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Food Safety Management - Hilton Hotel

University: Mont Rose School of Managment and Sciences

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1176
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: AB432H31
  • Downloads: 1242
Question :

The objective of this report is to develop individual’s understanding and knowledge for food safety practices. In this regard, it is needed to evaluate guidelines of food safety, control measures, food hazard risk assessment and furthermore.

  • Evaluate the agent which cause food borne illness as well as containment of food in Hilton hotel.
  • Analyse the process that can help in avoid food spoilage and preserve quality of food within Hilton hotel.
  • Identify the significance of effective prevention system that help in control food containment.
  • Design a control and management system for Hilton hotel.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hilton hotel


Food Safety is considered as a scientific process through which food is stored and prepared so as to prevent food borne illness (Motarjemi and Lelieveld, 2013). In the industry of hospitality, manager and kitchen staff play an important role as they are responsible for providing best quality and healthy food to its customers with in specific time frame. Organization that is taken in this assignment is Hilton hotel which is a renowned hospitality industry in United Kingdom. The report will throw light on hygiene system and process which is required to produce and deliver safe food to its clients. Therefore, managers of a company should make sure that to what measures can be taken so as to overcome food positioning and other issues related to food safety in order to know the food provided by company is safe or not.


1.1 The controls required to prevent physical and chemical contamination of food

Process of contamination in food starts when there is a presence of harmful chemicals and microorganism in the air this can affect health of people negatively. There are various methods through which food get contaminated such as inadequate hand washing, storage and cooking temperature, etc., but this can be reduced by encouraging kitchen staff to wash their hands on a regular basis before cutting eatable items or serving food, they can minimize the use of pathogens in food and many more. Other source through which food can be contaminated is raw food products (i.e. meat, poultry), kitchen tools and surface etc., if these food items or tools will be used in the kitchen then Microbes may transfer from one place to another. Therefore, by developing a proper place for storing food all these issues can be eliminated which can have adverse affect on humans (Lahou and et. al., 2012). Along with this, to overcome with these problems staff can wash fresh fruits and vegetables on a continuous basis. They can avoid using harmful chemical for storing food like fish, oysters, crabs etc., for a longer period of time. Along with this, to detect any metal part within the body of fish or other sea food items they can use X-Ray machines. Henceforth, by applying the following procedures hospitality industry can prevent physical and chemical contamination of food.

1.2 Comparison of characteristics of food poisoning and foodborne infections

In the industry of hospitality, food poisoning can be caused because of diseases, bacteria, parasites, viruses or chemicals that are present in food items served by the hotel staff. Symptoms can be recognized if a person is vomiting, or has fever, abdominal pain, nausea and many more. Thus, unhygienic food and its excessive use can be the major reason of such actions (Opiyo, Wangoh and Njage, 2013). Some of the foods borne infections are given below:

Bacillus cereus: This kind of infection can be caused through the sources like Meat, milk, vegetables and fish. Vomiting is its major symptom and it can start after 6 hours of infection.

Clostridium Botulinum: These kinds of bacteria are found in oil, plants, animals and fish. Their main target is nervous system of a human body and its symptom can arise between 18 to 36 hours of infection.

Campylobacter Jejuni: These are mainly found in sea foods and meats and its symptoms can be seen in 0.5 to 6 hours.

List of food

poisoning infection

Salmonella: This kind of infection is caused due to domestic and wild animals like poultry, pigs, cattle and pets and the reason of food poisoning can be consumption of eggs, unpasteurized milk (Osés and et. al., 2012).

Shigella: This is caused due to change in the environment which includes tropical and temperature climate because of which bacterial infection raised in this season. Major symptoms that can arise due to this infection are vomiting, nausea, fever and stomach cramps.

1.3 Evaluating the ways through which illness can be controlled in hotel

This is a big issue for hotel industry and to control this, there are some of the strategies that Hilton Hotel can follow in order to control food-borne illness.

Hotel can buy food stuffs or raw material from their regular suppliers who provide them freshest food.

Therefore, they can use separate chopping boards and knife for cutting vegetables and meat, poultry, seafood etc., this will save them from bacteria (Hall, Timothy and Duval, 2012).

Before preparing foods all the vegetables, fruits must be double washed and then putting them in cold water staff members of hotel can overcome some of the negative impact of bacteria on human beings.

Managers should make sure that all the staff members of hotel are maintaining cleanliness so as to prevent food contamination (Luning and et. al., 2011).

Therefore, in order to maintain the quality of food hotel staff can keep the veg and non-veg raw material separate from each other.

Lastly, managers should make sure that the hotel compound is kept clean and all the insect control chemicals are kept separated as it is hazardous for people.

Therefore, by considering all the points that are mentioned above Hotel can enable themselves in providing food that are best in quality. This will increase the trust of customers towards their hotel.

2.1 Categories of the food spoiler agents that affect food Enzymes

In hotel, there can be many reasons or sources because of which food can be contaminated like: enzymes, unclean use of distributional channel, bacteria and many more. Thus, it is prime duty of managers to follow appropriate guidelines so as to minimize the effects of food spoiler. Along with this, poor personal hygiene, cooking food at wrong temperature and using unwashed equipments while preparing the food can be the major factor of rising food-borne illness (Fernández-Segovia and et. al., 2014).

The major sources of enzymes are muscles, organ and gut of fish, due to which health of a person can get affected. Therefore, before preparing such kind of food it is necessary that the material is cleaned properly.


They are like tiny particles that are spread through land, sea, air, water, animals and plants. Thus, if manager wants to maintain a healthy workplace than it is necessary that he/she follows every guideline that is for maintaining quality standards. Natural decay in food and contamination by micro organism is the main reason for unhealthy and spoilage food in hotel industry. Bacteria can be generated in short time and can be more dangerous and they are developed through various ways such as oxidation, ripening, etc., and these are infections to human beings.

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