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Marketing Essentials - Your Destination

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Question :

For appointing marketing officers, there is requirement of developing a memo for circulation by marketing manager. For this, considering factors are:

  • What is the roles and responsibilities of marketing department?
  • Explanation of how roles & responsibilities of marketing associated with other departments of company?
  • Explain concept of 7Ps of marketing?
  • Development of marketing plan for a company?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Your destination


Marketing is the blood and soul of an organisation that impacts its growth and development. Beside this, it is been said that the effective handling of marketing processes will support a better promoting of goods and service that are been developed by business enterprise. A good marketing technique or policy will help the firm to gain a better revenue generation and attract maximum number of client or buyer to purchase its products or services. For the report, Your destination is been taken as the organisation of context. It is a UK based transportation company. The report will lay emphasis on roles and responsibilities of a marketing officer with a proposed structure's plan and operations that are been followed in a marketing department of an enterprise. Also, the impact of role and responsibilities on an organisation will be taken in thought process. Other than this, the 7P' of marketing mix is been analysed for an organisation with regard to National express is taken for achieving the business objectives. Apart from this, a basic marketing plan is been offered for the nationwide expansion of cited transportation enterprise.


a) Key duties and responsibilities of marketing officer and structure of operations of marketing department




To – The Top Management

From – Tim Smith (Marketing manager)

CC- Marketing officer

Date- 24/8/2018

Subject - Duties and responsibilities of a Marketing Officer and its contribution in wider to the wider organisational objectives

The marketing officer performs various roles in order to ensure that organisation goals and objectives are achieved (Sternand Porr,2017) Manager is responsible for managing resources of organisation and developing marketing plan which will help in achieving goals. His main purpose is to increase sales in various areas to expand business operations. A marketing manager perform a wider role in context to organisation. The various duties are describes below :-

Creating a marketing plan – It is the first and foremost responsibility of marketing manager. He has to develop an effective plan to advertise products and services. A marketing plan is very essential for company to promote their products (Babinand Zikmund,2015) Without this goals and objectives can not be achieved. Plan is developed by predicting sales, marketing activities, etc. it shows that what activities are to done, when and in which area.

Identify potential markets – Manager has to identify potential markets by identifying needs and demands of people. This is done to expand company operations in different markets. Manager analyses data to evaluate which market will be the best for company to increase sales and profits. This is done be segmenting the markets according to various factors.

Selecting channel of distribution- Manager analyses in what ways product will be delivered to customers. For this he developed and select channel of distribution so that product can be delivered in quick time (McGuinn and Higgins, 2017) It is very essential that product is delivered in right time. This is done by selecting appropriate suppliers, distributors, etc.

Evaluating product – Manager collects data and information from research and development department. This is done to develop product and services to meet demands of people. Manager role is to decide what modification or alterations are to made in products.

Launching new product- Manager is responsible for launching of new products in the market. He decides what activities are to performed, when and how it will be performed. This is done by identifying needs of people in different markets. Manager ensures that product must be launched in right time (Bakerand Saren,2016).

Manages overall activities- Manager handles daily operations of marketing activities. He coordinates with different departments so that strategies can be formulated. The overall activities related to advertisement, sales, transportation, etc. are managed by manager. Moreover, decisions are taken regarding all activities is the duty of officer.

Working wit top management- Manager works with top management to develop plans. He sets goals and objectives that have to achieved by marketing department. Also, policies are determined that helps in managing overall activities of marketing function.

Operation of marketing department

b) Explain how the roles and responsibilities will contribute to the wider organisational objectives.

The marketing will play a very deep role in the execution of business operations or function that are been followed by a business organisation. It will help in suitable rise in profitability of the company and gain a good control over the operations that are been followed in an organisation. The effective promotion of the product and services that are been offered by Your destination to its clients and customers on the national level.It will help a marketing manager's role is to ensure that business managers apply HR policies and procedures consistently through all business units. This helps to develop partnerships across different teams, which supports corporate aims and objectives. Different managers lay various impact on the overall functionality of Your destination:

·An autocratic manager tells people what to do and how to do it. This may be necessary if a job is urgent or needs to be done in a particular way, for example, for health and safety reasons (Baker, M.J. and Saren, M. eds., 2016.).

·A coaching manager focuses on developing employees to manage themselves rather than managing every task. This means that they can find a way to achieve results and learn from the experience. This makes employees more motivated and better able to deal with future situations.

The manager will play a crucial part in handling of wide ranger of business operations that are been followed by Your Destination to market its product and service in a much effective and better way. They will look after maintaining of efficiency of operation and improve production level of enterprise to give their customer's with better satisfaction level. Other than this, they will manage the different departments of an organisation, that help in better rise in marketing process and handle them in a better way to meet its clients demands or requirements in a much better way. They will act as interlink between different departments of the cited transportation firm. Beside this, they will perform following roles at Your destination:

  • Human resources- This is referred to be one of the most vital part of “Your destination” which is responsible to hire effective marketing personnel’s in the firm to apply the undertaken strategies of marketing. Employees being an integral part of the firm are largely responsible to carry out the accepted functions of the enterprise and for this, the HR plays a crucial role by appointing capable employees at such positions that matches their skills.
  • Financial- This department is responsible to fund adequate budget to carry out the marketing activities of the cited entity. For this, the financial department is required to focus upon several other departments like research and development to adopt some inventive strategies to focus upon and attract a large set of customers (Babin, B.J. and Zikmund, W.G., 2015).
  • Sales- This department is required to promote the products offered by the firm to enhance their sales. For this, various promotional strategies are together required to be adopted by the quoted business as a way of expanding the existing base of customers.
  • Production- This segment is required to assist in the R&D procedures of “Your destination” by creating products that are apparent to give some innovative outlook to their services. This is basically on considering the fact where the production department is also responsible to communicate with that to the logistics department for fulfilling the demand and supply of the services offered.

All of these above discoursed factors thus proves a close interlink between marketing and other operational departments of the organisation where all are dependent on one other. It is with a foremost goal of marketing to enhance the overall sale of goods by increasing the existing demand of the products to enhance the sales by adopting various effective strategies. This requires a reinforced communication among the marketing department with that to the other operational departments of “Your destination” for a smooth functioning of the firm (McGuinn, and Higgins, 2017).

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