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Organise Corporate Events for Product Launch of Company- Vision Events

University: University of East London

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Course Code: MKIB367
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Business practice helps in planning and executing corporate events. Provide an in-depth  knowledge and understanding of defined range of skills which is requires to function in Metro Bar in both academic and business practice along with self-awareness of your own abilities.
  • Give a creative and soundly based solution to a predictable business context which is needed to the use of a specified range of techniques and information sources. Communicate in a manner which is appropriate to the context Metro Bar.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Vision Events


Event management involves planning controlling organizing and executing the live event. There are different types of events or services which can include the promotion of any product, wedding, private event and business event, etc.

This report will take vision events as a company and it will organize corporate events for the product launch of the company in the Metro bar which is located in the UK. This report will cover the marketing strategy, which includes the marketing mix and it will also include human resource requirements and it will explain the staff required for this event and the roles and responsibilities of all the staff. At the end of this report will analyze the financial details to organize and run this event and it will also include a break-even point.

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Marketing Mix strategy of  Vision events

Marketing mix is important for organizing a event because, it will help Vision company to advertise their event in the market so people can be aware about the event and people can attend (CTFA and Zuckerman., 2016). We are organizing product promotion event for the company, so we have to make proper strategy which can be possible through Marketing Mix.

Marketing Mix of Event


Vision events is organizing a corporate event for the product promotion in Metro bar and the management and services they will provide are their product. It is important for them to make proper plan for the event, so they can satisfy the needs of the clients. They have to target people who are seller of the same category products, so they can understand what are specification of the product and how they can get benefits by selling the new product (Deng, Poon and Chan., 2016). Manger of the  Vision events company have campus which have capacity of 200 people, so they  have to send invitation to the limited retailer who can attend this event. Vision events company can organize giveaway, so they can attract retailers to attend their events and event can be successfully launched.


Vision events is organizing event, and they will charge with the host for their product promotion, so they have to charge that much in which they can make profit after calculating all the expenses in the event. For the organization of proper event they have to manage whole management where they should have proper financial plan and it will include cost of equipment needed for event, salaries of staff, medical expanses, decoration (Glover And et.al., 2018), food and beverage  and many more other. They also have to look for the profit as well because they are working for the profit, and they have to pay for the event as well, so they need to add value in the list so company can earn profit after reducing all cost from the event. It will help company to take growth, and they can also increase their reputation in the market.


Event promotion is one of the necessary element, without the promotion of event cannot be successful. Vision events is organizing product promotion event, so they have to target people who are dealing with the same category products. They can do email advertisement where they can send mail to the selected retailer of the product and convince them and give them a link where they can register their contact number and detail. When they get enough people who can attend event then company and organize their event successfully. It should be managed because they have to invite selected people only. There will be no other will be invited to the event who from other industry or who are not having any relatability to the product.  

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Vision events company will organize their event in the campus of Metro bar where more than 200 people can attend the event. Location of the campus is centre of the city so all top retailers can attend the business promotion event, and they can give pre order for the product at the time. Metro bar have parking slots where people can park their vehicles otherwise they can face problem to park their vehicles and it will also effect the others (Haynes., 2016). Metro bar also provide the audio and video facilities which will be plus point for the company, so the company can visualize their product on the screen and other people who are stand back side can also see the front activities, and they can listen as well but company have to pre- book campus, so they can confirm the place of event.  There are many events which is organized in  Metro bar campus before, and if anyone wants to organize their event then they have to book their venue.


People Vision events company are inviting should be retailer of the same category product, or they can invite people who are related to the same product industry. It is important for them so retailer can come to know about the new product, and they can understand what benefits they will get from the new products (Jaelani., 2017). Vision events will also add some other activities for the people, so they can take more interest to attend the event. Company will provide gifts hampers to the retailers who will give order to the company. Gift will be depend on the quantity of the order they will take from the company. More quality means high and Vision events premium gifts. This will be the best way to promote the company product and the host can get new retailer who can buy their product on the regular basses, and they can show their presence in the competitive market.

Physical evidence

Physical evidence are the most important element of the marketing mix in which customers can see and experience when they use the services and which contribute to the perceived quality of the services during the event (Kirschbaum And et.al., 2016). Vision events company will launch the product promotion event and other companies professional and leaders will explain how there products are different from the others and how they can product then benefits, and they also have to test their product in frond of the all attendee, so they can see quality of the product and understand the benefits they will get if they will retail those products on their shops.


It is important for the event manger to see that event is going according to the plan or not and if it is not going according to the plan then they should have other back up plan where, so they can use the plan and solve the problems they are facing during the event. Back up plans are always necessary for the Vision events because they can face some situation where they will need the proper solutions of the problems. They can use back up plan in those situations and overcome from the problems effectively and properly. They have to plan for the pre-event activities and post-event activities both. In the pre- event activities company have to plan the activities will be done by the staff member, and they also have do. After end of the event it is important for the event manger to look for the cleaning of the hall where even has organized, and they have to check all the equipment which was used n the event through the checklist.

Human resource requirement in event and include staff requirement, roles and responsibilities of staff, prevent activities and post event activities

Vision events company have to look for staff who should have necessary skills and potential to take positions of event staff (Khan and Baloch., 2019). Event manger of the company have to find candidates. Event mangers of the company will give instruction the staff, and they will give them responsibility and their dusty in the whole event. They will need staff for the welcoming guest, checking of equipment which will be used in the events.

Skills required in staff

  • Candidates should have outstanding organizational skills.
  • They should pay attention and diligence to the details (Shukla, Keast and Ceglarek., 2017), so they can understand their responsibility and their work in event.
  • Manager and supervisors of the Vision events company should have excellent verbal and written skills, so they can give instructions to the staff who are working under them.
  • Manager should have management skills, so they can mange all the activities during the event.
  • They should have stamina because they have to work for the long time  and their energy should be high.
  • Supervisor have to motivate staff member who are working under them, and they also have to solve their problems (Samani And et.al., 2017). if they are facing problem during the work and their task.
  • Staff should have multitasking abilities, so they can also help company in the other event activities.
  • Manager should also have conflict management skills, so they can control the conflicts during the event and provide the proper solution to the staff who are involved in the conflict.

Event staff responsibilities

There will be 6 staff members who will help to unload the equipment from the trucks, and they will also set of the venues for the event. it will also include the chairs for the guest, so they cane sit properly. they will collect all the chairs as well when event will be finish, and they all to reload those trucks again (Kirschbaum And et.al., 2016). One of the staff will be supervisor who will ensure that staff who were responsible for the sitting arrangement have done their work properly or not, they will have their own team to whom they will supervise. They will also look for the cleaning of hall by the staff who are Woking under them. They will ensure that after the event hall should be clean and all things should be well maintained because they have duty to clean after the event will be ended. Operator will carry register with them, and he will operate cash register, and they will provide money if other staff required for their food and personal needs. Event manager will give instruction and other have to follow those instructions to the staff members they will look for all problem which are occurring during the event (Littlejohn and Hood., 2018). They will make the proper plan and give instruction to the staff according to their plan, and they all have to follow managers instructions. 

Catering services will be needed during the event because guest can feel hungry during the event so staff in the cratering will make lunch and serve to the guest. They will also have responsibility to post event activities, they have to clean all the plates and clean kitchen after  end of the event. Manager will also responsible for the fire shifty equipment because fire can take place during the event, so they will ensure that proper fire safety equipment are available in the event or not. If it is not available then they have to arrange the equipment which can save guest from the  fire dangers and guest can feel safe when they will attend the event and event can be successful. Catering service provider will also provide drinking facilities to they guest, and they will put the water bottle to the guest tables, so they can drink water (Pulido., 2018). There will be medical staff who will be present during the event, and they will provide medical treatment to the staff and guest both because during the event staff can be injured and that time they will need medical treatment, this can also happen with the guest, so they will ensure medical facilities. Security guard will provide security to the guest, and they will ensure that people who are coming in the event are invited or not (Rollenhagen, Alm and Karlsson., 2017). There will facilities such as audio and video will be available so guest can understand better so audio and video operator will be look for the sound and visual quality in the event, and they will also look for the proper lighting in the hall, so they provide better visualization to the audience, and they can have good experience during the event (Samani And et.al., 2017). Inspecting agent will also play important role in the event, and they will inspect equipment for the damage after use and cheeking it against an inventory list, so they can insure all the equipment in the list.

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Post event activities

There are some activities which should be done after the end of event such as cleaning of the event hall. Staff have to clean whole hall and manager of the event company have to give instruction to clean hall. Staff who were involved in the particular activities have to mange their recoupment have they have to clean area which they were responsible. Otherwise, they also appoint another other staff who will only responsible for the cleaning, and they will look for the cleaning of hall but it will be better will staff members mange their equipments and clean their areas themselves because it will not take time, and they can clean whole areas easily and faster.

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As per the report has analysed event organized by  vision events company which is based on promotion of product. This report has been provided marketing strategy for  vision events, so they can organize their event and this has explained through the marking mix (Shukla, Keast and Ceglarek., 2017). This report has been explained 7 p's of marketing – product, price , promotion, place, people, physical evidence and  plan. This report also has been concluded staff requirement in the event and explain the roles and responsibilities of the staff for pre-event and post-event both activities. It has been explained role of manager, operator, supervisor, medical staff, catering staff and security guard etc. in the end of this report has been analysed financial detail of the whole event. This has been included the cost will need during the event and also provided break even point of the financial details as an evidence proof.


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