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Working in Partnership

Introduction to Working in Partnership

Partnership working in health and social care is very important for medical professionals to save life by providing quality services to patients in the specific area. This process contribute effective role in the organisation to improve professional knowledge of the health and social care members. In addition to this, it helps in increasing the efficiency of the organisations in the country. It enhances the planning of health care corporations to render effective medical services for all people (Samuel, 2011). This report is about New Century Care nursing home which provides optimistic medical services to its medical victims in the United Kingdom. The present report covers partnership philosophies and relationship within health and social care services. Further, it focuses on the results of joint working for user of services and employees in the same area.

Task 1

1.1 Philosophies of working in partnership in health and social care

New century care has various philosophies of working in partnership in health and social care area. This concept reveals the set of values which relates with working with various health and social care corporations. Mainly, Nursing home contains many approaches like empowerment, independence, autonomy, respect, power sharing as well as informed choices to deal with patients.


Independence shows ability of making decisions which is based on important aspects. It defines personal characteristics like self-autonomy, ability and control etc. It also helps the medical professionals to modify the environment as well as resources by using own judgement (Munn-Giddings and winter, 2013). For example, doctors give full independence to medical victims regarding their decision to cure its diseases in the New Century Care.


Concept of respect is basically way of protecting patient’s autonomy by giving essential information of medical and care treatments. This process also provides autonomy to make own decisions to medical victims. In addition, respecting and rendering importance of the patient’s beliefs is also considered as the philosophy of respect (Lowes and Hulatt, 2013). For example, medical professional of New Century Care also keeps information confidential of their patients regarding diseases to give them respect.

Power sharing

Power sharing is communication between medical professional of New Century Care and medical victims to achieve a mutual understanding in respect of roles, responsibilities and handing power relationships. For example, patients share its diseases with doctor in the New Century nursing care. After the doctor gives effective options to medical victims for choosing their cure on the basis of diseases.

Informed choices

Information should be genuine which help the patients to make its decision in the nursing home. For example, medical professional should provide right information and their remedies. These things also provide reliability to medical victims for taking perfect decision to cure its diseases in New Century Care.

Philosophies and theories do not provide the way people behave but it renders proper framework for interpreting ethical confusions which may arise in some conditions. These things contribute effectively for individuals as well as society for considering right decisions in the New Century nursing home (Glasby, 2012). They give new directions and ideas on how to manage these types of typical issues with values and ethics in the organization. This way, medical professional of corporation can get better solution to solve ethical dilemmas for providing better medical services for the patients.

1.2 Evaluating partnership relationship within heath and social care services

Generally, requirement of partnership working in health and social generated many factors for Britain authorities to concentrate on health and social care issues. According to Mockford and et.al (2012), many people in the nation are suffering from mental and other disease in UK. These people are also facing many issues like fiscal and economic constraints, increasing ageing population as well as medical needs of poor people. These issue oblige the New Century Care nursing to perform combine operations to serve citizens of the country (Mockford and et.al., 2012). On the other side, organisation gets the lower level of health results, typical situations, and unnecessary expenses in the health and social service care. These things are affecting life of people by increasing inaccuracies in diagnosis of illness and inappropriate health care decisions. These are increasing risk towards health of people. For overcoming these things, partnership in working is necessary for New Century Care in United Kingdom.

As per the Murray and et.al., (2013), there were few cases like Victoria Climbié and Mid- Staffordshire NHS Trust who got media attention of poor partnership working with agencies and health care professionals in the country. These things show lack of communication skills of medical professionals in the organizations. Some of the cases are faced by New Century Care due to miscommunication of doctors and nurses. In addition, patients of corporation ha s faced severe results due to this kind of activity in the UK (Murray and et.al., 2013). However, collaboration of health and care organisations also gives quality services and supports the patients to reduce various types of diseases by using various strategies in United Kingdom. These joint practices help the New Century Care to reduce the level of diseases by providing them with optimistic medical service through doctors, surgeons and nurses in the Britain. This way, they can give huge benefits regarding health and social care for the people of nation.

Hofmarcher and Quentin (2012) volunteer of New Century Care also form partnership to provide better quality services to the society. Generally, successful collaboration needs optimistic communication among health and social care members in the country. Organisations get many benefits from these types of operations. Working in partnership contribute effective role in New Century Care to remove barriers of progressive, stabilisation, provision of effective care of patients, giving better facilities of medical education, employment training as well as its programmes. Generally, these are main benefits of working in partnership for New Century Care organisation in the United Kingdom (Hofmarcher and Quentin, 2012). On the other side, it also provides effective experience to doctors and medical professional to deal with typical medical situations to treat patients in United Kingdom. It helps in increasing the knowledge in the medical field by providing effective medical services to people in the health and social care field.

Task 2

2.1 Discussing models of partnership working across the health and social care sector

New Century organisation follows many models for working in partnership in the health and social care sector. Firm can use practical and theoretical models to provide quality service to people.

Practical Models

These models are associated with local healthcare strategic partnership and Local healthcare area agreements.

Local health care strategic partnership

It also provides strategic joint operations between two organizations (Rhodes, 2012). For example, New Century Care organization can perform strategic collaboration with healthcare agencies to render better medical facilities for people in specific area like mental and other diseases.

Local healthcare area agreements

This type of joint operations is conducted by including central government and local organisation of the healthcare (Brett and et.al., 2014). For example, New Century care also fixes the proprieties, mission, vision and objectives. It sets out plan to implement these things with the help of proper funding to render medical facilitates for patients with help of heath care professionals in the country.

Theoretical models

These models includes Unified, coordination, Hybrid types:

Unified Model

It provides trust and it contains single financial system, one strategic direction, objectives as well as aims in health and social care area (Hunter and Perkins, 2012). For example, New century Care can get various advantages to implement this model like reduced delay cost, designing integrated system as well as less waiting time at the time of providing medical services for patients in the UK.

Coordinated Model

This approach provides effective facilitates to work in an autonomous way (Braveman and Gottlieb, 2013). For example, New Century Care can achieve various services like management of staffing and their training in various health care areas in working in partnership. This way, organisation can provide quality services to medical victims in the particular area.

In this approach, organisation can be operated as strategically by using two or more models (Collins and McCray, 2012). For example, New Century Care organisation can use Unified and coordinated model to get various advantages in order to provide quality medical services for people in Unite

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