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Research Project - Case Study on HSBC Bank

University: ICTM College London

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Diploma
  • Pages: 9 / Words 2275
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: MN5F12FB
  • Downloads: 753
Question :

The following questions need to be answered by the researcher:

  • Explain the suitable research methodology which integrates knowledge into the research process.
  • Explain and do the analysis of research that would be relevant for a business research project.
  • Explain the result of a research project to identified stakeholders.
  • Explain the research methodologies and concepts with their application.
Answer :
Organization Selected : HSBC Bank


Digital marketing has revolutionised the way of people that conduct whole business operations and functions. The traditional way of operating business has been change and people are engage with the help of digital marketing while conducting business activity. Technology has been change at regular basis and such changes create the big impact on how business world should be operated and regulated. This type of effect are felt in practical manner where all the aspects are regulated on the day to day operation of businesses in both small or large. HSBC Bank plc is one of the most famous banking organisation in the corporate world and its main objective is to provide financial services or facilities to both private and public companies as well as individual. This association is expanding in all over the world which having around 7500 offices in 80 nations for generating maximum income or revenue (Laudon and Laudon, 2015). Apart from this, HSBC Bank is describe under four major clearing banks in united kingdom which is entirely operated and regulated by subsidiary to the referred bank. Along with this, there are various services which are provided by this bank such as commercial banking, private banking, investment, personal loans, corporate, etc. and it has regulated or operated in around 1800 locations in the Europe country. The main motive of business is to offer adequate services or facilities to their domestic or international customers who are interested to in getting advantages from banks. Therefore, it is necessary for an enterprise is to appoint skilled and experienced employees for improving the current and future performance of the company.


P1 Research proposal that clearly defines a research question or hypothesis, supported by literature review

Digital marketing is reshaping the business world and it has been change all factors of business operations and its functions. Therefore, it can be analyzed that skilled and talented workers is the major key success because other resources such as plant, machinery and money, etc. that are regulated and controlled by them. Along with this, digital marketing is used by HSBC bank which provide them high level of profitability and productivity. The firm mainly concern about implementing different creative tools, methods and techniques for management of managerial team trying to conduct classes for training their employees with various things. They are adopting and using various tools and method which assist them in increasing their profitability level in better manner.

Background of research

HSBC bank offer high and best quality based goods and services to their customers at low interest rate by which large number of people are attracted towards this bank services or facilities. Along with this, an organisation introduce different unique and impressive strategies or promotional method for capturing in the attention of number of customers. Despite of this, there are large number of private and public organisation which are joint together with HSBC bank due to adopting their digital marketing process. The bank are using such digitalisation procedure which assist in determining desired customers who mainly attracted towards their services or facilities. Generally, managers are set accurate criteria for using certain digital marketing which help them in gaining extra income or revenue for an organisation. digital marketing is the conversion of data in the digital format with adopting of new technology. The bank provide satisfactory services or facilities to their customers. It will provide suitability to customers and help in saving time. digital marketing reduces human mistakes and this will help in developing customers loyalty. In current time period, people access the bank due to online banking. They are managing and maintaining large amount of cash which is became easier (Fitzgerald and et. al., 2014). Digitalisation has also profitable for customers by providing cashless transactions. Customers are not store the cash any more and they can develop effective transaction at any time as well as place. The main objective of this research is to analyse such areas where they required to establish effective and latest technologies. Along with this, they need to understand the major effect of customers while company using latest technological products and items in appropriate manner. For reaching with desired targets and objectives, they need to examine and analyse the correct method and tools which is used to determine the major impact of digital marketing on business activity (Westerman, Bonnet and McAfee, 2014).

Research aim

The major and foremost objective motive of current study is “To identify the impact of digital marketing on business activity”: A case study on HSBC Bank. This means it is fully based on evaluating and monitoring impact of employees on firm for their future performance because staff members seen as lifeblood for success to whole corporation and describe their roles and responsibilities. The major aim of research project is the most compulsory part due to this they work together and doing investigation which is done on the basis of specific motive.

Research objectives

  • To analyse the role of digital marketing in HSBC Bank
  • To evaluate the factors which impact on digital marketing in HSBC Bank
  • To determine the importance of digitalisation within an organisation
  • To examine the affect of digital marketing on customer satisfaction

Research question

  • What is the role of digital marketing in an organisation?
  • What are the factors which influenced on digital marketing of HSBC Bank?
  • What is the impact on digital marketing on business activity?
  • Evaluate the significance of digital marketing in HSBC Bank?
  • How does digital marketing affect customer satisfaction?

A literature review is one of the most essential part of research project because this will play an important role in bringing out activities and functions that are related to researching programmes towards accurate direction for gaining results according to the planning process. This is used by investigation team for conducting effective or boarder research so they are describing the learning capacity of learner which has been achieved. In this project, data and information is collecting by using alternative sources with the help of simple rules or regulations that is easy to understand (Sundararajan, 2014). In such section, this part of project is very important and useful in giving correct data and information regarding different elements which are provide in particular researching work. Apart from this, it is addressing different tools and methods which are used by learner for evaluating and understanding specific topic and also identifying their advantages during decision making procedures. With the help of effective review, researchers are getting success and growth in conducting the whole work towards right direction by overcoming errors which has been faced by firm while increasing performance of their employees. Therefore, evaluation is going to conduct with the help of different scholar and authors for understanding the impact of digital marketing on business activity of HSBC Bank. The main objective of this literature review is to identify all required components which are relates to investigation title and try to given resolution for each question which may be ask in future research program.

Role of digital marketing in an organisation

The success of each and every business which totally depend on various factors. Some of the accurate analysis, selecting the right technology and future vision. An organisation can invest and spend more money in adopting latest technology and this will help them in increasing company profitability and productivity. digital marketing is fast growing in current time period. According to Kane, (2015) role of digital marketing in organisation caused the marvellous growth in trade and commerce. Along with this, business model were revolutionised as the accurate result for introducing the technology. There are various roles of digital marketing in an organisation that are discussed as follows:

Security and support - The technology can provide productivity which achieving with the higher level of growth. It is due to the minimum resources which consumed in processing their business operations and its functions, digital marketing assist in providing their rapid delivering to their customers and clients. digital marketing store their data and information with ease and integrity. As per the view of Haight (2014)With the assistance of this, sensitive and confidential information are limited to inclined with weakness. HSBC Bank will adopting and using these safety and security systems which help in managing and maintaining all business operations and their major functions.

Link with the world - Business involves transportation, communication and other sectors, developing it simple web of procedures. The technologies determining to other field which pushed with business. digital marketing help in connecting each person with another and it will maintain the relation with their customers in better manner. Technology in business are made it possible which has wider reach in the international market place. Internet is the best example of digitalisation which is common in marketing method that attracting large number of customers in availing the products and services offered by different organisation. Along with this, digital marketing assist company that will totally link with large number of customers. Also it can help in maintaining the business performance as well as employees work within an organisation. It will assist in evaluating and measuring the actual position of HSBC bank in the large market place and this will help in maintaining the customers request and try to satisfy them.

Factors which influenced on digital marketing of HSBC Bank

There are various factors which directly impact on digital marketing in HSBC bank that are described as follows:

Security - Hanelt (2015) says that it is the major concern of majority of the digital banking users. The complete safe and secure banking system provide their customers more advanced features. Therefore, hackers and security issue can demonstrate to be disaster while doing digital transaction. With the help of using digital marketing in HSBC bank, it help in making secured their customers personal or private data (Mosco, 2014). Along with this, it will make sure regarding data confidentiality, customer trust and company goodwill.

User experience - User experience is the key factor and leaves the high influence on the users. A difficult user interface or such distraction in the form of advertisement that can put customers permanently. Such type of transaction are related to interface that need ease and simplicity.

Functionality - Functionality play an essential role in deciding the whole quality of application, especially in the case of banking related to appropriate application or technology. Functional testing includes validation of functions or entire elements of goods and testing of functionality. HSBC bank perform their effective functions and activities for managing or maintaining the whole business operations. Along with this, by regulating accurate functions, they are attracting large number of customers towards bank services or facilities.

Impact on digital marketing on business activity

According to Taneja and Toombs (2014) Technology has revolutionised the source organisation which can conduct by business to enable with small businesses to level of playing with large organisation. There are certain impact on digital marketing on business activity that are describe as under:

Impact on operating costs - Most of the business are using advanced technology fr reducing the cost of effective businesses. Business owners can use digital marketing for create safety and security environment to maintain sensitive business and customer information.

Providing customer satisfaction - Customer experience and satisfaction are important factor of all businesses. The major key aspect of customer satisfaction is to maintain strong relation with their existing customers and their availability to provide the requirements of desired clients. Along with this, digital marketing provides the best essential techniques and method for communicating with regular customers and also solve major issue or problems in real time. They are unlocked the services or facilities such as social media, email and another messaging platforms which are required.

Management of resources - A business has large variety of resources. Such may be included in financial resources, human resources and some more. For HSBC Bank, managing resources has became very difficult and complex. Manyika (2015) stated that digital marketing play an important role in maintaining such resources by launching wide range of possible resolution. The digital marketing play an essential role in managing business operations and its functions within an organisation.

Protecting information and data - Each organisation has maintain database comprising with different data and information that are related with business transactions, customers detail and some more. HSBC adopt or use such techniques by which they can protect all necessary data and information regarding customers. It will help in secure and safe the information by allowing the large number of user to access this. Increasing protection also make sure that such system are not hacked and these facts or figures are not wiped with owing certain issues or problems. Therefore, digital marketing assist in upholding businesses integration.

Significance of digital marketing in HSBC Bank

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