez-Faire style.

From the above table, it is clear that both the hotels use different styles of leadership, and following is the table including different leadership characteristics used in Saba and Marriott:

Marriott hotel

Saba hotel

Tough personality- A leader is a person who represents his company to other people, so for that, it requires a strong personality that is focused on the achievement of the company’s target and ensuring success. Marriott Hotel has such type of leaders

Specialist- As Marriott is a well-reputed Hotel, in this they hire less of fresher and more specialists. Experts have the desired experience which they can use to achieve the goals of the company.

Friendly behavior- Staff members of this company have friendly behavior and are more focused to make good relations with each other. This helps in building trust and believe in each other which is necessary for the company to achieve timely success.

Effective communication- Leaders or managers are capable enough to communicate necessary information to their staff and also guide and direct them to achieve necessary changes within the organisational culture.

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