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Housing Problems

Table of Content

  1. Introduction


In this present time, many problems that are related to housing are facing by middle-class people which arise problems in their living standards. For this government take many actions which help them in solving out such issues in an effective manner so, that their life can become normal and happy. It is the major issue which is faced by every group of society in their routine life. A home whether it is owned or rented is a dream of every person. But there are many issues are also related to this dream so, landlords have to work on such issues which helps in providing better effective service to their ultimate users(Iacoviello and Neri,2010).

Some of the major issues which are related to this concern are that sometimes landlords provide poor quality service to their users and this leads to promote inconvenience to the people who live there. The present report is based on these issues which are taking place in the gold acre housing association and how these issues can be sorted out with the help of landlords actively participating.

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Issue 1 - Lack of focus on repairs

One of the major issues which are faced by the tenants is poor quality. They have a complaint about many of the times that many times they complain against such issues but all the time this is the major problem which is faced by them. Along with that, they are finding it difficult to report such issues to the landlord because of intermediaries. They resist them to complain against such types of problems and that's why these crises are not be sorted out in a proper and effective manner. There are three major issues that arise at the gold-acre housing association which is firstly the repairing problem(Saiz, 2010).

They are facing repairing the problem of electricity and their water pumps. Power cut can be taken place at any time for many hours which leads to face them so much problem. They are not able to charge their phones, watching TV, etc. another repairing issue is related to the water pump. Their tap got blocked for many of the times sometimes more than two or three times in a month. These are the major issues which are facing by them.

Hardly they are contacting the landlords this leads them not to provide proper information about such problems to them. This leads to an increase their problems day by day. Electrician,plumber never came on time to work out on these problems. This leads to face them inconvenience for many hours in a day(Monahan and Powell, 2011).


1. Landlords have to take proper information directly from the residents on these issues so, that they can gain proper detailed information about such issues and can be sorted out as early as possible. This leads to help them in solving out thei9r problems as early as possible.

2. The landlord has to work on these issues as early as possible by giving a contract to some electrician, plumbers so, that they can available to them at any time on their calls. This helps in providing quality service to them. So their issues can be sorted out and residents can enjoy better services.

3. The company has to spend an amount of money on maintenance and have to provide 3 months checking facility by those peoples who can maintain that. They have to appoint a secretary in their society so, that it can provide every information to the landlord easily.

4. The organization has to provide quality service with the help of using quality products which not going to arise any technical issues. They have to provide such products which have a guarantee and warranty. This helps in increasing the faith and goodwill of the company in the eyes of residents(Glaeser ,Gottlieb and Gyourko,2012 ).

By working on all these factors it helps in improving the issues and problems which are generally faced by the residents in their daily routine life, so, that their inconvenience can be solved with the help of using these methods. These are the special steps which cited organization can use to improve their quality of service. It is the moral duty of landlord to work on these issues to provide better service to their users. These solutions have to be adopted for making the service effective and efficient. This also help in many ways such as maintain a good relationship with them. A one phone call service also helps in increasing the benefits of the small workers. These also help in improving their skills and they get employed by getting a contract from these large associations.

It is a key factor which works in both the sector, for better service and satisfaction as well as increasing employment for those workers who are jobless which further helps in the improvement of the economy.

Issue 2 - Anti-social behavior related issues

Another issue which is facing by the residents is the anti-social behavior that is done by the other residents. This type of behavior is not appropriate and acceptable. Everyone in this society has its own place. Such type of behavior is not good. It leads to dissatisfied many of the residents. Which further leads to increase the unnecessary activity in society.

These terms are very critical and measurable because it leads to arise conflicts between them. Another thing that is related to this factor is that they will not be able to get help from their neighbors at the time of difficulty. So, this type of behavior is not addressable. Landlords have to use some steps which help in solving out such issues also, the residents have to improve their behavior and adopt social behavior towards their neighborhood. The following are some of the solutions which have to be adopted by the tenants(Radelofft. et. al., 2010).


1. The landlord is not able to help in overcoming this issue. Tenants have to adopt social behavior and their neighbors and maintain friendly behavior with them. But the landlord plays an important role in overcoming this issue by not come in front. Like organization can sign a contract with them in which using this type of behavior is restricted.

2. By using this agreement, the environment can become healthy and friendly which leads to making the behavior towards each other good and acceptable.

3. Association has to organize some functions which are related to every cast, religion which helps in creating awareness in each of them and also leads to promote that all are equal and such type of behavior is not addressable(Bernanke, 2010).

It is important to use addressable behavior towards each other because it helps in minimizing the conflicts between each other and also promotes a healthier environment in relation to each other.

Issue 3 - Problems related to rent

Another problem that is faced by the tenants is that sometimes they failed to pay rents of their houses on time. So landlords have to provide a facility through which they can pay their rent after sometimes. It shows that their landlord is a polite and good behavior person.

They got failed to pay rent on time so, it is the duty of a landlord to support them. By using local housing allowance it became easy to residents and tenants to pay rent directly to the landlord. It promotes maintaining a relationship between them and also helps in gaining the faith of the landlord. So, when tenants got failed to pat rent on time that relationship helps them.

Also, landlords or tenants can adopt another option which is referred to as the fixed amount installment method in which they are going to pay a fixed amount for several months. Also, they can choose the advance options.

Such things can be useful for them to maintain good relations with each other.


1. Landlords can take advance from their tenants so, that their problems get reduced because the whole amount together payment does not create so many problems but installments create problems because money is not stable.

2. By giving some times rebate also helps in improving the relationship between landlords and tenants.

3. By paying directly to the landlords also helps in creating a relationship of trust because they get to know about the situation and nature of the tenants. Also, it helps in reducing the chances of cheating which is generally sometimes done by the intermediaries.

SMART objective

There is a need for every business to set objectives which promotes them to run their business according to that. Without setting objectives a company will not able to achieve anything for its growth. A firm has to adopt SMART objectives which means a business should have to be specific and use measurable terms on which they have to work. Along with that, they have to attain that target in a specific manner. Their resources can be effective to utilize and should not be timid. An entity should always have to be non-timid and get encouraged at every time.

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More elaboration of SMART objectives are as follow:

1.Specific: The main aim of the business to solve the issues which are faced by the tenants in their daily routine. Their main issues are related to repairing, anti-social behavior. Association has to provide quality products and services to them so, their issues can be resolved without any problem(Schwartz,2014).

2.Measurable: After working on such issues they have to get feedback about that still residents are facing any issue or not. Also, residents have to look upon such issues that they are facing that they are solved or not.

3.Achievable: Organization has to look upon the factors that are facing by the residents with the help of police officers. They have to foresee that their objectives are achieved or not(Turkington, Van Kempen and Wassenberg, 2017).

4. Resourced: They have to use all the resources properly so, that all issues can be sorted out.

5. Timed: Policy officer has to maintain a proper time in which they have to work on such issues with the help of resources. An organization has to maintain proper time balance while working on such issues.


It is concluded from the above report that housing issues can be sorted out with the help of active participation of association or landlords. For better and effective service given organizations have to use SMART objectives which help them in their growth and success along with that it also helps in making their service users satisfied. The organization has to work on such issues which lead to the dissatisfaction of their tenants. They have to work on these issues which helps in increasing their number of clients. Another thing which is related to this is that it helps many people and who are jobless as well as also helps inbuilt trust and faith by providing quality service and products.


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