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Skills of Understanding Yourself and Others

University: University of Suffolk

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 13 / Words 3277
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: QAB020C413A
  • Downloads: 849

Table of Content

Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • In detail explain the wide range of personal and interpersonal skills and knowledge required to work effectively with others.
  • Implement a range of approaches in order to  develop your self-awareness and self-confidence within diverse teams and contexts.
  • Explain the importance of this attributes and provide evidence via self-assessment tools and seminar sessions to demonstrate your current level of competence.
Answer :


Understanding individual or other people is a phenomenon of developing an understanding about dimension of other respective person that help them to work in chaining environment. This concept helps individuals to interact with other people who are often known as association. The main aim of this work report is to develop an reflective document comprising someone knowledge and experiences. The report also discuss the approaches to ascertain the skills and the manner to record them that help in relevancy and contradiction. Beside this reflection, an act program is also prepared in order to outline strengths and weaknesses identified along with areas of personal development. It is considered that in order to effectively work with other individuals it is important to possess some attributes which can make this process easier due to which these four skills are identified in this file along with three areas of personal development (Baron-Cohen, Tager-Flusberg and Lombardo, 2013).


PDP are consider to be group of operations that are already predetermined to be executed that are useful to grow interpersonal and personal ability or skills. I use to work in an organisation therefore I need skills that help me to communicate effectively with my team member or collogues working in company, there are few skills which must be possessed by me. Some of these skills are discussed below with specific description:

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Assertiveness -

Assertiveness is a skill which enables to take stand for things which are considered as right or correct by an individual. This skill focuses on being calm and positive and able to get self confidence. Being working in an organisation it is important to express feelings, wishes, issues and other aspects with someone so that stress can be burst and productivity can be improved (Cozolino, 2014).

Assertiveness helps an individual to resolve all the conflicts of an organisation which are occurred due to various personal and professional issues (Yahuda, 2013). Among the ten skills mentioned, this skill is selected for reflection as it I find difficulty when it comes to keep it calm and positive in order to resolve issues between me and my colleagues. Understanding this skill can help me to gain it's positive attributes (Assertiveness, 2018). Theory of professional behaviour states that an employee should behave professionally when there is a situation of conflict. Assertiveness helps an individual to follow this theory.

Main aim behind selecting the skill of assertiveness is to build an understanding about its attributes as it is considered by me that this skill is somewhere lacking in my behaviour. Working in an workplace where numerous other individuals work it is important to build a healthy professional relationship with everyone in order to ensure working effectively. According to the various aspects it is observed that this skill and its attributes are underdeveloped in my personality and required to be improved. This observation is concluded by various evidences. In order to provide justification to above statement, evidences are stated as follows. To assess my assertiveness competence I acquired a feedback from my mentor and my peers and according to them, I sometimes act impatiently and is enable to handle conflicts in an effective manner. It is considered that no one can understand us better than ourselves. Using this consideration, I self assessed my capabilities and came to an conclusion that there is lacking of assertiveness in my personality as the primary thing in conflict resolution is understanding both sides which is observed to be a difficult task for me to perform. During the period of conflict, instead of being calm I received a feeling of anxiety and anger due to which my thoughts only tend towards one side of the conflict and avoids the other side of issue.

Contradiction is the situation when thoughts of my peers and tutor doesn't match with my thoughts. From the above analysis, it has been analysed that there are no contradictions between the thoughts and assumptions of me and other individuals from I gained a feedback such my peers and my tutor.

This skill can help me to develop a major attribute of problem solving which will enable me to handle managerial position at my workplace. This skill can also help me to effectively tackle future situations of interpersonal conflicts.

Negotiation –

Negotiation is a skill which enables an single person to settle deviation among two or other organization. In the procedure of discussion, when an individual convince involved parties to compromise a spot in command to limit at a communal determination. Negotiation skills results in great benefit in the situations of conflicts. Negotiation is a interpersonal skill as it helps in to effectively communicate with other people at workplace (Hassenzahl, 2018).

Negotiation skills helps an individual to ascertain the difference between a beneficial comprise and loss. In a workplace it is considered that there will always be conflicts but the it is important to build an ability to solve them. Especially in business world, negotiation is considered to be an effect interpersonal skill as it helps in understanding others and achieving reliable results. Negotiation is skill is the most important ability among all of these skills as it helps in attaining various attributes such as confidence and fairness. Negotiation doesn't has any accurate or pre mentioned approach as negotiation differs for every situation. Attributes of negotiation states that an individual should not be intimated by the idea of negotiation, compromise must be done by evaluating the situations from all the aspects. Another importance of this skill is that it reduces the chances of loss which can occurred from conflicts. Among all the personal and interpersonal skills, the reason behind selecting this skill by me is that there were various situations at my workplace which were resolved by the process of negotiation so in my opinion by enhancing negotiation skill in my personal will improve my problem solving skills too.

In my opinion my current competence regarding negotiation skill is 50%. This statement is developed by me with the reference of various feedbacks of my peers and tutor. According to my peers and coach grade of discussion competency in my attribute is preceding mean as they think that I have ability to convert discussion of group of people. In order to reason a more close and dependable result I am able to evaluate my attributes. According to my self appraisal collection I determine that I have quality to have a large and convincing skills of talking with other people and I have valid point that support me to discuss my conversation or arguments. The ground backside liberal 50% to this accomplishment is that I am able to discovered other single party to apply the skill even with more ratio which is why I think that there is more scope of learning.

From the above analysis contradictions which are ascertained are related to the differences between the thoughts of my peers and me. As according to me, there is still a wide scope in learning skill of negotiation due to which i provided 50% to my Negotiation attributes. But according to my peers I have more ability to negotiate with people and convince them for my terms.

This skill can also help me in my future as in current scenario it is considered that at every level of our career we will has to face certain issues in which negotiation ability will help a lot.

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Team working –

Team working is the skill which enables an individual to combine their individual skills with other personnel's abilities in order to ensure organisational goals. Attributes of this skills include helping and guiding other workers, persuading, sharing and willingly helping.

Team working is an essential skill which allow an individual to motivate unity by working in a team. This skill can not be acquired by individual efforts as it requires skills of the whole team. This skill has attributes which foster friendship and motivate employees to have a close knit relationship. Team work is considered to be a task for several individuals due to which it involves efforts and creativity of several people. By having perspective, opinions and creativity of various individuals there are high chances of effective solutions and productivity. The reason behind using this skill is that this ability is great for a workplace. This ability is not a personal but is an interpersonal skill which allows to build healthy relationships with peers by which efficiency is enhanced (Horney, 2013).

Team working is an ability which is beneficial more for an organisation. According to me peers and reviews my competence against this skill is average as in their opinion I work better when I work alone. My views about the ability is completely opposite with the views of my peers and tutor. As according to me, growth and development of organisation is more important for me rather than my personal development due to which I believe that I possess this skill and I have high competency in team working.

It has been observed from the above analysis that main opposition among my thoughts and my teacher viewpoint on my peer. As according to them I am not that good when it comes to team working. But in my view, organisational development is a priority due to which I give my 100% in team task.

Operating and managing a team is consider to be an quality of an individual that support a manager or leader of a company to make its team work in every situation so that overall performance can be improved. By possessing this skill efficiently I can attain better working results in future and can even acquire ability of leadership.

Focus and attention –

Attention and focusing are consider to be important skills set which enables an individual to focus on the attainment of predefined goals. This ability variety it achievable to promptly observe applicable reaction that is beneficial to an individual. To have strong focus I should have good mental capacity which combines internal and external stimuli to enable individual to take careful decisions about organisation (Mischel, 2014).

Focus and attention is an important skill which helps in controlling thoughts which can bring positivity. It is important for individuals working in a competitive environment to be calm and patient, and this skill helps me to gain inner peace by which mind can be free from irrelevant thoughts. Focusing to important things even helps to improve memory power of an individual. This skill even conserve all the energy and direct it towards things which are actually requires attention. The skill of attention strengthen intuition. Concept of mental focus is relevant for this skill as it will help to gain mental peace and focus towards important aspects.

Focus and attention is an individual ability that is necessary for personal improvement and that also increase the proficiency and productivity. According to the feedback provided by my peers and tutor it stated that I have superior direction and attention skills set that help me to care on different situation and deal with any condition arises while working on various project. Thus I am capable to work in any environment without any difficulty. To provide an more effective conclusion about my focus skill I self assessed my situation. Various strengths and weaknesses were identified by me and after that I came to an conclusion that I completely agree with my peers and tutor as I am capable of being focused and attentive even after various issues.

From the above analysis it has been observed that there are not contradictions between me, tutor and my peers. The reason behind this agreement is that I possess this skill and I received various opportunities to showcase my focus skills due to which it is clear to me and my peers that I have excellent focus and attention skills.

Focus and attention is a personal skill which can help me develop my personality in future. This skill is not limited to a company or industry, this ability can be used at various stages of life.

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In the above scenario it has been examines that to formulate a PDP, first it is important to make an activity plan that includes the brief about various activities that will be executed by an individual while operating business. Once above activities are formed I have determined mine capability and weak points that are needed to be referred so that I am able to identifying region of improvement. My major strength which can help me on future is my focus and attentive behaviour by which I can attain efficiency and productivity. Beside this assertiveness and negotiation are consider to be one of my strong point that can help to realize percept of others people which further lead towards effective interaction with team members. By reviewing various personal and interpersonal skills it has been identified that team working is my most influential weaknesses which degrades my performance and charm of my personality. Assertiveness is ascertained to be my strength as well as my weaknesses. As there is a high scope of improvement when it comes to assertiveness and its attributes of problem solving (Rochat, 2014)

The above strengths and weaknesses are identified with the aim of ascertaining three areas in which development is required. The first area in which development is required is team working. From the analysis which developed above, it has ascertained that my tutor and peers thinks that I am not able to work effectively when I work in a team which affects impact of my personality. In order to improve my team working, I can request my tutor to provide me training and develop my team working skills from conducting various activities. It is considered that the attributes of team working are friendliness and will to help which can be improved by me with the help of self assessment. My peers can also help me in this skill as they are the ones with which I have to work together, so it is better to attain detailed feedback. The second area in which development is required is enhancing ability of assertiveness. Assertiveness helps in resolving issues and conflicts in an organisation by which I can attain future promotion and can even get managerial position. Along with assertiveness, negotiation is also an area which should be improved by me in order to negotiate with people and effectively convince them on my terms (Van Veluw and Chance, 2014).

Sr. No

Learning Objective

Current Proficiency

Target Proficiency

Development Opportunities

Judging criteria

Time Scale



I am weak in this skill therefore I am not able to negotiate with my employees in an efficient manner.

I want to improve this skill, ican negotiate with my clients

This skill can be developed with the help of online sources, seminars related to negotiation, etc.

Peer members and subordinates

2 months


Problem solving skill

I am facing this skill problem because in a large organization people are having perception which creates issues.

I want to improves this so harmony can be maintained within organisation.

By dealing with practical situation and guidance of top level managers.

Top level personnel.

3 months


Team leadership

I am facing problem in team leadership because of making tasks done from others.

I want to improve this skill for the purpose of making tasks done from others.

This skill can be developed with effective training in organization

Top level managers

6 months

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From the above project report it has been analysed that personal development plan is a concept of preparing a future plan for areas which must be improved. By developing personal development plan and action plan, various problems areas are concluded which are negotiation, assertiveness and team working. Strengths and weaknesses are used to evidently justify for this plan. Four out of all the skills is selected by which reflection about development is prepared.

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Books and Journal:

  1. Baron-Cohen, S., Tager-Flusberg, H. and Lombardo, M. eds., 2013. Understanding other minds:
    Perspectives from developmental social neuroscience. Oxford University Press.
  2. Hassenzahl, M., 2018. The thing and I: understanding the relationship between user and product
    In Funology 2 (pp. 301-313). Springer, Cham.
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