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Essay on Taylor Adam analysis of Burma's Rohingya crisis

University: University of Manchester

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Question :

This project will analyse the challenges of managing knowledge and information and also demonstrate the ability to:

  • Illustrate the concept and significance of knowledge management.
  • Evaluate the process of knowledge management needed for organisational development.
  • Make a framework for setting the knowledge management culture.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Morrisons


Visual analysis is basically a unit of art historical writing. It means keenly analysing a picture, art or a clip in order to predict results from them. The main purpose of visual analysis is to identify and evaluate the choices made by the artist. It addresses formal components or visual attributes like colour, font, size and many more (Strobelt and, 2016). Present study will be based on Taylor Adam analysis of How Burma's Rohingya crisis went bad from worse. Assignment highlights about the Rhetorical situation shown in the image. It also lay emphasis on how ethos or ethics in the image have been established. Essay discusses about the purpose that artist want to elaborate behind the image. It will also describe the pathos and feelings behind the image.

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Rhetorical situation and audience

The rhetorical situation shown in the image is of Rohingya. They are the Muslim minority people living in Burma. They are fleeing across the border of Burma. These people are going to shift to Bangladesh. They are facing this situation in Burma as at that place the Rohingya are been discriminated and do not given the consider as citizen of the nation. The audience selected for analyse this situation is general public of the region.

Purpose of the image

The main purpose behind the image is to make audience aware about the discrimination faced by minority Muslim community Rohingya. The picture is been trying to address the deterioration in their situation since the Burmese military began to relinquish power in the year 2011 (Lane and Gast, 2014). Artist hope to accomplish that by analysis this picture the nation and government understand about the discrimination faced by Rohingya and provide them with equal rights and fair treatment. The image also describes that Burma has put restriction on various ethics and religion followed by the minority Muslim community Rohingya. Laws are also implemented by Burmese on interfaith marriage. Various crime has been done with the women of their community like rape of a Muslim woman. It leads to rise riots in the region.

Ethos related to image

Ethos basically means the ethical appeal which is been given in order to convince the audience. Image clearly shows the worsening conditions of minority Muslim community Rohingya in the region Burma. With this author try to convince the audience about that state should stop discriminating with them and provide these people with equal rights and fair treatments (Franklin, 2014). Image is critically showing the emotions linked with majority Muslim community with their place or nation. Also, author tries to analyse that nation realises about the belief, value and culture followed by these people.

Creator of the image is reliable and consists of full credibility. They have understood the adverse situation of these people. Creator or author is highly concern about majority Muslim community Rohingya. These people have been fled to Bangladesh for a long duration of time. Author is trying to implement ethical consideration with minority Muslim community. IT was analysed that Burmese government is involved in doing violence with these people. In October 2016, nine Muslim police officers were been killed by the government. Author is trying to convince audience and the nation to stop it.

Logos of the text in image

Creator of the image is been engaged in using logos in image in order to convince audience by using logic. Picture clearly shows that minority Muslim community is living in an adverse condition. They are been discriminated on a large basis. It has been observed that there has been attack on the Rohingya's property in areas of northern Rakhine. Creator is trying to convince rest of the world by putting a logic that how creating chaos in their life would be beneficial for the region. The majority Muslim community has been living in an adverse condition without any basic need and amenities (Gómez-Aguilar and, 2015). Creator tries to convince by putting logos in the image to stop the violence and ill practices with Rohingya.

It has been analysed that these people have been shifted to Bangladesh and majority of them are living as an illegal immigrant over that region. These people risk their life by shifting to other region or place. It has also been observed that some of them travellers even on rickets boats to various countries. Creator has keenly made use of this data as an evidence to provide support to these people.

Pathos used in the image

Pathos is generally used by creator develop feeling and emotions in the mind of audience. It means to make the participant feel what the creator is feeling. Image used by creator specifically shows the adverse condition in which majority Muslim community Rohingya are living in. This picture is used by creator so that audience and general public develops empathy and sympathy towards these people. Image also revealed about the discrimination and ill behaviour faced by majority Muslim community (Ethos, logos and pathos in image, 2018).

So that audience can develop feeling towards them and provide these people with equal rights and benefits. It has also been revealed by the creator that after seeing worsening conditions of Rohingya some Bangladeshi border guards has allowed refugees to settle in their place. Creator by the image also presents that women of this community are not living in safe condition. They request to audience to develop feeling of empathy towards them and give these people consideration of citizen in nation.

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Working of argument structure

Creator is engaged in putting its main objective of providing equality and citizenship status of minority Muslim community. They have creatively present the worsening condition of these people. Also, points related to arguments are clearly been addressed by the creator. Image clearly presents the discrimination faced by Rohingya in picture. They are been travelling to other country like Bangladesh without any basic amenities.

The elements of the image are arranged in specific way by creator so as to rise develop feeling of emotion, empathy and sympathy towards minority Muslim community. Ethos, logos and pathos are been clearly used in the picture. This is the most appropriate way used by creator to arrange things. Picture describes the discrimination faced by Rohingya in Burma. Creator has used this arrangement so that audience realised about that these people are risking their life in the journey to go at other region, place or country. Some of Muslim group are also travelling on reknit boats. Creator request to audience has clearly been made with this image. The font, size, colour used in the picture are appropriate and specific. It is keenly determining violence and ill behaviour faced by minority Muslim community Rohingya.

Role of style and tone

Style and tone is one of the most important aspect in rhetorical argument. These component used in the image are completely appropriate (Varatharajan and, 2018). Style used by the creator has provided audience with insight of picture that what they want to display. Design and shape of picture is increasing its efficiency to make audience aware about the discrimination faced by minority Muslim community in Rohingya. Content, design, voice and objective behind the picture was clear (Ninci and, 2015). It has specifically present the discrimination and ill behaviour faced by these people in Burma. Creator has the sympathetic attitude towards the Rohingya and they are appealing to audience about to provide empathy towards these people and improve their living condition. Creators tone is depressed which is revealing from the picture itself. Style of the image has been revealed through its visual appearance.

Cultural context of image

Creator has selected the appropriate image to determine cultural discrimination faced by minority Muslim population in Rohingya. Emotions and sympathy of creator towards these people can be keenly seen through picture. The font, size, colour and text of image is appropriate and specific (Gómez-Aguilar and, 2015). The style of image is basically selected to make audience realised about the adverse conditions and situation of these people. It can be analysed by participants by viewing picture that lot of discrimination is been faced by minority Muslim community. Burma is engaged in putting restriction even on the culture, values and beliefs followed by these people.

Ethos is perfectly described in the picture. Creator has made use of emotions like sympathy and empathy to determine the irrational behaviour faced by minority Muslim community Rohingya. Image also presents about the drastic changes faced by them while shifting and travelling to other places. They risk their life by doing journey or migrating to other region. Creator wants audience to understand all this.

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From, the above study it has been summarised that image has presented the adverse condition of minority Muslim community. Creator have made use of ethos, logos and pathos that has helped audience to understand the situation of these people. Discrimination has been made by Burmese government to minority groups on the basis of culture, values and beliefs. It has forced them to live in an adverse condition. Also, it has impacted the physical well-being, health and condition of minority Muslim community.

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