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Customer Management and Experience - Riverview Bistro

University: University Of Northampton

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 13 / Words 3146
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BIZ104
  • Downloads: 937
Organization Selected : Riverview Bistro


Managing customer experience is important and crucial for every business whose focus is lies on serving its customers mainly. For fulfilling customer satisfaction, it is required to make products and services available at right time and at the right place(Verhoef, 2016). This report will be carried on Riverview Bistro which is the popular and famous in the entire city of London. It is known for it attractive culture and environment. Apart from this, This report will discuss about the value and importance of the customer needs and wants of different targets groups of the customer and customer experience mapping for the selected organisation. This report will also put light on use of digital technology for managing customer service effectively and appropriately. This assessment put emphasizes on the customer services strategies to enable effective customer experience for the restaurants. It will also put light on customer audit along with the critical observation.

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P1 Value and importance of understanding the needs, wants and preferences of target customer groups

Customers are those who used to buy something from any shop, supermarkets and business. Here, something could be both physical products or services. In consumer's context, good can be both physical product and services. In service industry, most of the organisation deals in service industry and its context. Riverview Bistro is a leading and famous restaurant in the entire London. There services are almost good and always superior for their customer. Apart from this, an organisation needs to give value and importance to need and wants of their different targets groups. Different target groups can be young and college, business people ans employed person. There are various needs of the customers from Riverview Bistro such as internet, quality service, sitting arrangements and tasty and good quality of foods. In context with this organisation, there is a requirement of know and understanding various needs and wants of the customer from Riverview Bistro are as follow:

This tabulation will show the different needs and wants of different age groups of people. It will include: College students, business people, and employed persons (Lemon, 2015).

Type of customer

Different types of customer needs

College and young students

Mobile charging points

Beverages and snacks

Wi-Fi services

Friendly environment

Pop and rock music

Guitar and other instruments

Business people

Food & beverages

Formal culture

Internet Access

Effective food-serving facilities

Meeting space

Any writing material on the table

Gym instructor

Magazines and books

Fruit and vegetable

Nice view outside the window

Justification: Riverview Bistro should focus on college and young students to expand and raise their business. This is because the customer base is less in business people and gym instructors. Today, youth and students are more use to go in restaurants for chit-chat, weekend part and birthday parties and celebrations. For this, it is advisable to Riverview Bistro that this will be beneficial for them if they start targeting more to young and college students. This selection would help them in building their business.


P2 Different factors that drive and influence customer engagement of different customer groups

In context with Riverview Bistro, restaurants needs to find various factors that can influence the needs and wants of the different customer groups are as follow:

Business person: They are regarded as professional people who are busy with their work and conducting meeting for discussing business problem and issues. For this purpose, Environment should be appropriate, formal culture etc. Along with it, Riverview Bistro should provide internet accessibility, reading and writing materials, snacks as well as beverages etc.

Young and college students: In context with Riverview Bistro, College students are more chill and less formal customer for the Riverview Bistro. For targets such people, restaurants should provide rock and pop music with snacks and juices. Any space where dance exits, it would be beneficial for this restaurant to gain profitability and productivity(Peppers, 2016).

Gym trainer: They are considered most serious and highly maintained person with abilities to influence the behavior of others. To target such customer, Riverview Bistro should start putting some exercise machines, equipments in some section of the restaurants to make them comfortable about their daily routine. It is required that Bistro should provide health conscious foods, salad and juices etc. for taking care of their diets and health.


P3 Create a customer experience mapping

Customer experience mapping is the process which discovers that how the potential customer or any new user feel to engage with your products or services by an appropriate touchpoints. In context with Riverview Bistro, there are total 9 different variables for attracting the customer attention and response. Variables such as websites, Email, text messages are enough to divert the attention and focus of the customers towards the business. In context with Riverview Bistro, each of the variables needs detailed explanation and analysis which are as follows:

Websites: In today's business scenario, website is largely used source for attracting maximum customer by providing relevant information and specification about the products. It is because, website operates one common or separate server with number of customer responding with the purpose and wants. In context with Riverview bistro, if restaurants wants to gather more customer response, they need to add certain features such as chat-box, queries management, classification of products using advance web page setting and picture of food products and interior look of the restaurants.

Telephone: It is the most effective sources of communication. As there is no physically seen involves, but it has been used over the period of time. Hence it is necessary to use telephonic usage(Bainfest, 2016).

Review sites: Every websites has review section, in which user or experience person can give their review about products or services they used for. Riverview Bistro also provides star rating system and feedback and opinion giving about overall service experienced and avail by the customers.

Text messages: It is the most efficient and ease source of getting information and effective communication with the customers. This is completely based on chatting use source of network and system and also using mobile device to access such facilities. In this, organisation can easily send offers, discounts and other benefits to the customers.

Email: This is one of the professional way of sharing information through the electronic ways. Riverview Bistro have adopted this strategy of sending communication through Email to their customers sending poster, offers pamphlets etc.( Fisk, 2016). For example: Riverview Bistro provides various information such as bill receipt, offers, discounts and festive off through Email communication.

Restaurant Staff: Riverview Bistro staff's are more efficient enough to make effective communication to customer by telling their experience of working there in the restaurants. It shows that how attractive is the restaurant and what are the things available at the restaurants. For example: Riverview Bistro have trained their employee's and staff on what relevant things they needs to deliver to the common people when we meeting. This would create more curiosity regarding the restaurant.

Paper mail: It is the method of communication where information is used to be through paper bulletin, pamphlets, paper based documents and of-course advertisement. For example: Riverview Bistro can use paper mail by providing them to their existing customer or who are coming to their restaurant.

P4 How customer touch-points throughout the customer experience create business opportunities

Customer touchpoint are brand's points of customer contact from starting to the finish of the response. It comes by giving complete respect to one who coming to Riverview Bistro for availing services. In hospitality industry such as hotel or restaurants, touchpoints always comes the way organisation welcomes and acknowledge their customer. Customer service is a kind of journey from which both organisation and customer needs to pass away with the proper from Riverview Bistro. Customer touch-points basically comes from the outlets looks mainly in context of restaurants. But there are several other factors which can effect the touchpoints or point which will reflect their decision making process(Nóbrega, 2017). In context with Riverview Bistro, identifying customer's touchpoints is the primary step towards creating effective customer experience mapping. In restaurants, the way staff of outlet acknowledge and welcome the customer, it is condition where positive impression comes in the customer minds. After sitting on the table, there will be a main conversation between waiter and customer are as follows:

Waiter: Good evening sir. We welcomes you for your presence.

Customer: Thank you

Waiter: What would like to have first snacks or any drinks?

Customer: Sure. First bring a glass of water and also pass this menu to me.

Waiter: I'll be back.

Customer: Sure

Waiter: Please take this glass of water and what you want from the menu?

Customer: He has ordered his choice of dishes and food.

Waiter: I will be back in few minutes

Customer: Sure

In this whole conversation, it was noticed that waiter was very polite and respectful towards the customer. It shows that how such acknowledgment would result in effective customer touch-points. Finding customer's touch-point involves before purchase, during-purchase and after purchase stage. In context with Riverview bistro, where full business run on delivering the customer, it is justifiable to said that before purchase is the condition when customer enters the restaurants, during purchase when he/she is acknowledged by staff members and after purchase when customer conducts the feedback, views and opinion etc.( Nunes, 2017)


P5 Illustrate customer service strategies in the service industry

In context with Riverview Bistro, there are various customer strategies which is required and needed to enable high productivity and profitability in an organisation. Service strategies should be implemented in such a way that organisation should focus on customer-centric approach. The various service strategies are as follows:

Give clear information of the products: Riverview Bistro should give clear and proper training to their employee about products available in their portfolio. It means that every customer have some queries about usage and quantity of the product. It is necessary to solve them through accurate knowledge and information.

Train employees in customer empathy: Customer interaction is an emotional exchange as well as a factual one. In context with Riverview Bistro, staff members should make customer happy by understanding their needs and wants by suggesting them what they like.

Build infrastructure for effective customer service: Effective customer service is important to build trust and belief about an organisation. In context with Riverview Bistro, pre and post customer service will be required to enhance and motivates them to act upon an opportunity to take advantage of the service. 

Resolve customer issues at the first point: In context with Riverview Bistro, if the customer have any kind of issue or problem, organization should take it as an initiative to solve it in very first opportunity or beginning. Customer issues are like run fast and grab concept, in which act to these fast and solve it as soon as possible.

Deliver on your promise: Promises are like commitment, which is need to be fulfilled on time without any response or wait. In context with Riverview Bistro, promise and commitment should be deliver regarding the food service and product and also what the customer additionally want. Such promises are like mud pot, if not fulfilled organisations can loose the trust.

P6 How customer service strategies create and develop the customer experience in the service industry

For proper formulation and implementation of customer service strategies, it is required that Riverview Bistro should assess the various factors such as first impression, tariff boards, Prices, Range of products, staff and time etc. These factors would decides the effective implementation of the strategies and plans for achieve customer trust and belief. For assessing the various customer strategies, it consists of customer audit and critical observation for the Riverview Bistro are a follows(Teixeira, 2016).

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Customer audit and Critical Observation

Name of hospitality visited

Riverview Bistro, London

Date and time of visit

25, November, 2018 and 6.30 PM

Ambience and first impression

Positive or good things observed

Negative or bad observation

What changes will be made, if this was my business

Great welcome and acknowledgement outside of the restaurants has created positive impressions in the mind and feel special.

Inside environment of the outlet was very simple and looks like the dirty house. Table where not clean and swap properly. This is the negative response which would affect the business of the outlets.

If I was owner of the business, I should first focus on the cleanliness and hygienic which is much enough to last and improper impression on the mind of the customer.

Signage, tariff boards and labelling

Positive or good things observed

Negative or bad observation

What changes will be made, if this was my business

Waiter has comes up with fresh and beautiful menu to show me to order any food item from it. It was the thumps up from my side. This was most positive points which I noticed

The behaviour of key person who was taking the order was not so much responsive. It demotivate to order to anything. This was the min negative points.

Proper training and development will be required to the staff and member to make them realize, how to act and behave with the customer.


Positive or good things observed

Negative or bad observation

What changes will be made, if this was my business

Prices are much affordable and also they were offering combined meals at the festive seasons. This was the main positive things which I noticed

They were also charging extra charges as tax and service charges which was completely unfair and irrelevant. This was the main negative points which I found.

If I was there, I should prepare effective structure and format for effective costing and prices charging by removing useless charges.

Range of products

Positive or good things observed

Negative or bad observation

What changes will be made, if this was my business

Products range was very wide and are of quality and look. They were also offering other regional food and beverages at an affordable prices. This was the main positive point which I noticed

Dishes and crockery were not very cleaned, hence this would create the serious issue of unhygienic and any diastases such as food poisoning etc. This was the major negative points.

If I was the owner, I would focus more on hygienic food with equipments and dishes to be cleaned.


Positive or good things observed

Negative or bad observation

What changes will be made, if this was my business

Staff was well-managed and cool. There communication skills was proper and up to mark. The way staff communicates to me. It seems their professionalism. This was the positive ob

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