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Enhance Personal and Professional Development


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Tips to Enhance Personal and Professional Development

Personal and professional development is consistent process adopted by individual to gain new learning, skills and competencies regarding its vocation, job duties and work surroundings (ALSUP, 2006). It is a conventional procedure that assist a working individual to frame career goals, plan of actions and results of acquired knowledge and improvisation through training. This process is mostly adopted by, career oriented individuals, professors, supervisors and managers etc. In this report learning will be shown regarding implication of personal and professional development plan to individual as well as organization. In this report various approaches of self managed learning will be described.

1.1 Various approaches of self-managed learning

Self-managed learning is an approach used by individual to find various ways of enhancing knowledge and skills within business enterprise. The self managed learning help individual in identifying its learning needs and ascertain the mode and source of learning. Further, individual takes effective decision like, what, how and whom to learn.  The self managed learning is an important aspect that help a person in attaining its personal and professional objectives by enhancing its learning. The different approaches that can be adopted by individual to ensure self managed learning are as follows: (explain  more self managed learning)

Internet: It is regarded as residence of immense data that is provided to large number of individual at minimal cost. One can enhance its knowledge regarding different aspects using sites like Google, academic journal, PDFS, articles engrossed by scholars, experts of different field etc. With the aid of this data individual can attain knowledge which is crucial for career growth (Learning method, 2009).

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Advantages - The benefit of using internet as medium of self managed learning is that, it help it is 24*7 hours available source which can be assessed by individual as per its convenience. Thereafter, person is itself in charge of its self learning procedure.

Disadvantages - However, it has some limitations like, it can misguide as there is huge amount of unreliable, inauthentic and wrong information. For instance, information of Wikipedia, slide share can be edited by anybody.

Observing: Is a part of self-managed learning, a method of evaluating and recording specific information, is the most common method used for getting information about the various thinks, is to observe those thinks and also the various processes related to those thinks.
The advantages of observations are to identify the most important aspects that could be improved, to observe how you can implement specific stages, to identify techniques and practice you can apply, to see if you are able to implement strategies and ideas, and to see if you are making progress in your skills. The disadvantage; could be time consuming and information received   might be inaccurate which will lead to unsure decisions and mistakes.

Attending seminars: Is the best way to self managed learning. The advantages are attending seminars you can share your ideas, you have the opportunity to present your knowledge about something to other people, help you to become more confident in speaking in the public and that is very important to develop your presentation skills. Disadvantages: it could be time consuming and can affect your ability to learn or get the experience for oneself. Information you receive might sometimes not be accurate or exactly what you need for your project.

In addition to this individual can also take assistance of Kolb learning that is a kind of experiential learning. In this process, individual undergoes four learning stages, reflective observation, active experimentation, concrete experience and abstract conceptualization. However, for these stages one can adopt four key mode of learning, assimilators, converges, accommodators and diverges. These learning style are further matched with four stage learning cycle.

In addition to the above theory, individual can also take assistance of Honey and Mumford theory to determine its learning requirements and enhance its knowledge. This theory states that broadly there are four kinds of learner who have different style of learning. The description of which is as follows:

Type of learner Attributes
Activist Prefer doing and experiencing
Pragmatist They prefer experimenting new things
Theorist They focus on reading theories and determining reasons behind various theories
Reflectors They prefer observing others actions

Therefore, one can identify type of learner he/she is and the basis of this he can enhance its knowledge., For instance, I am reflectors therefore, I can take part in coaching, training, seminars to learn from the knowledge and experience of others.

1.2 Different modes to encourage life long learning

The term life long learning refers to willful process of gaining knowledge and learning new things throughout the life of an individual. It is a voluntary action through which individual motivates itself to acquire knowledge to fulfill its individual or professional goals. Thereafter, there are various modes through which life long learning can be encouraged. The description of which is as follows:

Life-long learning methods in a personal context

Self evaluation: It is a procedure adopted by individual to review its own performance, skills and abilities? (Personal development review, 2013). Further, individual can identify its own strength and weakness. Thereafter, various measures can be taken to overpower weakness by making effective use of strength. It further assists one in determining upcoming opportunities and take appropriate measures to avoid forthcoming threats.

Setting Goals: is a process of personal planning, by setting goals you decide what you want to achieve, allows you to chose where you want to go in life. By setting goals you will also raise your self confidence, as you recognize your ability and competence in achieving the goals that you have set. This process of achievement gives you confidence that you will be able to achieve higher and more difficult goals.

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Life-long learning methods in a Professional context

Institutional education: It is process through which individual can take assistance of educational institutes to build its learning base, knowledge etc. For instance, an engineering graduate can get enrolled in management institute to gain knowledge about different field like, finance, HR, marketing etc. This further enhances the overall efficiency of individual (Hunter, LAURSEN and Seymour, 2007).

Training and development programs: The individual can take part in various training and development programs that help in improving different skills and competencies. The training programs aims at filling the gap in between the job requirement and organizational needs. Therefore, various training and development programs are organized for improving technical, vocational and other skills of employees.

Process and activities required to implement development plan

Identify the skills

From the skill audit it has been identified that I require range of skills and competencies to become successful in my academic as well as future career. The skills important for academic career are, communication, time management, presentation, computer and creative thinking. However, as per the future career I require, interpersonal, managerial, critical thinking, leadership and team building skills.

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Evaluate skills

The skill evaluation will help me in identifying my capabilities and in competencies,. Therefore, proper steps can be taken by me to improve  my lacking skills. It has been identified from skill audit that I need to focus more on computer, managerial, critical and analytical thinking skills.

SWOT analysis

 The Swot analysis will help me identifying my strength that I can use in over coming my weakness. Further I can ascertain upcoming opportunities that can be grasped by me to ensure academic and career growth. However, there are some threats that can be obstacle in my career growth like, financial issue etc.

Prepared a plan to improve

The plan will help me in setting goal and purpose and considering that significant actions can be taken by me for career growth and development.

Critical reflection and resetting the original objective of PPD plan

With critical reflection of own learning, it has been ascertained by me that by strong consideration on PPD plan my various skills are improved. In this respect, I am not able to complete my work on time, by prioritizing task, I can make manage my time for studies, doing assignment, work and social gatherings etc. further, I set alarm which help me in reaching my classes on time. Further, I did many of my assignment with my classmates and in different groups that improved my team working skills. By cooperation and coordination tough group assignments were completed easily. However, the work was hampered because of conflicts among group members. Therefore, I have realized that I should learn how to manage such situation without letting it affect my work and performance.

I have read different books and literature on leadership and motivational theories. However, I still lack the practical experience of implementing these theories in real life situations. Further, to boost my confidence and moral, I participated in different seminars that not only enhanced my knowledge but also improved courage in me. However, due to lack of availability of time after studies, I missed some important seminars. Furthermore, by participating in group discussions and debate competitions, my verbal skills are improved than earlier. However, I need to work more on my written skills and build strong academic writing skills. In addition to this aspect, there were too many grammatical errors in my essays and there was no positive response from my lectures.

Hence, more focus should be given on my written communication. Apart from my academic knowledge, I have participated in workshop, training and development sessions to build knowledge in technical areas that will further help me in acquiring suitable job in future. Therefore, the training program helped in improving my learning on technical areas and have practical experience of how different task are performed. However, I have gained too much stress by solely managing different responsibilities etc. Further, the increasing competition is increasing my stress regarding future job and career. Hence, by considering my own critical reflection, it is required for me to make necessary changes in PPD plan.

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From the aforementioned report, it can be concluded that, personal and professional development plan is important for individual to ensure career growth and development. PPD plan enhance the job performance of person that further leads to career growth. The self managed learning will help individual in enhancing my skills so that he can match the industry standards.

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