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MDA10008: Global Media Industries, Assignment 2: Media and communication adaptation


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Table of Content

  1. Introduction


In every country, there is a different culture, region, and environment which directly affects the citizen’s life and their living standard. At the international level, when any organization enters, they need to analyze the culture, region, and trend of their local market (Bae, Song, and Kim, 2012). By understanding their situation, any firm can successfully launch its products and establish a business in a new market. In the current study, Australia's media organization is going to advertise its product in the Saudi Arabian market. The objective of the advertisement is to stop violence against women in Saudi Arabia country. The present report provides the cultural status of Saudi Arabia concerning women's violence.

Main Body

In the present era, the advertisement industry has continuously increased and it uses several impressive strategies and tools to promote and advertise the products and services in the market. The corporation needs to understand the culture and region of the country before advertising its product and services in that market (Arnulf and, 2014). The Australian media corporation is going to promote its product in the Saudi Arabian market. Thus, it is very important to analyze the condition and culture of the Saudi Arabian market so that it can understand the things that should be changed to overcome the violence against women.

The cultural setting in Saudi Arabia is Arab and Islam. Its attitudes and traditions are old centuries and society is deeply religious, conservative, and traditional as well as family-oriented. Women's condition is generally different in this country as compared to other neighbors. Woman's right in Saudi Arabia is limited in comparison to the rights of women in other neighbors. As per the research, it has been found that women were not technically banned from driving under Saudi law, local authorities consistently refused to issue women with driving licenses, resulting in a de facto ban. In addition to this, the dress code for women is governed by a strict interpretation of Islamic law and is implemented to varying degrees across the country.

The Australian media company should focus on various aspects of the culture of Saudi Arabia if it wants to promote a message regarding women's violence. By understanding the culture of the mentioned country, media organizations can change several aspects of Saudi Arabia. Culture can be understood by applying several theories which are discussed below-

Culture schema theory- Cultural schema for social interaction are cognitive structure that contains knowledge for face-to-face interactions in a person's cultural environment. This theory clarifies the commonplace and pre-familiar information one uses when entering a natural circumstance in his/her way of life (Earls and Myers, 2010.). Social diagrams for social connection are subjective structures that contain learning for eye-to-eye cooperation in a man's social condition. Diagrams are summed up accumulations of learning of past encounters that are sorted out into related learning gatherings; they control our practices in commonplace circumstances. Social compositions don't contrast from different diagrams, aside from that they are shared by certain social gatherings as opposed to people. As per this theory, people should always learn from his or her cultural background and region.

Communication accommodation theory- Communication accommodation theory was introduced in 1971 which is also known as the Speech Accommodation theory (Emerson and, 2012). According to this hypothesis, while humans converse with each other they tend to change the way the audience talks. Regardless of whether you understand it or not, and it can be either cognizant or oblivious, you coordinate your emphasis, your speed, your musicality, your vocabulary, and even your position and motions to that of the individual you are conversing with. The principal reason a man does this is to demonstrate assertion and fondness for another. This theory can apply to various communication processes.

Economic well-being and having a place are controlled by dialect and practices. While individuals impart they tend to oblige the practices of the individuals who are in higher economic well-being than them.

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