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Research Project - A Case Study on Asda

University: UKCBC College London

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: SIT113
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Question :


The tradition business has been transformed into modern business and this provided opportunity for business growth. Firm had to accept challenges in terms of new technology and increase competition for business expansion.

  1. Develop research methodology which translate knowledge into research process.
  2. Evaluate research related to business research
  3. Provide research outcomes
  4. Provide reflection of research concept and methodology
Answer :
Organization Selected : ASDA



It can be said that a business organisation carries its operations in order to make sure that they are able to achieve their stated limit of profitability and functionality. There is a crucial need for organisation to undertake digital measures so that a competitive edge can be availed over rival organisation. A business environment provides numerous approach to implementation of digital tools however it depends upon organisational suitability to choose the most suitable one (Bodnar and Hopwood, 2012). This report will be focusing on the concept of cloud computing and its influence in the organisational process and practices.

Background of research

Asda is a renowned supermarket retailer in the country which is known to operate in more than 642 locations throughout the country. This organisation have been carrying out its operations since 1965 and have achieved approximately 2,166 GBP as their profits for the year 2016. The organisation have been operating with a market share of approximately 16% market share and aims to capitalise opportunities of the market so that there is a positive impact on the market share. This supermarket retailer have been making use of the cloud computing measures and make sure that there is an enhancement of communication and alternation in the manner information have been stored and shared with other personnel.

Significance of research

It is essential to conduct research so that a better understanding can be formed on the subject. This research intents to identify role which has been played by the digital tools in an organisation. Therefore it has become essential to identify views and opinions of different members in this segment. The conducting research in this segment is crucial as it assists in identifying response of related resources in an organisation and determining whether it is actually valuable to an organisation or not (Lin and Chen, 2012). The primary benefit is that it facilitates decision making for an organisation as it clarifies existing circumstances. It will assists an organisation in allocation of resources and making sure that better economic outcomes are achieved. In context of this study, research attempts to identify the ease which has been catered through digital tools in the organisation so that corrective actions can be formulated.

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Research Aims

The aim of research justifies intention of scholar with undertaking this study. The aims of undertaking this study is,To identify influence of cloud technology on business operations. A case study on Asda.”

Research Objectives

Research objectives can be considered as an attempt to resolve the research questions. They are helpful in determining the actions which will be undertaken by a researcher for the purpose of reaching aim which has been formulated for this study. The formulation of specific objectives is helpful in making sure that research outcomes are beneficial. The framework prior to formulation of research objectives is easier for the scholar. The major objectives for this study are as follows:

  • To understand concept of cloud technology in business
  • To interpret challenges encountered by a business in implementation of business technology
  • To analyse influence of cloud technology in storing and sharing of business information

Research Questions

The research questions are an attempt through which research objectives are being fulfilled ultimately leading to attainment of goals and objectives of this study. The major research relating to this case study are as follows:

  • Examine the concept of cloud technology in business.
  • what are major challenges encountered by a business when implementing business technology?
  • Analyse influence of cloud technology in storing and sharing of information.

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Concept of cloud Technology in business

The concept of cloud technology in business in relatively newer, it is an approach which helps in a business organisation in manage computing with the help of internet. This concept emphasizes use of third party storage for the purpose of storing crucial business information (Dhar, 2012). The term 'cloud' in this context is referred to internet which provides access to a person with decent internet connection. Undertaking this concept will make an organisation more capable when it comes to storing and accessing of information through virtual platforms. According to Son and Lee, (2011) cloud computing eliminates boundaries which has been formulated on the geographical grounds. It is an undeniable fact that internet is redefining the manner in which operations are carried out, it is not only confined to alteration of organisational operations as it is helpful in improving the manner through which interaction with the society is facilitated. Earlier, a business can only access data and information which is present in the hardware and software of a computer. The major impact which has been catered by cloud computing is minimizing importance of hardware and software which are not mobile.

Cloud computing equips an individual with power to access data which has been placed over virtual platforms at anytime and anywhere. It has eliminated needs to store data on the software with the system as information can be stored on the public servers. Therefore it is essential for an organisation to ascertain their need for cloud storage and build a platform which is capable of fulfilling distinct requirements in terms of data and information storing (Wu and et. al, 2013). The organisation can choose from variety of options such as public, private and hybrid server on the basis of requirement of an organisation. The private cloud is more suitable for organisation who focuses on data and ensures that sensitive information is to be preserved in the ideal manner. Where as public platform are more suitable for organisation which preferred cost saving and flexible working of an organisation. The most crucial is hybrid platform, in which sensitive information can be stored behind the firewall and and accessible situation is stored with minimal security. For instance: this organisation can save their emails on the public cloud and vital information of business on the private platforms. Therefore it is essential for a business to identify its requirement and to make sure that most suitable server is being selected. There are majorly three types of cloud computing service available for cloud computing are software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and finally platform as a service (PaaS). As it is a mega corporation most suitable approach is Paas. In this server model an organisation have to rent hardware, software and application environment. The organisation in this model possess a major control on the technical and informational aspects and can be customised depending upon the needs of an organisation.

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