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Learn Marketing Activities of Cadbury

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I have selected Cadbury for carrying out a detailed marketing analysis as a newly appointed assistant to the Marketing Manager for this company. Cadbury is a multinational organization based in UK having its headquarters in Uxbridge, London, UK and this company is entirelyretained by an American Organization Mondelez International. It was established in 1824 (Cadbury, n.d.) in Birmingham, UK by John Cadbury. Besides Chocolates, Cadbury was selling other stuff as well which was cocoa, drinking chocolates, tea, coffee etc. Cadbury has been manufacturing chocolates for over 200 years.Cadbury chocolates are manufactured in over 15 nations all over the world and it had a net income of over $3 billion by 2016 (2017 fact sheet, n.d.). Cadbury is a democratic management style of an organization where decisions are made on the basis of discussion with different representatives of the organization. It has a less complex structure and it is decentralized. It has a downward flow of transmission of communication-based on hierarchical structure. Decisions are made by higher management after discussion with their team members, then communicated and passed down to other staff members.As per Charles handy model of Organizational culture, Cadbury has a role culture where decisions are made by top management by consulting it with other team members and then instructions are communicated in hierarchicalposition. Staff members in Cadbury have defined tasks to accomplish. The objective of this paper is to study the responsibilities of marketing function at Cadbury and how these responsibilities relate to other functional units. It also studies a marketing plan that applies the use of the 7Ps to achieve overall marketing objectives for Cadbury.

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Key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function

Marketing: Need, want and demand

Marketing may be defined as a concept which is widely used in business and organizations to attract and satisfy the wants of customers. Marketing is a process which ensures that the tool which a company has been using to promote its product and services always address its clients. Marketing is completely based on strategies and approaches, andit creates the needfor a product in the minds of consumers. Needs, wants, and demands are very essential constituents of the marketing concept. Need is something which is essential for a person to live in this world such as water, food,and air etc. Want may be a commodity that a person is willing to have and customer’s ability to buy something he needs or wants, create the demand. These three elements take the marketing concept further and assist the marketing function to decide how a particular product and service can be sold to its customers.

Impact of external environment on marketing activities of Cadbury

Marketing process derives the changes in the strategies of a company considering the external and internal environment to gain a competitive edge in the market. The marketing process is dynamic in nature and keeps changing with changing current and future trends in the market.

According to the latest trends in chocolate consumption by the consumers, they have become more concerned about their consumption as compared to past trends. Consumers are more cautious regarding sugar and cocoa content, originality, flavor,and ingredients etc. To keep the image intact in the market, Cadburykeeps trying innovation in its products and marketing strategies as consumers in today’s era are becoming more educated and concerned for their choices.

Cadbury draws its marketing strategies after evaluating other factors as well. It keeps innovating its technology regularly for production and packaging techniques by considering the changing market trends for example adoption of pathogen testing techniques (, 2008) for checking the food-borne bacteria. Moreover, transitions in government policies, taxes,and other political factors also affect company’s operations and marketing activities which pressurizethe company to increase their product prices.These factors also impact the sales of their chocolate products.

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