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Different Functions of Managers and Leaders in Toyota Group

University: UKBC College London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 19 / Words 4638
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: D/508/0488
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Organization Selected : TOYOTA Group


Operations management is an area of management concerned with designing and controlling the production and redesigning business operations in the production of goods or services. This report will be based on the role of managers and leaders of an organization, which helps the company in improving production. The report inculcated study on TOYOTA group, which is basically located in United Kingdom and provide different kind of services in automobile sector. Further, it will cover functions of managers and role of leaders in those functions in order to get the work done from employees in efficient manner.


P1 Differences and similarities between a leader and manager

Manager: Manager is the one who designs and manages the internal work inside organisation. It will provide the direction to pre-determined goals and objectives of an organisation. On the other hand, for successfully accomplishment of an objective, task of the manager is developed and established of relevant strategies (Lim, 2015). The manager are distributed various level in organisation in order to manage the task in different way. In this way, manager is also concerned with the appraisal of performance review.

Some changes are made as per the needs of current market network as well future improvement in market share. The manager plays an important role for development such as executing vision, managing processes, direct interaction with people; establishing rules and regulations for growth and development.

Leader: Leader is people who get the work done form the employees concerning the goal of the company. The leader plays the most important role in motivating workers inside organisation (Bernardelli and, 2017). They make in effective manner to achieve organisational objective. Leader is person, who the manager works of every worker in a team. The major aim is to influence and inspire employees for effective performance. It will help to increase efficiency and productivity in an organisation.

Differences between Leader and Manager



Manager is set the overall objectives of an organisation.

Leader is work on such objective development by manager.

Manager communicates the policy of leader.

Leader is communication manager related to efficiency and effectiveness of working conditions.

Manager gives direction to every single group member.

In this context, leader provides direction to team members.

Manager inside the organisation focuses on thing power and find out the new way to solve problem.

Leader should focus on each person in a particular team.

Manager directs the work to employees.

Leader motivates employees to the work. Leader provides the motivation, which is help to improve current employees' performance inside work place.

The manager should organizer new ideas for growth and development (Abbou and, 2015).

The leader should invent new technology to increase their profitability and productivity.

The manager is important person to planning, controlling the business activities.

The leader has a quality to communicate, encourages other employees and increases their productivity.

A leader is very important of organization to planning a new strategy and developed a strong business. Manger is handling the whole business process in effectively and efficiently. They have managed the complexity of business, budgeting and performance of employee, problem solving etc (Bhattacharjee and Bandyopadhyay, 2015). They have some specific goals to plans according to customer requirement. It will create an effective structure to perform different role in business process.

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P2 Different functions of manager in TOYOTA Group

Manager is very important for every organization to provide specific guidance of employees in order to achieve goals and objectives. They have specific roles and responsibilities to fulfil the purpose of company through regulation, planning and economical.

TOYOTA is a leading brand that has some function to manage the whole business operations in effectively and efficiently. They are mainly focused on achieving their important vision. It is a dynamic process and various people are performing different function and activities to manage by the manager.

There are types of operation functions performed in business such as marketing, purchased product, finances etc. manager is senior person in company that would be handle the activities of junior employee. On the other hand, the company is used different platform to performing a specific activity. These activities have been change according to the requirement of customer because marketing level is change.

TOYOTA is uses Fayol theories to managing the business functions and activities because it will analyse the basic strategy and planning to create a new idea for growth and development. Their theories are classified into five ways to described in give below as follows:

Planning- this is very important concept of an organization to achieve their goals and targets. Planning plays an important role because it will analyse requirements of any business operation. The company should be plan a strategy in both ways such as long term planning and short term planning. This planning is very important for increasing profitability and productivity in market. They mainly focus on their productivity in which planning creative ideas such as low prices, advertisement, plan new campaign etc.

 It provides a right direction to increase their value in market and can be achieve their goals and targets. They have utilising the resources in proper way and then applicable for organization. It will help for organization to achieve their objectives (Ming and Daoxin, 2018). The important part of planning to reducing the risk and dealing with critical situations in effectively and efficiently.

Organizing- It is important function that would be managed by manager to developing an effective structure for growth and development. This structure is designed as a frame work that established coordination between the department. This structure is basically provided the presentation, graphical chart to explain the relationship between business activities and operations. The manager should be designing a new role of every people has specific responsibilities managed in proper ways. At the level of company are taking some specific al decision related department, cluster and jobs. The TOYOTA is a leading brand that has large number of method is used for development. The manager is provided the resources to their team member and then planning a new strategy converted into reality.

Staffing- it is very important part of organization to increasing their functionality in business process. The main objective to mange the business activities and that has chosen a right person to enhancing the business capabilities in marketplace. They should analyse the main role of staff that are capable of performing a various functions and task. The marketing team is very small and they are handle the business process in very effectively and efficiently. It is crucial part of company to changing the nature of workforce. The technology is directly impact to company structure because new features are launch in market that would be destroying a existing product in market. The right staff and person is putting some effort to increasing their brand value in market. They will handle any type of critical situation in very effective manner. They are mainly focused on to changing the structure and follows specific planning to understand the requirement of people in market. Staffing is support to the organization to performing a task in proper ways. The company should provide the best services and motivated to their employee to achieving task in effective manner. The staffing performs a various function to creates an effective opportunity for growth and development.

Direction- This is the fourth function to provide the best direction of organization to achieving their goals and objective. The direction is very important part of company to provide the strength and capabilities of firm. This is the method to organizing the role of employee in organization. They are different functions delves such as communication, human interaction and manager motivated etc. this is very strong part of leadership because they provided the right direction to achieving towards the goals. The manager should be develop a good relationship with employee and other colleagues. It is important bridge between human requirement and need of operations in TOYOTA.

Controlling- this is the final method of management to provide the right information to the customer. The marketing sell is increasing in market so that it would be helps to measuring and correcting the situation in effective manner. They are using different type marketing campaign to promoting their product in market. It will determine the sales record and managing the different process in proper ways. It is required for company to measure the actual objective of business activities. It is important function to reducing the risk in business process.

P3 Systems leadership and contingency leadership and situational leadership

There are many types of approaches and theories applicable within the TOYOTA as considers as leadership in this organization. The leadership quality is very essential for each and every organization to control the business process and operations. The leadership quality has some effective task is performed in given below:

  • They should developed a new approach for future references.
  • They are applied new approaches in the company to perform a different task to achieving the goals and objectives.
  • They are motivated to employee so that they are focused on the task and achieve their objective.
  • They will manage the whole system and delivery a best product in marketplace.

 There are various type of approaches in leadership described in given below:

Situational Leadership- this leadership model is provides an effective understanding between the style and the level of follower to performing a specific task. The manager of company to handle the style for development and they are always trying to influence to other people. They have been change continuously if the requirement of other is meet according to the situation of organization (Morimoto and Yoshino, 2017). The firm has making a decision and performing a different task. This leadership should be adjust according to the style. There are different type of style used in Situational Leadership as follows:

  • Telling- it is style to that has high demonstrative behaviour and very low supportive because they are only focused to provided the information related product in market.
  • Selling – it is style where they have high demonstrative behaviour and very high supportive because they are helping to provide information as well as solve the issues in very effectively and efficiently.
  • Participating- it is style where they have low demonstrative behaviour and very high supportive nature because they should provide an effective services in which playing a important role for growth and development.

System leadership- this is very important leadership style to increases their network from one place to another. It will share the information and task to other department in case any changes is required to change the pattern and style of operations (Zhang and, 2015). This leadership is totally different from other leadership because they are mainly focused on to clearing their objective and goals. The system leadership is necessary of organization to handle the management system in proper ways. They have an ability to see whole business system. They are focused to collection of problem is handle and solving to create as a future scope.

Contingency leadership- this approaches is no so affective for organization to achieve the task in proper ways. Each and every organization has need of efficient approaches to solving the issues in the best way. This functionality of company is depend upon their external and internal factor. This leadership style is applied for business process according to the situation in effective manner.

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P4 key approaches in operational management

Operational management is very important p[art of organization to managing the whole department in very effectively and efficiently. This is based on the planning and business activities to manage their good and services in production system. They provide different activities to controlling the functions and procedure of changing some input such as strength, labour conditions and energy, material etc. For Example – Apple is leading brand to manage their operation in very effective ways (Liu and 2015). The international market has been change according to the customer requirement because the demand of people is increases in day by day. It will design a new approach for promoting the product in market. The operation management is techniques to maintain the planning, controlling, organizing and leading in business activities.

Planning- planning is very important for determine the actual function of process and achieving their goals and objective through strategy planning. The manager should be aware about this strategy to maintain the economical condition that has faced many changing task and problem for future. Manger is required to taking a good decision related business process. The planning should be start with some specific procedure and study on environmental conditions. The manager is planning a new strategy before, aware about the critical situation of organization such as competitors, economic and customer. The planning is crucial part to build a strong organization because every organization has need to plan an effective strategy for growth and development. Most of the companies are planning before the product launch because they are already measure the actual requirement of business process. This is the best part to determine the actual cause and effect of operations.

Organizing- organizing is important part of company to development of structure and identifying the best resources (Lee and, 2017). The most important effort of organization is creating a coordination between the employee and management. The manager should be organising the different business approaches to maintain the performance of employee. They are playing an important role in each and every organization. Decision making process is essential of company to take important decision at the time of productivity. They have own role and responsibilities to making a right decision for organization. They are identified at the level of company to decide how the department is coordination with other jobs.

Leading- leading is the best approaches to provide the best services and motivated to the employee. It is very useful for every organization to performing a different task in very effective manner through leading because the leader has skill and characteristics to develop a new ideas and approaches foe development (Ding and 2017). They will determine the need of employee and then fulfil the requirement. Leadership is unique quality to participate as main role to achieving their goals and objectives. Leader is always researched on particular topic to identifying the relevant information regarding the research study. Manager and leader is building a strong relationship to share the information of relevant research study. The leadership style is important to provide an effective information to manager and now they are becoming as a good leader and can be learn many effective style of leadership. A team leader is playing important role to handle the other member and creating an effective relationship between employee. They have ability to provides the best information related product detail, business activities etc.

Controlling- controlling is main function to handle the performance of business, employee and other in which it is defines as a standard. They are following some important step such as performance, actual performance and standard performance. Most of the organization is very helpful for controlling because they are maintained the level of organization in very effectively and efficiently (Simon and, 2017). It can be measures the performance in different ways. The performance is depended on some important factor such as customer satisfaction, sales record, financial statement and production etc. controlling is required for business process because they have mange the strategic planning in effective way and to achieving their necessary goal and objective. Each and every organization is continuously running and that would be manage by manager to handle the critical situation at the time of development.

P5 Importance and value of operations management

Operational management is very important for organization to achieving their task and objective through this management system. It is back bone of business to provide the best services and goods in marketplace. They provide an effective services and product in market so that the customer is easily attracted towards. In this way, it will increase the profitability and productivity in market place. The successful organization has always required a business operational management because they are handle the whole process and control in proper manner.

It is essential part of company to provide the best services in market. They are uses a appropriate resource to developed an effective product and services that would be fulfil the need of customer and market. It is responsible to creating a strong relationship between company and supplier. They are build a trust to supplier to provide the better product and services in marketplace on time. The human resource department was hire those people who has capabilities and skill to enhance for growth and development (Helleno and,2015). The companies are spending so much money on mailing so that the rate of services charges is increases in market. Operational management is important for two purpose. First, it will help for people to provide the better services and it improves the quality of product in which it improves the financial conditions. Second, they are helping to the customer and maintain the competition level in proper manner.

This approach is very helpful to continuously increasing the profitability and productivity in market. Nowadays, the operational management is handle in different way to manage the business activities, create an effective plan, lead generation, control the business operations.

TOYOTA is the best example has some making specific planning for business development. Operations management is play very important role in this company to provide the better services to customer. The production and manufacture department is decreases the wastage level. Increasing profitability and productivity, consume the time so that the cost of production is very low in market (Cooper and Rogers, 2018). Operational management performing a specific role to manage the business operations such as planning, staffing, leading and controlling and motivated to other employee for growth and development.

There are some important principle of business operation to managing the organization in effectively and efficiently.

  • The manager is important person to managing the business operation because they have ability to understand the need of business and fulfil the requirement of business. They have skill and knowledge to develop a new product in marketplace. This is playing important role in business organization.
  • In TOYOTA, the manager provides an accurate information to all employee because they are maintained a coordination between employee and management. Each and Every people know about the business process and can be give a new idea for growth and development (Evang and, 2017).
  • The business process should be interconnected to each other because all the information are linked to provide the better services and product in market. They are established a connection between one process to another process.
  • It will measure the role and responsibilities of business activities and then improving the performance of operations. Measurement is essential part to identifying the need and requirement of business and customer. They will manage in between the sub-process and actual process at same time.
  • The most important is to improving the business process in proper ways. The business priority has been change because advancement of modern technology to improve the performance of activities.


P.6 Factors within the Toyota affecting the Operational management and the decision making by managers and leaders.

The organizations are need to focus on ethics, sustainability and maintaining the values in the organization to increase the better relationship with its customers. It provides satisfaction with the products and services of the company by following the ethical standards in the operational activities of that company. Toyota plc run its organization with full of competition and gain the competitive advantages in the target market. It is basic need because the company want to establish a superior position in its industry from the competitors. Toyota adopts the concept of developing the sustainable business. The management and leadership in this company plays an essential role in the corporate social responsibility. The relationship between the styles of leadership and functions of management influence the CSR activities in the company. The management team adopt the new strategy and prepare plan considering the points that can affect the company in relation to society.

For affecting the business environment of any organization, there are many factors. These factors also leads an important impact on the operational activities of management and decision making of managers and leaders of that company. In these factors, internal and external two types are comes and these can affect any business positively as well as negatively. The management team of Toyota company is needs to focus on these types of factor for reducing the impact of these elements in proper and effective way. There are some of these factors which influence the internal business activities and operational management with decision making are as follows :

  1. Value System – the value system is based on the rules and regulations which affect the culture of organization. There are different policies, rules and regulatory frame work of a company affect the business environment and it has a big impact on the business activities, operational management as well as the decision making process of the management team and leaders. The policies of an organization are changes continuously according to needs and different situations. This changes also affect the organizational functionality and structure.
  2. Political Factors – political factors are related to the laws and rules of the government. These laws and rules are imposed on the companies. The governmental policies are an essential thing to be followed by each and every organization and it is illegal to do ignore the governmental laws and policies. The governmental policies can be positively and negatively impact on the business as well as operations and decision making by the management team and leaders of that company.
  3. Mission and Objectives – there are organization have their own missions and objectives that are respect to changing the business competition and environment of Toyota and it is needs to change their objectives and goals. The above change in objectives and goals need a replaced business plans and strategies of the operations within the particular organization which is a great impact on the whole management team of that firm.
  4. Financial Factors – this financial factors affect every organization in order to play the functions and business activities which require investment and finance. For example there are use of production of goods which require raw material, human resource and plants and machineries. These requirements can not fulfil without the availability of funds. So, the organisations operations and decision making procedure are greatly affected by the financial factors.

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This report will determine the role and responsibilities of leader and manager that would be handle the whole business process in effectively and efficiently. The business environment is more challenging part of every companies to understand the requirement and importance of operational management. Operational management play important role performing different task to increasing profitability and productivity in marketplace. As per discussion, it concluded that has some specific strategy and approaches to increasing the brand vale in market and provide the best services at marketplace. It will identify the similarities and differences between in leadership quality and manager. The operation manager should be control the whole business process in very effective manner. This is playing important role in business environment. It can be used different theories and approaches to mange the business process and their functionality. This report will identify the actual relationship between employee and management.


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