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Company has to use latest techniques into business so that they will conduct operational activities effectually (Adewumi and Akinyelu, 2017). This is fundamental for them to comprehend contemporary themes which are associated with working. It will include market survey, factors related to ethical dilemma, diversity and in addition equality and so on. This has to be understand by superior of an association; thus, entire working will organise in a significant or proper manner. It will be utilized by manager to demonstrate about contemporary themes for the new restaurant i.e. FILL&FEEL. 

There are many types of problems which will be confront by company at the time of operating business. They will be either small and large as well. Issues which are facing by them need to comprehend by employer in an adequate manner; therefore, they will be support working. Many times they will face numerous ethical dilemmas that will develop in field of business. Along with, it will connected with acts or legislations also. FILL&FEEL is going to begin a new restaurant in UK and it is required for them to measure ethical dilemmas proficiently; therefore, they will find out appropriate steps to sort out any kind of difficulties (Chen and Asch, 2017). 

Ethics means basic norms as well as values which connected with business and manager needs to complete work by following this. On the other hand, dilemmas define those circumstances which will be either correct or wrong. Hence, superior needs to embrace one of them and they will formulate some strategies to measure it (Fischer-Pauzenberger and Schwaiger, 2017). There are various ethical dilemmas which are facing by FILL&FEEL at the time of beginning new restaurant. These are described as below:

Employee behaviour and legal issue: Unethical behaviour of staff members will be provide impact to overall enterprise. Due to this, many kinds of issues will be confront by organisation which are associated with laws or legislations. To resolve them, it is required for manager of firm to develop appropriate policies or strategies. These problems will be connected with religion, age, gender and many more.

Employee working condition: As FILL&FEEL is going to open a new outlet in UK so that this will be considered as significant issues which will face by them (Brenner and et. al., 2017). Basically, small firms are having sufficient amount of finance; thus, it is not easy for them to maintain proper working surroundings. With this, they will either render salaries to workers or maintain environment. Thus, it is needed for manager of affiliation to measure both options so they will decide that they will choose one option or both. Therefore, this is termed as ethical dilemma for firm as it will restrain them to do work in an effective manner. To deal with this problem, it is must for an employer to formulate proper strategies (Jones and Sahu, 2017).

Henceforth, this has been understood that there are many ethical dilemma which are associated with business and it is fundamental for superior of FILL&FEEL to examine it. In this manner, they will be able to conduct business in an effective and efficient manner. It will provide impact to overall operational activities so manager has to measure it. Thus, an effective or proper strategies will be created by them (Kültür and Çağlayan, 2017).

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