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Globalisation - The Geographic Dispersion of Industrial and Service Activities

University: Fairfield School of Business

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Examine relevant research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process.
  • Explain different strategies employed by Tesco to enter emerging markets.
  • Tesco is a retail supermarket in UK. How globalisation can generate business success.
Answer :
Organization Selected : TESCO


Topic: “To identify the benefits and drawbacks of a global environment on the dispersion of industrial and service activities”

Globalisation is the process of geographical dispersion of industrial and service activities across the boarder and the networking between different company for the sack of sharing assets. Present study has been based on Globalisation dispersion of industrial and service industries. Further study will be going to take the secondary research to collect the further information regarding the new development process and goals. Present study based on Tesco.

P1 Aims and objectives


The geographic dispersion of industry and service activities is the process of sourcing of inputs, production & Distribution a cross the nation, country to country. For example, Joint ventures. Globalisation provides the opportunity to deal in the foreign market and earn better profit. It has given both negative and positive effects on the development of economy and company growth (Aydalot and Keeble, 2018). The new managing and effective leading management goals to take the best outcome results and better opportunity targets. Present study covers the benefits and drawbacks of globalisation and dispersion in order to meet out the goals and effective management style.

Present globalisation has been influenced by some potential drivers such as information system and computer technology. This have not only reduced the cost of production and distribution but also boosted competition level within the country.

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Aims:  “To identify the benefits and drawbacks of a global environment on the dispersion of industrial and service activities”. A Case study based on TESCO


  • To identify the benefits of globalisation on the dispersion of industrial and service activities.
  • To determine the challenges and drawbacks of globalisation on the dispersion.
  • To identify the importance of globalisation on industrial and service activities.

Research questions 

Q. What are the benefits of globalisation on the dispersion of industrial and service activities.

Q. What are the challenges and drawbacks of globalisation on the dispersion.

Q. What are the importance of globalisation on industrial and service activities.

Literature Review

Theme 1: To identify the benefits of globalisation on the dispersion of industrial and service activities.

According to Christopher (2016) Globalisation is the process which described or rapidly increases the exports or global sourcing which has been followed by the modest international presence. Globalisation helps define the company vision, objective and long lasting goals in order to meet out the best productive source outcomes. It leads to new opportunity to underestimate the enormous competitive goals and objectives.

According to Gereffi and Fernandez-Stark (2016) Globalisation gives possibilities in order to meet out the best outcome and possible outcome results in order to meet out the goals and best outcome results. New organisation and better development task will help to make the new opportunity for the industrial and service growth. Apart from that, role of tourism is that to overcome from the result outcomes and managing effective business targets. Overall, globalisation benefited for the company to make high image in the international market.

Theme 2: To determine the challenges and drawbacks of globalisation on the dispersion.

According to Jensen, Quinn and Weymouth (2017) Globalisation is the process or activity that affect the business in both positive and negative manner. Globalisation also arise several challenges and hurdles during handling the business at national or global level. Globalisation made the rich richer while making non-richer while making the non-richer poorer. Globalisation arise some potential barriers for national or local businesses. Such as national businesses has to occur pressure of high competition, high rate of foreign exchange tax, pressure from customers side etc. the biggest problem that faced by the organisations are jobs are lost to transferred to lower cost countries.

As per the Karlsson, Cornett and Wallin, (2018) Workers in developed countries face pay cut demands from employees who threaten to exports jobs. It also creates barriers of different working culture and migration issues.

As per the author comparing to large small countries cannot be beat the international market and improper effective product outcome goals. Some businesses or services cannot give permission to some restricted companies to entered in the market. It affect the market into more inappropriate market. It affect the ineffective learning outcomes and improper development growth. Another major issue and barrier that country facing is communicable diseases. Businesses affect the natural environment by affecting by communicable disease. Deadly disease like HIV/AIDS are being spread by travellers to the remotest corners of the globalisation market.

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Theme 3: To identify the importance of globalisation on industrial and service activities.

According to Sassen, (2016) international businesses and globalisation market has spreading the leading and longest opportunities for small sector to get into the biggest market to grab some new profitability profit ratio. It helps to enhance the long lasting opportunity for the development of effective goals. Globalisation has been given new leading and challenging that is very effective and best opportunity goals and long term goals and best goal services. Is the process of interaction among people, companies and government can also get good deals and effective management approaches to have better kind of services.

Moreover, it brings new managing and developing product goals to have the best kind of services growth. In order to meet out the best growing and it helps to make the new competitive market to get the new effective leading goals and better outcome performances. It helps to make the proper decision making approach in order to meet out the company goals and services. In order to make the best out6coms and effective process material. Globalisation affect or increase the stability growth of the business. Globalisation is the best term to take the another international opportunity in different manner.

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P2 Research methodologies

Research approach : Research approaches is the significant point in the research process. Research approaches is divided into two distinct parts deductive and inductive research approach. Deductive approach is concerned with the developing hypothesis and long term goals. It helps to continue the more developing and effective working process (Sassen, 2016). Inductive research has been based on reasoning starts with the observation results. Present study will be based on Inductive approach.

Data Collection: It is the method to collect relevant or specific data for the research. It has two methods to collect data primary and secondary data collection methods. Primary research has been based on new fresh data which is collected by either interview, survey, questionnaire etc. Besides, secondary data has been based on old data which already exist in books and journals. In order to to that, present study will going to have both methods of data collection.

Sampling : Sampling is the distinct style of process which is essential for the research process. Sampling is the method to collect the sample size in order to have collect the primary data. It is based on principle which is used for select a member out of high population growth. There are two types of sampling method probability and non probability sampling. Probability sampling give chance to every one to take participation in the questionnaire survey. Besides, non probability sampling is the method which only focuses on the some selected group of member and make the better goals services. Present study will be going to take simple random sampling.

Data Analysis : Data analysis is the process which has been new managing effective goals and new effective process (Taylor, 2017). Data analysis is the long term process in order to beet the needs and goals. There are two types of data analysis methods qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative method based on thematic or theoretical manner. Contrary, quantitative method based on numerical or mathematical manner with the help of effective management task in order to meet out the result outcomes. Present study will be based on qualitative.

Research Design: Research design is the set of the methods and procedures used in collecting and anal zing measures. Overall, it has been collected better goal services in order to meet out the aims and objectives. There are two types of research design qualitative and quantitative. Present study will be based on qualitative research method to take the new effective process goals.

Ethical consideration : Ethical consideration is one of the most essential process within the organisation. Ethical practices affect the business new emerging trends. Apart from that, it helps to keep the market effective goals (Taylor, 2017). Ethical work helps to secure the data of the research in order to meet the aims and objectives of the research process.

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Gantt Chart


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Research proposal


Aims and objectives


Literature review


Research methodologies


Data collection


Data analysis


Data interpretation


Finding and conclusion




Execute the plan





On the basis of above discussion study concluded the benefit and challenges of globalisation. Overall, study has been discussed about the challenges and opportunities of international market in order to ensure the stability. However, study also conduct secondary research which followed by literature review.

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Books & Journals

Aydalot, P. and Keeble, D., 2018. High technology industry and innovative environments: the European experience. Routledge.

Christopher, M., 2016. Logistics & supply chain management. Pearson UK.

Gereffi, G. and Fernandez-Stark, K., 2016. Global value chain analysis: a primer.

Jensen, J. B., Quinn, D. P. and Weymouth, S., 2017. Winners and losers in international trade: The effects on US presidential voting. International Organization. 71(3). pp.423-457.

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