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Food and beverage are referred to as one of the crucial activities in a service organization. This segment undertakes numerous activities such as purchasing of raw material, preparing of food and beverage so that the distinct needs of guests are fulfilled in an ideal manner. The F&B services which are been delivered by organisation should conform with the industry standards so that chances of repetition of sales is enhanced (Davis, 2013). This assignment focuses on  F&B services and operations which are carried out by Saba Hotel. It is an 3 star hospitality organisation catering its services in London. This assignment will attempt to understand different food and beverage products and services systems along with consideration of the financial processes. There will be an attempt to form a menu along with justification of choices. Lastly, a plan will be formulated to offer services within the budget determined.

Task 1

1.1 Discuss the characteristics of food production and beverage system

The major characteristic of Food & Beverage identified to be a vital part of life. The F&B industry of the country carries a significant contribution in the economy of a nation. This section of the hospitality industry is known to cater to employment to a major section of the employable workforce. The F&B segment provides an opportunity for people in having a good time and enjoy social gatherings. There is numerous production system which can be considered while preparing food such as:

Traditional: It is considered to be one of the most conventional food production systems which is considered. The menu items are preparation style is held for a shorter duration until serving (Mahalik and Nambiar, 2010). This approach is generally employed when there are smaller food servings and preferred for A la carte services.

Centralized: The centralized food production approach focuses on the preparation of food at a central location. This approach is more inclined towards the achievement of the standardisation process and assures that there is a minimum reduction in food preparation.

Sous-vide: It is considered to be one of the most innovative approaches undertaken for food production. This approach involves packaging of food and plastic with vacuum so that it could be stored for over 21 days. This approach is mostly preferred by the organisation with larger capital. It can be considered to be a time-consuming approach of preparing food. This food production can be further used with cold storage and does not involve any risk of contamination.

Cook-chill: It is a comparatively simple approach that is considered in the food production system. The food which has been prepared is being stored under chilling temperatures so that it could be preserved for over 5 days. This system is further utilized to make sure that the quality of food along with nutritional content is conformed with industry benchmarks.

Cook-Freeze: This food production system makes sure that food blasters are utilized optimally. This approach assures that food is prepared and stored with a blast freezer and regenerated with the help of microwave ovens (Massoud, 2010). This food production system is advantageous as it enhances flexibility and minimizes wastage of food.

1.2 Discuss Factors affecting recipes and menu for specific systems

It can be said that there are numerous factors that influence the production of F&B in distinct systems. The menu involves a variety of recipes that will be offered to guests as per their orders. Therefore it is essential to give consideration to the below-mentioned factors so that the right menu can be developed. Here listing some of the crucial factors relating to recipes and menu that are as follows:

Size of operation: the primary factor which determines the menu and recipe is the size of the operation. If the operations are on a large scale there will be comparatively more items on the menu and higher availability of inventories and ingredients when compared with small scale.

Availability of resources: the development of menu and recipe which are to be served to consumers should involve detailed planning so that the right inventories could be procured in the right manner. Along with resources, there are a variety of equipment and tools which also affect recipes and menu for the production system.

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