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Sales Development

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Internal and External Sales Development Techniques of Holiday Inn

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Sales development is linked with the ways employed by organization in order to enhance its sales volume in the market. Further, in the modern era companies operate in high competitive market and due to this reason it has become little bit difficult to survive in the market for longer period of time (Porter, 2014). Apart from this, substitute of products are easily present in the market due to which every company has employed effective ways with the aim to target its customers by offering them best product. In short, target market prefers to purchase commodity which can provide them value for money experience. Further, various components of products and services are present which encourages target market to buy the commodity and it directly has positive impact on the entire firm in terms of rise in sales volume along with profitability.

Apart from this every organization segments its market by considering various criteria and through this it is possible to maximise sales volume (Armstrong and et. al., 2014). Segmentation of market assist in better understanding of actual requirement of the customers and in turn encourages target market to be brand loyal towards company. On the other hand, promotional tools are most commonly employed in the modern era where advertisement and other form of media provides base to company in enhancing sales and customers can easily acquire knowledge and information regarding product range offered by company. Moreover, personal selling techniques are also regarded to be fruitful and it directly leads to rise in satisfaction level of the customers (Cross, Belich and Rudelius, 2015). Key benefits present in the product are highlighted by company through which it becomes quite easy to enhance sales volume and is profitable for business in every possible manner. For conducting the present study organization chosen is Holiday Inn which operates in hospitality sector and well known in the market for the range of products it offers to its target market. Company offers wide range of services such as food, lodging, meetings, time shares etc and is efficient enough in meeting with the requirement of target market. Various tasks have been covered in the study which involves factors affecting buyer behaviour, how market segmentation contributes in maximising sales etc.

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Task A:  Element of Products in Business

1.1,1.2 Key components of products and how product mix contributes to sales and profit

Different components of products are present which are offered by Holiday Inn to its valuable customers and this allows business enterprise in satisfying need of its target market in efficient manner (Fleck and Kraemer, 2014). Further, company operates in high competitive environment due to which highlighting key components of products is must. Key components of product offered by Holiday Inn are as follows:

Core product: It is the benefit obtained by purchasing services of hospitality enterprise. Further, it is considered to be one of the main element and is valuable for target market. Services offered by Holiday Inn to its target market offers large number of benefits such as value for money satisfaction, high quality etc. Apart from this services demanded by customers are present everytime and this enhances overall satisfaction level of the target market (Geiger and Turley, 2005). It is intangible in nature and supports organization in gaining competitive advantage. Further, company like Holiday Inn has employed product differentiation as a strategy due to which it is possible for business enterprise to enhance satisfaction level of its target market and this in turn acts as an development tool for the entire company. Management is efficient enough in providing every type of convenience to its customers in terms of wide options when they have to purchase commodity and stores opened worldwide which allows customers to purchase services of Holiday Inn on a continuous basis.

Augmented Product: It arises by themselves and by products of core and actual products. In short with the help of augmented products more convenience is provided by management to its target market (Hill and Hill, 2012). Holiday Inn offers different type of services to its target market and before purchasing any commodity customers are having many kind of queries in their mind and to resolve such queries full assistance is provided by enterprise. Further, time to time feedback is taken by company in order to identify whether its target market is satisfied with the range of commodities offered or not.

Actual Product: It is regarded as the tangible, physical product. In case of Holiday Inn company does not offers product and only large number of services are delivered to target market. Therefore, the services offered to them only provide them remarkable experience and in turn it supports in enhancing satisfaction level of target market. So, the concept of actual product is not applicable in case of Holiday Inn (Kanagal, 2014).

Product Mix: Holiday Inn delivered large number of services to its target market offers large number of products to its target market and it is one of the basic reason behind rise in level of customer satisfaction. Further, organization is being able to strengthen its customers base and it is acting as an development tool for the entity. Products mix involves all the range of services offered by organization for sale. Further, it takes into consideration one line products or several (Shank and Lyberger, 2014). Every service offered by Holiday Inn is effective and it involves lodging, conventions, meetings etc which directly matches with the need and requirement of target market and is effective enough in satisfying need of customers. Product mix relies on three main aspects which are width, depth and consistency. Width of the product mix can be determined by the number and variety of product line offered by enterprise.

In short it highlights the diversification of organization activities. Holiday Inn range of service involves food, lodging, meetings, timeshares etc. This directly assist enterprise in serving its target market in better manner where different options are provided to customers and they can easily purchase commodity which best suits with their requirement. Service line of organization involves several items and this is the main reason behind success of company in the market (Sultan and Rohm, 2005).

Time to time new services are added in the existing range by organization due to which customers are having large number of options at the time when they take decision to purchase commodities of Holiday Inn (Tonnis, 2007). Therefore, through this it can be said that width, depth and consistency in services of Holiday Inn is effective due to which company is able to target its customers in effective manner and it has enhanced overall performance of firm in the market.

1.3 How market segmentation contributes to maximizing sales

Market segmentation is regarded as the process of dividing market which can be on the basis of demography, geography or psychography. Further, it provides base to organization in targeting its valuable customers in appropriate manner. Need and requirement of customers changes over a period of time and due to this basic reason it is required for enterprise to segment its market as it can act as source of attraction for its customers (Parker, 2013). Moreover, appropriate segmentation of market assist enterprise in targeting customers as per their actual need and requirement. At present Holiday Inn has segmented its market on the basis of demography and lifestyle where products are offered to customers only after knowing their actual requirement. This allows company to enhance its overall performance in the market and in turn acts as an development tool. Moreover, selection of appropriate market segmentation strategy has assisted company in maximising sales volume.

Through segmentation organization is able to focus on its target market and their actual requirements are known easily. Further, organization introduces new service on continuous basis and by segmenting market it becomes quite easy to decide the range of customers who can be targeted in appropriate manner. In short without appropriate segmentation it is not at all possible for enterprise to target its customers (Meenaghan, McLoughlin and McCormack, 2013). Segmentation supports in effective advertising as same promotional activities are not at all effective for every type of customers. Therefore, advertisements are designed in unique manner and through which management is being able to enhance overall sales volume. It has also provided base to business enterprise in understanding about customers trend which also changes over a period of time. Further, product modification is possible and through this challenges present in business environment can be faced easily. On the other hand, every customer present in the market has some sort of expectations from target management and due to this reason they are segmented so that business can focus on their needs in appropriate manner (Jensen and et. al., 2015). Therefore, in this way market segmentation has provided base to organization in maximising sales volume and in turn has assisted to perform better in terms of rise in market share along with profitability.

TASK B: External Sales Development Techniques

2.1 Factors Affecting Buyer Behaviour

Large number of factors are present which influences buyer behaviour and Holiday Inn considers such range of factors so that need of its target market can be satisfied in efficient manner. Such factors are:

Cultural Factors: Culture of buyer plays crucial role especially at the time when decision is taken by customer regarding purchase of services. Further, individual is directly affected by family, friends and overall cultural environment. Moreover, culture of every consumer differs from one another and it may be possible that culture of individual may allow customer to purchase any specific commodity or may prevent also (Solomon and et. al., 2014). For instance culture of any individual may allow to consume non vegetarian items but people of other culture may not consume such items. Therefore, purchase decision is directly taken by target market keeping in view their culture. So, by offering products to target market on the basis of their culture it has become possible for company to enhance its sales volume and is providing large number of opportunities such as rise in satisfaction level of customers etc.

Social Factors: This factor takes into consideration three categories such as family, social role and status along with reference group. Before purchasing any commodity every consumer takes feedback from friends, relative and purchase decision is directly influenced by this (Ward and Sobek, 2014). Further, individual is directly influenced by group along with the advice given by them in relation with purchase of commodity. Due to this reason social factor is also regarded to be most important especially at the time when purchase decision has to be taken. Moreover, family of consumer also influences at the time when any commodity has to be purchased and advice of family members is taken into consideration so that individual can purchase value for money products.

Personal Factors: This factor also plays crucial role at the time when purchase decision is taken. It involves lifestyle, value, age, hobbies etc of consumer (Yu and Kunz, 2014). For instance young age people prefer to buy products which matches with their lifestyle but it is not applicable in case if adults and other type of customers. Therefore, personal factor of consumer is also considered to be most crucial and it directly influences purchase behaviour of target market.

2.2 Advertising media that can be used for sales development situations

In order to enhance sales volume Holiday Inn has employed different advertising tools which assist organization in promoting its products in better manner and in turn acts as an development tool. Further, it is well known fact that without effective advertising no company can survive in market for longer period of time (Oliva and Watson, 2011). One of the most advertising media source selected by Holiday Inn is social media where generally every target market has access and they can gain full information and knowledge regarding product range of organization. Apart from this firm has developed its own page on Facebook which is attractive enough in targeting customers. Through this business is able to focus on actual needs and requirement of its target market which is must in the present era. Further, better promotion is possible at global level with the help of social media and this allows business enterprise to understand about the changing need of customers in most effective manner.

Apart from this, advertising with the help of print media is also considered to be effective such as newspaper etc and through this proper information is shared with the target market by management with the motive to enhance sales volume (Tavares Thomé and et, al., 2012). In short advertising is one of the major source of income of Holiday Inn and has assisted in enhancing customer base which is one of the main objective of enterprise behind carrying out operations in the market. Further, through advertising enterprise is able to enhance awareness in the market linked with its product range and this has enhanced brand loyalty also. Moreover, it is well known fact that without effective advertising strategy no organization can survive in market for longer period of time. Due to this basic reason different advertising media are considered for overall growth and development of business enterprise. This has allowed business to deal with the condition of rise in competition level in the market and has supported in increasing market share (Thome, Sousa and Carmo, 2014).

2.3 Use of external merchandising for maximizing sales volume

External merchandising is regarded as the arrangement of commodities through physical stores with the motive to maximise sales volume. Entire range of services which are offered by Holiday Inn are represented with the help of different techniques such as brochures, menu card etc. Apart from this, overall infrastructure of the company is quite effective through which it becomes to enhance satisfaction level of target market. Overall infrastructure of enterprise is designed in appropriate manner and it posses capability to attract customers to try services of enterprise (Wacker and Lummus, 2012). Further, management is providing unique environment to its target market through its infrastructure and it is one of the major source of customer satisfaction. Overall ambience along with layout of the Holiday inn hotels are effective enough in enhancing satisfaction level of target market. Further, time to time feedback is taken from staff members so that modifications are made in the existing service range of firm and this provides remarkable experience to the customers in the field of hospitality. Moreover, services of company are highly differentiated and due to this basic reason it becomes easy for enterprise to attract large number of customers in the market. Apart from this organization is strongly focusing on expanding its operations and main stress is on areas where demand for tourism services is quite high. At present around 3414 locations are being served by enterprise and this has enhanced overall market presence of firm in the market.

Infrastructure along with ambience of business are making a positive difference to local communities and through this management is able to connect business to the local area (Honey, Ford and Simintiras, 2003). In short customers need along with requirement are kept on the top and it has assisted in accomplishment of desired aims along with objectives of the business. Due to all these basic reason Holiday Inn is able to enhance its sales as majority of the customers prefer to buy its services on continuous basis. Apart from this, time to time company takes feedback from its target market in order to know whether any type of change is required in infrastructure along with design and this supports in knowing the real importance of customers. On the other hand customers who are brand loyal prefer to purchase commodities of enterprise due to its effective external merchandising techniques. Further, it is also acting as source of targeting and is one of the main reason behind rise in level of customer satisfaction (Hoyer and Maclnnis, 2012).

Task 3 Internal Sales Promotion and Merchandising

3.1 Influence of design and layout on consumer spending

Design along with layout has direct impact on consumer spending and decision linked with purchase is also associated with this. Holiday Inn carries out its operations in the market with the help of its hotels which are present worldwide and wide variety of services are present in the range through which customers are provided many options. Infrastructure along with design of Holiday Inn hotels are totally unique with the help of which convenience along with comfort is provided to customers. Effective design developed by business enterprise has supported in providing full knowledge along with information to the target market regarding service range (Johnston and Marshall, 2013). Further, it has encouraged customers of Holiday Inn to spend more on services offered by business enterprise. Moreover, skilled workforce has been employed by organization which provides full assistance to customers and they can easily solve queries and other type of doubts. This has encouraged customers of business to fall in love with brand and they are truly loyal towards products of organization.

In the modern era significance of design and layout of hotel has enhanced at faster pace and due to this reason company like Holiday Inn is well appraised in the market for satisfying need of its target market. The overall environment in which products are displayed by target market enhances level of customer satisfaction and boosts sales volume (Andreasen and Kotler, 2008). Further, it has also supported in effective positioning where customer perceive products of company as high quality, differentiated etc. In short, effective layout along with design of company stores is supporting company in delivering appropriate services to target market as per their actual requirement. It is also one of the basic reason behind success and growth of entity in the competitive market.

Design and layout of Holiday Inn influences purchase behaviour of the target market and encourages them to purchase services of company on continuous basis. Apart from this company considers important factor such as exterior layout of building, lightning, format through which services are delivered (Ashill, Frederikson and Davies, 2003). Through all this customers are easily able to search for most appropriate services which match with their requirement. Rise in spending level of customers due to effective layout and design has lead to rise in profitability along with sales volume of business and has provided large number of opportunities to business.

3.2 Effectiveness of internal merchandising materials

Internal merchandising is regarded as one of the most effective technique through which Holiday Inn can easily enhance its overall performance in the market. Further, it takes into consideration overall internal environment and layout of the building through which services are offered to target market (Cravens and Piercy, 2008). Moreover, in the present era majority of the hospitality companies are offered products with the help of its hotels and it has to be ensured by management that its internal merchandising is effective through which customers can be easily attracted.

Holiday Inn has built its entire internal environment in effective manner through which its customers are able to take purchase decision easily. Moreover for targeting customers internal merchandising material of Holiday Inn is quite effective which has supported in retaining large number of customers. In short through this company is promoting entire range of its service and it is having positive impact on the brand image of business (Yu and Kunz, 2014).

This is beneficial for company as awareness is increasing through this. Overall internal layout of the hotel is effective where different painting along with other techniques are being employed with the help of which customers are attracted towards the range of services. This is directly assisting firm in gaining competitive advantage and challenges present in the business environment can be faced easily by Holiday Inn in the market. This also acts as an effective source of attraction and boosts sales volume. Moreover, services such as lodging, accommodation along with food are differentiated through internal merchandising and it has supported company in gaining competitive advantage.

3.3 Evaluation of different promotional activities according to different scenarios

Promotional activities directly provides base to organization in enhancing sales volume and it becomes easy to sustain in the market for longer period of time. Holiday Inn has employed different promotional activities and it is considered as one of the most effective way to gain competitive advantage. Discounts are provided on range of services to customers on continuous basis and the kind of monetary benefits provided to target market encourages customers to repurchase services (Tavares Thomé and et, al., 2012). Further, on occasions and other type of festivals sales promotion schemes are introduced so that firm can better sell its services as compared with other hospitality organizations in the market. First scenario can be occasion for which effective promotional activity is short term sales promotion where coupons and other form of additional benefits can be provided to target market with the aim to enhance profitability level and overall sales volume. Further, for promoting services on continuous basis organization has employed direct marketing which involves sending email, letters, phamplets to target market with the aim to provide them important information linked with hospitality service.

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This is also effective for business enterprise and can provide large number of opportunities to the business such as rise in market share along with profitability. Services provided by Holiday Inn in the market are having closely related substitutes and due to this basic reason employing promotional tools is must for enterprise and through this customers can be encouraged to repurchase the commodities for longer period of time. Apart from this publicity as an promotional method is also undertaken by business where through print and broadcasting media information is shared with target market and to enhance satisfaction level of target market becomes more easy for organization (Honey, Ford and Simintiras, 2003). Further, time to time promotional activities of company are modified by considering the overall condition present in the market and due to this reason sales volume of enterprise is enhancing at faster pace every year. Moreover, gifts are provided by company to its valuable customers timely especially to those who are brand loyal. Therefore, this method is also effective for business and is having positive impact on the brand image of enterprise.

Task D: Role of Staff in Maximising Sales

4.1 Evaluation of personal selling techniques

Different personal selling techniques are present with the help of which organization can enhance its sales volume and can sustain in the competitive market for longer period of time. Holiday Inn has employed different personal selling methods which are efficient enough in enhancing organizational productivity. Internet selling is regarded as one of the most effective technique where company has started to sell its products online through its website. Main advantage of adopting this method to company is that it encourages customers to know what kind of services is required and they can purchase it in quick period of time. Apart from this, it supports in building brand image of the enterprise and enhances customer satisfaction (Andreasen and Kotler, 2008). Therefore, internet selling is one of the effective method of personal selling employed by business and it provides long term benefit to business. Sales calls is also one of the effective method of personal selling where employees linked with sales department sets target on weekly or monthly basis. Further, main stress is on determining the actual requirement of target market and offering them products accordingly. Main focus is on targeting big industries and other type of individuals so that sales volume can be enhanced. Through this crucial information is shared with the target market and this assist in meeting with the desired aims and objectives of business.

Sending Email and letters to customers is also effective form of personal selling which has been employed by Holiday Inn. Time to time information is shared with target market regarding the product range and other type of offers provided to them (Hill and Hill, 2012). This encourages them to respond quickly and in turn they purchase products which matches with their actual requirement. Due to this basic reason this technique of personal selling is also considered to be most effective and has favourable impact on brand image of organization. So, these are some of the most effective personal selling techniques employed by business through which organization can gain competitive advantage and can provide support to sustain in the competitive environment for longer period of time.

4.2 Influence of operational design on sales revenue

Operational design is linked with the way in which overall operations can be carried out company so as to enhance its sales revenue. For conducting different operations in effective manner appropriate operational plan has been built through which company is being able to meet with the requirement of its target market (Oliva and Watson, 2011). Main reason behind organizing each and every operation is to enhance customer satisfaction and through this customers are attracted towards range of commodities. Hospitality operations involve managing day to day activities with the aim to maximize profitability along with sales volume. Company has developed unique design by considering all its employees who are assigned different responsibilities for serving customers in appropriate manner. Further, operational design of business changes as per change in customer trends and other form of requirements.

Each and every unit of company is operated by responsible staff members and due to this reason business is able to built effective operational design. New technological systems have been employed for serving customers such as for providing product knowledge etc. Further, cash handling is done in proper manner where electronic systems have been installed to record key transactions (Ward and Sobek, 2014). Apart from this company strongly focuses on safety and security of its customers where it is ensured that sales representatives are handling all the activities carefully, CCTV cameras have been installed so as to watch customers and overall internal environment provided to target market is also safe. So, this is directly having positive impact on the sales revenue of company where majority of the customers are satisfied with the ways employed by organization in managing its key operations. On the other hand, firm strongly focuses on customer service, refund schemes and visual merchandising as they are also linked with potential of enterprise in earning revenue through sales. In short each and every operation carried out by business enterprise is effective enough in enhancing sales revenue along with profitability. It is supporting firm to grab the range of opportunities present in the business environment (Cravens and Piercy, 2008).

4.3 key principles to be included in sales training programme

At the time of designing any sales training programme it is necessary for business to consider various principles for its overall growth and development. Programme content is one of the key principle which has to be undertaken as management has to decide what kind of information will be shared with the sales team. Further, it must include the responsibilities assigned to individuals along with the type of information which can be shared with the individuals who are going to attend this training programme. Next principle is to determine the type of delivery options as it is the first and foremost duty of management to ensure whether training will be given through online method or offline (Selling on Value - The Three Principles of Value Selling., 2008). By selecting the appropriate method of delivering information it is possible for company to share appropriate and up to date information with the sales team. In short proper training can be provided by selecting effective method. Selling to the highest decision maker can be one of the main principle where sales team can target customers who takes quick decision and are easily influenced by the strategies of enterprise.


After conducting the entire research it has become easy to understand the techniques of sales development employed by business for its overall growth. Further, Holiday Inn considers all the range of factors which influences buyer behaviour and this is one of the reason behind rise in customer satisfaction level. Further, internal merchandising is supporting organization to attract its target market and products are offered to them as per their actual needs and requirement. Apart from this promotional tools employed by business are enhancing sales volume of entity and in turn company is being able to survive in the competitive market for longer period of time.


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