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Consumer Attitude Towards Street Food in London

University: University of Chester

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 4 / Words 1015
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0421
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Question :

The objective of this research is to gather information upon customer’s behavior towards street food of London. These kind of practices will assist in determining how that changes can be done in order to gain maximum profitability through such business.

  • Discuss the aims and objective of this research upon given topic by considering appropriate information.
  • Determine the strength and weaknesses of alternative research design and execute this to research project.
  • Identify varied sources of information for problem identification and its solution analysis practices.
  • Provide an appropriate recommendation over research analytical approaches.
Answer :
Organization Selected : tesco


The preferences and tastes of the buyers are the core of a successful business. It is the thing that helps firms determine the need for innovation in products and services. However, street food is the most common approach to attracting buyers to food services. Further, it can be said that London is quite famous for its street food services because the market offers a variety of food optimization at affordable prices (Lues and, 2016). Time and cost are common considerations for citizens when eating on the roadside. However, London street food offers hygienic food with healthier nutrient options.

The major risk is contaminated and unhygienic food which increases the risk of health concerns at the time of eating street side food. In accordance with London street food, it can be said that it encourages food taste by offering spicy and tasty food as per consumer requirements. The street-vendor food is for immediate consumption and does not require further processing and preparation (Rane, 2011). It includes food services related to fresh fruits, vegetables, etc. Moreover, it can be said that most of the British population prefers street food because it is convenient, inexpensive, and often healthy.

There are people who eat street food but are also conscious about health and hygienic factors and on the other hand, there are vendors who strictly follow the guidelines of food and safety regulations. Compliance with these practices helps the street-side vendors in managing consumer attraction towards their services in comparison to other street-side competitors. Apart from this, it has been argued that the major concern of eating roadside food in London is flavor and taste (Trafialek, Drosinos, and Kolanowski, 2017). The vendors offer completely different tastes and use spices in food items that differ their services from high-priced learning restaurants.


“To identify consumer preferences and attitude towards street food in London”


  • To explain factors that affect consumers' attitudes and preferences.
  • To identify street food trends in London.
  • To analyze the relationship between consumers' attitudes and street food trends.
  • Explain the factors that affect consumers' attitudes and preferences.
  • What are the street food trends in London?
  • Explain the relationship between consumers’ attitudes and street food trends.


Rationale of Study

The motive behind conducting this research is to identify about changing food preferences of customers over London Street Food. It has been discovered that the majority of localities are attracted to London street food. Moreover, acceptance of street food is leading to the development of rural as well as urban regions. Similarly, this research topic is chosen because, with the increased demand for street food, it has been discovered that there is a risk of contaminated and unhygienic food (Hill and, 2018).

These risk factors are impacting consumer taste and preferences and therefore it is becoming the most common issue in London. Thus, it can be said that the researcher used this topic because there is adequate research and articles available that can help the scholar in developing a critical understanding of this topic.

Scope of Study

The study will help in determining the behavior of potential street food consumers over the street side food services of London. The research is not limited to the secondary aspect therefore it will assist in directly interacting with people and understanding their choices and preferences for London street Food. Further, it will help in determining major factors that are considered by customers when eating or buying street-side food. Moreover, it will help in determining awareness among buyers about the risk of roadside food (Lues and, 2016). However, this analysis will help in promoting awareness and will assist in critically analyzing consumer choices and preferences towards Street food in London.

Significance of Research

The study is important because it will help the researcher promote awareness among the British about the risks involved in the consumption of street-vended Food. Further, the research is essential to promote preparation and process facts of street food which will help in making people conscious about their eating habits. Besides, it will assist in deriving current food trends of London Street which will help in analysing the development of rural and urban regions. Thus, it will help in analyzing facts that are considered by British buyers when buying and eating local street food.

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Consumer preferences and attitude towards street food in London

With the advancement of modern life, exposure to various international cultures and habitation of people of various countries in the UK has made it a perfect blend of cross-cultural market environments. This has given rise to a wide range of cuisines evolving within a country in the form of restaurants and street food vendors. Especially in London, the craze of street food from different nations and cultures is gaining popularity. This has made London City and even its suburban area in the periphery to be a demanding market for street food.

As per the views of Halkier (2016), the street food culture is very common and quite old in UK, dating back to Victorian era. With an increase in colonisation which helps in seeking a good view of various countries in accordance to their traditions, practices and food. Since then, till today’s modern period, concept of street food has seen a tremendous rise. However with the change in time, consumer preferences has also been evolved to a greater extent. With the imbibing of a fast pace life and lack of time, people or consumers are now demanding something convenient to the street food.

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