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Know About Human Resource Management


The below report is based on the Human Resource Management (HRM) in a hotel chain called Hilton Hotels which is a UK based hospitality organisation. The report focuses on the importance of HRM in the organisation; human resource planning and factors influencing HR planning along with the employment relations in hospitality industry. Also the Influence of laws on the organisation along with job description, person specification and selection process have been discussed in the report. Lastly the report concentrates on the contribution of training in the organisation.

Logo of Hotel Hilton in blue color

Figure 1: Organisational Logo
(Source: Hilton Hotels, 2017)

Task 1

1.1 Role of HR in Hilton Hotels

So as to ensure efficient functioning of Hilton Hotels it is required to appoint skilled staff and the responsibility of hiring skilled staff is of the HR department of the organisation. The building of a good team is essential in a hospitality organisation as there is a requirement of human resources for the provision of every service at the hotel (Armstrong, and Taylor, 2014). Therefore the team builders of the organisation i.e. HR team members play a major role in the organisation. The chief functions of the HR managers of Hilton are:

Performance Appraisal: The HR managers of the organisation perform the functions of monitoring the employees and also of providing them feedback of their work. There are many performance methods that can be utilised by the HR managers in ensuring the efficiency in the performance of the employees. The major tasks of supervising, providing feedbacks as well as motivating the employees are carried out with the help of efficient supervision and communication.

Recruitment and Training: The recruitment of a suitable candidate is essential as per the job description. The recruitment has to be as per the relation between the requirements of the job and the eligibility of the candidate (Sparrow, et al. 2016). Then it is required to train the employee as per the needs of the job and this has to be done by the HR team of the organisation. The opportunities of training and development for the staff members at the workplace will enable both the organisation and the employee in ensuring growth.

Planning: The HR team of Hilton Hotel makes sure that the tasks of the employees for every day are divided in advance. The work of the employees is divided according to the requirements of the organisation as well as the capabilities of the employees. The HR managers of the organisation are also responsible for informing the employees regarding the future planning, organisational objectives as well as business strategies of Hilton Hotels so as to ensure that the employees have a better understanding of their collective organisational goals. This develops a healthy environment and increases employee efficiency.

The HR team of the organisation can follow the following approaches to ensure efficient HR practices in the organisation:

Soft HRM: The approach of soft HRM is followed at Hilton Hotels and the major focus of this approach is the requirements, responsibilities, motivation and rewards of the staff members. The staff members are considered significant resources for the organisation and are therefore provided with equal and individual treatment. Democratic leadership styles as well as two way communication are the major features of this approach (Budhwar, and Debrah, 2013). Identification of the employee needs is focused on for performance appraisal in this approach.

Hard HRM: The major focus of hard HRM is on the autocratic style of leadership i.e. there is minimum division of authority and there is not much communication among the top and bottom levels of hierarchy in the organisation. In this approach the employees receive the same treatment as any other business resource. The major areas of focus in this approach are the expenses of hiring the staff and the methods of recruitment. The performance appraisal in this approach is monitoring and making temporary changes in the number of members in the staff.

1.2 Human Resource Plan and factors affecting human resource planning

Stages in HR Planning:

Identification of Organisational Objectives: The HR team has to identify the organisational objectives so as to ensure efficiency in the work operations and also to drive the employees towards the organisational goals.

Listing the current staff members: The details such as number of staff members along with the records of their performance and qualification should be kept in a storage system by the HR team of the organisation (Kramar, 2014). This helps in analysing the efficiency of individual employees of the organisation.

Estimation of Gaps in Manpower: The supply and demand of labour force in the market influence the trends in the labour market on a large scale, and it also identifies the gaps in manpower of the organisation. There is need to hire new employees in the case of deficit in manpower and a need to dismiss employees in case of a surplus.

Forecasting supply and demand of the human resource: The job description and person specification determine the suitability of a candidate for a job position. There are various departments in Hilton Hotels and all of them require different types of staff members. The forecasting of demand and generation of supply respectively is the role of HR managers of the organisation.

Monitoring, Control and Feedback: The HR managers of the organization are responsible for monitoring the tasks of the employees controlling the provision of tasks t the employees and for providing feedbacks for the same (Storey, 2014).

Making Action Plans: HR department of the organisation has to conduct actions related to human resources such as transfers, promotions, recruitment as well as training etc. HR managers formulate action plans to plan these activities.

Reasons for the need of HRM in Hilton Hotels:

Internal Reasons: There is a need for HRM in Hilton Hotels due to the gaps in manpower which make the functioning of the organisation difficult. In case, the potential and skills of the staff members do not match the job requirements it causes inefficiency in work.

External Reasons: There is always a requirement of talented individuals for the survival of the organisation in the competitive market. The organisation can get competitive advantage with the help of efficient human resource action plan. The plan should be better than that of the competitors in the market (Wilton, 2016). The requirement of the staff will technical skills is also to be fulfilled by HR managers of the organisation so as to keep with the latest technology in hospitality industry.

Training: HR managers of the organisation have to identify the training needs of the employees and fulfil them accordingly to ensure efficiency in work operations.

Task 2

2.1 Current state of employment relations in the hospitality industry

Organisational structure is very important at Hilton Hotels in order to perform daily work operations. The organisational structure of Hilton Hotels is as follows:

Finance Department: The monetary matters of the organisation are looked after by finance department of the organisation (Aswathappa, 2013). The department keeps cost control; does financial transactions and cost accounting.

Food and Beverage department: The areas of the hotels like restaurants, dining halls, kitchen as well as the bars come under the supervision of this department. The department is responsible for all the work operations regarding food and beverages in the organisation.

Front Office: The employees in the front office are responsible for attending guests and solving their queries. It involves front desk services along with check-in and check-outs of the guests.

Human Resource: The HR department of the organisation is responsible for the selection, recruitment and training of the employees. Other functions of the department involve the record keeping of employee attendance, performance, pay packages etc.

Logistics and Sales: The department of sales has the responsibility of the sale of facilities of the organisation to the customers. The rooms, food and beverages along with other amenities are sold to the customer by this department (Boella, and Goss-Turner, 2013). And the department of logistics maintains daily inventory of the supply and purchases of the organisation.

Structure of Hotel Hilton consist of various departments

Figure 2: Structure of the Organisation

Employee Participation

There is significant participation of the employees in all the activities of the organisation. They take their roles and responsibilities seriously and finish the given tasks efficiently. The morning meetings at the hotel determine the daily tasks of the staff members of the organisation. The employees at the organisation are truly dedicated towards their work and thus the quality of service provision by the organisation is maintained.

Culture of Hilton Hotel

The culture of Hilton Hotels is developed in such a way that the ambience of the hotel is always warm and welcoming and the staffs ensure that premium quality services are provided to all the customers. The staff members of the organisation possess values such as respect honesty and cooperation that ensure the success of the organisation.

Disciplinary Process:

Employees of the organisation are supposed take the disciplinary process of Hilton Hotels seriously (Tyson, 2014). Their behaviour and tasks should be disciplined and the politeness towards the customers has to be maintained by the staff members. These processes have to be consistent as well as corrective in order to maintain the rand image and efficiency in work operations. The levels of discipline used in the organisation are: counselling orally, written warning, suspension and dismissal.

2.2 Affects of employment laws on HRM of the organisation

The major effects of the laws on the HRM of the organisation are:

Employment Right Act: The Employment Rights Act was introduced in 1996 in order to update the existing rights in UK labour law. It involves parental leaves, unfair dismissal, and redundancy (Shields et al. 2015). And in 1997 UK government passed amendments in the law so as to support the rights of the employees for suggestions on the flexibility in work shifts. The major rights involved in the law are:

  • Disclosure and Detriment: The employment rights focuses on the privacy of details of the employees.
  • Right to receive particulars of employment: In this act the employees have to be provided with the particulars regarding their employment in a write form.
  • Reason and notice for Dismissal: In this right both employee and employer get rights of notice period and reason of termination and the amount of notice served depends on the time period of the service.

Employment Relations Act:
This act was introduced in 1999 by the UK government. This act involves collective employment and family friendly rights; collective rights and packages for employees set in labour government. The law covered maternity leaves, unfair dismissal, parental leaves, and industrial action ballots etc.

Equal Opportunity Act: The government of UK always supported equality at the workplace and hence the commission of Equality and Human Rights was formed in 2007. The commission is meant for the protection of rights of the employees at the workplace and the focus of the act is on the provision of equal opportunities for the individuals (Nickson, 2013).

The Equality Act of 2010 involved race, gender, pregnancy, disability, marital status as well as religion. This act allows all the staff members of Hilton Hotel have access to the facilities provided by the organisation equally. All the workers have equal chance to apply for jobs in the organization and if they are eligible they can get recruited by the organisation. All selected staff members have equal chance for training and development activities provided by the organisation. The employees receive support regarding gender discrimination, accident claims and equal opportunities in the organisation. The employees are treated fairly in the organisation without any discrimination.

Task 3

3.1 Job description and Person Specification

The meaning of job description is the job related information that supports in the advertisement of job description for attraction of eligible candidates for the job (Delahaye, 2015). The job description for front office manager of Hilton Hotel:

Table 1: Job Description


Title of the Job: Front Office Manager

Salary: $20,000- $25,000

Work Schedule: 7 days a week

Job purpose: The Front Office Manager has the job of attending the customers of Hilton Hotel in a professional manner. The front office manager is required to manage the staffs at the front office desk. Other responsibilities of the individual involve the distribution of mails, administration, along with attending organisational complaints.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Resolving employee problems

Well-informed about the personal profession

Direction and coordination of the activities of the front office

Provision of quality services to the guests

Earnestly consider the needs of consumer and accomplish them with full satisfaction

Practical knowledge of greeting and attending the guests.

The specification of individual qualities, knowledge, skills as well as experience is compulsory for the performance of the job that is advertised is called person specification of the job role (Purce, 2014). The person specification of the front office manager is as follows:

Table 2: Person Specification


Title of the Job: Front Office Manager

Department: Front Office

Reporting To: General Manager

Salary: $20,000- $25,000

Work Schedule: 7 days a week

Job purpose: The Front Office Manager has the job of attending the customers of Hilton Hotel in a professional manner. The front office manager is required to manage the staffs at the front office desk. Other responsibilities of the individual involve the distribution of mails, administration, along with attending organisational complaints.

Duties And Responsibilities Of Front Office Manager

Catering to the requirements of the customers

Edifice healthy relationship with the customers by providing them quality services

Overseeing and leading a team

Inform all guests rightly and properly

A influential approach towards the consumer and convince them to utilize the excellent services and hereby add in generating proceeds for the organisation

Assessment of own inadequacy and efficiencies to achieve the given target

Required Skills

Management skills to run the staff of front office

Degree in Hotel Management

Work experience in other hospitality organisations (Minimum 2 Years)

Ambitious and Self motivated to survive in the long run

Potential of surviving in the difficult situations

Strong communication skills

Knowledge of hotel industry

Competent in team and individually

3.2 Selection process of Hilton hotel

Selection process is required in the organization to analyze the capabilities of the candidates to assist the organization in the attainment of specific goals and objectives. It is required to structure the systematic set of practices in selection of candidate so that Hilton hotel can achieve quality staff (Klarsfeld et al. 2014). It also helps to reduce the cost and efforts on the training and employee development programs. The organization follows the simple but effective selection process:

Attract the skills: the first practice is to give words about the job opening in organization. The human resource management analyzes the vacancies and decides to advertise for the skills. Inside as well as outside candidates are attracted towards the position in organization through advertisement in social media, newspaper and public places. The advertisements include the basic requirements related to skills, qualification and experience as demands to filter out the candidates but it is assumed that a large number of candidates apply for a single position in organization.

Receiving and Scrutiny of applications: the advertisement is entry point so Hilton hotel needs to filter the applications received from the candidates by considering the qualification (Paillé et al. 2014). Manager short list the candidates and call them for written test and interview.

Written test: written test is cost effective tool to filter the most of qualified employees for suitable skills for organization. It helps the managers to understand the written skills and understanding with specific topic.

Psychological test: the test series includes the aptitude test and personality test to ensure that the behavior and logical reasoning of the candidate is effective to represent the services of organization. Psychological test is required to select the candidate with skills and personality.

Personal Interview: personal interaction with manager is required to validate the background, skills and requirements of the candidate to choose the position in organization. Manager observes the behavior, general knowledge and expectations of the candidate regarding the position in organization.

Medical Examination: After the interview is done and candidates have been selected a medical examination is conducted in order to determine if the candidates are fit for the job position in terms of their health (Morgeson et al. 2013). The candidates that clear this test are taken further.

Final Selection: When a candidate clears all the above tests he/she receives a letter of appointment from Hilton Hotel that contains all the needed specifications regarding the employment.

Placement: The selected candidate is appointed at the given job position and the allocation of the candidate in the required department is carried out.

Task 4

4.1 Contribution of training and development for effective operations

Training and development plays very important role in the effective operation and it is process which prepares the employees to take critical decision in dealing with complex task. In the hospitality organization, human resource department develop the training plan which includes various tasks that assist the employees in increasing their skills that are dependent on their qualification, previous experience and the character of the job that are provided in the organization (Heizer, and Barry, 2013).

The organization has pre determined benchmark standards for their quality services and it is important that employees should be trained as per the standards so that their capabilities are enhanced and polished. Though the process is somewhat costly in terms of money and other valuable sources but it is necessary for the Hilton hotel to provide them as it great full in gaining competitive advantage in hospitality industry. Listed below are the kinds of training and development sessions that Hilton will follow:-

Training programs types

Quality training: Hospitality industry has set some of the most important quality standards that the hotel needs to lay down in their policies and procedures. Every employee in the hotel needs to understand these standards and applied in their jobs. For this, experts are hired from outside to provide the training to the employees on maintaining the quality. Training session can be conducted online or in class rooms or conferences halls as per the suitability of the hotel

Skill training: This training is offered as per the profile of the employees and it varies depending on the employee to employee skills.

Team training: This training is given in respect of the operations to be performed in groups that show the team efforts. In this, coordinating and communications skills of the employees are improved to work in team.

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Benefits of training:

This program is beneficial for both employers as well for employees. The training is provided on the relevant subjects that increase efficiencies and also helps in getting promotions and incentives to the employees. Employer will receive long term retention of employees in hotel Hilton (Marler, and Fisher, 2013). And further, it helps in bringing the new performance management system.

Role and evaluation of training and development programs:

Training is given on particular matter in which management is crucial. It is conducted for old as well for new employees. This approach is important as it allow the testing of operations. The program is evaluated on the basis of the feedbacks that it receives from the employees. Interview, observation and questionnaire can be used by the management for determining the performance of the employees.


The above report has been analyzed on the basis of human resource management of Hilton Hotels. The report has covered the aspects of HRM such as role of the HR department in the organization; the HR plan and aspects that influence the hospitality industry along with the employment relations in hospitality industry. The report has then concentrated on the influence of legislations on the organization; job description and person specification; selection process of the organization as well as role of training and development in the organization.


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