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Research on Discrimination - UK Entertainment Industry

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1472
  • Paper Type: Case Study
  • Course Code: M/508/9862
  • Downloads: 494
Question :

This unit is based on analyzing impact of discrimination due to race, ethnicity, gender, disability or age on society including following points

  • Develop aim related to the study
  • Conduct Literature review related to discrimination in entertainment industry
  • Formulate research methodology & interview questions for knowing the impact of discrimination.
Answer :
Organization Selected : UK Entertainment Industry


Research is study which helps scholar in investigating topic of interest for specific purposes like academic, interest, awareness, etc. The present research paper is focused on analysing core issue that is discrimination and its impact on society. The information in this study will be collected via both the sources, that is, primary and secondary where secondary will be on articles, online journals, etc. Whereas, primary research will be done by interviewing randomly sampled participants of UK entertainment industry.


“To ascertain the impact of discrimination due to race, ethnicity, gender, disability or age on society: a case study on UK entertainment industry”

The rationale behind choosing this topic is to promote awareness among people, because every activity of entertainment industry is directly related to society. Also, because individuals cross the globe are majorly influenced by trends followed in this industry. Therefore, this study will assist in developing a critical knowledge on the possible situations which leads to discrimination in entertainment industry.

Literature Review

According to Hook, 2010, it has been stated that discrimination in entertainment industry is a common issue which is impacting the mentality of society. Film industry is directly related to society and therefore, the individuals try to follow and implement every trend followed by star cast, films, serials, etc. Further, author discussed about discrimination in industry on the basis of gender where growth of females is restricted at every level like women are allowed to be a part of make-up team and costume department because according to majority to people, individuals are in capable of handling camera and work at direction department. Further, it is not that the discrimination in industry is at low level. The disparity is faced by majority of leading star cast. In accordance with this inequality, it can be said that the industry is insecure from each other growth due to which everyone is focused on dragging each one of them down from growth lane. On the contrary, A major new study into gender inequality in the UK film industry, 2016, has stated about lacking female directors and producers in film making industry due to disparity. In addition, it has been discovered that approximately, 16.1 % women are working for low budget films and only 3.3 % are involved in high budget entertainment series. However, this comparison denoted the gender disparity in entertainment industry of UK.

Leary, 2016, has discussed about the factors leading to discrimination that is ethnicity where people belong to different backgrounds and individuals hold the capacity of establishing innovation in entertainment field. Moreover, the criticisation of people in industry restrict the growth various individuals especially who from different cultural background. Further, there are people according to whom females are meant for specific work like make up, wardrobe, costume specialist and for crew which leads to gender inequality. As per the views of Hunleth, 2011, it has been analysed that inequality in UK film making industry is also seen due to racism where the employees are embarrassed and harassed at workplace which is the most unethical practice which influence society. The trends and practices followed by industry lay typical influence of people due to which there are majority of workplace other than film industry where employees faced disparity due to race, gender, ethnicity etc.

According to Lushey and Munro, 2015, there are a million of immigrants in entertainment industry who are supported by management but are discriminated by employees and colleges. The differences in opinion, language a background also leads to conflicts between people due to differences in cultural background. However, the discrimination on the basis of ethnicity is majorly among employees because the entry of immigrants increases competition for domestic workers. In addition, author discussed same concept of society where immigrants are neglected because of differences in background and living style. Thus, author stated that society seeks for support and negligence and conflict between employees and immigrants in entertainment industry has been continuously supporting societal exclusion and negligence to people due to discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, etc.

Primary interview to demonstrate the relevancy of scenarioThe interview was conducted with 15 males and 15 females of entertainment industry.

Theme 1: Yes, people have faced discrimination in entertainment industry.

Have you ever faced discrimination in industry?




May be




As per theme 1, it has been analysed that 17 people of entertainment industry have faced discrimination due to various disparities. According to the views of these persons, it has been analysed that industry restricts growth of potential people because of increasing competition. However, 8 people in interview were not sure but have stated that as per their experiences inequality in industry occurs especially due to ethnicity (Okechukwu and, 2014). Thus, as per the analysis it can be stated that majority of employees have faced disparity which denotes unethical trends of UK entertainment industry which is impacting mentality of society hand in hand.

Theme 2: Yes, discrimination in industry impacts mentality of society.

Do you believe discrimination in industry impacts mentality of society?




May be




According to theme 2, it has been analysed that as per 20 employees of entertainment industry, discrimination impacts the mentality of society. Participants stated that trends of industry are transparent to people across the globe which are followed in film making industry. . The individuals stated that there are people who believe in discrimination and trends of films that make their mentality more powerful. Apart from that, 6 respondents stated that it depends on people and their opinions over discrimination. Further, as per respondents, it can be concluded that society is partially responsible for impacting the mentality of society. Apparently, as per 4 respondents in interview, the industry is not at all responsible for societal discrimination because every individual is aware about their responsibility and practices. Thus, as per these people, no persons or trends can influence anyone’s opinion over disparity (Lutter, 2015).

Theme 3: People in entertainment industry are generally discriminated on the basis of gender.

According to you, on what basis people are discriminated in industry?








As per theme 3, it has been demonstrated that according to majority that is 15 out of 30 employees in entertainment industry feel that they are being discriminated on the basis of gender. According to these individuals, the growth of females are restricted by male dominating society and employees in UK entertainment industry, However, as per 9 respondents, the discrimination in industry occurs due to race which is faced by black people in entertainment industry in terms of harassment. . The common impact of discrimination in industry is seen in salary where the females gets very low wages in comparison to males and same is with black people.

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