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Introduction to the concept of marketing - Cadbury

University: University of northampton

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Organization Selected : Cadbury


Marketing is one of the most important divisions of an organisation which helps in promoting and selling of the products. Also, it undertakes other activities like advertisement, promotion, product delivery, etc. This report will also discuss the various concepts of marketing that are being adopted by the companies in order to promote their products and services including the future trends or marketing (Ahmed and Rafiq, 2013.). There are various roles and responsibilities of the marketing manager which would be studied in the report. Additionally, there are different divisions in an organisation such as HR, Finance, Marketing, etc. Hence, an interrelation between these departments of Cadbury is discussed in the report. Cadbury is one of the well known multinational organisations. The respective company is the second-largest confectionery producer in the world. Also, the organisation is providing its services in more than 50 countries all around the world.

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1. Introduction to the concept of marketing, including current and future trends.

The marketing concept of Cadbury is referred to the strategy which are made and enforced by the respective organisation in order to achieve the companies goal of increasing the revenue by promoting the sales of Cadbury. The marketing concept is consist of five different concepts which are Production concept, Product concept, Selling concept and Marketing concept (Baack, Harris and Baack, 2013). These concepts focuses on different aspects of promoting the sales level of the respective organisation.

Current Marketing Trends

There are various marketing methods that are practised by Cadbury in today's time. These are mentioned below:

  • Print Media- It is one of the traditional method of marketing that is been adapted by Cadbury. The print media promotion of the respective organisation includes newspapers, hoardings, pamphlets and other modes of print advertisements. This method helps Cadbury in educating the customers about the latest updates, offers and new launches by the respective organisation which results in increase in the number of sales of the company.
  • Door-to-door- This method of marketing undertakes the promoting the products of Cadbury directly to the customers by reaching them at their locations. The respective organisation use this method of marketing in order to approach such customers which are not easy to reach and communicate. This helps in increasing the market share of Cadbury and increase the companies turnover.

Future Marketing Trends

There are certain methods of marketing which can be considered as the future of marketing due to their flexibility and technical advancement. These are as follows:

  • Digital Marketing- It involves marketing of the products and services of the company through digital technology which is consist of modes like Internet, mobile, display advertisement, etc. However, Cadbury uses digital marketing tools like e-commerce, Search engine optimization(SEO), social media marketing, e-mails and many more (Baker and Saren, 2016). These methods help in promoting products that are best suitable for the customers according to their demographics and other basis through which Cadbury can target the right customers.
  • Influencer- It is one of the new trend of marketing the product which is consist of partnering up with the influencers. As they have a very high influence on the customers which can help making mind of the customers to consume the products and services of the company. Additionally, they help in building a strong reputation of the company. Hence, influencers can help Cadbury in promoting the product range of the company along with building a strong image of the respective organisation. 

2. An overview of the different marketing processes.

The marketing process can be defined as a method of measuring the opportunities, selection of target, developing marketing mix and managing the whole process. Hence, the marketing process of Cadbury is mentioned below:

  • Selection of target- This step helps the selecting the targeted customers for Cadbury. Hence, in order to select the right target of group for the company, STP method is practised which includes segmentation, targeting and positioning of the company's products in the respective marketplace.
  • Developing marketing mix- This step of marketing process focuses on creating the right combination of marketing mix which will help Cadbury in creating an effective strategy which will help in attaining productive results for the respective organisation.
  • Managing the process- The last step of marketing concept is consist of managing the whole process of marketing through analysing and implementing the changes in the marketing efforts that are been made by Cadbury in order to attain more sales and profit growth of the respective company (Clow and James, 2013). 

3. Explanation of the role and responsibilities of a marketing manager.

There are many roles and responsibilities which are taken care of by the marketing department of Cadbury. The marketing division of the respective organisation is consist of product manager, social media manager, marketing manager and many others.

Marketing Manager- The marketing manager of Cadbury is accountable for managing and application of the market strategies which are made for enhancing the promotions and sales of the respective company. However, there are various other roles of the Marketing Manager. These are mentioned below:

  • Developing Marketing Strategies- The strategies of marketing are one of the important element of the respective division as they help in promoting the products more efficiently. Hence, it is the role of the marketing manager of Cadbury to analyse the develop effective marketing strategy which will help in achieving more positive results.
  • Market Research- The marketing manager of Cadbury conducts a market research which helps in understanding the demands of the customers. With the help of such data, the company is able to provide customer's desired products which helps in expanding the market share of the respective organisation. Additionally, the market research also helps in modification of the existing products to update the products of Cadbury as per the new market trends (Huang and Sarigöllü, 2014).
  • Identify new business opportunities- In order to expand the business, it is important for the company to look for new market places. Hence, it is the job responsibility of the Marketing manager of Cadbury to explore new market place and those which are not yet explored by the rivals of the respective organisation.

4. An explanation of how marketing influences and interrelates with other functional departments of the organisation.

There are many functional divisions in Cadbury that undertake different roles and responsibilities in order to maximise the respective company's interest. Some of the functional divisions of Cadbury are Finance, HR, Production, Marketing, etc. However, it won't be wrong to say that the marketing department has an interrelation with other divisions of the respective company. Thus, the interrelation can be understood by the discussion below:

  • Marketing and HR- The Human resource(HR) division of Cadbury is responsible for appointing well-skilled and knowledgeable candidates for the desired vacancy. Hence, the HR division of the respective organisation can help the marketing department by hiring the right candidate which can help the marketing division in increasing the productivity of the department (Joshi, 2012). 
  • Marketing and Production- The production division of Cadbury is responsible for producing the products which are served by the respective organisation to the end users. Hence, the marketing division of Cadbury helps in promoting the product line of the respective company which helps in maximising the sales level. Additionally, the marketing division also helps in providing the market data to the production about the customers preferences and latest trends which helps the production division of Cadbury in modifying their products to increase the satisfaction of the organisation.
  • Marketing and Finance- The finance division of Cadbury is responsible for providing funds to the different divisions of the company. Hence, the finance division can provide adequate funds to the marketing department which will help in conducting the operations more efficiently. This will result in attracting more customers for the company and increase the revenue of Cadbury (Lovelock, 2011).

5. The value and importance of the marketing role in the context of the organisation.

Marketing is the department that helps Cadbury in many aspects. It helps in identifying the customer's demands and results fulfilling them. Other than this, the values and importance of marketing is given below:

  • Helps in Promotions: Marketing helps Cadbury in promoting its products and services. The promotions are made through various means such as internet, print media, advertisement and many other methods. Hence, the marketing is improtant to promote the products and services of Cadbury in order to educate the customers about the products and various offers.
  • Provides Customer's Services: Marketing helps in maintaining the relation with the customers which helps in providing quality services to the end users. Additionally, this helps Cadbury in retaining the customers for long run by providing customer services. 
  • Product Development: Marketing helps the company to modify its products and services as per the requirements and demand of the consumers. This also helps Cadbury to stay updated with the market trends and fulfil the trending demands of the customers which helps in attaining more sales of the respective organisation. 

6. Conclusions that emphasise the significance of having effective interrelationships between different functional departments.

In order to achieve the goals on Cadbury which is to expand the business and increase it turnover, it is important to have an effective interrelation between all the functional departments of the respective company. As it will help in increasing the productivity and a healthy communication among the different departments. Hence, it is important to have an effective relationship among the departments to achieve harmony and smooth running of operations.

7. Marketing mix.

It can be described as a tool that helps in analysing the macro-environmental factors which affect the decision making of Cadbury. The main purpose of the company is to assist the company in making decisions for the respective organisation. Hence, the marketing mix of Cadbury in comparison to Nestle is mentioned below:

Marketing Mix




Cadbury serves variety of product range such as chocolate i.e Dairy milk, Bournville, Five star, Perk and many more. Additionally, the company also serves biscuits and milk products such as Oreo, bournvita, etc.

Nestle has a different range of products some of which are Kit-Kat chocolate, Munch, Maggie noodles, Ketchup, Coffee and many more.


The company believes that its quality follows the price. This means the quality of the products are high due to which the price of the products are expensive (Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne, 2014). However, some of the products are less expensive as well such as five star, perk and others.

The price range of Nestle;s product is not that expensive. This is because of the motto of the company which is to sell quality and focus less on price earnings.


Cadbury has been providing its services in both urban and rural market. This reflects a sound distribution channel of the respective organisation.

Nestle has been operating and providing its products and services all across

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