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Academic and Research Skills

University: University of Chester

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1267
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0541
  • Downloads: 698

Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
  3. TASK 2
Question :

This unit is based on research skill with relation to personal development plan in order to know the areas of improvement for achieving success.

  • Reflect on the personal skill and formulate SMART objective
  • Develop key points of information using sources from active learning skill and reading strategies
  • Formulate research plan
  • Develop PDP in order to analyse areas of improvement
Answer :


Personal development is a specific procedure which is uses to maximise potential of an individual. Through this, they can easily enhance interpersonal skills, qualities and learning procedure in order to attain their target goals and objectives. In between them, a learner needs to understand some specific areas that requires to develop in between academic and research (Shapiro, 2011). As in marketing research, an individual requires to maximise their adoption, understanding, modification and implementation abilities. For this, it is necessitate to develop a self audit plan that represent strength and weaknesses of an individual to enhance them through self learning procedure. Main objectives of this procedure is to achieve short term as well as long term targets, goals and objectives in effective manner. In this, it is needed to monitor progress of individual against their future plans and procedures. This procedure consider formal and informal activities for the personal development approaches.


Personal development is a most important procedure that helps to identify skills and ability of a person. For an individual, it is required to analyse their own strength and weaknesses. Through this, they can easily examine particular areas that needs to improve. These are the personal development plans that helps to taking appropriate determination for the career growth. For me, it is require to enhance my weaknesses through different learning methods and authenticate sources. I needs to analyse particular areas that are related to my future growth and than start learning appropriate informations through my own skills and abilities. In this procedure self audit assist me to analyse my strength and weaknesses as -

Strength - As I am a good learner, it helps me to adopt several information practically in my skill development procedure. Some of my personal skills are good but I needs to improve my professional skills and abilities. Through this, I can easily achieve my target goals and objectives. Some of my strengths as quick learning and technological skills helps to resolve issues and conflicts in career development plan.

Weaknesses – For me it is require to develop my research, communication and summarising with notes taking skills. It would be a major challenge for me while I represent a authentic research in front of my seniors. In this procedure, I needs to analyse proper information from several places, so in this communication skills aid to contradict properly to others for getting specific and authenticate information easily. Somehow I needs to improve my English language skill to express my own views effectively in front of others.

Smart objective

This procedure basically uses in a specific term in which an individual clearly determine their ideas, efforts, strengths, ability that helps to achieving several goals and objectives easily. It is basically uses to analyse specific need and want of individual for specific skill that requires to improve in effective manner. My smart objectives are given below as-

  • To develop research skills in one year
  • To improve communication skill within 6 Months
  • To develop note taking skills in 10 Months

Short term targets – For me it is required to improve communication and note taking skills in short time period or in duration. By improving such skills, I can easily provide effective contribution in achieving target goals and objectives.

Long term targets – One of my long term target is to improve my research skill. This is a most important procedure that helps to represent my own views and authenticate information within a project. This is based on my future targets and research topics.

All these procedures are based on development of my future career in specific manner. Through this, I can easily understand my weaknesses that are requires to improve properly by using different type of methods and informations.


An individual requires to improve their skills by using different type of sources and varieties (Wong, 2011). Note taking is also a skill that helps to permanently record several informations at a specific place. In this procedure, an individual gather data and informations from different as well as authenticate sources. These kind of notes reduce risk as well as bothering to remember information for a long term period. It also help to distinguish ideas that are come on a specific time period. For me it is require to maximise my research skills by grabbing several information through different type of resources. In this process I can maximise note taking skill by two different methods as -

Noted key points of information from a variety of sources using active listening skills- In this process, in needs to analyse several sources that helps to improve my weakness through listening method. For this I can use -

  • Online methods – This is a most popular method that help to provide specific and authenticate information to me. Now a days, each individual enhance their learning skill by attaining online sufferings. These are aid to improve my listening skills for Noted key points regarding my research and data collection method. Through this, I can easily enhance my furthers skills and making a effective and impactful notes easily.
  • Class room lecture – This is a traditional method that are uses by learners. In it, lecturer provide information regarding a specific topic. Through this, I can easily store proper information that I listen during class room lecturer. These type of sources aid to enhance my research skills in effective manner.
  • Conversation and questioning with seniors – In this process, I can easily improve my communication and research skills by questioning method. Seniors are the guide who provide appropriate information related to specific topic. These conversation and active listening skills are helps to making proper notes for proper research procedure.

Noted key points of information from a variety of sources using reading strategies – Each and every individual learn several objectives by the help of listening and reading strategies. I can also use various reading strategies for noted key points information as -

  • Newspapers and articles – These are the most important sources that helps to maximise information of a learner (Bhatia, 2014). Through this I can easily analyse proper information on the bases of my research topic and its requirement. Some of the learners are prefer reading strategies to memorise several elements by their visual powers. In this newspapers and articles helps to provide specific information in proper manner.
  • Research papers of different authors – In this process, I needs to identify my specific topic of research. After this, I can easily getting proper information in authentic manner. These kind of learning strategies are based on secondary research, that helps to provide view point of different authors on the bases of their specific enquiry.
  • Blogs – Advance technology has major impact on society. Through this, individual can easily get several information on the bases of written journals through online websites. These are most convenient methods for me that provide appropriate information to me at anywhere. It is the most effective reading strategy to Noted key points of information easily.


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