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Marketing Essential

University: regent college of London

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Organization Selected : Nestle Company


Marketing is a very important aspect of any business and thus it is quite essential that right kind of marketing policies are framed by the management in order to attract individuals at the market place effectively. Some of the marketing strategies are very important for overall growth and development of company and its future. Huge number of people feels that marketing is negligible offering of items to clients yet it is a wide idea as this begins with the movement of recognizing needs of clients and afterward offering them one of kind items to fulfil the same. Cadbury is a reputed company with a very well recognised brand name, it is established in London, UK but has its manufacturing plants in various countries through which it reaches to consumers by its efficient distribution channel. It is having around 72,000 employees around the world and the number is growing (Babin and Zikmund, 2015). The current report will going to have a detailed discussion on overall growth as well as development that has taken place in the marketing strategies and polices in the recent era and how that policy shift has given benefits to the firm in an effective as well as efficient way.


P1 Different types of Roles and Responsibilities of marketing Function

Essentially, marketing is an idea which helps the firm in doing viable advancement of its items and administrations keeping in mind the end goal to impact substantial number of clients. One of the principle points of promoting is to make the need of organization's items among vast number of people. This causes the endeavour to acquire high measure of benefits and in the meantime, give upper hand. Number of correspondence and limited time devices are there, for example, ad, daily paper, radio, magazines and numerous more which advertiser of CADBURY can utilize. It is essential that all parts and duties of marketing bureau of firm should be first rate. Real parts and duties of promoting branch of CADBURY can be better comprehended by the accompanying focuses:

Product: Item is known as unequivocal offering of a dare to its target customers to satisfying their necessities and specific requirements. In order to attract more number of individuals, it is important that after effect of CADBURY must be phenomenal and included. For this, chief of displaying branch of firm remains careful to finish explore with a particular true objective to find the rule features which must be there in a thing so association can achieve its set goals and targets. Research helps relationship in making the thing all the more engaging and contributes in achievement of authoritative targets. It is essentially last offering to the shoppers when all is said in done and in this manner it is of vital significance that it should be sufficiently competent to draw in people inside the stores of organization (Baker, 2014).

Price: Once the thing and its features have been picked, the accompanying stage incorporates assessing it reasonably, so clients can buy that thing. The esteeming of things depend upon various parts like the esteem set by contenders, assessing of substitute things, cost of age and spread to the association et cetera a complete and the last cost of things will, as it were, pick their in an esteem delicate market. Along these lines it is basic that promoting head of the association set an esteem which will be beneficial for both association and purchasers.

Promotion: This is known as one of the key activities of advancing office. In this, boss uses distinctive specific gadgets and mix of cooperation resources to make the customers taught about association's commitments. This is done by the firm with a particular ultimate objective to serve more individuals and to grow bit of the pie of enormous business. Capable usage of particular instruments helps the firm in pulling in more number of customers and meanwhile, in extending its advantages. Right sort of limited time strategies would empower organization to have a superior thought of the market request and along these lines systems can be surrounded as needs be.

Management Information System: Marketing Department is known as a champion among the most basic divisions of firm since it execute diverse research with a particular ultimate objective to accumulate information about changing needs and slants of customers and meanwhile to assemble information about examples exist in promote. For this, chief uses various types of headways to assemble, research and store data for the future reason as this information helpers and guide top managers in taking advancement decision about the firm.

Financing: To accomplish set targets and accreditation competent execution of different business endeavours, it is fundamental need for CADBURY to have palatable measure of benefits. Nonappearance of cash related assets makes unimportant impediments and postponements in the association's activities. It goes under responsibility of publicizing official to investigate the budgetary asset require to acknowledge endeavours. With this, affiliation can accomplish its end targets effortlessly.

P2 Relation of roles and responsibilities with wider context of organisation

Cadbury is confectionery industry and British multinational organisation in all over the world. This business provides different services and products to the customers. Reputation of such organisation in the marketplace is well-established and famous (Batt, 2013). In the company large number of the departments is work and performs all activities and functions with each other. Aim and motto of all departments is to achieve long term goals and objectives, it is possible with the use of different tools of marketing. Some departments whose are working in the enterprise are determined as below:

Research and development: This department play vital and critical role while doing an effective research program. It is more important and beneficial part of the Cadbury in the way to identify basic needs and desire of clients towards Cadbury products and services. Main motto of this department is to attract large number of customers; it is possible with the assist of marketing techniques. In this business use different tools such as survey and many other tactics. Thus, it showed the interconnection between marketing and R&D department.

Finance: It is another department in the Cadbury which play essential role in gathering important and necessary information about financial resources. In this finance manager is responsible for the entire activities and functions of company. In this business use different kind of the finance sources such as short and long term bank loan and many other. In this marketing also play vital and important role in the arrangement of sufficient amount of the money. Thus, finance department and marketing both are interconnected together which help them to do all functions in an effective and systematic manner (Chinn, 2017).

Human resource: HR department is more important and significant part of the all business because role of this division in the organisation is to hire talented employees from large number of the people. It is highly essential and beneficial for the enterprise to gain competitive advantages and edge in sufficient manner. In this marketing manager play an effective role in development of internal and external factor. These factors help the Cadbury to maximise employees relation in the enterprise.

Production: Role and responsibility of production department is to produce their finished goods to the end consumer. It is more beneficial and useful for the production department to maximise their turnover and sales in given time period. In this marketing also play essential and effective role in providing better quality in their products and services. Therefore, it show both production department and marketing tools or techniques are connected and have same motto to attain predetermined goals and targets easily.

Sales: Main role and responsibility of this department is to provide their products and services to the end user. In this Cadbury use different kind of promotional mix such as advertisement, public relation, sponsorship, publicity, sales promotion and etc. All these are highly beneficial for the company to easily introduce their products and services to the customers. Thus, it develop effective and better position of the company in marketplace. All these are the part of marketing which is used by the sales manager with purpose to attract maximum number of customers in the firm. Thus, sales department and marketing bother are interrelated in the different ways such as to achieve long term objectives, capture large number of market share, attract maximum number of customers and many others (Rudden, 2016).

Customer Service: It is another department in the enterprise which provide different kind of services to the customers. In this they render, credit card service, after sales services, home delivery and many other. All these are highly essential and useful for the company to maximise customer attraction in the company. Another role of this department is to identify customer feedback related to business products, services, process and so on (Desai, 2013).

Administration department: Main role of this department is to manage all activities and functions of company in limited time period. In the organisation this department has maximum responsibility and role to provide effective training and development to the employees. Training is the main part of the marketing which help them to increase their knowledge base in certain time period. Thus, administration department cannot work with the help of marketing techniques.

M1 Different roles and responsibilities of Marketing Department

Marketing division inside the affiliation is responsible for various limits and expect an extraordinarily critical part when all is said in done change of business. The advancing branch of CADBURY is rest with various commitments like finding the expenses of things, assessing, offering and dispersal system etc. A marketing division needs to work with various branches of the relationship to achieve more conspicuous results and profitability, these workplaces would join, Human resource for the reason moving work to publicize things, R&D office to develop new things, Operation office with the ultimate objective of thought of various features inside the things, its packaging et cetera., bargains office to offer stock. It is thusly to a great degree central that the best organization of the association utilizes capable managers inside the advancing office with more noticeable experience so they manage that division well and make practical results over time period.

M2 Importance of Interrelationship between marketing as well as other function of enterprise

The Marketing branch of an organization needs to work pair with different bureaus of an association. Promoting office can't work in detachment, keeping in mind the end goal to create great and profitable results it is very basic to have legitimate sort of working inside the procedures of a business, which incorporates every one of the offices like tasks, deals, HR, Finance and so on. It is a compound strategy for performing works out, subsequently CADBURY moreover guarantee that each one of the divisions of the affiliation are working in a fruitful and capable path with the true objective of achievement of progressive destinations and also targets. It is extremely essential that there must be coordination and congruity among the entire office and should plan to fulfil the essential focus of the association. If these divisions won't work couple, it will be troublesome for association to make higher advantages and keep up its proficiency and high ground when all is said in done (Rudden, 2016).

D1 Analysis as well as evaluation of the key factors of marketing function

There are different variables which are straightforwardly impact the promoting system of an organization and hence it is very vital that correct sort of strategies are taken after to investigate the effect of these components. The different variables are picking the correct sort of showcasing blend as far as Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People and so on. The promoting division is in charge of allotting diverse obligations and duties to advertising personals inside the organization. It incorporates surrounding right sort of system and so forth. Cadbury works in an industry where the level of rivalry is very high and there are as of now Nestled brands which will impact the general promoting methodology of organization. Nestle and different contenders are spending enough cash on promoting of their items and administrations. Henceforth, it is extremely fundamental that organization like Cadbury convey something of some incentive to the table that wii be not the same as its rivals and will give a focused edge to it.

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